Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AFS v. 294 ~ 2010 Scene Rewind

This week in AFS...

* My favorite LPs of 2010
* My favorite EPs of 2010
* See full best-of-2011 lists below playlist
* No bullshitting
* No filler

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EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Tuning Out | Rush To Relax | Goner
GUINEA WORMS | Drunk In Your Uggs | Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) | Columbus Discount
A FRAMES | Ice Cave | 3 3 3 | SS Records
RANK/XEROX | Masking/Confessions | self-titled 7" | Mongo Bongo
GRAND TRINE | Radio Frequency Identification | split 7" w/ Black Feelings | Blue Skies Turn Black
THE DEFEKTORS | Never Really Tried | The Bottom of the City | Grotesque Modern/Nominal
PUFFY AREOLAS | Fuck Your Pretzel | In the Army 1981 | Siltbreeze
DRUNKDRIVER | Bad Year | self-titled | WTD
THE LAMPS | I've Been on a Lot of Camels | Niels Bohr... 7" | Dull Knife
ROT SHIT | Dead I | You're Welcome 7" | Columbus Discount
BIG BLACK CLOUD | Allergic to Love | Dark Age | Stank House
VEX RUFFIN & THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | New Wipeout | self-titled 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly
HOME BLITZ | Nighttime Feel | Out of Phase | Richie
TYVEK | Nothing Fits | Nothing Fits | In the Red
DEAD WIFE | Txt Me | D.W.S.Y.H.F. 7" | Psychic Handshake
MUJERES | No Quiero Verte Mas | 3 Canciones de Muerte y Sudor 7" | Discos Humeantes
THE CHINESE RESTAURANTS | Summer Romance | Summer Romance 7" | SS Records
SAMUEL LOCKE WARD + DARREN BROWN | Freeze | From the Privilege of the Grave | Grotto
DRUID PERFUME | Other Worlds | Other Worlds 7" | M'Lady's/Italy
SIGHTINGS | Sky Above Mud Below | City of Straw | Brah
THE INTELLIGENCE | Tuned to Puke | Males | In The Red
MEERCAZ | Moving Up at the Speed of Sound | Space Hate 12" EP | Tic Tac Totally
WASTE RIG | Follow Yr Dreams | Ritual Cleansing: Phase 2010 CS | Pollen Season
NOTHING PEOPLE | Is This What You Want? | Soft Crash | SS Records
EAT SKULL | What's So Magnetic? | Crawl for Freedom CS | Palto Flats
G. GREEN | I Will Not Withdraw This Statement | I Will Not Withdraw This Statement 7" | Malt Duck
THE WHINES | Straybird | Hell to Play | Meds
EL JESUS DE MAGICO | Dave Song | Ragtime Hors CS | Goaty Tapes
MILK MUSIC | No Life | Beyond Living | self-released

20 best LPs

Tyvek Nothing Fits
Sightings City of Straw
Drunkdriver self-titled
The Intelligence Males
The Whines Hell to Play
Home Blitz Out of Phase
Big Black Cloud Dark Age
Nothing People Soft Crash
N.213/Reflektionss split LP
So Cow Meaningless Friendly
Banque Allemande Eins, Zwei
San Francisco Water Cooler II
Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
Puffy Areolas In the Army 1981
The Defektors The Bottom of the City
Timmy's Organism Rise of the Green Gorilla
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Rush to Relax
Dan Melchior und das Menace Visionary Pangs
Guinea Worms Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row)
Samuel Locke Ward + Darren Brown From the Privilege of the Grave

20 Best shorter-than-LPs

Pluton self-titled 12"
Meercaz Space Hate 12"
Rank/Xerox self-titled 7"
Rot Shit You're Welcome 7"
The Lamps Neils Bohr... 7"
Dead Wife D.W.S.Y.H.F. 7"
Whatever Brains Nesting 7"
Home Blitz Perpetual Night 7"
Wet Illustrated Born Stoked 7"
Druid Perfume Other Worlds 7"
Total Control Paranoid Video 7"
Sonskull Birth Scene/Rewind EP 12"
Red Mass Split Brain Experiment 10"
Grand Trine/Black Feelings split 7"
Sonny & the Sunsets The Hypnotist 7"
Vomit Squad Amon Ra Bless America 12"
Mujeres 3 Canciones de Muerte y Sudor 7"
G. Green I Will Not Withdraw This Statement 7"
Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads self-titled 7"
The Chinese Restaurants Summer Romance 7"

10 Best reissues/retrospectives

X Aspirations
A Frames 333
Circle X untitled 12" EP
The Moles Untune the Sky
v/a FM-BX Society Tape vol 1
Ozzie Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982
Ron House Blind Boy in the Backseat
Mike Rep & the Quotas Stupor Hiatus
Sleetmute Nightmute Night of the Long Knives
Nudge Squidfish Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Nashville

12 cassettes that should be on vinyl

The Baths self-titled
Cruddy Negative World
Grave Babies Deathface
Banana Head In the Tubs
CCR Headcleaner tour CS
Eat Skull Crawl for Freedom
El Jesus de Magico Ragtime Hors
Russian Tsarlag Unleash the Chain
J Guy Laughlin Solo Percussion vol. 1
Patriotic Window Klings Guitargument
Waste Rig Ritual Cleansing: Phase 2010
Warm Climate Camouflage on the River Wretched

25 best live performances I saw in 2010

Tyvek @ The Hub, Sacramento
H.P.P. @ The Hub, Sacramento
Eat Skull @ The Hub, Sacramento
Thee Oh Sees @ DAM Haus, Davis
Mayyors @ SMMR BMMR, Portland
Ty Segall @ Gonerfest 7, Memphis
Uzi Rash @ Harm Church, Oakland
Pussygutt @ The Hub, Sacramento
Bill Orcutt @ The Hub, Sacramento
White Boss @ The Hub, Sacramento
Bad Sports @ Harm Church, Oakland
Puffy Areolas @ The Hub, Sacramento
The UV Race @ Gonerfest 7, Memphis
Wrong Words @ The Hub, Sacramento
Big Black Cloud @ ORMF IX, Woodland
The Oblivians @ Gonerfest 7, Memphis
G. Green @ Meth House, Twin Falls, ID
English Singles @ The Hub, Sacramento
Guinea Worms @ Gonerfest 7, Memphis
Pigeon Religion @ The Hub, Sacramento
White Lung @ Axewave Manor, Sacramento
Shannon & the Clams @ Harm Church, Oakland
Unnatural Helpers @ Ghosttown Galleries, Oakland
Wounded Lion @ 27th & V Street basement in Sacramento
Malaikat dan Singa feat. Arrington De Dionyso @ The Hub, Sacramento

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AFS v. 293 ~ Red Moon Night!

R for off my rocker
E for eerie
D for dearly departed (Don Van Vliet)
M for Mona
O oh, good!
O oh, good!
N for the night...Red Moon Night!
(You did see it up in the sky tonight, right?)

This week in AFS...

* simultaneous sounds
* an xmas surprise from The Pheromoans
* delving deeper into the mind of Jaz Coleman
* would you believe...someone requested "In the Air Tonight" by Genesis
* your next essential Sacto history lesson by Prof. SS, Duchess of Saigon

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TRACTOR SEX FATALITY | Mouth on the Wall | Bloodeagle | Big Neck *new
PHANTOM 309 | Buffy's Mitt | split LP w/ The Sun Also Rises | Tupelo 1990?
ZULUS | Variations | debut 7" | Wizard Mountain *new
HANK IV | The Noise of Carpet [Stereolab] | III | Siltbreeze *new
READING RAINBOW | Prism Eyes | Prism Eyes | HoZac *new
READING RAINBOW | Tough Love | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac 2010
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | B.D. Wong | Hootenanny 7" | Plastic Idol 2004
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | Holiday Rumble | Easter Queen 7" | SS Records 2002
G. GREEN | The Garden | I Will Not Withdraw This Statement 7" | Malt Duck 2010
CONSIGNMENT | Do You Know? | Gone 7" | Sweet Rot *new
BRAZILIAN MONEY | Bones | Doing What I Want 7" | Totally Disconnected 2010
THE PHEROMOANS | Shark Fucks [Tronics] | lathe 7" | Scotch Tapes *forthcoming
HYGIENE | 29 Bus | Recruitment 7" | Going Underground *new
TYVEK | Outer Limits | Nothing Fits | In The Red *new (by request!)
VEX RUFFIN & THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | It's Hard to Be a Motor | 1st 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly 2010
TORTURED TONGUES | Let Me Down | Let Me Down 7" | HoZac *new
THE STALINS OF SOUND | Baton of Discipline | self-titled 7" | Volar *new
DANGEROUS BOYS CLUB | Ferrari | VRIL | Fast Weapons *new
SILENTIST | Seaside | Chariot Swing EP | Celestial Gang 2005
FALL OF BECAUSE | Grind | v/a: Mortar | Permis De Construire Deutschland 1992
KILLING JOKE** | side one | The Courtald Talks | Invisible 1989
SEVERED HEADS | Guests | City Slab Horror | Ink 1985
SHADOW RING | Knock Between Doors | Lighthouse | Swill Radio 1999
ANTI-GROUP | Chozzar Over Abyss/Pre-Eval | Digitaria | Sweatbox 1986
P.F.S. | Illustrative Problems | Illustrative Problems | Cuneiform 1987
ART BEARS | Rats & Monkeys | Winter Songs | Ralph 1979
THE WITCH TRIALS | Trapped in the Playground | self-titled 12" EP | Subterranean 1981
SKINNY PUPPY | The Choke [Re-Grip] | Dig It 12" EP | Nettwerk 1986
NOISE UNIT | Alle Gegen Alles | Strategy of Violence | Dossier 1992
FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY | Iceolate | Caustic Grip | Wax Trax 1990

** denotes not really Killing Joke, but spoken-word by Jaz Coleman--increasingly troubled by world politics at the time--w/ minimal accompaniment by KJ guitarist Geordie. The 2xLP of The Courtald Talks is filed and labeled as a Killing Joke album, which is certainly fitting enough since the theme of Coleman's 66-minute lecture to the Courtald Institute was to explain the inspiration for Killing Joke's most painful (if not to listen to, at least it was the most painfully-birthed) album Outside the Gate, the least band-oriented effort among their studio releases. Thanks to Acapulco Rodriguez for daring me to play this.

Side one of The Courtald Talks was spun simultaneously over an excerpt of the Fall of Because (a project of Justin Broadrick of Godflesh) and a melange of Severed Heads, Shadow Ring, and Anti-Group. It's been a long time since I last time I took advantage of this time-honored method of stretching a freeform or college-radio playlist with the layering of voice and experimental background musics....a quite efficient way to burn many minutes when you don't have a lotta preparation time. If this kinda half-assery appalls you, I'm sorry. But I've been much too busy at work and with my own C.F.U.D.L. (There...how about a Japanese HC enthusiast's joke?). Tune in next week for as much of my best-of-2010 lists that I can pack into two weeks.

And yes...I do suppose I've been indulging in more goth-tangential and industrial-ish areas of music the last couple weeks. But hey...It's winter solstice and there's a crazy red moon out tonight, and this is really rather appropos when you consider that fact, don'tcha think?

By the way, the rising surge of gothy-ness has a new front-runner in the Dangerous Boys Club. If you need your nü-goth to be direct and have a perfect-pop center, stick with Grave Babies who totally rule that field. But if you are adventurous enough to enjoy delightfully overwrought theatricality--cunningly rendered in dichotomous splendor with odd moments of android detachment (Aaron Montaigne is as masterful at this as anyone this side of Blixa Bargeld, I reckon)--and wondrous, seductive spacey synth, check out this Portland supergroup (ex-Get Hustle/Antioch Arrow/Heroin(/not to mention the seriously underrated Silentist)) who are featured in the first eight minutes of this cable-access show...

Experimental 1/2 Hour - Episode VI: Dangerous Boys Club, White Rainbow, NO AGE from Experimental 1/2 Hour on Vimeo.

Their debut LP--VRIL--is available here...
...and while you're there, you should pick up that Sleetmute Nightmute LP, too, 'cos there never was a better neo-no-wave band than them.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AFS v. 292 ~ Pain and Joy and Sorrows Mingle

--the lyrical mastery of my brother in unibrowdom Jaz Coleman

This week on AFS...

* mastery of mispronunciation
* the supergroups of Saturday @ Hub
* your essential Sacto history lesson
* caveat emptor: 2nd hour incl ~45 minutes of drum machines

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SHARP ENDS | Hybernation | self-titled | Kill Shaman *new
MYELIN SHEATHS | Wake Ups | Get on Your Nerves | Southpaw *new
THE TOPPLERS | Flack Town | v/a: FM-BX Society Tape vol 1 | SS Records *new (orig 1981)
WIRE | The Commercial/Straight Line | Pink Flag | Harvest 1977
BOHEMIA | Unconventional Boy | Limited Edition 10" | VU Records 1980
THE NORMALS | Almost Ready | Almost Ready 7" | Laust Laugh *new (orig 1978)
FM KNIVES | Estrogen | Estrogen 7" | SmartGuy 2002
PRETTY GIRLS | The Kids Are All Fucked | The Kids Are All Fucked 7" | Moo-La-La 1999
NAR | Holiday Routine | Holiday Routine 7" | Moo-La-La 1994
WRONG WORDS | Tickin' | What Went Wrong? 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
TRASHWOMEN | Dragula/Surf Creature | Lust 7" | Hillsdale 1992
MIDNITE SNAXXX | Like Lightning | Like Lightning 7" | Raw Deluxe *new
BOBBYTEENS | Gonna Get Down | Fast Livin & Rock n Roll | Lipstick 1998
ENGLISH SINGLES | Winter | English Cassingles | Palace of the Golden Cassingle 2009
LITERATURE | It's Cruel | Cincinnati 7" | Square of Opposition/Voice Academy *new
VOMIT SQUAD | Burning With Beelzebub | Amon Ra Bless America | Psychic Handshake *new
MEERCAZ | Space Hate | Space Hate 12" | Tic Tac Totally *new
HAWKWIND | Silver Machine | Silver Machine 7" | United Artists 1972
ARTHUR BROWN'S KINGDOM COME | Time Captives | Journey | Passport 1973
KILLING JOKE | Adorations (Supernatural Mix) | Brighter Than a Thousand Suns | Let Them Eat Vinyl 2008 (orig 1986)
KIM KI O | Bu Şarkiyi Çok Seversin Sen | Dans | Enfant Terrible *new
STEPHEN MALLINDER | Temperature Drop | Pow-Wow Plus | Doublevision 1985
SCORN | Out of | Logghi Barogghi | Scorn/Earache 1996
NITZER EBB | T.W.A. | Belief | Geffen 1989
M AX NOI MACH | Creeper | In the Shadows | White Denim *new
DIVE | Bloodmoney | v/a: There Is No Time 4xCD | RAS DVA 1995
ICH BIN | Danger | Obeis | Poutré Apparent 2006
ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR | OHHH | Ich Bin Mude 7" | Plastic Spoons 2010
BIG BLACK | Kerosene | Atomizer | Homestead 1986 *request
AMOR FATI | Economics 101 | Rock n' Roll 7" | Flesh/Yuck 1986
UNSANE | Jungle Music | Jungle Music 7" | PCP Entertainment 1992
DEAD MEAT | Electric Head | The King 7" | Flingco Sound System *new
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES | Loneliness Like Clouds Above | In a Night Like This 10" | Kill Shaman/Ghost *new

Saturday, December 18
Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM Presents
@ The Hub

1819 23rd Street
Sacramento CA 95816

The overdue (yet triumphant) return of English Singles!
2010's three best new finger-snap'n, foot-tap'n partyhardy bands of the SF Bay Area!
Midnite Snaxxx
Wrong Words
Angora Debs

all ages
8:30 doors
9:00 showtime
$5 for Hub members
+$1 one-time fee if it's your first Hub show
(BYO-crypto-B...we don't wanna see the cans and bottles they were born in...(pour it into something else (or just enjoy my proprietary "faux loko" blend)))

These bands speak to fans of rock 'n' roll, killer hooks, chirping melodies, and brimming energy. You can believe me now and mark your calendar, or if you're waiting to be impressed, check out these ex-members-of affiliations...

Angora Debs is fronted by Jason Patrone, singer of THEE BEST band in Sacramento in the early 2000s...the FM Knives. Also played in Los Huevos and Pretty Girls here in Sacto, and more recently Photobooth. Angora Debs is a Laverne & Shirley reference!

Midnite Snaxxx features Tina "Boom Boom" Lucchesi, chiefly of The Trashwomen and Bobbyteens fame, but was also in a ton of other rad bands. Most recently, she was in Top Ten and C'mon Everybody (you might remember them from their pulse-pounding, fun-packed set at the Delta of Venus in Davis during KDVS "Treehouse" host DJ Emily's birthday party); and she's the proprietor of Down at Lulu's, an East Bay epicenter of fabulous hairstyles, clothes, and records (many fans of Hunx know something about this). The Snaxxx also feature Dulcinea, who totally slayed in The Loudmouths back in the 90s, of whom I was quite the fanboy. Their merger with a reformed The Lewd was The Lewdmouths, and their show at Club Cocodrie in SF was one of the very best blasts from the original punk heyday I've ever seen.

English Singles descend from Sacto rulers of years past, too: Bananas, Nar, FM Knives, Yahmos, Pretty Girls.

I don't know if the Wrong Words dudes 'n lady were in other bands before, but when you hear them, the only thing that will matter will be the Wrong Words. Their 7" on Trouble in Mind is a cracker, and charming, too. Some people around here have whispered to me that the Bare Wires sound really good, but seem kinda like a big put-on. Okay, trashtalkers...maybe you's just bummin' 'cos you don't like to hitch up to bandwagons when too many others are already on. Well, go ahead and get in the front of the bus for Wrong Words 'cos you're gonna love this band. I defy you to resist this, huh...

Wrong Words "What Went Wrong" music video from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

Do you still look at band pages at MySpace???

Won't four bands take too long? NO! Lotsa gear-sharing. Quick sets leave you wanting more. This class on "how to party" will be dismissed plenty early enough for you to go pick fights at Flame Club.

First 25 guests get a free headstart on the party....Can you sip what DJ Rick is ladling???

This is the last KDVS Presents joint at The Hub of 2010, so make it worth it!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

AFS v. 291 ~ Smash Futuro

This week in AFS...

* The savagely ravagin', consummately dusted Unholy Two top the field of knuckle-dragging scuzzpunk devastators!
* Columbus Discount rejoins the living w/ two other fantastic new records!
* Soriano spins vinyl gold from cassette-only/D-I-Y spelunking!
* The crowning achievement of Sammy Hagar!
* Sincere apologies to Australia!
* A spate of synthy delights!

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(HTML links later if I can get to 'em...I've been much too busy...sorry!)

RADONS | Glow in the Dark | Radiation Summer CDR | Fleshwave *new
SEX OBJEX | Catholic Fumes | Negative Batshit/Cathedral Fever/Songs For No One CDR | Fleshwave *new
PLUTON | Cutting Edge | self-titled 12" EP | Plastic Spoons *new
HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE | Black Veils | Black Veils 7" | Batshit *new
DEAF WISH | Backwards | Reality & Visions | Idget Child *new
BLANK REALM | Crystal Ball | Deja What? | Bedroom Suck *new
BLACK MATH | Part of Me | Phantom Power | Permanent *new
DEATHLY FIGHTER | Heat | Completely Dusted | Columbus Discount *new
ISOLATION WARD | Trackers of the Night | v/a: FM-BX Society Tape vol. 1 | SS Records *new (orig 1981)
TELEPORTERS | A1 | self-titled CS | Savoury Days 2009
CABARET VOLTAIRE | Capsules | Mix-Up | Rough Trade 1979
NEUROBIT | Till it All Fades Away | Till it All Fades Away 7" | Enfant Terrible *new
STAATSEINDE | Die Erdball | Eindplaneet 7" | Enfant Terrible *new
MINISTRY | Same Old Madness | v/a: I'm a Cult Hero 2X12" | Living Legend 1989 (orig 1982)
AY! | In der Gruft | Winny on Tour 7" | Kernkrach *new (orig 1989)
M AX NOI MACH | Suicide is in the Air | In the Shadows | White Denim *new
UNHOLY TWO | (Do the) Horsecock/White Devil | $$kum of the Earth | Columbus Discount *new
COP SHOOT COP | Smash Retro | Consumer Revolt | Circuit 1990
POP. 1280 | Trash Cop | The Grid EP 12" | Sacred Bones *new
TERMINAL CHEESECAKE | Inbred 73 | Angels in Pigtails | Pathological 1990
FLOOR | Heather | Heather 7" | Noise Vacuum 1994
PISSED JEANS | Sam Kinison Woman | Your Life is Worth 7" | Sub Pop *new
SLICES | Laughing While Eating | Cruising | Iron Lung 2010
MILK MUSIC | Out of My World | Beyond Living | no label *new
MEERCAZ | Unbreakable Song | Space Hate 12" EP | Tic Tac Totally *new
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | Oafeus Clods | Rise of the Green Gorilla | Sacred Bones *new
MENTHOLS | Don't Give Us Yours | Michigan Works | UFO Dictator *new
MONTROSE | Space Station #5 | self-titled | Mercury 1973
BLOODROCK | Children's Heritage | 2 | Capitol 1970
GIBSON BROS. | Woo Hoo | Build a Raft 2xLP | Columbus Discount *new (orig 1985)
JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT | Black Angus | self-titled | Aarght! *new
UNIT 4 | Growing Up | v/a: FM-BX Society Tape vol. 1

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AFS v. 290 ~ Now We Are Having Fun!

This week in AFS...

* Farewell to a great Canadian, Leslie Nielsen
* Catching up w/ guest co-host Andrew (of G. Green)
* I'll take The Roots of Eat Skull for $1000, Alex
* You can totally play the new Tyvek and Hank IV between bristling HC

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TYVEK | Underwater | Nothing Fits | In The Red *new
DEEP WOUND | Time to Stand | v/a: Bands That Could Be God | Conflict/Radiobeat 1984
GAUZE | Crash the Pose/Thrash, Thrash, Thrash | Equalizing Distort | Selfish 1985
TALES OF TERROR | Deathryder | self-titled | C.D. Presents 1984
POISON IDEA | Just to Get Away | Feel the Darkness | American Leather 1989
TURBONEGRO | Bad Mongo | Ass Cobra | Boomba 1996
HANK IV | Garbage Star | III | Siltbreeze *new
BAD POSTURE | Time for Smack | self-titled 12" | Irresponsible 1983
NO TREND | For the Fun of It All | Too Many Humans... | No Trend 1984
RUNNING | Fun | self-titled | Permanent *new
CREEPY CRAWLY CLAW | SOS (Message in the Tupperware) | I Know It's Reprehensible 7" | no label 2002
WHORL | Stupid Shit | Mind Revolution 7" | Slumberland 1990
CIRCLE PIT | Strange Blue | Bruise Constellation | Siltbreeze 2010
INDIAN BINGO | The Ulcer Prophecy | Scatological | Independent Project 1989
DUSTDEVILS | Hip Priest [The Fall] | Struggling Electric + Chemical | Teenbeat/Matador 1990
THE PHEROMOANS | Midnite Watchdog | Midnight Watchdog 7" | Sweet Rot *new
THE GO-BETWEENS | People Say | People Say 7" | Able 1979
TEENAGE MOODS | Flower Hunting | Sugar Band 7" | Salvaged Prod. *new
THE WRONG WORDS | What Went Wrong? | What Went Wrong? 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
FRESH & ONLYS | Tell Me What You Want to Know | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac *new
WET ILLUSTRATED | Born Stoked | Born Stoked b/w Flying 7" | Corvette City 2010
THE BANANAS | American Eyes | Nautical Rock and Roll | Plan-it-X 2003
HEAD | I'm Not Like Everybody Else [The Kinks] | Street Level Assault | Evil Clown 1994
THE INJECTIONS | Lies | Prison Walls 7" | Last Laugh *new (orig 1980)
THE NORMALS | Hardcore | Almost Ready 7" | Last Laugh *new (orig 1978)
THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | Lets Drink Some Wine | In Your Stereo 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly *new
JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT | The Cougar | self-titled | Aarght! *new
REAL LOSERS | (Let's Go) Totally Nutzoid | Totally Nutzoid 7" | Wrench 2004

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AFS v. 289 ~ the New Pipeline

This week in AFS...

* too much best-of-2010 nominee clutter!
* catching onto to Tyvek's Nothing Fits, finally!
* finally joining the Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads bandwagon!

Download this program within two months at this link...
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CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
, if you have a slower/20th century connection
STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)

SPURM | Making Love | split 7" w/ Partman Parthorse | GGNZLA *new
FRED FRITH | Some Clouds Don't | Cheap at Half the Price | Ralph 1983
BLOODY MANNEQUIN ORCHESTRA | Meal at McDonald's | Roadmap to Revolution | WGNS/EPU 1984
HYGIENE | Recruitment | Recruitment EP 7" | Going Underground *new
PROTOMARTYR | Baseball Bat | Colpi Proibiti CDR | no label *new
TYVEK | Underwater to/Outer Limits | Nothing Fits | In The Red *new
THE HYPNOTICS | Giants Town | Indoor Fiends | Enigma 1982
BEATERS | They Don't Really Care About Us | v/a: 6 x 2 x 12" | Volar *new
EL VICIO | Death Trip 2024 | Longanisse 7" | Rococo *new
J.C. SATAN | Lick My Feet | Sick of Love | Slovenly *new
VEX RUFFIN & THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | New Wipeout | 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly *new
THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | I'm Cool | In Your Stereo 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly *new
THE NEON BOYS | That's All I Know (Right Now) | Don't Die 12" | OVerground 1991 (orig 1973)
HANK IV | Down in the Dumps | III | Siltbreeze *new
VOMIT SQUAD | Rapture Gun | Amon Ra Bless America | Psychic Handshake *new
RED MASS | Blood | Split Brain Experiment 10" | Rococo *new
BLANK REALM | My Nativity | Deja What? | Bedroom Suck *new
V-3 | Inside Outpost | Psychic Dance Hall | Ropeburn 1991
GRAHAM REPULSKI | Mind Bog | Electric Worrier | Shorter Recordings *new
FIRE IN THE KITCHEN | Hen Fist | Theory of Everything | Behemoth 1991
POP. 1280 | Data Dump | The Grid EP 12" | Sacred Bones *new
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | Ugly Dream | Rise of the Green Gorilla | Sacred Bones *new
PURLING HISS | Passenger Queen | Hissteria | Richie *new
HIGH RISE | Turn You Cry | II | PSF 1993
RUNNING | Little Fucker/Foodless | self-titled | Permanent *new
MAYYORS | Ghost Punch | Deads 12" | Hurling Man 2009
ZACH HILL | Total Recall | Face Tat | Sargent House *new
KIT | Ambrosia | Invocation | Upset the Rhythm *new
SLEETMUTE NIGHTMUTE | Interference...VNV Girls | Night of the Long Knives | Fast Weapons *new (orig 2004)
LOST GOAT | Golem | October 7" | Alternative Tentacles 1997
MILK MUSIC | A1 | Beyond Living | no label 2010
THE DESERT SESSIONS | Punk Rock Caveman Living in a Prehistoric Age | Volumes V & VI | Man's Ruin 1999
DAUGHTER | Erased | Skin | Aum Fidelity 2003

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AFS v 288 ~ Roundball Rock 'n Roll

This week in AFS...

* Honoring the new NBA season w/ Popular Shapes' 4-part BBall Music suite
* Most vinyl-worthy punk tape of 2010: Cruddy
* Fabulous Diamonds and Pigeons on the West Coast!
* Let's start a petition for Potato Chips not to bite it!

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POPULAR SHAPES | BBall Music 1 | split 7" w/ Kurt | On/On Switch 2004
POPULAR SHAPES | BBall Music 2 | BBall Music 2 & 4 7" | White Denim/Hate the Eighties 2005
POPULAR SHAPES | BBall Music 3 | split 7" w/ Kurt
COLA FREAKS | Mig Mig Mig | Mig Mig Mig 7" | Rob's House *new
LAS NURSES | Midnight Lamb | Just So Pretty | Rococo *new
PISSED JEANS | L Word | Your Life is Worth 7" | Sub Pop *new
RUNNING | Back and Forth/#1 Dad | self-titled | Permanent *new
HEIST | Sonic Flames Meat Department | 18 Gears of Hell | Big Fred 1998?
HEIST | It's Just a Brain
FEŚ PARKER | TMTV | Side Room | Pressupable 2008
THE CHINESE RESTAURANTS | River of Shit | River of Shit 7" | SS Records 2010
POTATO CHIPS | Can't Weight/I'm Led Zeppelin Tonight/Nervous 4 Life (Hoarse Mix) | Looks Like We're About To Bite It, Maybe You Should Bite It Too? 3" CDR | Savoury Days *new
RED MASS | The End of the World | Split Brain Experiment 10" | Rococo *new
PRIMITIVE TRIBES | Trapped | Some Bouncy Anthems 7" | no label 1994
PRIMITIVE TRIBES | 30 Billion Served | While No One Was Looking 7" | 201 Records 1993
TEMPER TANTRUM | Know-it-All | split 7" w/ Haskel | Wooden Blue 1995
CRUDDY | Slow News Day/Negative World | Negative World CS | no label *new
KILL THE HIPPIES | Neon Toilet | Erectospective | Rock 'n' Roll Purgatory 1998
DEFEKTORS | Not the One | v/a: 6 x 2 x 12" | Volar *new
CHRISTMAS | Pies | Pies b/w El Colorado 7" | Highfives and Handshakes *new
LAURENCE WASSER | Mummy Gelly | Hoochie Cooky Bunny 7" | Plastic Spoons *new
BLACK ORPHAN | Metal Leg | Metal Leg 7" | Volar *new
FLIGHT | Goodbye Horses [Q. Lazzarus] | The Lead Riders 12" | Zoo Music *new
SUBTLE TURNHIPS | Wah Wah Wah | Terd Album | HoZac *new
IDLE TIMES | There You Go | self-titled | HoZac *new
TEENAGE MOODS | Sugar Band | Sugar Band 7" | Salvaged Productions *new
MYELIN SHEATHS | Mutations | Get on Your Nerves | Southpaw *new
ETERNAL TAPESTRY | trk 6 | The Net: The Unabomber, LSD, and the Internet CDR | no label *new
FABULOUS DIAMONDS | 3 mins, 40 secs | Fabulous Diamonds II | Siltbreeze 2010
PIGEONS | Sand | Virgin Spectacle | Black Dirt 2008
RUTH WHITE | Spleen | Flowers of Evil | Limelight 1969
WAXY TOMB | Grey Ice Box Gardens | self-titled CDR | no label 2009
THROBBING GRISTLE | Hamburger Lady | D.o.A. The Third and Final Report of | Industrial 1979

Please join the petition to convince the Potato Chips not to bite it. Their 3" CDR would make a great vinyl, too. Tonight's featured song by Potato Chips--"Can't Weight/I'm Led Zeppelin Tonight/Nervous 4 Life (Hoarse Mix)"--lives up to its name. Their relentlessness and humor is delightfully similar to The Chinese Restaurants.

Death to John Tesh's "Roundball Roulette"! How long must we hear the same opening theme and bumper music for every NBA telecast. Popular Shapes made at least four songs that are more appropos. MJ don't wanna hear that song no more...look at him!

Corrections Dept.: (1) Teenage Moods are not British. The record label is. But they are from Minnesota. (2) Ruth White's Flowers of Evil came out in 1969, not 1967. I can't keep all these facts under my skull. Nobody pays me to do this, y'know. Next week, maybe I'll be more write-ative. 'Til then, enjoy...and let me know what you like. THANKS!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

AFS v. 287 ~ Ritual Cleansing: Cin-Cin!

This week in AFS...

* Get ready for Warm Climate Cali mini-tour!
* Get ready for Grave Babies Cal/Nev mini-tour!
* Most vinyl-worthy cassette-only release of 2010: Waste Rig
* A different flavor from the forthcoming Sic Alps 2xLP, Napa Asylum

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MEERCAZ | Never Too Late to Learn | Never Too Late to Learn 7" | Sweet Rot *new
CHROME | SS Cygni | Alien Soundtracks | Siren 1977
TIMMY ZORGANISM | Left My Heart in Germany | Can and Bottle Return 7" | Bat Shit *new
GLEN MEADMORE | Hen Party | Chicken & Biscuits | Amoeba 1987
FACTUMS | Roman Soldier (Remix) | Roman Soldier 12" | Captcha *new
GRAVE BABIES | Eating Babies | Death Face CS | Skrot Up 2009
SLEETMUTE NIGHTMUTE | In Adulthood...Black Steel Sick | Night of the Long Knives | Fast Weapons *new
CACAW | Die Don't Doh | self-titled | Permanent *new
PLUTON | Forgiven not Forgotten | self-titled 12" | Plastic Spoons *new
FLIGHT | Ghosts | Ghosts 7" | Plastic Spoons *new
JOHN'S CHILDREN | Smashed! Blocked! | Orgasm | Get Back! 1998 (orig 1970)
WARM CLIMATE | Blue Metro | Camouflage on the River Wretched CS | Stunned *new
WARM CLIMATE | Devine Souffle and the Southern Approach | Edible Homes CS | Stunned 2009
COMUS | Drip Drip | First Utterance | Dawn 1971
T2 | In Circles | It'll All Work Out in Boomland | Decca 1970
BLOODROCK | American Burn | Bloodrock U.S.A. | Capitol 1972
PUFFY AREOLAS | $200 Jeans | Rock n Roll Express 7" | Die Stasi *new
PUFFY AREOLAS | Teen Scene Cream
WASTE RIG | Stuck in This Shit | Ritual Cleansing: Phase 2010 CS | Pollen Season *new
WASTE RIG | Dream Damage/Pass the Keys
JANDEK | You Painted Your Teeth | Telegraph Melts | Corwood 1986
SMEGMA | Mutant Baby | v/a: Portland Punk Live at Earth 10-29-79 | Trap 1980
SIC ALPS | Ranger/Rat Happy | Napa Asylum 2xLP | Drag City *forthcoming
STRAPPING FIELDHANDS | Woman of Distinction | v/a: Gonerfest 7 Golden Ticket Record 7" | Goner 2010

It's finally dawned on me that this Waste Rig tape is the most vinyl-worthy album-length cassette-only release of 2010 so far. C'mon, somebody...make it happen! Hear three more songs in this earlier AFS podcast. Ex-Long Legged Woman dudes, members of the last Hospitals live unit, and related to CCR Headcleaner, these guys dish some heavily damaged pop that runs the gamut from sweet and catchy to nihilistic, but it all sounds like phases of the same acid trip.

If Sleetmute Nightmute's Night of the Long Knives can finally be issued on vinyl after six years of waiting, I don't think it's too much to ask that such fine examples of the cassette frenzy come out on vinyl, too.

Warm Climate made the most vinyl-worthy (still waiting!) album-length cassette-only release of 2009 in the dazzling Edible Homes. Like Comus meets T. Rex with startling results! See their first shows outside of their rare L.A. performances...

Thu 11/4 in Oakland @ East Nile
w/ Dreamcolour, Eternal Tapestry, The Grey, Magic Whistle
Fri 11/5 in Sacramento @ The Hub
w/ Grave Babies, Build Target
Sat 11/6 in Santa Barbara @ Jitters Coffee
w/ Watercolor Paintings

And sure...there's plenty for cynics to hate among today's wav(v)es of nü-psych and nü-goth, but the way Grave Babies blends the psych and goth elements totally transcends and unjades. And the reason why is 'cos their hooks and melodies are catchy and their riffs and rhythms really wallop...especially live, when the drums bash louder than the drum machine you hear at the fore on the track featured on this podcast. Fans of Bauhaus, Faith thru Japanese Whispers by The Cure, and early Savage Republic will most likely love Grave Babies, but this band never sounds like mere mimicry. See 'em on their tour...

Fri 11/5 in Sacramento @ The Hub
w/ Warm Climate, Build Target
Sat 11/6 in Reno, NV @ Holland Project
w/ TBA
Mon 11/8 in San Diego @ Tin Can
w/ TBA
Tue 11/9 in San Francisco @ The Independent
w/ Weekend, Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Wed 11/10 in San Francisco @ The Depot
w/ Werr

Hey, any Sacto/Yolo friends....If you show up to that Hub show on Friday, November 5 wearing black lipstick and/or nail polish, I'll pour you a free shot of a special festive liqueur I've been saving for just this kinda occasion. I'm making a special trip to the party store for the little shooter cups. The ritual toast happens before Warm Climate plays...Cin-cin!

your straight-edge enabler, DJ Rick

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AFS v 286 ~ Message from the Asylum

This week in AFS...

* live-at-KDVS session by Sex Church!
* sneak-peekin' the forthcoming Sic Alps 2xLP!
* a grippa new Troubled in Mind melodic brainworms!
* the latest guitar-slaying of Grady Runyan (ex-Monoshock/Liquorball)!

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THE FALL | The Container Drivers | Grotesque (After the Gramme) | Rough Trade 1980
SAVAGE REPUBLIC | Viva la Rock n Roll [ATV] | ΝHΠIAΓΩΓEION - Live In Europe 1988 | Fundamental 1990
PARTY BOYS | Ode on a Grecian Urn | No Aggro | Independent Project 1981
ALARMIST | It's Halloween [the Shaggs] | Under the Covers CS | Public Secret Media 2004
ALARMIST | Ignition | Evil Works Get Rich or Try Dying Evil Works | Frenetic 2004
CRABE | Pénis-Céline | Ero Gaki | Signed by Force *new
DE KIFT | Vlijt/Staal op Staal | Yverzucht | Konkurrel 1989
BPEOPLE | Can Can't | self-titled | Faulty Products 1981
THE DEADBEATS | Brainless | Kill the Hippies 7" | Dangerhouse 1978
ROY WOOD'S WIZZARD | Eddy's Rock | Introducing Eddy & the Falcons | United Artists 1974
WOUNDED LION | Pointed Sticks | Pointed Sticks 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
THE WRONG WORDS | What Went Wrong? | What Went Wrong? 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
THE LIMIÑANAS | Mountain | self-titled | Trouble in Mind *new
NICE SMILE | Building | Building 7" | South Director Street *new
RED MASS | Nightcrawlers | self-titled | Florida's Dying *new
~~~~~~ live in Studio A, Oct 20, 2010 ~~~~~~~
SEX CHURCH | Not Anymore
SEX CHURCH | Old Enough
SEX CHURCH | Paralyze
SEX CHURCH | Mistaken
SIC ALPS | Trip Train | Napa Asylum 2xLP | Drag City *forthcoming
SIC ALPS | The First White Man to Touch California Soil
THE BAD TRIPS | End of War | Open | Rocketship *new
INTERNATIONAL HELLO | Someone's Coming | self-titled | Holy Mountain *new
ART LESSING | Weirdest Places | Lectures 2xLP | KDVS Recordings *new
SUN CITY GIRLS | The Imam | Funeral Mariachi | Abduction *new
PHANTOM PAYN DAYS | Art is Dead | self-titled | De Stijl *new
SAMUEL LOCKE WARD | Church of the Bloated Man | Barely Regal Beagles | no label *new

Due early 2011 from Drag City, the Sic Alps' Napa Asylum will surely please fans and win some more! Tonight, I give you a couple of the fuzziest blasts from the double-LP, but you can also expect to hear the band--now a trio--meander through folk and damaged pop, usually with ease, sometimes with difficulty, but always bearing rewards for the indepth listener. Next week I'll dish you some of the woozier brilliance on these four sides of impending indulgence. My advance CDR was enclosed with a one-sheet which says...

The new SIC ALPS record is "NAPA ASYLUM."

A Brief History of Sic Alps Time:

Matt and Mike met on a boat in NYC in 1996, playing with their bands, Henry's Dress and The Ropers.

Mike started Sic Alps with Adam Stonehouse of The Hospitals in 2004. Matt joined in 2005, stepping in to mix and basically realize the first LP "Pleasures and Treasures."

Noel Von Harmonson joined in 2009. You know - Noel, of Comets on Fire! Noel plays guitars, drums and all kinds of randomness on "Napa Asylum."

Sic Alps always record themselves in the basement. Mike always brings in the song with lyrics and it gets built track by track on an 8 track. A recent exception to the rule is "My My Lai" on "Napa Asylum," written and recorded by Matt. But back to the rule: Matt is always the "engineer" and often the arranger and concept master. The set-up is very minimal - delay pedal, reverb tank, two microphones, $100 preamp and Tascam 8. This has been this way for all the recordings.

2.5 years between records! Where were they? Comp tracks aside, only the Slumberland 7" "L Mansion" and the Magic Markers split (Yik Yak) were released since "U.S. EZ" came out in July of 2008. Sic Alps were releasing a lot of music in the years 2006-2008 and "Napa Asylum" represents for the years when they slowed way down and took a minute to reflect.

Themes of the "Napa Asylum" record include re-incarnation, magic and schizophrenia. Some of the more adventurous writing on the record lyrically speaking: "The First White Man to Touch California" attempts to tie the "discovery" of California to the recent mortgage crisis. "Zeppo Epp" tells parallel tales of leaving a Midwestern home: Zeppo Eppley drives off to never be heard from again while Charlotte Muldeen breaks up with her girlfriend and joins the Navy.

The songs are a fresh assortment of Sic pleasures, echoing half-emptily as the hooks slide into your flesh, animating you in marionette-style to tip-tap your way across the dance-floor. Get your steps in while you can, the songs are as short as they are bitter-sweet. But the one that ends just makes way for the one coming next...

I liked Napa Asylum immediately, but it took a couple more listens to really get under my skin, and now I enjoy it at least as much as the masterful Description of the Harbor which made it onto the short version of my best-of-2008 LPs list. Yes, it's another masterpiece. I'd described Description as the perfect music for a summer heatwave when the A/C's busted and you can only lay on the floor and watch the ceiling fan spin. I actually did this once, and the more warped elliptical Alps riffs made me trip out on how my ceiling fan kinda rocks a little bit on its base so that the fan blades sorta smear into an oval. Napa Asylum's gonna trip me out like that, but even more.

Napa Asylum is great listening on a high-desert drive. The miles from Weed, California, to Tulelake via U.S. 97 north past Dorris and east on CA Hwy 161 blew by almost too quickly with a sage-scented breeze, even as my windshield got smeared with guts of tiny flies as the route cut across Lower Klamath Lake. The peak of Mt. Shasta dominates the view throughout this drive like the shamanistic vibe of Mike Donovan, smiling and shoeless on stage. I become aware of the ice of Shasta's glaciers scouring the mountain whenever Matt Hartman's nervous energy manifests in a sudden jittery drum fill or shrill feedback squall. (Or maybe it's the Modoc warrior spirit!) It all comes together as a soundscape as massive as the northern Siskiyou landscape. Shasta is always there past the horizon, tantalizingly near even as those nearer horizons keep unfolding every mile or two across this unique microcosm of the basin-and-range formations of the inter-mountain West. It's the perfect place for a psychedelic experience, such as listening to Napa Asylum. I still hope to take one more trip up that way before winter takes hold, and then I'll figure out what's Noel's northern Siskiyou metaphor. Maybe it's the way that the land up there's so surprisingly adaptable. Just like adding water to the mineral-rich soil replaces a valley full of bunchgrass and sagebrush with a green carpet of alfalfa sprouts across the southern half of Butte Valley, adding Noel to the Sic Alps equation has produced an outstanding result. From seeing the band live four times this year with Noel, I sense that he's added a steadying effect. The rhythms are more permanent on Napa Asylum, riffs heavier and more impactful. Yet the Cali vibe is still so enduring...on this album, just as it is mere miles from the Oregon border where--amidst secessionist Jefferson-state rednecks--there are hippies stroking crystals aimed at Shasta vortexes, and the sun still shines through about 80% of the time year-round.

If you wanna plan a vacation with this album, hit me up....I'll tell you where to stay and eat up there. Keep in mind the 2nd weekend of October is when the town of Merrill, just across the border in Oregon, hosts their annual potato festival. I already bought a 2011 calendar and circled the dates. You should circle January 25, 2011....that's the date that Napa Asylum hits the street.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AFS v. 285 ~ Hey, y'all...I Gotta Great New Album in the Mail Today!

This week in AFS...

* Zac Nelson's home-away-from-homecoming's this weekend
* skronktastic sax-damaged scuzzrock
* a whole grippa new Permanent titles

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MENTHOLS | B-OK | Michigan Works | UFO Dictator *new
PRINCESS SWEEPSTAKES | Napkins | I Love You in Case I Die This Christmas, Man | Scenery Audio Archive 2004
WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE SON, GOD? | Beelzebubble | Out of Body Diva | KDVS Recordings 2006
TRAWLER BYCATCH | Forces of Nature | advance tracks CDR | no label 2009
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS | Teenage Bankman | In the Air Tonight | Radium 226.05 1988
DRUID PERFUME | Ain't it Rubbish | Tin Boat to Tuna Town | Bumbo *new
TRAGIC MULATTO | Stop My Hand | Judo for the Blind | Alternative Tentacles 1984
CERAMIC HOBS | Fixated Threat Assessment Centre | OZ OZ Alice | ORB Editions *new
CERMAIC HOBS | Miley Backmask
BRAINBOMBS | No End | Singles Compilation, v.1 | Load *new (orig 1989)
TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS | Burning Rubber | self-titled 12" EP | Migraine 1979
CACAW | Old Bones | self-titled | Permanent *new
BLACK MATH | Commando of Love [The Anals] | Phantom Power | Permanent *new
BERMUDA TRIANGLES | Riddles in the Sand | Reptilian Intervention | CNP *new
TRETETAM | Paw Paw | Pawhuska CDR | Ikuisuus *new
BRAIN IDEA | Getting Older/Popped Tops | The Survival Scrolls | Permanent *new
THE REBEL | Tyme | The Race Against Time Hots Up | Junior Aspirin *new
TRAILBLAZER | Mallard | Gut Reaction 7" | Moniker *new
MY DAD IS DEAD | Five Minutes | Let's Skip the Details | Homestead 1988
NICE STRONG ARM | Disenchanted | Reality Bath | Homestead 1987
NO TREND | Teen Love | Teen Love 7" | No Trend 1983 *request
SIMPLE CIRCUIT | Moon Druggies | Boarded Up Houses 7" | Super Secret *new
USELESS EATERS | Mr. Oscillations | Mr. Oscillations 7" | Mastermind *new
SOPORS | Ponce de Leon/I Watch Movies/Read to Me | Golden Era #267 | Mongo Bongo *new
PROTOMARTYR | Baseball Bat | Colpi Proibiti CDR | no label *new
CULTURE KIDS | Good Ol' American Boys | self-titled 7" | no label *new
IDIOT SAVANTS | Try & Get Out/School's Prison | v/a: The Master Tape vol 2 | Affirmation 1983
WASTED TALENT | Not Anymore | v/a: The Master Tape vol 2
FANG | You're Cracked | Where the Wild Things Are | Boner 1984
H.P.P. | Suicide/Homicide | self-titled | Perennial *new
GUZZARD | Supersonic Enemy of Evil | Quick, Fast, in a Hurry | AmRep 1995
THE KIDNAPPERS | Chickenheads & Cigarettes | Will Protect You | Alien Snatch *new
WHEELS ON FIRE | Chasing UFOs | Liar, Liar | Alien Snatch *new
HEAD & THE HARES | Lost | Two Tymes 7" | Stanton Park/Moulty 1992

Here's where those samples from the Tretetam track came from!

I remember seeing this commercial on BET all the time nearly 25 years ago, so I was stoked to hear this tonight! All the music was the stuff my mom used to listen to full-blast while cleaning the house when I was a wee lad. Great memories.

Sorry I can't spend more time dishing on these goods this week....Gotta bone up for my Fantasy NBA draft tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

AFS v. 284 ~ The Festival in the Vestibule

This week in AFS...

* Brace yourselves for KDVS presents Feats of Strength - Fall 2010
* Brand-new brilliant weirdness from the Ceramic Hobs!
* Catching up w/ Siltbreeze Records
* Dan Melchior makes me question my existence...but not his excellence
* The brand-new KDVS Recordings joint: Art Lessing 2xLP!

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SEX CHURCH | Dead End | Dead End 7" | Sweet Rot 2009
SEX CHURCH | Not Anymore | 6 Songs 12" EP | Convulsive 2010
WIPERS | No One Wants an Alien | Over the Edge | Braineater 1983
EASTER MONKEYS | Nailed to the Cross | Splendor of Sorrow | Hit & Run | 1990 (orig 1983)
G. GREEN | Sinner Now/No Big Deal | July 2010 session
USELESS EATERS | Surrounded | v/a: I'd Buy That for a Dollar 2 7" | UFO Dictator *new
BEWARE OF THE KNIGHT | Secret Friend | Some Song About Some Street CDR | no label *new
STANDARD TRIBESMEN | Waiting | Waiting 7" | Mt. St. Mtn *new
CIRCLE PIT | Drowning in the Dark | Bruise Constellation | Siltbreeze *new
EXILES FROM CLOWNTOWN | Around the Corner | Around the Corner 7" | Greatdividing *new
PROTOMARTYR | Psychic Doorbell | Colpi Proibiti CDR | no label *new
HYGIENE | Things That Dreams Are Made Of | Things That Dreams Are Made Of 7" | La Vida es un Mus *new
THE INTELLIGENCE | Like Like Like Like Like Like Like | Males | In The Red *new
PHEROMOANS | Relaxed Opel Dawn | split 7" w/ Dan Melchior und Das Menace | Savoury Days *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Intelligent Design Pt 2/Barbasol/Mere Pseud Blog Ed | Visionary Pangs | SS Records *new
ART LESSING | Chain Silver Ride/Sleeping Ghost | Lectures 2xLP | KDVS Recordings *new
THE DOOZER | Decisive Mind | Great Explorers | Siltbreeze *new
LIZ ALLBEE | Hide It in the Lie | Theseus vs. | Resipiscent *new
RALPH HAXTON | Madeleine's Radiola | Madeleine's Radiola 7" | Gyttja 1995
WARM CLIMATE | Saltwater Simplified/Trespassing | Camouflage on the River Wretched CS | Stunned *new
CERAMIC HOBS | Oz Oz Alice (excerpt) | Oz Oz Alice | ORB Editions *new
KITO-MIZUKUMI ROUBER | Midori Mushi San Connichiwa | self-titled 7" | Siltbreeze *new
OLYMPUS | Ere I Die | Bold Mould | Soft Abuse *new
THE N.E.C. | Eyeball Seeds | Is | Double Phantom *new

KDVS presents Feats of Strength
(the "Festival in the Vestibule" (of a mechanic's shop)
All shows @ The Hub
1819 23rd Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

all ages
$5 for Hub members
(+$1 one-time fee to join)

1st Feat: Thu 10/14
H.P.P. (Olympia, WA)
+ RAPE WHISTLE (Sacto HC/thrash)
& SQUIDZ (ex-Pisol Pete)

2nd Feat: Fri 10/15
Sex Church (Canada)
Satan Wriders (Stockton)

3rd Feat: Sat 10/16
Malaikat Dan Singa (feat. Arrington de Dionysio; it's basically kinda like Old Time Relijun interpreting Indonesian pop)
Buk Buk Bigups
San(s) Kazakgascar

I will be giving a single Wild Flag (ex-Sleater Kinney & Helium/Grass Widow (Wed 11/17, SOLD OUT!) ticket away at each show by staging a free raffle. Every paid attendee at each show will receive a raffle ticket for the drawing at the night's end. When we have a consecutive streak of particularly awesome shows, we like to call that "Feats of Strength". If anyone attends all three shows, they will be entered into a raffle at the Saturday show to win a pair of Wild Flag/Grass Widow tickets plus a sweep of the merch table on Saturday (one copy of each new record by each band, plus the Grass Widow LP), and shall be named winner of "Feats of Strength - Fall 2010". These tickets will be transferable, so even if you purchased Wild Flag tix, you can win 'em, too.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

AFS v. 283 ~ feat. Wounded Lion, Whines, & Uzi Rash live on KDVS

This week in AFS, Fuzzbox Flynn pinch-hit for me, picking the first 45 minutes of music, and then airing the pre-ORMF X fest party recorded live at KDVS, featuring Uzi Rash, The Whines (next-to-last public performance ever), and Wounded Lion. I couldn't possibly host AFS myself this week because I had the honor and privilege to play with Wounded Lion (the FCC has a rule forbidding "plugola", which includes playing your own music). It was like fantasy bandcamp with one of my very favorite bands of the last couple years! While I played the drum parts that Monty Buckles usually plays in Wounded Lion, Monty was in Kansas on Lamps duty. The guitar parts that Monty plays in other songs of the Lion were played by Andrew of G. Green.

Download this program within two months at this link...
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(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)

NERVOUS EATERS | Loretta | Eaterville vol. 1 | Penniman 2004 (orig. 1976)
DEAD MOON | Parchment Farm | Parchment Farm 7" | Tombstone 1988
THE OBLIVIANS | Jim Cole | Soul Food | Crypt 1995
MC MONKEY & APE W/ ATTITUDE | Human Zoo | Human Zoo 7" | Kryptonite 2004
THE SORES | Learn to Like Eatin' Dirt | 6 Songs of Despair and Frustration | Borox 2005
NECESSARY EVILS | Get It Out of My Brain | The Sicko Inside Me | In The Red 1999
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Turn Your Page | self-titled | Goner 2006
ROYAL HEADACHE | Eloise | Eloise 7" | R.I.P. Society 2010
PROCEDURE CLUB | Awfully Managed Pigeons | Doomed Forever | Slumberland 2010
SO COW | Shut Eye | Meaningless Friendly | Tic Tac Totally 2010
========================== Live in Studio A @ KDVS, 10/2/10 ==========================
THE WHINES | Straybird
THE WHINES | Vacation
THE WHINES | this one's not on the album or the 7"
THE WHINES | and neither is this one!
THE WHINES | yet another new one!
THE WHINES | and another!!
========================== Live in Studio A @ KDVS, 10/2/10 ==========================
WOUNDED LION | Friendly?
WOUNDED LION | Relaxation
WOUNDED LION | Sacajawea
WOUNDED LION | Pointed Sticks
WOUNDED LION | Pony People
WOUNDED LION | Degobah System
WOUNDED LION | Carol Cloud
========================== Live in Studio A @ KDVS, 10/2/10 ==========================
UZI RASH | I Know That You Read My Diary...
UZI RASH | ...Succubus Staring at Me...
UZI RASH | title unknown
UZI RASH | Living in a Swamp
UZI RASH | I'm a Trashbag
UZI RASH | Totally Fired
UZI RASH | ...Come Into My Barn...

After the show, the bands and I slayed this epic burger sesh like it was nothing! R.I.P., Whines....You were a very special band for the time you were around. Folks, if you haven't heard their Hell to Play LP on Meds yet, you're missing one of the greatest future-classics of the year. Like a female-fronted Hunches, but more Velvetsy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AFS v. 282 ~ Gonerfest 7 Recap / ORMF X Precap

Sorry, friends! My nonstop life of career in information for public affairs, booking shows for KDVS Presents, being chief cook 'n bottle-washer for The Hub, criss-crossing Northern California to check out other live shows, trying and evaluating new taquerias, community freeform radio, and these here xxxtreme-blogging exploits finally caught up to me between vacations to Nevada/Idaho/Washington/Oregon and Memphis and a mysterious coughy/congestive late-summer bug that's been going around. Something had to give, and it was the xxxtreme-blogging part. I have enjoyed picking and playing music for you on AFS every week and sharing my top picks, and I will continue to do so now that summer is over and life is getting back to normal (almost).

So, I've been getting around this summer, and the clincher was indeed the grand finalé of the summer music festival season, Gonerfest 7 in Memphis, Tennessee. It was the 2nd consecutive Gonerfest for Melissa and me--we decided we were going to #7 about halfway through day two of #6--and we had a blast again! Gonerfest is a benchmark for multi-day/multi-venue festivals; somehow, the Goner gang manages to run a tight, efficient ship so the order of events flows smoothly and predictably, and yet there's tons of mayhem, revelry, and spontaneity. And the city of Memphis is just a fantastic destination for its history, unique flavors, friendly people, and...well...every necessary element to encourage late-night mayhem, revelry, and spontaneity. Beer and booze flowing 'til 3:00am, perfect late-night weather, cops pre-occupied by the potential of real crime happening elsewhere in the city. It's really a great city to visit. And with stately 2800 square-foot homes such as these in our home price comfort zone, it kinda makes us wonder what it might be like to live there. Could I really trade Sacto tacos, tortas, y burritos for Memphis BBQ? Will my veins explode or collapse first? Kings for Grizzlies? Neither team's making the playoffs yet. But, really...It's certainly become one of our favorite cities.

Gonerfest started a day earlier this year on a Wednesday with Spider Bags. The highlights of this night were Italy's Vermillion Sands and King Louie's Missing Monuments. The Italians overcame TermBo user: Clint's under-his-breath murmuring of barbs such as "I dunno...This seems ridiculously French Canadian to me" to make him oddly quiet by mid-set, by which time they'd won over everyone else with their rollicky jangle-punk with cartoonish lead-guitarist antics, relentless shuffling rhythms, and charming front-lady who I reckon could've won a lotta fans 200 miles east at the Grand Ol' Opry. Maybe Clint didn't know what kinda Vermillion Sands fanboy I am. I've got every record they've made yet. And they didn't disappoint one bit...well...maybe they could've played one slower song to show off the emotional depth of their singer's voice. And speaking of charming...King Louie was a hoot to watch play, and his Missing Monuments hit the mark for the kinda melodic, poppy punk I like. Useless Eaters were dazzling at their best, too, but I think they need to vary their pacing a little bit. They play all-manic all-the-time and can't afford the slightest lapse of concentration on their fretboard action, thereby kinda stunting their stage persona. What a talent they are, though. I walked in too late on Spider Bags and walked out too early--jetlagged, and possibly still in a Gus's Fried Chicken foodcoma--on Msr. Jeffrey Evans, but they sounded pretty good while I was there.

Gus's was great again. I love the spice of their batter, and I can't get over how cheap it is for a place that touts itself as "world famous" and knows it's true. It's listed prominently in most Memphis travel guides and has been on TV many times, so they trap a lotta tourists who are only too ready to be fleeced by opportunistic tourist-oriented businesses. I saved room for pecan pie...pretty good!

Day two started with a hug and kiss from our hostess at Alcenia's, where I had the most delectable breaded pork chops which also blew away my South Sac fave, the "Iowa-style pork chops" at Original Perry's. I'm not sure I'll ever be as satisfied spending $10.09 plus tax and tip at Original Perry's now that I've eaten Alcenia's pork chops. And washed 'em down with what they call "Ghetto-Aid", which is especially-highly-sweetened Kool Aid. I was afraid it'd make my teeth shudder, but it wasn't that sweet, really. Plenty refreshing, though. Green beans and cornbread was just fine, but the bacony black-eyed peas were especially BOMB! Now I feel like I've finally had black-eyed peas the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

"Opening ceremonies" at the Goner Records store kicked off in the outdoor public gazebo next door with a set by Thee Oh Sees which went down sublimely as I felt sweat trickling down my back. That song they've been ending their set with is so splendid, I can't wait to hear it on record with the Woodhouse magic sprinkled on it. It's got a killer groovey riff that rather reminds me of "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" by Budgie...like it was reverse-engineered by removal of that little chug that makes it heavy metal. That will be a great roadtrip record, I reckon. The band was goaded into an encore and ended with an appropos rendition of their epic "Warm Slime" which was the best ever rendition I've heard besides the one they played at KDVS presents Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XII in June 2009 with Woodhouse on 2nd drumkit (which is, of course, an unfair comparison).

We didn't really have an appetite yet for dinner, but we knew we'd be screwed if we waited 'til after the main event, so we joined some new friends from Canada and Australia for a Soul Fish sesh. This has been a hot new restaurant in the Cooper-Young area since it opened last year, but we beat the rush and only had to wait 10 minutes for a table. I got a Cuban sandwich because it was mentioned as a noteworthy specialty in the best-of-the-city issue of the Memphis Flyer alt-weekly that was current while we were there. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. But everyone else's food looked really great, and they were raving aplenty.

Once again in foodcoma mode, we lumbered over to the Hi-Tone for Thursday's main event featuring Ty Segall, Haunted George, So Cow, Destruction Unit, and Super Wild Horses. The Aussie ladies were pretty good. I think they'll translate a little better to our decidedly less punk crowd at ORMF X fest in the outdoor backyard environment of Plainfield Station. But like I said...I was kinda saddled with foodcoma and sat out most of these sets in the back lot of the Hi-Tone. I'd check in from time to time and catch the show from the way, way back. Ty's energy transmitted all the way to the back. That dude's on a roll right now...He's flanked by a really great band! That drummer seemed kinda tepid the first couple times I saw her play, including at SMMR BMMR 2009 in Portland. She was replaced by a much more determined drummer dude at Gonerfest 6, which up to that point was Ty's best performance I'd seen besides the times I'd seen him playing in bands such as Traditional Fools, Epsilons, and Party Fowl. But now that she's back, she's greatly improved and just nails it so hard. She took as large a leap into rulingdom as I've seen anyone take in so short a time. If you've been believing the hype backlash (which all smacks of silly jealousy now) and sleeping on Ty Segall, you need to get over it 'cos you're missing an outstanding band.

On Friday, we checked out Graceland. I'd seen it when I was 9 back when they had less area roped off and you had a tour guide follow your group around. But despite being pretty expensive and not nearly as interactive as it once was, it was fun, and I'd still recommend it....but only after you check out the Stax Museum. Our visit there last year has still left an impression on me.

We skipped breakfast 'cos headLamp Monty treated us to pork shoulder sandwiches at Payne's Bar-BQ for lunch. The stark ambience of the former mechanic shop was delightful, and so was the pork. Too bad they slap that pork between two of the weakest soft white buns available. These are what you grab as an afterthought when you're late to a company picnic where frugality and quantity counts infinitely more than quality. The fluorescent green-yellow slaw was a trip, though. It's a must-see more than a must-taste.

The daytime event at The Buccaneer was hampered a little bit by some big raindrops, but we ducked inside just in time to catch Eric Davidson reading from his "gunk-punk" memoir, We Never Learn. I'm halfway through that book and dig some of the stories, but I hate a lot of the ridiculous alliteration. I mean...there's like four words starting with "V" in a row somewhere in there. I'd give Mark E. Smith a pass if he did that, but this dude sang for the New Bomb Turks, so I want low-brow if any brow. He did crack some fun jokes at the expense of Little Steven's satellite radio show and the Chesterfield Kings which had me laughing and forgetting about what I've found annoying about the book so far. The Golden Boys were the best band back there, but their vocals were too high in the mix, and the sweet spot for the sound was in the way, way back where you couldn't see anything. Good thing that the backyard at Murphy's is such an excellent spot to see and hear live music, so the next day's afternoon blow-out had plenty of promise.

We'd named our own price on Priceline for our 2½-star hotel, so they stuck us way out near the eastside Memphis 'burb of Bartlett. It was pretty far from all the Gonerfest action and other city-centered attractions, and there wasn't a whole lot closeby. But we did do some exploring of the other easterly 'burbs to the south, which led us to our 2nd BBQ of the day at the Germantown Commissary. Germantown seemed rather upscale...sorta like Roseville and Rocklin 'round our homebase of Sacto. And from the outside, I was thinking this place looked like it might be something of a put-on...like it was a recreation of a rustic outpost in the middle of Tuscanized mini-malls. But no! It was a genuinely historic place, dating back to the early 20th century when it was the general store for the then-tiny hamlet of Germantown. And its BBQ mopped the floor with Payne's...FANTASTIC! I wanted to make an apples-to-apples comparison, so I made it another pork sandwich w/ slaw, beans, and deviled egg. The pork was tenderer, the sauce zingier and more brilliantly complex, and the slaw was the best I'd ever had. It actually tasted like really fresh vegetables much more than drippy mayonnaise. The sandwich wasn't served in some kinda boozhey artisanal bread, but it compared to the buns at Payne's this was like Orowheat versus Rainbo white bread. Melissa's big salad was what the doctor ordered; the proprietary Thousand Island was like none we'd ever tasted, and it was topped with BBQ chicken that was superbly smoky. I saved enough room for the banana pudding, and it completely erased any respect I had for the banana pudding I've been eating at J & J's Fish & Chicken in South Sacramento. This place is worth the drive out...and it's actually not that far, really.

The main event on Friday had many highlights, but the main ones by far for me were the Guinea Worms and the Oblivians. Back in their heyday, I tried to see the Oblivians three times, and was twice thwarted because their van broke down, and once because I wasn't 21 yet and no amount of begging and pleading could get me in the door. Of any band I've tried like hell to see and failed everytime, this is the only time I've seen such a band in reunion form totally deliver on my lofty expectations. Great fucking show! At first, I had the misfortune of being squished into a corner where I couldn't see anything, but it was kinda perfect 'cos for the first 4-5 songs, I was experiencing the Oblivians much like I would have if I was let in the backdoor at that bar when I was underage. It was a privilege just to be there, getting showered with Pabst from the charged crowd that had waited 'til this moment to cut totally loose. Before long, I had a great view and room to move, and I mixed it up with Lutzko who was having such a time that he'd drawn the ire of the only unfun dude in the whole room, that collegiate-looking mosh-cop who was giving beards a bad image.

But the Guinea Worms...WOW...what a pleasure to witness this band! The drumlines and basslines flexed like A Frames at their best, and their angularisms drawled out like the Country Teasers. But hasn't enough has been said about that in other blogs' coverage of the Guinea Worms? It's not until you're actually basking in that sound blaring from the stage so immaculately that you really know this band's uncommon power. And then there's Will Foster of the shirtless, hirsute torso, with such an anachronistic helmet of Dirty Harry hair and a face that looks like Clint Eastwood and Steve Nash had a brother from another mother; and he's mad-dogging the audience with crazy eyes, bulging with every especially emphatic enunciation (eat that, Eric Davidson!) of what are usually lesser-stressed syllables...sometimes even the schwas! He was just as cool and awesome as I'd imagined him, but so much more commanding, charismatic, and weird...even transgressive! Quite possibly my favorite set of the entire festival!

It was a pleasure to see the Strapping Fieldhands, too, but they were not as strange as I thought they'd be, and I was distracted too often by these haters who were standing up front to ensure they'd have a great place to stand for the Oblivians. They must've thought the Fieldhands played for two hours the way they went from tsks and eye-rolling to seething to vocally complaining "THIS SUUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS!!!" and "Does anyone like this shit? I mean...seriously!?!"

On Saturday morning, we rose a little too late to get out the door in time to eat breakfast at the highly recommended Bryant's, but on the previous night's cruising to find an all-night grocer, I'd seen the 24-hour Pancake Shop and remembered that it was just up the street. So, we brunched there on some pancakes, chicken fried steak, and eggs. The wait staff was a real hoot, spinning the folksiest of phrases with the drawliest of drawls, but the food was not so great. Ultra-filling might be the best compliment we could pay it. I'd only recommend this place for middle-of-the-night munchies and afterparty B.A.C. cooldowns.

The Saturday Afternoon Blowout at Murphy's was superb from top to bottom, with The Lamps, Total Control, and Red Mass ruling the indoors (especially Total Control!), and Touch Me Nots the backyard highlight (I got there too late to see the Outdoorsmen). It was too much stimulation following that goopy brunch, so we took a nap back at the hotel and woke just in time to grab a quick bite at Kwik Check (muffaleta is never bad, but I have had slightly better at the Nugget Markets in Davis, Woodland, and Sacto) before catching the Saturday main event most of the way into John Wesley Coleman's set. Girls at Dawn were snooze-worthy, so we ditched 'em for backyard hobnobbing...or trying to, anyway! Our new friend approached Tom Scharpling of The Best Show on WFMU and got rebuffed quite economically as Tom uttered "Don't talk to me" while turning to walk back to the company of some pretty ladies. Oh snap!

Saturday night belonged to UV Race, who overcame a keyboard failure to convert everyone in the room short of Nashville's chapter of Turbojugend who looked stoic or glazed in their pristine jackets festooned so fastidiously like an Eagle Scout's uniform with neat patches as they waited for their far-past-prime heroes' even-further-past-prime labelmates to play. WTF? You gotta be an enemy of all things primal and fun to be so bored when Australia's UV Race are on. I shouldn't have just handed world's-best-saxophone-rock to Druid Perfume last month without mentioning UV Race in the same breath. They are a balanced band (even hormonally) with the shock of a creative dual-guitar attack and surly beats and vocals cushioned by seductive keyboards and sax. Lead-singer Marcus stripped to his skivvies and soaked the front row as he pulled the best dance move of the entire festival with a sorta side-to-side skiing-down-moguls maneuver.

The Saturday afterparty was a house-show featuring Cheap Time and Ty Segall. It didn't even break off 'til 4:00 a.m., and crazier than that was the bowing and bucking hardwood floor in that living room....It must've had about eight inches of travel in the middle! It was like a trampoline, and that's hardly an exaggeration. The mic stands were wobbling so much that the mics were smacking the band members in the mouth as they tried to sing. The show was all fun and friendly, but it seemed rather dangerous as I imagined the entire room fulla partiers crashing through the floor. The same house had hosted an early-evening show the day before for Evil Army, Wild Thing, and Total Control. I can only imagine that show feeling even more dangerous. Cheap Time ruled as usual, and Ty slayed on borrowed equipment despite the lack of fuzz or distortion. It was a real trip hearing Ty's band covering "Paranoid" so cleanly...yet still blistering! Ty said "I think that's the last time we play that" as his band packed into our backseat to return to the Red Roof Inn.

Rising late again to sleep off the extra-late afterparty, we hit up the Blue Plate Cafe on Sunday for brunch. Mine was a blackened catfish with creamy mac 'n cheese and more black-eyed peas, and Melissa got a crab benedict with grits. Pretty decent! We didn't leave overly stuffed, so it was no problem enjoying myself at the Gonerfest closing ceremonies featuring a Ty Segall one-man-band set at the Goner store. Ty ruled again.

We had a couple hours to kill before returning our rental car to the airport, so we drove around the southwest Memphis 'burbs and just kept driving further and further down U.S. Route 51 until we were into Mississippi. A Mexican food cart in a Citgo gas and minimart parking lot got me curious to try a couple tacos. If we're really gonna give anywhere besides California a little bit more thought as a more permanent destination, I gotta find some Mexican food worth coming back to. And while Taqueria Familia Reyes, parked on Church Road W at U.S. 51, was no mindblower for me, I was certain impressed enough. I ordered two tacos al pastor. What I got was grilled pork with no hint of spice...certainly not al pastor...but I soaked it in their spicy red salsa, and it was plenty good!

And that concluded our Gonerfest 7 trip. Thanks to Eric and the Goner gang for making for bringing together so many rad bands. Thanks to Alcenia's and Germantown Commissary for the best meals we had. Thanks to the Fairfield Inn by Marriott on Macon Cove for the clean, comfortable room, friendly and professional staff, and unobtrusive cleaning crew that didn't get started 'til the afternoon. And thanks for the late check-out time. If I had to do it all over again, though, I'd certainly have liked to stay closer to the action. Thanks to whoever had to clean up after the show everynight at the Hi-Tone. That was no enviable task. The place was a disaster every night. Thanks to the bands that ruled, Monty for Payne's lunch (we got you covered for Germantown Commissary if we find ourselves there for #8!), all our friends we met, and the city of Memphis. Five days flies by too fast when you're having that much fun. Thanks also to the photographers and videographers (please get in touch so I can credit you).

It's no five-day bash, but we at KDVS Presents are excited to bring you an all-day outdoor musical funbash this Saturday with our milestone tenth Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom. That's Roman numeral X. We have put together a strong lineup, and I'm especially stoked to guest on drums for Wounded Lion because Monty will be elsewhere with The Lamps. Andrew of G. Green will play the Monty guitar parts, too. This is one of our utmost favorite bands, so we kinda feel like we're going to Fantasy Band Camp!

KDVS Presents:
Wounded Lion
Super Wild Horses
Greg Ashley
Young Prisms
Buk Buk Bigups
Big Black Cloud
Psychic Reality
Random Abiladeze

At historic Plainfield Station (23944 Road 98 Between Woodland and Davis California).
Start: 2pm-10pm
October 2nd 2010
Cheap Beer and Grill, along with Various Local Art vendors.
$10 at the door- $8 Pre-sale

Remember to bring:
a blanket for spreading on the lawn
your friends
2-3 sensible layers (weather should be good, though...86 hi, still 70 when this gets over with)
bathing suit for post-ORMF pool/hot-tub raid across the many apartment complexes of Davis

For you Bay Areans, all you need to enjoy an Indian Summer is to drive the 70-80 miles out here and bring that bathing suit for the pool/hot-tub raid afterpartying. Lodging accommodations are easy enough. You can even AmTrak it to Davis and ride a bike the rest of the way, or AmTrak it, and walk to the free shuttle destinations on campus (~10 blocks).

Driving directions from the Bay...

1. Drive I-80 East toward Sacto
2. As you pass through town of Dixon, get into the right lane
3. Take the Hwy 113 North cut-off toward Woodland
4. ~3 minutes later, exit at Road 29 and turn right at end of exit
5. Turn right at 2nd stop sign onto Road 98...and there it is...easy parking across the street or along Road 98.