Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AFS v. 190 w/ Dead Western live in Studio A!

Announcing the release of a momentous new LP, the sixth release from KDVS Recordings...

Soften Your Screams Into Sings is the first full-length album by Dead Western, a live staple of the Sacto psych/folk scene for the last few years, and the main musical project of artist Troy Mighty, who's known around here for his incredible drawings (with incredible linework often approaching the extreme detail of Nick Blinko) and for blowing horns in the amazing Antennas Erupt (r.i.p. 2005). I heard someone once say "Tiny Tim meets Peter Walker", but that oversimplifies Dead Western far too much. Surely, his songs can be miserably heart-rending, yet hopeful or even happy within the same verse. Basso profundo vocals swell your tears until the falsetto drives 'em away. Melancholic minimal guitar is the bedrock of most songs, but a mandolin, bass clarinet, kazoo, and maybe some other instruments provide an effective backdrop for Troy's very pliable singing voice, which is truly one of the most effective voices exploring the emotional depths and heights in the weirdfolk territories. This gets my highest recommendation as one of the best albums of 2008.

This 180-gram LP is limited to 500 copies in a beautiful handscreened sleeve designed by the artist. You can order it for $19ppd in the USA here...
(click on the picture to paypal us!)
(bit more expensive than usual, but worth it!)
(International orderers, please wait for more info here,
or check http://www.kdvsrecordings.org/ for updates.)

KDVS and fans in Sacramento and Davis are really proud about this one, and I'm very proud now to show you a live performance recorded tonight in Studio A at KDVS, which begins at approximately minute 35 of this mp3.

(archived for about three weeks)

...or click here for 320 kbps!
(might be available a little longer)

NÜ SENSAE | Graceland | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1 | Grotesque Modern/Nominal *new
NÜ SENSAE | Don't Panic
THE SIAMESE PEARL | Destroying the Pre-Frontal Cortex | v/a: Weird Compilation vol II 4xLP | Weird 2008
WAVE TANK | For Whom the Bell Tolls | v/a: Weird Compilation vol II 4xLP
BLACK ORPHAN | Mass Effect | Transmission 7" | HoZac *new
SPARKS | High C | Halfnelson | Bearsville 1971
TERROR BIRD | Parties Are for Fools | Shame Is On Your Side 7" | Summer Lovers Unlimited *new
HALF CHURCH | Attention Span | In Turmoil 12" EP | Win 1981
FATHER MURPHY | We Were Colonists | ...and He Told Us to Turn to the Sun | self-released *new
ÉL-G & CHARLENE DARLING | Du Bearre | Au Grand Dam du Jour | self-released 2006
DEAD WESTERN | In Secure Hats | Soften Your Screams Into Sings | KDVS Recordings *new
DEAD WESTERN | The Animals Rise | Hang Glider 7" | Weird Forest 2006
SQUIM | untitled | Zephyrus | Olde English Spelling Bee *new

DEAD WESTERN | The Night's Soft Grace | Live in Studio A
DEAD WESTERN | Abandoning Offering, a Prelude to
DEAD WESTERN | Beautifully Powerful, Powerfully Beautiful
DEAD WESTERN | Mikel, Made of Millions
DEAD WESTERN | untitled new song
DEAD WESTERN | Sunday Morning
DEAD WESTERN | untitled new song
DEAD WESTERN | untitled new song
DEAD WESTERN | Everything Living Will Soon Be Dead

U.S. GIRLS | Don't Understand That Man | Introducing... | Siltbreeze *new
NEITHER/NEITHER WORLD | Night of Hell | Sociopathic Pleasures | Majestic Chaos 1992
KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT | Rekitunnelmania | v/a: Maan Matoset | Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Aanet 2005
S.E. ROGERS | Toomus Meremereh Nor Good | v/a: Love Is Love | Mississippi 2007
NADINE MOONEY | Poltergeist | Mousehouse Wormhole | Tender Loving Empire 2007
HARRIUS | Enter the Cotton Ring | Enter the Cotton Ring | EHSE 2006
MVEE & THE BUMMER ROAD | Beautiful Mountain | Mother of Thousands | Timelag 2006

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AFS v. 189 feat. NoBunny & Wax Museums live in-studio!

NoBunny and The Wax Museums played live in Studio A on KDVS tonight, and also sat in with me in Studio B to play some favorite songs. In the case of NoBunny, his DJ playlist basically maps out the riffs that he stole for his awesome pure-pop/garagepunk nugget Love Visions. Pacific Northwest, get ready....they're heading your way now!!!!

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

NOBUNNY | I Am a Girlfriend | Love Visions | Bubbledumb *new
WAX MUSEUMS | Skeleton | The Wax Museums | Douche Master *new
WAX MUSEUMS | Disintegrated | Magnet 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
NIGHT KINGS | Bum | Bum 7" | In the Red 1992
TIGHT FITS | Full Frontal Attack | Full Frontal Attack 7" | Pure Filth 1995
TIGHT FITS | All Balls | All Balls 7" | Rat City 1996
TEEN COOL | Rock 'n Roll Bitch | split 7" w/ Room 41 | Mortville 1997
THE PIZZAS | Too Popular | Bad-Ass Youth 7" | Daggerman 2008
REPTILIAN CIVILIAN | Shoeshine Boy | Dog Factory 7" | Felony Fidelity *new
THE YOLKS | Somewhere New | Introducing the Yolks 7" | Criminal IQ *new

NOBUNNY | NoBunny Loves You | live in Studio A
NOBUNNY | Mess Me Up
NOBUNNY | Church Mouse
NOBUNNY | Boneyard
NOBUNNY | Everything is True
NOBUNNY | Tina Goes to Work
NOBUNNY | Chuck Berry Holiday

ANTEENAGERS M.C. | You Are in My Vision [G. Numan] | Welcome to the Anteenagers Music Club | Happy Family 2003
HIBACHI STRANGLERS | Azalea Trail Bait | Parasol Parade 7" | Jeth-Row *new
SLAB CITY | Caguama Rama | Friday Nite Boy 7" | Rob's House 2008
OCTAGON CONTROL | Curb Herpes | Slackattack 7" | Krazy Keith *new
THE PINK NOISE | Soda Jerk | Sun King 7" | Almost Ready *new
* SUPERCHARGER | Phobia | Supercharger | Radio X 1991
* THE RAMONES | This Business Is Killing Me | Pleasant Dreams | Sire 1984
JEFF SCOTT & JOSEF MARC | I Found Her | v/a: Teenline vol 1 | Hyped 2 Death orig 1977
* RIFF DOCTORS | Turn Me On | v/a: Teenline vol 1
* UTOPIA | That's Not Right | Deface the Music | Bearsville 1980
* LOOSE LIPS | Jones St. Boneyard | Talkin' Trash | TKO 2000
^ PRETTY GIRLS | The Kids Are All Fucked | The Kids Are All Fucked 7" | Moo-La-La 1999

(Audio cuts to only one channel through
first few minutes of the Wax Museums' set...
but it comes back, so keep listening!)

WAX MUSEUMS | Between | live in Studio A
WAX MUSEUMS | Glass Miniatures
WAX MUSEUMS | Safety in Numbers
WAX MUSEUMS | War Documentaries
WAX MUSEUMS | Mosquito
WAX MUSEUMS | Claw You Like a Cat
WAX MUSEUMS | Magnet Part II
WAX MUSEUMS | Tunguska

THE FINKS | Hava Nagila | Fill'er Up & Go! | Dionysus 1994
** THE DONNAS | Huff All Night
** THE HUNS | Busy Kids
** URINALS | Scholastic Aptitude
DOPPLEGANGER SQUID | At War | Hellbender 7" | Waggletone 1994

* denotes NoBunny's source for riff reinvention.
** denotes Wax Museum selection
^ denotes won a war of wits in a hissyfit-fest w/ Loose Lips at the Press Club way back when. One of the funniest things I ever saw. Glad I ducked that potted plant that went sailing through the air! I was picking potting soil outta my hair for hours after that. Luckily, I wasn't one of the several unfortunates that got maced by the Loose Lips' girlfriend at that show. This was all the result of an off-color remark about how ridiculous she looked in a two-sizes-too-small shirt that night. Respect is due where it is deserved, though....to inspire a song as great at "Boneyard" by NoBunny, the Loose Lips can't have the name of mud in Sacto after all these years.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AFS v. 188 ~ Mayyors Bounce on "Megan's LOLZ"

The Mayyors's brand-new 2nd 7" is Megan's LOLZ from Gomerdome. Get it while you can at SS Records distro (about half-way down the page there). You better hurry, though, 'cos the first Mayyors 7" was about as fleeting as a flowing desert wash. Musically, this one's an even more blustery sandblast...a strident uptembo scorcher that's all business except for a certain buoyant energy in the rubbery basslines that adds just enough of a smack of fun to warrant bringing this record to the party.

And now for another blogosphere exclusive....Thanks to Doug from Pant Hoots for sending in two amazing tapes from his vault: the Good Horse demo from Blue and the incredible Perpendicular Jello compilation, a mix-tape of wild outer-zoning smart/stupid proto-weirdpunk from the Primordial Sid's cassette label which inspired Pete Larson to start his label Bulb Records back in the 90s. It would seem that Stoo Odom (later in Thin White Rope, Subarachnoid Space, Graves Bros. Deluxe, et al.) was involved with the label and a zine called Life in a Real World, and he may have played in more than one of the bands on this comp (but we can only be sure the he was in the Skoalkans). I haven't heard a collection as whimsical and awesome except for the Blub Krad LP which compiled several one-off permutations of L.A. Free Music Society members as well as early rumblings from Half Japanese. That album had a song called "Under My Gums" by The Pablums, which was a ridiculous rewrite of "Under My Thumb" by The Stones. Perpendicular Jello's has two pisstakes of equivalent brilliance/stupidity: the Rubber Guts's "Propane" (copped from Clapton's "Cocaine" (*which you can hear here!), and the Skoalkans' version of "Nervous Breakdown" (which can be heard on their MySpace). If there's enough response to djrick (at) kdvs (dot) org, I will play Side B in an upcoming AFS. For now, enjoy half of this un-Google-able Cassette Underground artifact.

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

LIVE FAST DIE | Sick as Shit of Shit | split 7" w/ Lover! | Douchemaster *new
BRAINEATERS | Last Dance | Braineaters 7" | Wrong World 1979
BRAINEATERS | Fun Time/Braineater
DEFEKTORS | Burning Light | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1 | Grotesque Modern/Nominal *new
THE WIPERS | This Time | Over the Edge | Braineater 1983
THE WIPERS | Our Past Life | Boxed Set 3xCD | Zeno | 2002 (orig 1983)
FUCKED UP | Mustaa Lunta | Year of the Pig 7" | Matador/What's Your Rupture? *new
NO COMMENT | Saying Uncle (Won't Help At All) | Common Senseless 7" | Snare Dance 1989
THE FONDLED | Daddy's a Whore | split 7" w/ Tito O'Tito Band | Toast 1995
BOYCOTT | Barbie Doll Death | Greed 7" | Trench 1994
MUTATORS | Sand | split 7" w/ Night Wounds | Badmaster *new
SCAPHISTS | Clean Latrines | Clean Latrines 7" | Scaphism *new
UNHOLY TWO | Porkys | Kutter 7" | Columbus Discount *new
MAYYORS | Intro/Airplanes | Megan's LOLZ 7" | Gomerdome *new
AVSKUM | Capitalism Is Terrorism | Uppror Underifrån | Prank *new
CRIME DESIRE | St. de Sade | Crime Desire | Life's a Rape *new
FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS | I See It All | demo CDR | no label 2007
HARPOON GUNS | No More Light | III 7" | Going Underground *new
WARM STREAMS | Camo Babies | Camo Babies 7" | Borox *new
FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS | An Exquisite Corpse | ...or Else 7" | Smokin' Barrel *new
EAT SKULL | Puker Corpse | Sick To Death | Siltbreeze 2008
EAT SKULL | You Must Be Bugs | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 6 7" | Almost Ready *new
HANGING COFFINS | One Horse Town | v/a: Moon Boot Boutique vol. 1 CDR | no label 2008
THE REBEL | Knapsack | Live Aids 7" | Kanker Mongol *new
THE DRUMS | Oh Catamaran | MySpace mp3 *new
BIPOLAR BEAR | Bangers & Mash | advance tracks CDR | labels TBD *forthcoming
BLUE | On Mama's Knee | Good Horse demo CS | no label 1989
JACUZZI BOYS | A Strange Hand | split 7" w/ King Khan | Florida's Dying *new
JACUZZI BOYS | You Should Know | Island Ave 7" | HoZac *new
THE DUCHESS & THE DUKE | Never Had a Chance | Never Had a Chance 7" | HoZac *new
NOBUNNY | NoBunny Loves You | Love Visions | Bubbledumb *new
WAX MUSEUMS | Magnet Part II | Magnet 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
PARTY FOWL | We're Gonna Eat Your Brains | El Toro 7" | PPM *new
MATT K. SHRUGG | Major Contemplation | We Can Just Lie 7" | Tic Tac Totally *new
REPTILIAN CIVILIAN | 247-6911 | Dog Factory 7" | Felony Fidelity *new
SINKS | Beat Out My Brain | Beat Out My Brain 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
THE SLEAZE | Machine Hand | Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs & Other Hit 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
SKOALKANS | Travellin' Man | v/a: Perpendicular Jello CS | Primordial Sid's 1985
ETHNIC LIZARDS | Randomly Eat (live)
TERRIFYING SICKOS | Terrifying Lines Aren't That Dangerous
HANGING SPOONS | Mental Wilderness
DARK CORNER | The Stairway
SCHIZOPHRENIC HOUSEWIVES | Ardia Girls | Don't Marry the... 7" | Hillside Strangler *new
KANIA TIEFFER | This Is a Caca | split 7" w/ De!nial | Uhh *new
MATTRESS | That Way | Heavy Duty | Reluctant *new
GUERRE ÉCLAIR | Un Detournement D'Avion | split 7" w/ Deadly Nightshades | Kernkrach *new
JESSE TAYLOR | Blissed Girls | split CS w/ N.213 | Isolated Now Waves *new

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

AFS v. 187 ~ Wax Museums on Tour!

The Wax Museums hit the road this week on their first westward tour, beginning Thursday, August 7 in their hometown of Denton, Texas, with the official record release party for their new debut LP. They'll be teaming up with NoBunny in Tucson at their third stop, making this tour a certain TermBro-pleaser. Tonight, we will hear one from everything they've put out so far just so you know that YES!, fun and funny punk can carry an album! (Just like the times that bands such as Angry Samoans and Head achieved it!) For awhile there, the kids seemed to be racing Mr. Blank Dog for the title of quality/quantity quotient kings, but the blizzard of 7"es subsided early this year. The Magnet 7" is arriving in mailboxes this week, marking the first WM EP of 2008. (And it's the band's weirdest!) It's a perfect little appetizer! Check out the band's video and tour schedule down below the playlist...

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

LITTLE CLAW | The Empty Mirror | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 6 7" | Almost Ready *new arrival
THE REBEL | You're Just Like Tammy Wynette | Live Aids 7" | Kanker Mongol *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | She's So Blank | She's So Blank 7" | Almost Ready *new
DEMON'S CLAWS | Fucked on Ketamine | Fucked on Ketamine 7" | Rob's House 2008
SUPERSTITIONS | I'm Cookin' Dinner | cassette #3 | Telephone Explosion *new
TRADITIONAL FOOLS | T.L. Defender | self-titled | Make a Mess/Wizard Mountain *new
SHOWMAN & THE THUNDEROUS STACCATOS | My Fist in Your Fuckin' Mother Fucker's Face | Speed Crazy 7" | Repent 1995
ONE WAY STREETS | Jack the Ripper | v/a: Back from the Grave vol 1 Crypt 1966
MURPHY & THE MOB | Born Loser | 7" | Talisman 1966
TROUBLE MAKERS | 1-2-5 (The Haunted) | 1-2-5 7" | Swingline 1995
SPIDER BABIES | I'm Dead | I'm Dead 7" | Tombstone 1994
MR. SUAVE | You Can't Keep a Suave Man Down | Oregon's Gentleman of Rock and Roll 7" | Real/Vendetta 1995
THE MAKERS | I'm Not a Social Kinda Guy | The Makers | Estrus 1996
NICE FACE | Thin Skin | Can I Fuck It? CS | Jerkwave Tapes *new
NICE FACE | Shitstorm Trooper
BLANK DOGS | Meltdown Cloud | On Two Sides | Troubleman Unlimited *new
WAX MUSEUMS | Jakoff Rat | Claw You Like a Cat 7" | HoZac 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | I Eat Vomit | Introducing... 7" | Rehab 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Traffic Violation | Traffic Violation 7" | Douche Master 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Rambo Knife | Rambo Knife 7" | Rehab 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Disco Ball | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 3 7" | Almost Ready 2008
WAX MUSEUMS | Stonehenge/Catacombs | Ancient Structures 7" | Kenrock 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Disintegrated | Magnet 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
BLACK & WHITE | ??? | Suicide CS | no label *new
TODDI WELLMAN | Moja | self-titled CDR | Le Temps Qui Seche *new
SCHIZOPHRENIC HOUSEWIVES | Heterodyne Radio | Don't Marry the... 7" | Hillside Strangler *new
THE ELKS | Fell Off the Floor | v/a: Moon Boot Boutique vol. 1 | no label *new
OCTAGON CONTROL | 16 | Slackattack 7" | Krazy Keith *new
HIBACHI STRANGLERS | Livin' the Nite Lite | Parasol Parade 7" | Jeth-Row *new
DIET COLA | Sugnillacsidnalrevennoen | bonus track on CDR in Vera Fang 7" | Army of Bad Luck *new
VERA FANG | Neon Neverland | Conscumption 7" | Army of Bad Luck *new
LEADERS | trk 12 | 2nd demo CDR | no label *new
BLACK ORPHAN | Circuits | XX Spectrum 7" | UFO Dictator *new
SHV | A2 | SHV CS40 | Night People *new
BULBS | Imagos | split 7" w/ Wobbly | Ache *new
THESE ARE POWERS | Peel Some Off | Taro Tarot | Hoss *new
NIGHT WOUNDS | Animal | split 7" w/ Mutators | Badmaster *new
SLUMS | Waiting Rooms | 1st demo CDR | no label 2006
SCAPHISTS | We Are a Suicide Cult | Clean Latrines 7" | Scaphism *new
AUFGEHOBEN | Ignorance Oblivion Contempt | Khora | Holy Mountain *new
MATTIN | Splattered Language | Songbook vol 4 | Azul Discografica 2006
MATTIN | Expectations
WHY I MUST BE CAREFUL | trk 8 | tour CDR | no label *new
ORANGE | And then She Appeared in the Midst of Chaos | In The Midst of Chaos | De Stijl *new (orig 1978)

Wax Museums w/ NoBunny on tour!

Thu 8/07 in Denton, TX @ 715 Panhandle
w/ Teenage Cool Kids, Straight Paint
Fri 8/08 in Las Cruces, NM @ Code Red Cafe
w/ Shark Pants
Sat 8/09 in Tuscon, AZ @ Poblano Hot Sauce Factory
w/ the Okmoniks (FREE PIZZA!!)
Sun 8/10 in Mexicali, MX somewhere above a strip bar
(more info coming soon hopefully)
Mon 8/11 in San Diego, CA @ The Yard
w/ the Sess
Tue 8/12 in Los Angeles (Echo Park), CA @ L'Keg
w/ Scaphists, Mr. California, Le Face, Friendly Neighbors
Wed 8/13 in Los Angeles, CA...somewhere
w/ Static Static, the Lamps
Thu 8/14 in Bakersfield, CA @ Munoz Gym
w/ the Contaminators, Francis Harold & the Holograms(!!!)
Fri 8/15 in Oakland, CA @ Sugar Mountain
w/ Somebunny (Nobunny's evil twin!), Wild Thing
Sat 8/16 in San Francisco, CA @ Annie's Social Club
w/ Pleasure Kills, Airfix Kits
Sun 8/17 in Sacramento, CA @ Luigi's Fun Garden
w/ the B-lines, Defektors
Mon 8/18 in Davis, CA
live on Art For Spastics, KDVS Radio
Tue 8/19 in Portland, OR @ the Twilight
w/ Meth Teeth, Octagon Control
Wed 8/20 in Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse
w/ Coconut Coolouts, Meth Teeth
Thu 8/21 in Vancouver, BC @ Pub 340
w/ Master Apes

Now you know you hafta see 'em!