Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AFS v. 252 ~ Splish, Splash...I Was Taking a Bath

This week in AFS...

* Hear a sneak-peek from the upcoming 2nd LP by Ratas del Vaticano!
* Hear another preview from the upcoming Wounded Lion album!
* Sacto and Davis blasts from the past!
* Goaty Tapes' late-nite listening!

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MYELIN SHEATHS | Do the Mental Twist | Do the Mental Twist 7" | Hozac *new
JACUZZI BOYS | Blow Out Your Lights | No Seasons | Florida's Dying *new
STREET GNAR | Road Song | Lion's Head CS | Speed Tapes *new
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | Lycra Lace | Easter Queen 7" | SS Records 2002
GIRLS AT OUR BEST | It's Fashion | Politics! 7" | Record 1980
YELLOW FEVER | Joe Brown | self-titled | Wild World *new
GRASS WIDOW | Tattoo | self-titled 12" EP | Captured Tracks *new
AISLER'S SET | Action Attraction Reaction | Action Attraction Reaction 7" | Suicide Squeeze 2001
THE CURBFEELERS | Grapes from a Bowl | Grapes from a Bowl 7" | Lather 1994
THE CURBFEELERS | Bald Electrician [Tripod Jimmie] | Viking Prairie Schooner 7" | Lather 1995
ARCHIPELAGO BREWING CO. | Criswell | Criswell 7" | Nuf Sed 1992
BANANA HEAD | The Sisters | In the Tubs CS | Goaty Tapes *new
JAKOB OLAUSSON | Cornered in Your Circle | Cornered in Your Circle 7" | Columbus Discount *new
VINCENT OVER THE SINK | Zones | Bible Bashers CS | Goaty Tapes *new
DRUID PERFUME | Other Worlds | Other Worlds 7" | M'Lady's/Italy *new
LE SANG SONG | Hot Reggae | self-titled | Dragnet *new *request
INTERNATIONAL B.K. | 250 Miles from Moscow | Oh Pretentious Moi 12" EP | Rebel 1985
THE FAMILY FODDER | Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling) | Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling) 7" Parole/Fresh 1979
SEVERED HEADS | Prototype Pop | Clifford Darling, Please Stop Living in the Past | Ink 1985
SEVERED HEADS | Houses Still Standing | Since the Accident | Ink 1983
SATANIZED | Hope is Lack of Information | split 7" w/ AIDS Wolf | Badmaster/Suicide Tax *new
OVIPOSITOR | Black Ribbon | Oakland Minor | no label *new
PIGEON RELIGION | Dead Boss | Dead Boss 7" | Gilgongo 2009
POP. 1280 | Times Square | Bedbugs 7" | no label 2009
NO BALLS | Forgetting to Supress It | self-titled | Release the Bats *new
CROWN ROAST | Enemy [Drunks with Guns] | Enemy 7" | Unclean 1995
THE HYPNOTICS | S & M | Indoor Fiends | Acid Reign/Enigma 1982
RATAS DEL VATICANO | Garrapata | Tiempos del Austeridad | HBSP-2X *forthcoming
RATAS DEL VATICANO | Abuso de Autoridad
THE INSULTS | Population Zero | v/a: Killed By Death #8½ | Redrum 1994 (orig 1979)
THE INSULTS | Zombie Lover | Insults to Injury | Brain Transplant 1999 (orig 1979)
PENIS FLY TRAP | Constitution | 5-song 7" | Woof! 1995
WAX MUSEUMS | Billy's Room | v/a: Denton Denton USA! | Play Pinball *new
TEEN COOL | Rock 'n' Roll Bitch | split 7" w/ Room 41 | Mortville 1997
THE SINKS | Don't Need You | Winter Tour 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
WOUNDED LION | Omar Walk [Wildman Fischer] | self-titled | In the Red *forthcoming
DADFAG | Interrogation | Scenic Abuse | Broken Records *new

It's not quite been a year since Hozac issued forth that brilliant debut 7" from Medication, and now the Constitution State has spawned another formidable entrant in the sweepstakes of sorrow. New from Goaty Tapes, the In the Tubs cassette from Banana Head of Connecticut compiles nine splendid songs of desperado loner late-night music. This is a perfect deep winter aversion therapy soundtrack for seasonal affective disorder sufferers. If you peel away Banana Head's layers of neu-blues-folk-psych outer-zoning dreariness, you'll find that there's actually a discernable kernel of pop sensibility at the core of several of these songs, and especially the ones with vocals, however distant or whispered. Surely a vinyl-ready release, and like all things Goaty, it's handsomely packaged with a colorful, creative J-card, stamped and exquisitely hand-cut to enhance the consumer's intimate, personal connection to the music. If this doesn't take the prize this week, then surely this new A-side from Jakob Olausson's appearance in the new Columbus Discount Singles Club does...absolute stunner! Two phone calls came in demanding to know, "What was that!?!?!"

The next Ratas del Vaticano LP is due to drop next month, and it's got 16 more psychopathic punk rippers, including one epic bludgeoner that is the new savage weirdpunk's answer to the Subhumans' "From the Cradle to the Grave". HBSP-2X will be serving that up with an EP from another group of Monterrey punks, Inservibles. I'll get to them next week!

Wounded Lion covered Wildman Fischer again, and this time, it's the crowdpleasing chant of "Omar! Omar! Omar! Omar!" that'll worm into your head. I know it seems like every Wounded Lion song so far is immediately catchy and contagious as you sing it everyday to your significants, co-workers, kitties, and everyone else in earshot, ("Pony People" rates serious consideration for feelgood song of the decade!) but there's actually some rather subtle songs on this upcoming debut LP--due March from In the Red--which grow on you over time. I think it was upon the fourth listen that I realized what an ingenious song "Hunan Province" is for containing the best lyrical passage that rhymes a word with itself (twice even!) since 1982 when Marky de Sade sang "I tried everything, I tried counting sheep!/One sheep! Two sheep! Three sheep! Four sheep!/Shut up while a I try to count these sheep!" in "I Can't Get the Sleep in My Head" on the should-be-classic Indoor Fiends LP by The Hypnotics.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AFS v. 251 ~ Don't Call Me from the Degobah System!

...'cos I hate Star Wars anyway! Since the first time I saw 'em last year, Wounded Lion have been in my pantheon of favorite songsmiths and personalities and funnest live bands on the planet. The instant crowd-singalong "Degobah System" has been a fan favorite since they debuted it, but since I'd never seen any of the Star Wars movies since snoozing through the original in the theater at an early age, I had no idea that the song wasn't about the brand of organic chocolate bar.

This week in AFS...

* my little Jay Reatard story
* a sneak preview of Wounded Lion's upcoming LP (due this March)!
* a sneak preview of leading "Tour of 2010" nominee, A Frames and X (Aussie)!

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THE REATARDS | You Got So Much Soul | Get Real Stupid 7" | Goner 1997
CRUDDY | Snake Charm Man | self-titled 7" | Basement Screams/Let's Pretend *new
CRUDDY | Ready Set Let Go
CRAPPY DRACULA | A Good Flying Bird [Guided by Voices] | split 7" w/ Farms in Trouble | Activities/EEEFIN' 2009
CRAPPY DRACULA | Leroy vs. Loretta | "The Lockhorns" EP CS | Scotch Tapes 2009
ESTROGEN HIGHS | Friends Family LSD | Tell it to Them | Dead Beat *new
WOUNDED LION | Hunan Province | debut LP | In the Red *forthcoming
UZI RASH GROUP BAND | Empty Plazas | Uzi Rash is Ricky Trash CDR | The Church & the Commune *new
UZI RASH GROUP BAND | Totally Fired | When the Veil is Lifted CDR | The Church & the Commune *new
THE PHEROMOANS | Sister of the Sap | Open for Business 7" | Yakisakana *new
GODS GIFT | Deicide (Their Soul is Hate) | Pathology 1979-1984 | Hyped To Death 2009
THE FALL | Fiery Jack | Fiery Jack 7" | Step Forward 1980
UPHILL GARDENERS | He is Master... | self-titled | Kill Shaman/olFactory *new (orig 1997)
HOME BLITZ | A Different Touch | Out of Phase | Richie/Testostertunes *new
PERMANENT FEELS | Be Against | self-titled CS | no label *new
TACO LEG | Freemasons' Hall | Freemasons' Hall 7" | Fan Death *new
MODERN CONVENIENCE | Artificial Light | Artificial Light 3" CDEP | Savoury Days *new
GEEZER DELUXE | Old Milwaukee | In the Olds 3" CDEP | Savoury Days *new
THE HUMAN RACE | Incantation | Duality 3" CDEP | Savoury Days *new
X | I Don't Want to Go Out | Aspirations | RocknRoll Blitzkrieg 2001 (orig 1979)
A FRAMES | Electric Eye | April 2001 4-song demo | no label
A FRAMES | Neutron Bomb | April 2001 10-song demo | no label
AFCGT | Two Legged Dog | AFCGT LP | Sub Pop *new
DOUG SNYDER & BOB THOMPSON | Teenage Emergency | Daily Dance | Cantor *new (orig 1973)
MAKO SICA | Red Rivers (excerpt) | ...Plays Live on Mayday at Strobe | Permanent *new
JAY REATARD | In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator song) | mp3 *new
GARY WAR | Grounds for Termination (Phil Gone Mix) | v/a: Sacred Bones Records, Winter 2009 | Sacred Bones *new
MATTRESS | Lost & Found | Low Blows | Malt Duck 2009 *request
ACONITE | The Truth About Cable | v/a: Messthetics Greatest Hiss | Hyped to Death 2009 (orig 1982)
DOXA SINISTRA | No Car, No Job | Conveyor Belt | Enfant Terrible 2008 (orig 1985)
JONZUN CREW | Space is the Place | Lost in Space | Tommy Boy 1983
JAWS | Tone Ghetto | Jaws CDR | no label 2004

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AFS v. 250 ~ Spite One & Embitter the Other...

Sorry...I was too busy to post the blog/podcast last week due to so many 12-hour shifts. The craziness at the office continues this week, but I'm sacrificing for you and will pay dearly tomorrow. So, here's two hours dominated by bitterness and spite....(followed by links to last week's show is also fairly bitter and spiteful, but there's a few fun rays of sunshine in there for you).

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MIRRORS | Cheap and Vulgar | Something That Would Never Do | Violet Times/Hovercraft 2009 (orig 1974)
HOME BLITZ | Two Steps | Out of Phase | Richie/Testostertunes *new
JACK STANDS | Huffin' Stuff | Box of Feelings CDR | no label 2009
EGO SUMMIT | Black Hole | The Room Isn't Big Enough | OldAge/No Age 1997
BASSHOLES | The Way I Came | ...and Without a Name | Columbus Discount *new
BASSHOLES | Swannanoa River
V-3 | Inside Outpost | Psychic Dance Hall | Ropeburn 1991
V-3 | Whip That Thing | Negotiate Nothing | Ropeburn 1993
DIM STARS | Christian Rat Attack [Stickmen w/ Ray Guns] | 3x7" | Ecstatic Peace 1991 *request
U.S. MAPLE | More Horror | Talker | Drag City 1999
CIRCUIT RIDER | Forever Angels Proud | self-titled | The Bookworm 2009 (orig 197?)
LE SANG SONG | I Can't Wait | self-titled | Dragnet *new
NATIVE CATS | Catspaw | Catspaw 7" | White Denim *new
NOTHING PEOPLE | Enemy With an Invitation | You're Invited 7" | Permanent *new
MEDICATION | TPM in Hard Times | This Town | Hozac *new
PIGEONS | Oubli | Lunettes 7" | Soft Abuse *new
JEX THOTH | Equinox Suite | self-titled | I Hate 2008
JEX THOTH | Stone Evil
BURNING WITCH | Sacred Predictions | Crippled Lucifer | Southern Lord 2009 (orig 1998)
GOSLINGS | Maui | Sister and Son/Death Garage 2xCS | Rolling Chapel *new
GOSLINGS + WARMTH | Impath | The Heaven of Animals | Archive *new
GOSLINGS | Everlasting Aum | Sister and Son/Death Garage
SLICING GRANDPA | Screaming Wives | Diaper Down | Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
MAGIK MARKERS | Tighten One and Loosen the Other | split 12" EP w/ Sic Alps | Yik Yak *new

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GUINEA WORMS | Drunk in Yr Uggz | Sorcerer of Madness 2xLP | Columbus Discount *forthcoming
VAPID | MRSA | Practically Dead | Nominal/Deranged *new
BAD SPORTS | She'll Never Get Out | self-titled | Douche Master *new
VIDEO | Bookstore | v/a: Denton Denton USA! | Play Pinball | *new
FUNGI GIRLS | Thanks for Following | v/a: Denton Denton USA!
BRILLIANT COLORS | Over There | Introducing | Slumberland *new
UZI RASH | C'mon [Chuck Berry] | Fatal Rash CDR | The Church & the Commune 2008
THE PHEROMOANS | I'm Through with Wedgie Cubist | Open for Business 7" | Yakisakana *new
SCISSOR GIRLS | By Process E-Lmnatn | Here Is the "Is Not" | Atavistic 1997
SEWN LEATHER | Pritty Daze/Scum Anthem | self-titled CS | Night People 2009
SAUCERMAN | Motor Drag | split 7" w/ Kray Cherubs | Snakeskin 1989
ALE MANIA | Lustfulfistful | Lustfulfistful 7" | Volar *new
RATAS DEL VATICANO | No Busco Problemas con la Autoridad | Chido E.P. 7" | Volar *new
RIB CAGES | Blame It On | Right on or Wrong 7" | Lemon Session *forthcoming
THE DRAGS | Anxiety | Anxiety 7" | Empty 1995
THE FELLS | Let's Go | The Fells LP | Estrus 1997
THE NIGHT KINGS | We're the Ones | Increasing Our High | Super Electro/Sub Pop 1993
SIC ALPS | The Greatest | split 12" EP w/ Magik Markers | Yik Yak *new
LIZ BERG | Popsicle | v/a: Running In Place: Locked Grooves From WFMU | WFMU Music *new
ISLAJA | Junipero Mash | v/a: My Estrogeneration | Not Not Fun *new
EXPLODE INTO COLORS | Heat | Paper 7" | Just for the Hell of It *new
ZOLA JESUS | No Time | v/a: From Sacred Bones Records, Winter 2009 12" EP | Sacred Bones *new
P. CHILDREN | Deadbeat | P. Ch. 3 | Vacant Lot/RRRecords 1989
TOM KARLSSON | Fylld Med Skit o Dynamit | Pojknacke | Lystring 2009
NEITHER/NEITHER WORLD | Night of Hell | Sociopathic Pleasures | Majestic Chaos 1992
PINK REASON | Bloodstains [Agent Orange] | Bloodstains 7" | Fifth Column/Stained Circles 2009
MEDICATION | Farewell Letter | This Town | Hozac *new
MESS FOLK | If I Don't Get Out | Something I Remember 7" | Hozac *new
FLIGHT | In the Morning Light | Feels So Good 7" | Hozac *new
CITY CENTER | Cops Don't Care | Cops Don't Care 7" | M'Lady's *new
VERMILLION SANDS | Where Was He From | Miss My Gun 12" EP | Sacred Bones *new
BLESSURE GRAVE | Human Fly [The Cramps] | In the First Place 7" | Holidays *new

If you think the words glacial gloom-metal sound tasty, or the idea of guitar-riffs built on a system akin to cubic crystals, then hurry and become one of the 150 lucky people to score this momentous double-cassette release by the Goslings! This band is at the top of the outer-zoning metal game. The rest of you can have your SunnO)))). Hey, I like them, too, but if SunnO)))'s riffs creep in like eerie shrouds of fog, the Goslings' riffs enmeshing with Leslie Soren's vocals are like a freezing fog that falls from the sky to reveal Northern lights...chilling to the bone and haunting with beauty. With the very recent proper CD release of Heaven of Animals (a 2005 collaboration with Warmth, then known as Roxanne Jean Polise, the Goslings also have three (arguably four with Crucial Blast's issue of the Space Heater and Perfect Interior CDRs on one proper CD in 2006) full-length albums which are all worth the effort of hunting down. Really, this strikes me as a truly momentous and awesome band. Highest recommendation!

Speaking of momentous and awesome.....I've yet to compile my 2000-2009 decade-best lists, but I'm sure that my choice for the best metal album is self-titled by Jex Thoth. The album was released initially on CD only, but I Hate Records from Sweden has recently unleashed it on vinyl LP with a stupendous gatefold rendering of the cover art. I've included the entire sprawling "Equinox Suite" and the mind-scrambling finalé of the LP to convince you of its absolute rulingness.

If I find time to write down more thoughts about any of this music, I'll try n' update this post. But for now.....just havva listen, and trust that the new Nothing People 7" sounds and looks tremendous enough to be worth the high price, and the new Home Blitz is a grand slam, and be ready for the Guinea Worms to rule you for the entire length of a double LP in a few months. Next week, hear another sneak peak of the forthcoming Wounded Lion debut LP!

Also, SoCal...brace yourself for the Mayyors at the end of the week. They're tour is coming your way...

Thu, 1/14 @ Eagle Tavern///San Francisco, ca - 9pm, $5, 21+
w/Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Ganglians
Fri, 1/15 @ Five Stars Bar///Los Angeles, CA - 9pm, $8, 18+
w/the Lamps, Audacity, Bipolar Bear
Sat, 1/16 @ house party///Los Angeles, CA - 8pm
w/Le Face, Wounded Lion
(this show's location is a secret...sorry...I hope you know somebody!)
((I'm not even sure I'll be any help!))
1/17 @ dudes' house (637 W, Woodcrest Ln.)///Fullerton, CA - 7pm
w/Francis Harold & the Holograms, Audacity, Pterodacdudes