Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AFS v. 318 ~ I've Got the Spirit!

This week in AFS...

* "spirit punk" from Stockton!
* extreme area code pride!
* primo guitar riff burglary!
* Aussie invasion '11 begins this week!

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NOD | I Got a Home | Disguise 7" | Baby Music 1992
ANGST | Pig | self-titled | Happy Squid 1983
CHILLY DOGS | Hot Dog | Funeral Party | Too Faced 1987
PURLING HISS | Walking Down the Street | split 12" w/ Puffy Areolas | Permanent *new
CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP | The P.L.C. Anthem | The Polyamorous Love Cult | Drunken Fish 1997
THE AXEMEN | The Yeasty Mayor | Three Virgins | Siltbreeze *new (orig 1986)
HAWKWIND | Silver Machine | Silver Machine 7" | United Artists 1972
CHARLES ALBRIGHT | I Am the Counter Culture (Drop Out) | Weight 7" | Permanent *new
DIVORCED | I Wanna Die | Separation Anxiety | Untapped Resources *new
DEFNICS | Suicide Trip | v/a: Cleveland Confidential | Terminal 1982
PYGMY SHREWS | No Supplies | You People Can All Go Straight to Hell | Jack Shack *new
SUPER SONIC PISS | Go Home Dad You're Drunk pt. 1 | self-titled | Rotted Tooth *new
GODSPEED 209 | Government is Pretty Cool | Glob of Spit | ??? forthcoming?
GODSPEED 209 | Grandma Wheelchair Horse Ride
SOCKEYE | We Are Circumcised | Barf on a Globe | Mortville/Happy Puppy 1999 (orig 1994)
PREHENSILE MONKEYTAILED SKINK | Anarchy is Stupid | I Am a Gorilla 7" | Blackjack 1994
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THE HUSSY | Sexi Ladi | Cement Tomb Mind Control | Slow Fizz *new
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SCRATCH ACID | Greatest Gift | self-titled | Rabid Cat 1984 *request
THE BLACK CLOUDS | Bigger Than Life | Pathetic 7" | Ride the Snake *new
CUFFS | Archer | Privilege b/w Archer 7" | Ride the Snake *new
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ALPS | Life is Taking | Alps of New South Wails | Past Futures *new
BE-BOP DELUXE | Blazing Apostles | Sunburst Finish | EMI/Harvest 1976
BE-BOP DELUXE | Between the Worlds | Futurama | EMI/Harvest 1975

You must not be paying attention if you have any doubt that Australia is having a musical halcyon age lately. Last year's heavies came and conquered fans by the venue-full in the form of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race, Total Control, Fabulous Diamonds, Blank Realm, etc.

Although I missed Circle Pit's tour-stop in Stockton due to their car troubles, the 2011 Aussie tide's just about to come in, with Alps reaching our shores first. Their...er, his style is melodramatic and minimal, transcending the trappings of singer/songwriter much like the way his touring mate Michael Beach (of Electric Jellyfish) does, and bears hints of influence of NZ 80's/90's 4-track bedroom-self-recordists and early Tuxedomoon and affiliated bands (such as Kaa Antilope which provided a killer segueway if I do say so myself). If "Keyboard Cat" can become a meme to millions, why not this magical musical ferret playing the Alps' hit song, "Life is Taking"?

For every organ based song, Alps delivers on guitar, too!

Catch more Alps info here...

Coming later this summer and early fall from Australia...
Kitchen's Floor
Deaf Wish
Royal Headache
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
& hopefully more!

And finally...just in time for the 4th of July, "spirit punk" erupts from its Stockton, CA, epicenter in the supremely fuckophonic braincell devastation of Godspeed 209.
You can keep up with their song-a-day-so-far pace here...

Fans of the Wheelchair Full of Old Men label should be majorly stoked!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AFS v. 317 ~ feat. Babs Johnson Gang live on KDVS!

This week in AFS...

* World, meet Babs Johnson Gang!
* Babs Johnson Gang, World!
* These guys bring Sacto's most thrilling dance party

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PRISONERS GO GO BAND | Multinational Co. | Live! at the Butchery with Special Guests On Fire! | SS Records *new (orig 1981)
LA LIGNE CLAIRE | Cheri | Cheri | Bruit Direct Disques *new
ATELIER MÉDITERRANÉE | Artena | Méditerranée 7" | Bruit Direct Disques *new
FEELING OF LOVE | 666 Blank Girls | Dissolve Me | Kill Shaman *new
JACK OF HEART | Oscar Wilde | Eureka 7" | Slovenly *new
BABS JOHNSON GANG ... live in Studio A

Battle Plan/Smart Girl

China Pig/Sandy Nelson

Baby Blue/Mimi/Boogie

Blowin Up Your Head/Johnny/Drunk

Don't Shake Your Baby, Baby!

Block of Ice [Oh Sees]

Hipster/Driller Killer

Don't Wanna Be With You

Rich Kid Blues/Hipster/Yikes!

Know Right From Wrong!

Gimme Back My Wig

Outlaw Blues

The Waddle

KARATE PARTY | Pressure | Black Helicopter | SS Records 2005
NEGATIVE TREND | How Ya Feelin'? | We Don't Play We Riot 12-inch EP | Subterranean 1983 (orig 1978)
SPLATCATS | Sin 73 | Sin 73 | Celluloid 1986
CHEATER SLICKS | Why | On Your Knees | Gadawful 1989
THE REATARDS | I Can Live Without You | Teenage Hate | Goner *new (orig 1998)
SICK THINGS | Committed to Suicide | The Sounds of Silence | Shock 1989 (orig 1980-81)
SUPER SONIC PISS | Less of Me [Teenage Jesus & the Jerks] | self-titled | Rotted Tooth *new
OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM | Immigrant Radio | What is True, What is False | Load 1999
UNHOLY SWILL | White Trash Shouldn't Rap (Colors) [Ice-T] | v/a: From Twisted Minds Come (Twisted Products) | Noiseville 1990
THE HUSSY | Brown Eyes | Cement Tomb Mind Control | Slow Fizz *new
STRIP KINGS | Slow Panic | Lightning Breed 7-inch | In the Red 1996
TIGHT FITS | Bulldozer | Full Frontal Attack 7-inch | Pure Filth 1995
B-LINES | World War Four | self-titled | Deranged/Nominal *new
CREAMERS | Modern Day | Modern Day 7" | Jolly Dream *new
GENBAKU ONANIES | Nanni No Mai | Forward Command Post 7-inch | Public Bath 1991
BABS JOHNSON GANG | I Made a Bomb [Coachwhips] | Alive at the Press Club | no label *new
SPLOTCH | Turn on the Appliances/Anal/Bill Jordan | Have Another Tantrum | Menlo Park 1994

Babs Johnson Gang are hands-down one of the best--and quite possibly thee most rockin'--bands in Sacto today. They're a totally ragerriffic two-man destruction unit with burning soul and rump-shakeability which compares in live performance really quite well with The Coachwhips (even when they're not totally nailing their cover of "I Made a Bomb"), or like the most raw, wylde rockin' moments of Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall. But they also have their own personality and sound which makes them unlike the dozens of bands that draw those comparisons. That uniqueness is most evident in the ultra-melodic, frenetic
locomotive-style drumming and the occasional Ginn-like damage on guitar, as well as the confidence they have when they dare to raise the blues lude to a down-home, traditional level. If you saw them play on the KDVS float at this year's Picnic Day parade or a few weeks ago at DAM Haus, then you know this is true.

I've had them open for several bands at KDVS Presents shows, and the bands they play with have told me more than once, "Don't make us play after those guys again!" And we're talking about bands that should never hafta worry about who they must follow. I said it before to the last crowd, and now I'll say it to you....People who like garagepunk fun and frenzied with real soul and palpable mayhem need to catch onto this Babs Johnson Gang so touring bands don't hafta play after them. This will only happen if they become local headliners, and they've surely got the right stuff for it. And now they even have a debut LP recorded live at the Press Club in Sacramento.

As yet, they only have 55 followers on Facebook(!?!?!).
You can get with 'em here...
...and if you name the date and place, tell 'em you want 'em to bring the party spirit.
You should bring a change of shirt if you see them play. I sweat down to my belly button last time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AFS v. 316 ~ Never Overestimate the Heart of a Loser!

This week in AFS...

* It's feelgood time in Cleveland!
* Can we get a binky for Bron Bron?
* Just a bit more sports talk than usual (sorry)!

NOTICE: This week's program won't be archived as long as usual, so download it quickly. Also, the archive didn't save this week's show on the top of the 10:00 hour, so you hafta download two files and listen to it in parts....sorry! This will all be fixed by next week. Thanks for listening!

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...it shall begin with the last half hour of the show.

DEFNICS | Suicide Trip | v/a: Cleveland Confidential | Terminal 1982
EASTER MONKEYS | Take Another Pill | Splendor of Sorrow | Hit & Run 1990 (orig 1983)
THE OFFBEATS | Shut the Door | Evolution of the Stickman | Relativity 1987
IDIOT HUMANS | Dressed in Green | v/a: They Pelted Us with Rocks and Garbage | After Hours 1985
X_X | You're Full of Shit | A 7" | Drome 1979
THE PAGANS | Dead End America | The Pink Album | Crypt 2001 (orig 1983)
ELECTRIC EELS | Agitated | Eyeball of Hell | Scat 2001 (orig 1978)
PUFF TUBE | My Baby is a Great Cook! | Emergency Peanut 2x7" | Scat 1991
PUFF TUBE | Get Off Me/Chimmy Dimmy/Train Train
MIRRORS | We'll See | v/a: Those Were Different Times | Scat 1997 (orig 1975)
TIN HUEY | Squirm You Worm | Breakfast with the Hueys 7" | Clone 1978
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THE BIZARROS | A New Order | Laser Boys 7" | Clone 1978
PERE UBU | Final Solution | Final Solution 7" | Hearthan 1976
FRUSTRATION | Artists Suck | self-titled 12" EP | no label 2004
THE PUPILS | You're Gonna Die | self-titled | Les Disques Steak *new
LES THUGS | Little Vera's Song | Still Hungry Still Angry | Bondage/Decoy 1989
KING SNAKE ROOST | Napalm Factory | From Barbarism to Christian Manhood | Aberrant 1987
FUNGUS BRAINS | Goin' Down | Ron Pistos Real World | Load *new arrival (orig 1983)
RUBBLE | It's So Easy | The Farewell Drugs | Latino Bugger Veil *new
PYGMY SHREWS | Snake Eyes | You People Can All Go Straight to Hell | Jack Shack *new
PAMPERS | Monkey Drip | Eruptions 7" | Jack Shack *new
BUNDLE OF FAGS | Glue | Glue b/w Untitled 7" | Lemon Session *new
THE SLEAZE | Splotch on Something Clean | Weird Truck 7" | Three Dimensional *new
SAN FRANCISCO WATER COOLER | Vacancy Sender | Kool Shoes 7" | Sun Sneeze *new
ALBANIAN MOB MURDER | Memphis | Memphis b/w Drugs 7" | Eastern Watts *new
HORRID RED | Pink Flowers | Pink Flowers 7" | Soft Abuse 2011
DVA DAMAS | Man Skin Pants | split 7" w/ Le Face | Psychic Handshake *new
CACAW | Big Beast | self-titled | Permanent 2010

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

AFS v. 315 ~ Inconceivable Discharge

This week in AFS...

* Sacto's latest game-changer and runaway internet sensation, Death Grips!
* Is this the greatest thing to come outta Gulf War Syndrome?
* And the nominees for most pretentious band name are...

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HORRID RED | Banquet in Blue | Pink Flowers 7" | Soft Abuse 2011
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TIMMY'S ORGANISM | When the Bottles Break | Scum Revolution 7" | HoZac *new
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BOMBER JACKETS | Routemaster | split 7" w/ The Rebel | Kill Shaman/Savoury Days *new
INVISIBLE POLYTECHNIC | side A | Perform In C by Terry Riley | Junior Aspirin *new
ALPS | Life is Talking | Alps of New South Wails | Past Futures *new
INDIFFERENT DANCE CENTRE | Flight & Pursuit | v/a: Messthetics #108 | Hyped2Death *new (orig 1981)
PINK REASON | Holding On | Shit in the Garden | Siltbreeze *new
DEATH GRIPS | Guillotine (It Goes Yah) | Exmilitary | Third Worlds *new
CLICK CLICK | Awake and Watching | Rorschach Testing | Play It Again Sam 1988
À;GRUMH... | Drama in the Subway | Underground 12" EP | Play It Again Sam 1986
DOXA SINISTRA | Alien | Via Del Latte | Enfant Terrible *new (orig 1982)
FIT & LIMO | Coming Home | Retrospective 1983-1988 | Bouncing Corp. 1988
SOCRATES THAT PRACTIÇES MUSIC | Mrs. Hammersmith | Further Conclusions Against an Italian Version (BAT) | Junior Aspirin *new
THE MEDIATERS | Time's Your Own? | v/a: Waiting Room | Object Music 1980
PER PURPOSE | Corner o' the Gage | Heil Progress 7" | Bedroom Suck *new
UV RACE | Low | Homo | In The Red *new
THE WHINES | Shootinhead | Shootinhead 7" | Mt. St. Mtn *new
THE LOFTONS | Untitled | demo CDR | no label *new
COLA FREAKS | Sten/Sniper | self-titled | Douchemaster *new
USELESS EATERS | State of Mind | Daily Commute | Tic Tac Totally *new
INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND | We're Gonna Make It | Radio Caroline 7" | Last Laugh *new
THE NORMALS | Same Old '76 | Vacation to Nowhere | Last Laugh *new
XTERMINATORS | Occasional Lay | Microwave Radiation 7" | Radio Active 1979
GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS | Cheri Love Affair | Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be | Black & Blue 1980
FLIPPER | Ever | Album Generic Flipper | Subterranean 1981
MILK MUSIC | No Life | Beyond Living | no label *new
EGO SUMMIT | Beyond the Laws | The Room Isn't Big Enough | Old Age/No Age 1997

Perhaps the most instantly riveting moment of Zach Hill's recording career so far is his most dedicated foray into hip hop...Death Grips. Seriously, this is a game-changer. Wish they played this stuff at the gym. I'd be ripped last week. When I spun this track, I got curious phonecallers flooding the request line so furiously...unlike any three minute span in all of my 17 years here at KDVS. Have a look-see...

When is the vinyl coming? I dunno...but stay tuned to this for more info...

They played a quickly planned live show just this recent Sunday night in Sacto. I couldn't go. But their Davis house-show debut is this Saturday. I don't wanna be an exclusionary elitist preventing people from sharing this headtrip of an experience, but it's gonna be such a mob scene based on the Facebook event invitation statistics, I'm not sure that me myself and my closest music-geek friends will fit in that living room, so that's all I'm gonna say...sorry.