Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AFS v. 359 ~ Hiding in my Career

We took a break from our normal lives to play some records for you. Enjoy!

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BAD ACHES | Hypochondriac | Hypochondriac 7" | Every Night is a Saturday Night 2012
GOOCH PALMS | Watch This Space | R U 4 Sirius? 7" | AntiFade 2012
MODERN CONVENIENCE | It's Evil | Split 7" w/ Corrosive Kids | Paranormal View, Cassettes, & Hair Extensions 2013
SECTOR ZERO | Hiding in My Car | Guitar Attack 7"| Goner 2013
THE DRAGS | I Want to be a Carnie | Tedster 7" | One By One 1994
CCR HEADCLEANER | 53rd and 420/Life of the Party | self-titled 7" | Caesar Cuts 2013
GHASTLY SPATS | Flesh Thing/Sordid | We're Breaking Through The Hymen! 7" | Heinous Anus 2012
SPRAY PAINT | Canadian Trash | self-titled | SS Records 2013
BANQUE ALLEMANDE | Warmes Wasser | Willst Du Chinese Sein Musst Du Die Ekligen Sachen Essen | SS Records 2013
THE EX | Happy Thoughts | Tumult | F.A.I. 1983
PSY ANTS | Spike | Bit Tongue Prik 12" EP | Vacant Valley 2012
BLANK REALM | Acting Strange | Go Easy | Siltbreeze 2012
MUSTA PARAATI | Ennustus | Peilitalossa | Svart 2012 (orig 1983)
SAD LOVERS & GIANTS | Clint | v/a: The Thing From The Crypt | Dark Entries 2013 (orig 1981)
EAT SKULL | Stupid Moon | III | Woodsist 2013
THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT | From the Diary of Hermann Doubt | A Beard of Bees | Ajax 1993 (orig 1984)

Maybe we won't wait forever to do this again! We had fun.

Some things haven't changed since I gave up the regular gig. The pipeline of Aussie jams has remained continually primed, and this podcast contain five prime cuts of vinyl from Oz. SS remains an infallible hitmachine. Memphis is still the best rockin' landlocked place in the USA.

CCR Headcleaner delivers the most premium knuckledragging scuzzpunk devastation of the night, gnarling up gutpunch riffs and perfectly encapsulating the paradoxical plight of being the life of the party.

And the dreamiest swoony croon you'll hear here is not from the swansong by Peter Jefferies, but by Rob from Eat Skull who is charmingly emoting his ass off with real beauty. Eat Skull has joined the rare pantheon of bands who've made three great first albums that have gotten better and better with each release.

Ghastly Spats takes the cake as tonight's band I most wish I'd started. I could totally play drums at least as good. Maybe even guitar, too. Probably not as clever as these guys and gals, though. They work the crude angles brilliantly, and this may be the most thoroughly satisfying low-brow/no-brow 7" with > 4 songs since Kill the Hippies dropped Will Not Overstimulate.

Sorry to keep you waiting on a pulse-check of our record collection. We've been keeping up quite well still, but also finding time to spend exciting weekends in places like Redding, Fresno, and Bakersfield to take pictures of old roadside weirdness, peeling paint, neon signs, graffiti, and trash.