Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AFS v. 285 ~ Hey, y'all...I Gotta Great New Album in the Mail Today!

This week in AFS...

* Zac Nelson's home-away-from-homecoming's this weekend
* skronktastic sax-damaged scuzzrock
* a whole grippa new Permanent titles

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MENTHOLS | B-OK | Michigan Works | UFO Dictator *new
PRINCESS SWEEPSTAKES | Napkins | I Love You in Case I Die This Christmas, Man | Scenery Audio Archive 2004
WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE SON, GOD? | Beelzebubble | Out of Body Diva | KDVS Recordings 2006
TRAWLER BYCATCH | Forces of Nature | advance tracks CDR | no label 2009
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS | Teenage Bankman | In the Air Tonight | Radium 226.05 1988
DRUID PERFUME | Ain't it Rubbish | Tin Boat to Tuna Town | Bumbo *new
TRAGIC MULATTO | Stop My Hand | Judo for the Blind | Alternative Tentacles 1984
CERAMIC HOBS | Fixated Threat Assessment Centre | OZ OZ Alice | ORB Editions *new
CERMAIC HOBS | Miley Backmask
BRAINBOMBS | No End | Singles Compilation, v.1 | Load *new (orig 1989)
TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS | Burning Rubber | self-titled 12" EP | Migraine 1979
CACAW | Old Bones | self-titled | Permanent *new
BLACK MATH | Commando of Love [The Anals] | Phantom Power | Permanent *new
BERMUDA TRIANGLES | Riddles in the Sand | Reptilian Intervention | CNP *new
TRETETAM | Paw Paw | Pawhuska CDR | Ikuisuus *new
BRAIN IDEA | Getting Older/Popped Tops | The Survival Scrolls | Permanent *new
THE REBEL | Tyme | The Race Against Time Hots Up | Junior Aspirin *new
TRAILBLAZER | Mallard | Gut Reaction 7" | Moniker *new
MY DAD IS DEAD | Five Minutes | Let's Skip the Details | Homestead 1988
NICE STRONG ARM | Disenchanted | Reality Bath | Homestead 1987
NO TREND | Teen Love | Teen Love 7" | No Trend 1983 *request
SIMPLE CIRCUIT | Moon Druggies | Boarded Up Houses 7" | Super Secret *new
USELESS EATERS | Mr. Oscillations | Mr. Oscillations 7" | Mastermind *new
SOPORS | Ponce de Leon/I Watch Movies/Read to Me | Golden Era #267 | Mongo Bongo *new
PROTOMARTYR | Baseball Bat | Colpi Proibiti CDR | no label *new
CULTURE KIDS | Good Ol' American Boys | self-titled 7" | no label *new
IDIOT SAVANTS | Try & Get Out/School's Prison | v/a: The Master Tape vol 2 | Affirmation 1983
WASTED TALENT | Not Anymore | v/a: The Master Tape vol 2
FANG | You're Cracked | Where the Wild Things Are | Boner 1984
H.P.P. | Suicide/Homicide | self-titled | Perennial *new
GUZZARD | Supersonic Enemy of Evil | Quick, Fast, in a Hurry | AmRep 1995
THE KIDNAPPERS | Chickenheads & Cigarettes | Will Protect You | Alien Snatch *new
WHEELS ON FIRE | Chasing UFOs | Liar, Liar | Alien Snatch *new
HEAD & THE HARES | Lost | Two Tymes 7" | Stanton Park/Moulty 1992

Here's where those samples from the Tretetam track came from!

I remember seeing this commercial on BET all the time nearly 25 years ago, so I was stoked to hear this tonight! All the music was the stuff my mom used to listen to full-blast while cleaning the house when I was a wee lad. Great memories.

Sorry I can't spend more time dishing on these goods this week....Gotta bone up for my Fantasy NBA draft tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Fantasy draft whisper... Mozgov is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

am I able to download your show as a podcast?

DJ Rick said...

I'm not sure how to make that happen, but I'll ask my buddy who seems to have an idea about that. Until someone can help me figure it out, the show's only downloadable here from the links atop each post. Thanks for listening!

DJ Rick said...

I think Mozgov will surprise a lotta people who didn't see the FIBAs this year, but I'm happy with the chances I've taken.