Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AFS v. 293 ~ Red Moon Night!

R for off my rocker
E for eerie
D for dearly departed (Don Van Vliet)
M for Mona
O oh, good!
O oh, good!
N for the night...Red Moon Night!
(You did see it up in the sky tonight, right?)

This week in AFS...

* simultaneous sounds
* an xmas surprise from The Pheromoans
* delving deeper into the mind of Jaz Coleman
* would you believe...someone requested "In the Air Tonight" by Genesis
* your next essential Sacto history lesson by Prof. SS, Duchess of Saigon

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TRACTOR SEX FATALITY | Mouth on the Wall | Bloodeagle | Big Neck *new
PHANTOM 309 | Buffy's Mitt | split LP w/ The Sun Also Rises | Tupelo 1990?
ZULUS | Variations | debut 7" | Wizard Mountain *new
HANK IV | The Noise of Carpet [Stereolab] | III | Siltbreeze *new
READING RAINBOW | Prism Eyes | Prism Eyes | HoZac *new
READING RAINBOW | Tough Love | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac 2010
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | B.D. Wong | Hootenanny 7" | Plastic Idol 2004
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | Holiday Rumble | Easter Queen 7" | SS Records 2002
G. GREEN | The Garden | I Will Not Withdraw This Statement 7" | Malt Duck 2010
CONSIGNMENT | Do You Know? | Gone 7" | Sweet Rot *new
BRAZILIAN MONEY | Bones | Doing What I Want 7" | Totally Disconnected 2010
THE PHEROMOANS | Shark Fucks [Tronics] | lathe 7" | Scotch Tapes *forthcoming
HYGIENE | 29 Bus | Recruitment 7" | Going Underground *new
TYVEK | Outer Limits | Nothing Fits | In The Red *new (by request!)
VEX RUFFIN & THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | It's Hard to Be a Motor | 1st 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly 2010
TORTURED TONGUES | Let Me Down | Let Me Down 7" | HoZac *new
THE STALINS OF SOUND | Baton of Discipline | self-titled 7" | Volar *new
DANGEROUS BOYS CLUB | Ferrari | VRIL | Fast Weapons *new
SILENTIST | Seaside | Chariot Swing EP | Celestial Gang 2005
FALL OF BECAUSE | Grind | v/a: Mortar | Permis De Construire Deutschland 1992
KILLING JOKE** | side one | The Courtald Talks | Invisible 1989
SEVERED HEADS | Guests | City Slab Horror | Ink 1985
SHADOW RING | Knock Between Doors | Lighthouse | Swill Radio 1999
ANTI-GROUP | Chozzar Over Abyss/Pre-Eval | Digitaria | Sweatbox 1986
P.F.S. | Illustrative Problems | Illustrative Problems | Cuneiform 1987
ART BEARS | Rats & Monkeys | Winter Songs | Ralph 1979
THE WITCH TRIALS | Trapped in the Playground | self-titled 12" EP | Subterranean 1981
SKINNY PUPPY | The Choke [Re-Grip] | Dig It 12" EP | Nettwerk 1986
NOISE UNIT | Alle Gegen Alles | Strategy of Violence | Dossier 1992
FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY | Iceolate | Caustic Grip | Wax Trax 1990

** denotes not really Killing Joke, but spoken-word by Jaz Coleman--increasingly troubled by world politics at the time--w/ minimal accompaniment by KJ guitarist Geordie. The 2xLP of The Courtald Talks is filed and labeled as a Killing Joke album, which is certainly fitting enough since the theme of Coleman's 66-minute lecture to the Courtald Institute was to explain the inspiration for Killing Joke's most painful (if not to listen to, at least it was the most painfully-birthed) album Outside the Gate, the least band-oriented effort among their studio releases. Thanks to Acapulco Rodriguez for daring me to play this.

Side one of The Courtald Talks was spun simultaneously over an excerpt of the Fall of Because (a project of Justin Broadrick of Godflesh) and a melange of Severed Heads, Shadow Ring, and Anti-Group. It's been a long time since I last time I took advantage of this time-honored method of stretching a freeform or college-radio playlist with the layering of voice and experimental background musics....a quite efficient way to burn many minutes when you don't have a lotta preparation time. If this kinda half-assery appalls you, I'm sorry. But I've been much too busy at work and with my own C.F.U.D.L. (There...how about a Japanese HC enthusiast's joke?). Tune in next week for as much of my best-of-2010 lists that I can pack into two weeks.

And yes...I do suppose I've been indulging in more goth-tangential and industrial-ish areas of music the last couple weeks. But hey...It's winter solstice and there's a crazy red moon out tonight, and this is really rather appropos when you consider that fact, don'tcha think?

By the way, the rising surge of gothy-ness has a new front-runner in the Dangerous Boys Club. If you need your nĂ¼-goth to be direct and have a perfect-pop center, stick with Grave Babies who totally rule that field. But if you are adventurous enough to enjoy delightfully overwrought theatricality--cunningly rendered in dichotomous splendor with odd moments of android detachment (Aaron Montaigne is as masterful at this as anyone this side of Blixa Bargeld, I reckon)--and wondrous, seductive spacey synth, check out this Portland supergroup (ex-Get Hustle/Antioch Arrow/Heroin(/not to mention the seriously underrated Silentist)) who are featured in the first eight minutes of this cable-access show...

Experimental 1/2 Hour - Episode VI: Dangerous Boys Club, White Rainbow, NO AGE from Experimental 1/2 Hour on Vimeo.

Their debut LP--VRIL--is available here...
...and while you're there, you should pick up that Sleetmute Nightmute LP, too, 'cos there never was a better neo-no-wave band than them.

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Don't know how I missed something as great as Silentist. What a soul crushing bummer of a song. Amazing.