Friday, July 13, 2012

AFS v. 357-358 ~ feat. Spray Paint live on KDVS!

A. Spray Paint played a killer thriller of a live set on Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM last night, and here's a one-hour podcast including the entire performance, capped off by a jammed-out version of the churning, slow-burning B-side of their brand-new 2nd 7" single on SS Records, featuring guest saxophone by Mr. SS himself, Scott Soriano. We filled almost a half hour at the end of the program with a rambling interview which discussed the band's other musical activities, how they play their instruments so good, funny stories behind some of their songs, pro wrestling, etc.  

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SPRAY PAINT Live in Studio A setlist:
         Pro Knife
         Dripping the Rails
         Psychic Doug
         Nose Whisky
         Jimi Hendrix's Apartment
         Yawn Factory
         Spock Fingers
         Canadian Trash
         Pink Pus      w/ special guest saxophone by Scott Soriano  

B. Also, earlier this week on KDVS, Fuzzbox Flynn and I subbed for Phil and Trotsky again, and you can have a listen to what we played...

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