Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 159 w/ Extreme Canadian Content

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE!
(archived for 10 weeks)

DAILY VOID // (Surprise Surprise) You've Lost Your Eyes // Surprise Surprise 7" // HoZac *new
THE FEELING OF LOVE // The Rape Man // 12 New Tracks CDR // no label *new
LOS LLAMARADA // The Blanket Escape // new 7" // Disordered *forthcoming
LOS LLAMARADA // Against the Day
HUMAN EYE // Rare Little Creature // Rare Little Creature 7" // Disordered *new

WICKED AWESOMES // Brain Dumb // Death Cults & Desert Gangs Demo CDR // self-released *new
LEADERS // Powervibes // Synthesizer Sketchez & 4-Track Demos CDR // self-released 2007
PUSSY PATROL // Forgive My Past // Gry Moussa 3" CDR // Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
SHEARING PINX // Held Under // split cassette w/ Shivers // Isolated Now Waves *new
SHEARING PINX // Speaker // Dissenter CDR // Isolated Now Waves *new
F.M.G. // Smear Test // split cassette w/ Shearing Pinx // Isolated Now Waves *new

F.M.G. // Cold Feet
N.213 // Construction // FuckSexYou CDR // Isolated Now Waves *new
AEROSOL CONSTELLATIONS // Tab Cabby // split one-sided 12" w/ Born Without Bones // Isolated Now Waves/Thankless *new
HENRI CHOPIN // La Plaine des Respirs Vivace Comme il se Doit // La Plaine des Respirs // Tochnit Aleph *new
MR. UGLY // CrraAWWPpX // split CDR w/ N.213 // Isolated Now Waves *new
HERO WOUTERS // Oidipious // Muziek voor Leven en Dood // Enfant Terrible *new
AFTER THE SNOW // Table // Fracture // Enfant Terrible *new
ECHO WEST // untitled // v/a: The Perils of Paradise // Elitepop *new
ENDE SCHNEAFLIET // Der Blöde Hund // Twistin' on the Tombstones 2xLP // Enfant Terrible 2006 (orig 1981-1983)
PUNK SOUL LOVING BILL // Ehrliche Juristen // v/a: Hoera een Hex voor Thuis // Hex Grammofoonplaten *new
WOHNRAUMHELDEN // Liebeslied // v/a: Bunte Bezüge // E-Klageto *new
THE REBEL // American Beauty // Tarskovski's The Snackrifice 12" EP // Emperor Jones *new
PHEROMOANS // Yuppyville // A Few Snippets from Our Chequered Existence CDR // no label *new
PHEROMOANS // Open for Business
DIAMONDHEAD // The Anchor // Street Leaf CDR // self-released *new
CONNCET 9 // Super Wow // Geetu vs Geetu // self-released *new

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 158

We are now streaming/archiving at 192 kbps for your optimum enjoyment!

Now for the bad...Just as I was playing The Wrists' cover of a Beex classic, I got a call from listener Doug in San Diego who told me that Christine Gibson, Beex singer and one of the most unique female vocalists of an era, had died just a night ago after battling breast cancer. Crazy coincidence, and such sad news.

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE!
(archived for 10 weeks)

PIERCED ARROWS // In My Brain // In My Brain b/w Caroline 7" // Tombstone *new
KAWAGUCHI MASAMI'S NEW ROCK SYNDICATE // Oblivion // v/a: Tokyo Flashback 6 // PSF *new
MICHAEL YONKERS & THE BLIND SHAKE // Here's What I'm // Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons // Nero's Neptune 2007
AINOTAMENISHIS // On the Cross // Live' 418 // Holy Mountain *new
SAN FRANCISCO WATER COOLER // Down in Dry Creek // self-titled // KDVS Recordings *new
OSO EL ROTO // Leche con Chocolate // Mojon Pol Agua // Galerie Pache *new
JOHN THILL // You're Dead // Heart of Grime // Shrimper *new
SO COW // Guilty of Being Cute // These Truly Are End Times // Covert Bear *new

SO COW // Jesus H. Christ/Moon Guen Young
FINALLY PUNK // Primary Colors // Primary Colors 7" // Army of Bad Luck *new
FINALLY PUNK // Environmentality
THE VACANTS // Worthless Trash // Worthless Trash // Beathotelz *new
NIGEL SIMPKINS // Oblique Encounters // v/a: Messthetics #102 // Hyped2Death 2006 (orig 1979)
NICE FACE // Juju for Jenkem // demo CDR // no label *new
BLANK DOGS // Poison Ivy // Two Months 7" // Florida's Dying *new
WIZZARD SLEEVE // Mommy's Little Baby // Mommy's Little Baby 7" // HoZac *new
NOTHING PEOPLE // In The City // In the City 7" // S-S Records *request *new
NOTHING PEOPLE // Army of Ideal // Army of Ideal 7" // HoZac *request *new
HUNCHBACK // Werse Houses // Werse Houses 7" // Sacred Bones 2007
HIPSHAKES // You Make Me Malfunction // one-sided 7" // Show & Tell *new
GAYE BLADES // Don't Get Married // A Visit to the Home of the Man Who Invented Sexual Intercourse 7" // Rob's House 2007
COCONUT COOLOUTS // Head Full of Stones // Pizza Regret 7" // Seeing Eye *new
THE WRISTS // (My Heart Goes) Beat Beat Beat [Beex] // MK Ultra 7" // Rijapov *new
WAX MUSEUMS // Stone Henge // Ancient Structures 7" // Kenrock *new

WAX MUSEUMS // Catacombs
LIVE FAST DIE // Dawn of the VHS // split 7" w/ Golden Error // Mind/No Mind *new
GOLDEN ERROR // Left Hand Path // CDR of unmastered EP *forthcoming?
THE HYPNOTICS // The Quest // Indoor Fiends // Enigma 1982 *request
THE HYPNOTICS // Weird People/Giants Town *request
CPC GANGBANGS // The Broken Glass // The Broken Glass picdisc 7" // Seeing Eye *new
RED NURSE // Truck Stopper // Demos 2006-2007 CDR // no label *new
SLICING GRANDPA // Fuck You // Family Restroom cassette // Strain Theory 2005
KOUNT FISTULA // Florence // Songs from the Big Hair 7" // Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
TWO DEAD SLUTS, ONE GOOD FUCK // Blue Line Homicide // self-titled 3" // self-released *new
BRIGHAM // The Drug Snugglers // Retardinomicon // Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
MOE! STAIANO // Chungking // v/a: Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music // URCKarm *new
REFRIGERATOR MOTHERS // Salic Trip // v/a: Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music

Monday, December 10, 2007

BEST OF 2007

It really sucks if you release a record too late into December, or in the case of the Sic Alps, it sucks if your record was way too limited for me to get my mitts on. It turns out that for the blink of an eye during which their Description of the Harbor was available, I was at home with the flu and not checking the internet. So, while I fully expect that it's another outstanding record by them, that one misses my "best of 2007" list.

Top 20 LP's of 2007

Factums "Alien Native" (Siltbreeze)
Home Blitz "self-titled" (Gulcher)
Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones "Arriere Garde" (S-S)
the Intelligence "Deuteronomy" (In the Red)
the Lamps "self-titled" (In the Red)
Little Claw "Spit and Squalor Swallow the Snow" (Ecstatic Peace)
Los Llamarada "The Exploding Now" (S-S)
Mudboy "Hungry Ghosts!: These Songs Are Doors" (Not Not Fun)
Pink Reason "Cleaning the Mirror" (Siltbreeze)
Plants "Double Infinity" (Paradigms)
Psychedelic Horseshit "Magic Flowers Droned" (Siltbreeze)
Pumice "Pebbles." (Soft Abuse)
Sightings "Through the Panama" (Load)
Times New Viking "Present the Paisley Reich" (Siltbreeze)
Volt "self-titled" (In the Red)
Wooden Shjips "self-titled" (Holy Mountain)
Yellow Swans "At All Ends" (Load)
Michael Yonkers & the Blind Shake "Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons" (Nero's Neptune)
v/a "Hoera! Een Hex Voor Thuis!" (Enfant Terrible)
v/a "Pisspounder" 3xLP (Deathbomb Arc)

20 Best EP's

Billy Bao "Fuck Separation" 10" (S-S)
Blank Dogs "Yellow Mice Sleep" 7" (HoZac)
Blank Dogs "The Doorbell Fire" 7" (Sweet Rot)
Daily Void "Mass Communication Culture" 7" (Boom Chick)
Eat Skull "Seeing Things" 7" (Meds)
Electric Bunnies "Eskimo" 7" (Florida's Dying)
El Jesus de Magico "Funeral Home Sessions" 7" (Columbus Discount)
Factums "See Inside" 7" (Polly Maggoo)
Hank IV "Dirty Poncho" 7" (Plastic Idol)
Human Eye "Spiders & Their Kin" 7" (Cass)
ICK "La Parade des Sans Illusions" 7" (Enfant Terrible)
Dan Melchior und das Menace "The Pink Scream" 12" (Shake Appeal)
Mutators "Paper Words" 7" (The Broadway to Boundary)
Nothing People "In the City" 7" (S-S)
QEK Junior "Wohnanhängar" 7" (Kernkrach)
Slicing Grandpa "Chaos Midnight" 10" (Strain Theory/Scatalogical Liberation Front)
So Cow "Moon Geun Young" 7" (Almost Ready)
Talbot Tagora "Cat Face" 7" (self-released)
Thomas Function "Relentless Machines" 7" (Tic Tac Totally)
Tyvek "Summer Burns" 2x7" (What's Your Rupture?)

Top CDR/cassette ephemera so far

Argumentix "Nightmarcher" cassette (Below PDX)
Catatonic Youth "Piss Scene" CDR (Fuck Jazz)
Antoine Chessex "Silences: 8 Failed Invocations" CDR (Tanz Procesz)
Eat Skull "Tour Tape" (w/ The Wrecks demo on side B) (Palto Flats)
Eternal Tapestry "Vibrations/New Dawn" cassette (Not Not Fun)
Feeling of Love "12 New Tracks" CDR (self-released)
J.P. Herrmann demo CDR (self-released)
Leslie Keffer/Inca Ore split cassette (Cherried Out Merch)
Leaders "Synthesizer Sketchez & 4 Trak demos" CDR (self-released)
Meth Teeth "To My Good Friend" CDR (self-released)
Penetration Camp "The Gooder Book" 3xCDR (Backwards)
Rainbow Jayne/Stab at God "Well, Actually It´s Not Good to Be Home, Well" split CDR (Below PDX)
Soft Shoulder/Shearing Pinx split cassette (Isolated Now Waves)
Superstitions "No One Gets Out Alive" cassette (Red Handed)
Talbot Tagora "Sleepyheads" cassette (self-released)
Tyvek "Fast Metabolism" CDR (self-released)
U.S. Girls "Introducing..." CDR (self-released)
Yves/Son/Ace "No Taboos" CDR (self-released)
v/a "The Fruit Will Rot" vol 3 9x3"CDR (Deathbomb Arc)
v/a "World War Zero" 2xCDR comp (Deathbomb Arc)