Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AFS v. 292 ~ Pain and Joy and Sorrows Mingle

--the lyrical mastery of my brother in unibrowdom Jaz Coleman

This week on AFS...

* mastery of mispronunciation
* the supergroups of Saturday @ Hub
* your essential Sacto history lesson
* caveat emptor: 2nd hour incl ~45 minutes of drum machines

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SHARP ENDS | Hybernation | self-titled | Kill Shaman *new
MYELIN SHEATHS | Wake Ups | Get on Your Nerves | Southpaw *new
THE TOPPLERS | Flack Town | v/a: FM-BX Society Tape vol 1 | SS Records *new (orig 1981)
WIRE | The Commercial/Straight Line | Pink Flag | Harvest 1977
BOHEMIA | Unconventional Boy | Limited Edition 10" | VU Records 1980
THE NORMALS | Almost Ready | Almost Ready 7" | Laust Laugh *new (orig 1978)
FM KNIVES | Estrogen | Estrogen 7" | SmartGuy 2002
PRETTY GIRLS | The Kids Are All Fucked | The Kids Are All Fucked 7" | Moo-La-La 1999
NAR | Holiday Routine | Holiday Routine 7" | Moo-La-La 1994
WRONG WORDS | Tickin' | What Went Wrong? 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
TRASHWOMEN | Dragula/Surf Creature | Lust 7" | Hillsdale 1992
MIDNITE SNAXXX | Like Lightning | Like Lightning 7" | Raw Deluxe *new
BOBBYTEENS | Gonna Get Down | Fast Livin & Rock n Roll | Lipstick 1998
ENGLISH SINGLES | Winter | English Cassingles | Palace of the Golden Cassingle 2009
LITERATURE | It's Cruel | Cincinnati 7" | Square of Opposition/Voice Academy *new
VOMIT SQUAD | Burning With Beelzebub | Amon Ra Bless America | Psychic Handshake *new
MEERCAZ | Space Hate | Space Hate 12" | Tic Tac Totally *new
HAWKWIND | Silver Machine | Silver Machine 7" | United Artists 1972
ARTHUR BROWN'S KINGDOM COME | Time Captives | Journey | Passport 1973
KILLING JOKE | Adorations (Supernatural Mix) | Brighter Than a Thousand Suns | Let Them Eat Vinyl 2008 (orig 1986)
KIM KI O | Bu Şarkiyi Çok Seversin Sen | Dans | Enfant Terrible *new
STEPHEN MALLINDER | Temperature Drop | Pow-Wow Plus | Doublevision 1985
SCORN | Out of | Logghi Barogghi | Scorn/Earache 1996
NITZER EBB | T.W.A. | Belief | Geffen 1989
M AX NOI MACH | Creeper | In the Shadows | White Denim *new
DIVE | Bloodmoney | v/a: There Is No Time 4xCD | RAS DVA 1995
ICH BIN | Danger | Obeis | Poutré Apparent 2006
ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR | OHHH | Ich Bin Mude 7" | Plastic Spoons 2010
BIG BLACK | Kerosene | Atomizer | Homestead 1986 *request
AMOR FATI | Economics 101 | Rock n' Roll 7" | Flesh/Yuck 1986
UNSANE | Jungle Music | Jungle Music 7" | PCP Entertainment 1992
DEAD MEAT | Electric Head | The King 7" | Flingco Sound System *new
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES | Loneliness Like Clouds Above | In a Night Like This 10" | Kill Shaman/Ghost *new

Saturday, December 18
Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM Presents
@ The Hub

1819 23rd Street
Sacramento CA 95816

The overdue (yet triumphant) return of English Singles!
2010's three best new finger-snap'n, foot-tap'n partyhardy bands of the SF Bay Area!
Midnite Snaxxx
Wrong Words
Angora Debs

all ages
8:30 doors
9:00 showtime
$5 for Hub members
+$1 one-time fee if it's your first Hub show
(BYO-crypto-B...we don't wanna see the cans and bottles they were born in...(pour it into something else (or just enjoy my proprietary "faux loko" blend)))

These bands speak to fans of rock 'n' roll, killer hooks, chirping melodies, and brimming energy. You can believe me now and mark your calendar, or if you're waiting to be impressed, check out these ex-members-of affiliations...

Angora Debs is fronted by Jason Patrone, singer of THEE BEST band in Sacramento in the early 2000s...the FM Knives. Also played in Los Huevos and Pretty Girls here in Sacto, and more recently Photobooth. Angora Debs is a Laverne & Shirley reference!

Midnite Snaxxx features Tina "Boom Boom" Lucchesi, chiefly of The Trashwomen and Bobbyteens fame, but was also in a ton of other rad bands. Most recently, she was in Top Ten and C'mon Everybody (you might remember them from their pulse-pounding, fun-packed set at the Delta of Venus in Davis during KDVS "Treehouse" host DJ Emily's birthday party); and she's the proprietor of Down at Lulu's, an East Bay epicenter of fabulous hairstyles, clothes, and records (many fans of Hunx know something about this). The Snaxxx also feature Dulcinea, who totally slayed in The Loudmouths back in the 90s, of whom I was quite the fanboy. Their merger with a reformed The Lewd was The Lewdmouths, and their show at Club Cocodrie in SF was one of the very best blasts from the original punk heyday I've ever seen.

English Singles descend from Sacto rulers of years past, too: Bananas, Nar, FM Knives, Yahmos, Pretty Girls.

I don't know if the Wrong Words dudes 'n lady were in other bands before, but when you hear them, the only thing that will matter will be the Wrong Words. Their 7" on Trouble in Mind is a cracker, and charming, too. Some people around here have whispered to me that the Bare Wires sound really good, but seem kinda like a big put-on. Okay, trashtalkers...maybe you's just bummin' 'cos you don't like to hitch up to bandwagons when too many others are already on. Well, go ahead and get in the front of the bus for Wrong Words 'cos you're gonna love this band. I defy you to resist this, huh...

Wrong Words "What Went Wrong" music video from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

Do you still look at band pages at MySpace???

Won't four bands take too long? NO! Lotsa gear-sharing. Quick sets leave you wanting more. This class on "how to party" will be dismissed plenty early enough for you to go pick fights at Flame Club.

First 25 guests get a free headstart on the party....Can you sip what DJ Rick is ladling???

This is the last KDVS Presents joint at The Hub of 2010, so make it worth it!


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