Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AFS v. 290 ~ Now We Are Having Fun!

This week in AFS...

* Farewell to a great Canadian, Leslie Nielsen
* Catching up w/ guest co-host Andrew (of G. Green)
* I'll take The Roots of Eat Skull for $1000, Alex
* You can totally play the new Tyvek and Hank IV between bristling HC

Download this program within two months at this link...
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CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
, if you have a slower/20th century connection
STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)
(HTML links a little bit later...too busy now, sorry!)

TYVEK | Underwater | Nothing Fits | In The Red *new
DEEP WOUND | Time to Stand | v/a: Bands That Could Be God | Conflict/Radiobeat 1984
GAUZE | Crash the Pose/Thrash, Thrash, Thrash | Equalizing Distort | Selfish 1985
TALES OF TERROR | Deathryder | self-titled | C.D. Presents 1984
POISON IDEA | Just to Get Away | Feel the Darkness | American Leather 1989
TURBONEGRO | Bad Mongo | Ass Cobra | Boomba 1996
HANK IV | Garbage Star | III | Siltbreeze *new
BAD POSTURE | Time for Smack | self-titled 12" | Irresponsible 1983
NO TREND | For the Fun of It All | Too Many Humans... | No Trend 1984
RUNNING | Fun | self-titled | Permanent *new
CREEPY CRAWLY CLAW | SOS (Message in the Tupperware) | I Know It's Reprehensible 7" | no label 2002
WHORL | Stupid Shit | Mind Revolution 7" | Slumberland 1990
CIRCLE PIT | Strange Blue | Bruise Constellation | Siltbreeze 2010
INDIAN BINGO | The Ulcer Prophecy | Scatological | Independent Project 1989
DUSTDEVILS | Hip Priest [The Fall] | Struggling Electric + Chemical | Teenbeat/Matador 1990
THE PHEROMOANS | Midnite Watchdog | Midnight Watchdog 7" | Sweet Rot *new
THE GO-BETWEENS | People Say | People Say 7" | Able 1979
TEENAGE MOODS | Flower Hunting | Sugar Band 7" | Salvaged Prod. *new
THE WRONG WORDS | What Went Wrong? | What Went Wrong? 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
FRESH & ONLYS | Tell Me What You Want to Know | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac *new
WET ILLUSTRATED | Born Stoked | Born Stoked b/w Flying 7" | Corvette City 2010
THE BANANAS | American Eyes | Nautical Rock and Roll | Plan-it-X 2003
HEAD | I'm Not Like Everybody Else [The Kinks] | Street Level Assault | Evil Clown 1994
THE INJECTIONS | Lies | Prison Walls 7" | Last Laugh *new (orig 1980)
THE NORMALS | Hardcore | Almost Ready 7" | Last Laugh *new (orig 1978)
THE LO-FI JERKHEADS | Lets Drink Some Wine | In Your Stereo 7" | Black Gladiator/Slovenly *new
JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT | The Cougar | self-titled | Aarght! *new
REAL LOSERS | (Let's Go) Totally Nutzoid | Totally Nutzoid 7" | Wrench 2004


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