Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AFS v. 268 ~ 3l33t HaXorz come in threes!

"By the powers of three times three, make them see, make them see."
-Sarah from The Craft

Upon the release of the 333, the world shall see the pinnacle of rock music in the 2000s. The triple-LP compiles the singles of the A Frames with a compilation track and an incredible assortment of unreleased tracks ranging from the band's earliest recordings until much more recent demos for a shelved fourth studio album. The result of the band and label's careful choices of songs and sequence is six sides of thoroughly stunning material that is imminently listenable whether you are a long-time fan or a recent convert.

This week in AFS...

* spotlight on the fantastic 333 triple-LP from A Frames!
* Matt K Shrugg takes theoretical math into the garage!
* the glacial legacy of the Northwest Plateau of Idaho

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GAUNT | Salvation Army | Whitey the Man 10" | Thrill Jockey 1992
X | Revolution | Aspirations | Rocknroll Blitzkrieg *new (orig 1979)
COSMIC PSYCHOS | Lead Me Astray | self-titled | Mr. Spaceman 1987
HALO OF FLIES | Insecticide Stomp | v/a: Dope Guns & Fucking in the Streets vol 1 7" | AmRep 1988
GRAND TRINE | Radio Frequency Identification | split 7" w/ Black Feelings | Blue Skies Turn Black *new
THE CHICKENS | Drug (Life) | Chicken Shit 7" | Siltbreeze *new
THE MUMSLUTZ | Your Mom's My GF | The Mumslutzzz EP CS | Scotch Tapes *new
DEAD WIFE | Txt Me | D.W.S.Y.H.F. 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
GRAVE BABIES | Eating Babies | Deathface CS | Skrot Up *new
CHARLES ALBRIGHT | I'm Your Malfunction | I'm Happy, I'm a Genius 7" | Permanent *new
NÜ SENSAE | Cat's Cradle | TV. Death and the Devil | Nominal *new
HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD | Nuclear War x A Motherfucker | split 7" w/ Tiny Knives | Stank House *new
HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD | Nightmare City | Dark Ages | Stank House *forthcoming
MATT K SHRUGG | Reef Harp | Gone Ashtray | Tic Tac Totally *new
POLVO | Tragic Carpet Ride | Celebrate the New Dark Age | Merge 1994
WHATEVER BRAINS | Love Taps | Nesting 7" | Funny/Not Funny *new
POPULAR SHAPES | Outrageous Math Test | Bikini Style | On/On Switch 2003
THE CONVERSIONS | Specifics | Spineless Wonders | Ride the Snake *new
RATAS DEL VATICANO | Cancer de Prostata | Tiempos de Austeridad | HBSP-2X *new
RATAS DEL VATICANO | Abuso de Libertad
A FRAMES | Artificial | 333 3xLP | SS Records *new
A FRAMES | Shockwave
A FRAMES | Crutches
A FRAMES | Honkeys
MAZING VIDS | Minotaur no. 3 | Drastic Mirth | Stricken *new
TUNNELS | Crouched in the Dark | v/a: Post-Alarmist Dracula Safari | Oms-B 2009
BILLY BAO | The Need to Be Freed | Urban Disease | Pan *new
PUSSYGUTT | Spirit Walker | Gathering Strengths | Olde English Spelling Bee *new
SIGHTINGS | City of Straw | City of Straw | Brah *new
KIM SALMON & THE SURREALISTS | Intense | split 2x7" w/ Chrome Cranks | Echostatic/Space Baby 1995
NAKED ON THE VAGUE | Sacred Youth | Heaps of Nothing | Siltbreeze *new
FOURWAYCROSS | Woke | Home | Motiv Communications 1986
GLASS GRAVES | Parachutes | Architecture | no label *new

For me and surely many others, A Frames were the highlight of KDVS presents Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom IX fest last weekend. The band had long thought of Sacramento and Davis as a sorta second home-base due to their history of shows and recording here early in the 2000s. But for everyone who's been new to UC Davis since 2006, this band and their local connections seemed to be pretty much unheard-of, but after about three songs at ORMF IX, most of the young folks warmed up to them and started going crazy. There was even some respectable pit action and crowd surfing by some of the last people I'd ever expect to see crowd surfing. They played like it was 2002 all over again! If you are between here and Texas, they're coming your way, and you should not miss your chance to see them.

This footage was taken from their first show of the tour in Seattle...

Another Northwest force you shouldn't ignore if you are in California this week is Boise, Idaho's Pussygutt who play psychedelic doom that reveals the beauty and wonder of evil and the volcanic and glacial legacy of the Northwest Plateau. Fans of Earth and SunnO))) should dig, and maybe people who wanna be fans of Earth and Sunn0))) but wish those bands offered more in the way of embraceable humanity will swoon for Pussygutt especially. Also, fans of OvO will dig the synergy of a caveman and his lovely sorceress wife/multi-instrumentalist. Outer-zoning metal for lovers! Speaking of that genre I named, next to Heaven of Animals by The Goslings, Pussygutt's Sea of Sand 2xLP was my favorite outer-zoning metal album of the 2000s (married couples make the best doom, I guess!). I hadn't heard the follow-up, but this trailer makes me think that more greatness looms...

Catch Pussygutt on tour with A Story of Rats...

Wednesday, May 26 in L.A. @ Echo Curio
w/Robedoor, Sasqrotch

Thursday, May 27 in San Diego @ Soda Bar
w/Blessure Grave, Cascavell

Friday, May 28 in Oakland @ Terminal

Saturday, May 29 in Sacramento @ The Hub
KDVS Presents w/Tunnels, Slaves, Gaarth

Sunday, May 30 in Reno @ TBD

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AFS v. 267 ~ Loud & Fugly

This week in AFS...

* Several of the bands featured this Sunday at KDVS presents O:RMF IX fest!
* Today's hottest knuckle-dragging scuzz-punk devastators!
* That CCR Headcleaner song in its entirety!
* More catching up w/ my record collection!

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X | Good on Ya Baby | Aspirations | PIGS *new (orig 1979)
SIMPLE CIRCUIT | Rathead Submarine | Teenage Ghost 7" | Feeble Wiener *new
JACUZZI BOYS | Throwing Stones | No Seasons | Florida's Dying 2009
GARDENS | Alive in 5-D | Upside/Downside 7" | Just for the Hell of It *new
BURNING YELLOWS | Urinal Cakes | Urinal Cakes 7" | HoZac *new
TEETH | B is for Buck Knife | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac *new
RANK/XEROX | Masking/Confessions | self-titled 7" | Mongo Bongo *new
A FRAMES | Surveillance Camera | self-titled | SS Records 2002
NAKED ON THE VAGUE | These Days | Heaps of Nothing | Siltbreeze *new
DEAD LUKE | Acid Forest | American Haircut | Florida's Dying *new
MOON DUO | Stumbling 22nd St. | Escape | Woodsist 2010
TONSTARTSSBANDHT | Electric Dragon Sword | Midnite Cobras 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
PUFFY AREOLAS | Heart Attack | In the Army 1981 | Siltbreeze *new
CCR HEADCLEANER | Diamonds Aren't Forever | tour CS | no label *new
MLU | Vom Dog (excerpt) | Vom Dog/Die on Drug | Rotted Tooth *new
SLAUGHTERING DOLPHINS | Slaughtering Dolphins | split CS w/ Night Burger | Beach House *new
TWIN STUMPS | Landlord | Seedbed | Fan Death *new
THUG | Cancer Causes Rats | v/a: Loud & Ugly vol 2 7" | Bovine 1995
MAMMOTH | All in a Day's Work | v/a: $4.00 Ohio Kings | no label 1998
NO BALLS | Come Clean | Come Clean | Permanent *new
THE NEW FLESH | title unknown | split 12" w/ MLU | Cephia's Treat/Human Conduct/et al *new
SHEARING PINX | Blood Lies | Void White | Isolated Now Waves *new
DEFEKTORS | Burning Light | The Bottom of the City | Nominal/Grotesque Modern *new
RUBBISH THROWERS | Willworker | Tapeworms 7" | Endless Melt *new
THE GORDONS | Machine Song | Future Shock 12" EP | Flying Nun 1980
KITCHEN'S FLOOR | Orbit | Orbit 7" | R.I.P. Society *new
BED WETTIN' BAD BOYS | Lone Wolf | Best/Worst Band in Sydney 7" | R.I.P. Society *new
THE FALL | Hot Cake | Your Future Our Clutter | Domino *new *request
OUTER SPACIST | Officer, Officer | I Don't Care About Love, Baby 7" | Columbus Discount *new
TUXEDOMOON | No Tears | No Tears 12" EP | no label 1978

From the AFS Corrections Department....
Simple Circuit are our freeform radio friends from Austin, but they are from community radio KOOP...not student radio KVRX. Also, Gardens hail from Michigan. And(!)...I wrongly announced that Slaughtering Dolphins was Night Burger, but that's a split cassette, and I played S.D. on side B.

The epic-length album version of the Defektors' light was described by Doug Mosurock on his Still Single blog as their "Youth of America", as in the original psych-punk stunner by The Wipers. Has there been a better epic-length punk rock song since? Will someone care to share in a comment, or will it be bunk pharmaceutical links and spambots as usual?

I had to get that CCR Headcleaner track on the air in its entirety. It rocks so hard, it's almost Hairdryer Violence (Hospitals main-man Adam Stonehouse is credited with bass/vocals alongside Justin and Alex formerly of Long Legged Woman), but it's too good-natured to be violent.

There's still too many really good or even excellent records to play them all every week on the radio, but one of my absolute favorites of the last couple of weeks has been In the the Army 1981, the debut vinyl LP by Puffy Areolas, available now on Siltbreeze. I feel a contact high, contact stupor, and the Highlander quickening from their ruthless, unruly psych-punk. Have a look at 'em here inflicting their Toledo brand scuzz on Cleveland...

Gentlemen...come west, please!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AFS v. 266 ~ To All the Good Listeners...

Thanks to Gil (normally heard on KDVS on Saturday afternoon's on the outstanding "Crossing Continents" program) for subbing for me last Monday night. This week in AFS...

* live-in-studio session from Defektors!
* live-in-studio session from Vapid!
* The Whines' LP is officially out now, so get it!
* catching up with my over-flowing mailboxes at home and at KDVS!
* I'm inviting you to the KDVS party of the year, Maximum Freedom IX fest!

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DAVILA 666 | La Killer Bitch | 12-inch EP | Rob's House *new
EARTHMEN & STRANGERS | Space on Our Hands | Painter 7" | Perfectly Round *new
THEE OH SEES | I Was Denied | Warm Slime | In the Red *new
PUFFY AREOLAS | Fuck Your Pretzel | In the Army 1981 | Siltbreeze *new
UNHOLY SWILL | Studly Dudly Mexican Type Thang | v/a: Fuck That Weak Shit vol 3 7-inch | Pit's Bull 1995
MIKE REP | Pumping Gas | v/a: The Harrisburg Players vol 2 7-inch | Columbus Discount *new
MOUNT CARMEL | ZZ Breakers | self-titled | Siltbreeze *new
ANTEENAGERS M.C. | Mike Rep is All Right | v/a: Flottante Tension d' Eclipse | SDZ *new
THE REACTORS | I Want Sex | I Want Sex 7" | Last Laugh *new (orig 1979)
DRUGS DRAGONS | (I'm in a) Braingrave | (I'm in a) Braingrave 7" | self-released 2009
BILLY SYNTH & THE JANITORS | Get Your Goddam Hands Off Me | History | Cracked 1990 (orig 198?)
BILLY SYNTH & THE TURN UPS | Low Class Boy | Good Drugs and Bad Boys | Cracked 1990 (orig 1980)
THE STIPHNOYDS | Mom's a Fake | Afraid of the Russians 7-inch | Trap 1980
SADO NATION | Johnny Paranoid | v/a: Portland Punk Live at Earth, 10-29-79 | Trap 1980
THE WIPERS | Better Off Dead | Better Off Dead 7-inch | Trap 1978
LA CORDE | Back in Salem | Back in Salem 7" | self-released *new
DEFEKTORS | Never Really | The Bottom of the City | Nominal/Grotesque Modern *new
DEFEKTORS | The Hostage | Live @ KDVS 4/25/2010
DEFEKTORS | Vague Pressure
DEFEKTORS | Airport Death Video
DEFEKTORS | Black September [Dead Moon]
VAPID | Laggard | Live @ KDVS 4/25/2010
VAPID | Kitty Genovese
VAPID | 1983
VAPID | White Lies
CHARLES ALBRIGHT | Hats Off to (Ron) Harper | I'm Happy, I'm a Genius 7" | Permanent *new
RED MASS | To All the Good People | To All The Good People 7" | Dusty Medical *new
GG KING | Insomnia | Babbling Voices 7" | Local Cross *new
HOME BLITZ | Perpetual Night | Perpetual Night 7" | Almost Ready *new
THE WHINES | 13 Floors | Hell to Play | Meds *new
RUBBISH THROWERS | Downed | Tapeworms 7" | Endless Melt *new
THE MOLES | Europe by Car | Untune the Sky 2xLP | Kill Shaman *new (orig 1990)
OZZIE | Big Body Build | The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982 2xLP | SS Records *new (orig 1982)
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | I'm on a Hunt! | I'm On A Hunt! 7" | Douche Master *new
CCR HEADCLEANER | Diamonds Aren't Forever | tour CS | self-released *new

CCR Headcleaner were a cacophonous mess in their first live show here in Sacto last weekend, but from the sounds of this tape and the look of this video, I can't wait to give these ex-Long Legged Woman fellas another try!

CCR HEADCLEANER SMOKES SALVIA from alex cargile on Vimeo.

If you live in Northern California, don't be bored on May 23rd. Get yourself here to KDVS-Land, please (and help us spread the word...THANKS!)!!!

Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom is the non-profit, all-ages, all-day, outdoor, DIY music festival thrown biannually by KDVS 90.3FM in Davis in the boonies just north of Davis, California, an hour east of the Bay Area and half an hour west of Sacramento. This event has a rich history of bringing a variety of killer bands and audio projects from the radio waves of KDVS to the beer-commercial-like setting behind Plainfield Station, the venue chosen for its awesome burgers, cheap beer, and rural location in the middle of Yolo County.

O:RMF IX will run from 2pm to 10pm on Sunday May 23rd, with eleven bands. This lineup is our best yet!

X (Australia)

A Frames (Seattle)

Moon Duo (SF)

Jacuzzi Boys (Miami)

Foot Village (LA)

Robedoor (LA)

Chelsea Wolfe (Sacto)

Rank/Xerox (SF)

Delorean (Sacto)

Mucky the Ducky (Davis)

UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble

English Singles (Sacto)

(Ras G and Dak canceled after this poster was made.)

Plainfield Station is located at 23944 County Road 98, just across the bridge at the intersection of road 98 & 29. From Davis, take 5th street/Russell blvd West, then turn right on Road 98 and travel North. From I-80, take 113 North, then Road 29 West. Turn right at the 2nd stop sign and find plentiful parking across the street or along the road. Awesome grill and beer bar, so bring cash for chow and cheer.

Tickets cost $8 presale, $10 at the door. Get them at myspace.com/maximumfreedom/, where we’ll announce future presale locations. For more information, check out the following websites:




Want even more info? Shoot one to events (AT) kdvs (DOT) org