Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AFS v. 265 ~ Sacto's Secret Revealed

The world's already gone googoo for The Twinkeyz, but now that Ozzie has been brought to light in a gatefold double-LP, now you will freak for Sacramento's best-kept secret from the original late-70s heyday of punk and new wave. If you don't trust me, then trust SS Records who brought the highlights of the Ozzie 7"es (plus the third one released in the early 80s under the name Anonymo) together with some rarely-heard unreleased tracks on The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982. Ozzie's protopunk had a glittery strut and a freaky whimsy, and sometimes even a proggy flair, but these accents were always tastefully applied so as not to diminish the powerful rockingness and solid pop sense. You should know that the most played non-current band on AFS is Chrome, but without any reservation nor doubt that my Sacto home-teamer streak has blinded my objectivity too much, Ozzie's "Android Love" beats Chrome's "Slip It to the Android" (and Man-Ka-Zam's "Sex With Machinery") as the greatest song on the subject of robosexual relations. It' may be the one song you've heard by Ozzie on these airwaves the last three decades, but these fully solid four sides contain many more memorable songs, and it's flat out dud-free. The gatefold and insert are an enthralling history exhibit. In a year with several excellent reissues and retrospectives, this one makes a strong case for best of 2010, and it gets my highest recommendation for delivering with interest on my extreme excitement and anticipation.

Also, this week in AFS....

* The Bellys from New Orleans play live on the air!
* The Uzi Rash musicians of Oakland play live on the air!
* Sacto's newest band, the Sacto Girls, play live on the air in their 3rd hour of existence!
* more highlights of the last year of Live on Art for Spastics at KDVS!

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~~~~~~~ Live in Studio A ~~~~~~~
BELLYS | Reaction
BELLYS | Black Cloud Era
BELLYS | Chorus
BELLYS | Spouse
BELLYS | Mamtime
BELLYS | Riff City
BELLYS | Balls
BELLYS | Pogo Throne
BELLYS | Vision
ELECTRIC JELLYFISH | The Glitch | Live on KDVS, 03/01/10
ELECTRIC JELLYFISH | Image of Power, Poolside
~~~~~~~ Live in Studio A ~~~~~~~
SACTO GIRLS | Government Center [Modern Lovers]
SACTO GIRLS | I'm in Love With Your Mom [Vom]
OZZIE | I'm So Stupid | The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982 | SS Records *new
OZZIE | Strange Stains
SONIC CHICKEN 4 | Creature in a Picture | live on KDVS,10/12/09
SLIPPERY SLOPES | No Nerds | live on KDVS,10/19/09
THE TRASHIES | Steal Your Bike | Let It Be Trashed 7" | Out of Order 2006
RATAS DEL VATICANO | Asi Funciona el Rocanrol | live on KDVS,8/03/09
BLACK TIME | Asleep at the Wheel | Live on KDVS,10/19/09
BLACK TIME | You Make Me
CHARLES ALBRIGHT XXXPERIENCE | I Wanna Hold You | Live on KDVS,8/24/09
~~~~~~~ Live in Studio A ~~~~~~~
UZI RASH | Totally Fired
UZI RASH | Living in a Swamp
UZI RASH | Scrutinies
UZI RASH | B.O.T.T.T.O.S. [The Doors]
UZI RASH | End Times
UNNATURAL HELPERS | Brave Dumb Face | Cracked Love & Other Drugs | Hardly Art *new
A FRAMES | Honkeys | 4/2001 demos
MORDECAI | Death March | Two Rooms CDR | no label 2010
SIGHTINGS | Debt Depths | Through the Panama | Load 2007
MAZING VIDS | Cowrie Bells | Drastic Mirth | Stricken *new

The KDVS on-air fundraiser wrapped up Sunday night, but due to a more than 20% decrease from last year's pledge total, we must keep the fundraiser website up so that more of our listeners may continue to donate to this outstanding freeform radio station that ransacks the world for such a wide variety of new music to share it with you on 90.3 in the Sacramento Valley and with live, streaming, and downloadable archives for the entire world. I estimate that we're one of the three best in this mission, and for keeping Sacto and Davis vital as tour-stops for a world of musicians, I reckon we're worth the donation. But even if you merely let your self-interest dictate, you can come out a winner by donating. When you pay your pledge, we will send you a gift of your choosing that is practically a dollar-for-dollar value....plus I'm throwing in my painstakingly selected Live on Art for Spastics compilation CDR with exclusive performance highlights by bands like XYX, Ratas del Vaticano, Black Time, Sonic Chicken 4, Charles Albright, Slippery Slopes, Eternal Tapestry, Rank/Xerox, Ggreen, Vichy Water, Buk Buk Bigups, Dead Ghosts, and Indian Wars....This is the best compilation I've made in terms of vinyl-ready sound quality!

KDVS's pledge total went down by over 20% from last year, but the pledge total during "Art for Spastics" was down by 60%. So, I hope that it is not because I'm kicking 60% less ass lately, but maybe just because you forgot. It's okay....I know it happens! I've probably been too busy at my real-job office to remind you like a good fund-raiser DJ. So, let this be your reminder....and please take this CD compilation....It's the best I've ever offered! Pledge at this link, please...


Now, if you're in the Sacto/Davis area, you won't wanna miss these....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

AFS v. 264 ~ The Money Will Roll Right In...Won't It?

KDVS Fundraiser 2010 begins tonight at midnight. So when you hear AFS v. 264, I will be asking for your donation to help keep one of the three best radio stations in North America fiscally healthy for a 48th year.

For my 16th fundraiser show, I'm very proud to offer free to anyone pledging $20 or more the best Live in Studio A compilation in terms of quality of sound, performance, and variety of style, including 22 tracks by 15 bands such as Black Time, Sonic Chicken 4, Ratas del Vaticano, XYX, Charles Albright, Eternal Tapestry, Slippery Slopes, and more. I've seen a lotta great band performances here at KDVS in the last 16+ years, and these all rank among the best. Don't forget the station that keeps Sacto and Davis such a crucial tour-stop for so many rad bands from all over the world! This is your chance to validate the effort that makes all that possible. Help me raise $1000 toward the overall station goal of $60,000. Thanks for listening, and thank for your support.

If you can't call in to the donation line (530-754-KDVS or toll-free in the US at 877-399-KDVS) while the show's airing live Monday night from 10pm to 12mid Pacific, you can pledge anytime (NOW?!?) online with the form at this link...

You'll see a list of selected premium gifts to choose to receive as our thanks for your donation. We've got the goods from labels like Almost Ready, olFactory, and Malt Duck this year. Remember, the Art for Spastics: Live in Studio A 2009-2010 compilation is a freebie you'll receive in addition to any other premium. We ask for a $25 pledge at the "cash-strapped" or student level and $40 from community members to receive most premiums. You can buy by credit card to receive premiums quickest.

Another payment option for convenience is to paypal me your pledge at rickele (AT) gmail (DOT) com, and then indicate on your pledge that you are paying by cash/check. I promise to deliver your pledge in full ASAP, and at the end of the week, I'll indicate all of your pledges as "paid" so that your gifts will be sent out among the earliest to go out.

For any international pledges, I'll be personally sending those gifts out because the UC Davis mail system might just sit and wait indefinitely otherwise.

Look here later, and I'll give you the complete track-list of the AFS:LISA 09-10 comp....


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AFS v. 263 ~ A Cloud Hangs Over Me

This week in AFS...

* Here Comes a Big Black Cloud! live in Studio A!
* Hornet Leg live in Studio A!
* Mucho Columbus content
* Warming you up a lit'l for KDVS' annual on-air fundraiser

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HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD! | Shitty Vibrations | Live in Studio A,rec'd 04/07/10
HORNET LEG | Savage | Live in Studio A,rec'd 04/07/10
HORNET LEG | Covered in Blood
HORNET LEG | Ribbon of Fear
HORNET LEG | title unknown
HORNET LEG | Bleed the Blood
HORNET LEG | Night of the Phantom
HORNET LEG | title unknown
GUINEA WORMS | Drunk In Your Uggs | Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) | Columbus Discount *new
V-3 | Girl in a Room | Negotiate Nothing | Ropeburn 1992
THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS | Bottle Island | split 7" w/ Monster Truck 5 | Datapanik 1991
RON HOUSE | Statues Lose | Blind Boy in the Backseat | Columbus Discount *forthcoming (orig 1986)
MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS | Aliens in Our Midst [The Twinkeyz] | split 7" w/ Screamin' Mee-Mees | New World of Sound 1996
EGO SUMMIT | Illogical | The Room Isn't Big Enough | Old Age/No Age 1997
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT | Bleak Vacations | Acid Tape CS | Fan Death *new
THE BASSHOLES | Haunted Hill/20-20 Vision | Haunted Hill | In the Red 1995
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | I'm a Nice Guy Now | I'm a Nice Guy Now 7" | Cass *new
THE LAMPS | Salvation Road [The Kinks] | The Role of the Dogcatcher... 7" | Fan Death *new
CIRCLE X | Albeit Living | untitled 12" EP | Insolito *new (orig 1978)
BASTARD KESTREL | Love Story | Oh Splendid Mushroom | Wiiija 1989
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Wet Cement | Wet Cement 7" | Mexican Summer *new

Okay, gang......I had a good hunch they'd rule, but actually, I was even more impressed with Here Comes a Big Black Cloud! than I thought I'd be. Even despite jettisoning a keyboardist that certainly seems to add something to the forthcoming LP!

To relate them on a Sacto level is easy 'cos they really seem like a band that grew up getting geeked about the Yah Mos and Pope Smashers. Do you remember seeing the Phantom Limbs on certain nights where they ruled--such as that one time at Primo's Swiss Club--but then you listened to them on record and wondered WTF?!? It sounds kinda like Big Black Cloud had that revolution in their own mind, and their upcoming LP is the antidote to that disappointment. This band is smack-you-in-the-face good. The bass and guitar interplay is really cool. The singer slams Dayquil and shouts from the gut 'til totally raw 'n raspy, but still strong. And the drummer is one beastly bulwark who hits incredibly hard and never goes sideways.

When they come back in a few months to tour in support of their upcoming Dark Ages LP (hopefully if their plans pan out), West Coasters...you gotta see 'em! This LP is by far their most accomplished record. Fans of bands like Strip Mall Seizures and Death to Pigs who also nod toward the more rapid, spastic moments of Birthday Party should certainly watch here for more information on this record...
(two previous releases including their debut 7" and Party Vietnam 10" are available there now. There's a split 7" w/ Tiny Knives just out which is also worth picking up, but that's not there yet.)

Hornet Leg was pretty cool, too. They played as a primal garagey two-piece drum/guitar thing. That dude Chris is a good enough guitarist with a tone impeccable enough to pull it off by himself. But I like the sound of the full band on last year's K Records LP most of all.

Next week I come asking for money. It's the only week every year where KDVS asks their listeners for help. We send you back dollar-for-dollar value in gifts. This year's gifts include World's Lousy With Ideas goodies from Almost Ready Records, and much more. My special gift will be a CDR compilation of the highlights of the last 12 months' worth of Live in Studio A recordings here at KDVS, including killer cuts from XYX, Ratas del Vaticano, Black Time, Slippery Slopes, Pigeon Religion, etc. Any pledge over $25 gets it. KDVS needs to hit a goal of $60,000. I'm aiming for $1000 during my two hours. Thank you for your support, y'all!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AFS v. 262 ~ Killed by Unknown

This week in AFS...

* here comes a big wave of PDX fun party bands down I-5!
* putting out an APB for Fort Wayne(?) 80s punkers, Twisted Value
* a two-part study in squelching knuckle-scraping agonizing doom-punk!
* mellifluous 'n effluent west coast posi-endometriosis overflow...EAT IT, BOYS!

Download this program within two months at this link...
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CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
, if you have a slower/20th century connection
STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)

EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Tuning Out | Rush To Relax | Goner *new
G. GREEN | Gay 90's | live on KDVS, 12/09
EAT SKULL | Jerusalem Mall | Jerusalem Mall 7" | Woodsist 2010
PATRIOTIC WINDOW KLINGS | Rabid Shoes | Guitargument CS | Speed Tapes 2009
HORNET LEG | Savage | Ribbon of Fear | K Records 2009
HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD! | Fancy Fux | self-titled LP | TBD *forthcoming
WIZZARD SLEEVE | Post-Natal Pre-Death | split 7" w/ Static Static | Jeth-Row *new
USELESS EATERS | Death View | Panic Attack 7" | Jeth-Row *new
TWISTED VALUE | H20 | Legal Murder 7" | Weasle 1985?
THE ENDTABLES | They're Guilty | self-titled 12" | Drag City *new
TYVEK | Where Were You? [the Mekons] | Skyin' | ExBx *new
ASBESTOS ROCKPYLE | Another War Song | Industrial Religion 7" | Warpt 1984
DRUNKS WITH GUNS | Drug Problem | Second Verses | Intellectual Convulsion 1990
PIGEON RELIGION | Rust | Crystallized Meth 7" | Video Disease *new
PIGEON RELIGION | Dust/Rust | live on KDVS, 07/09
THE LAMPS | Niels Bohr | Niels Bohr 7" | Dull Knife *new
DRUNKDRIVER | Quality of My Life | self titled | Load *forthcoming???
BURNING WITCH | The Bleeder | split CD w/ Goatsnake | Hydra Head 2000
PUSSYGUTT | Gathering Strengths/Spirit Walker | Gathering Strengths | Olde English Spelling Bee 2009
COLOR RABBIT | Wandering in Museums | split CS w/ Tretetam | Ikuisuus *new
TRETETAM | Shady Grove Freewheel Baptist | split CS w/ Color Rabbit
PSYCHIC REALITY | Sela/Seeing-Eye Lion | split LP w/ L.A. Vampires | Not Not Fun *new
POCAHAUNTED | Save Yrself (It's Nice) | Make it Real | Not Not Fun *new
LOW RED CENTER | Momentary Switch | Momentary Switch 7" | Answering Machine *new
UMBERTO | Dream Sequence | From the Grave... | Permanent *new

Get ready, Sacto/Yolo KDViateS! Here's a couple live shows you oughta attend...

Here Comes a Big Black Cloud! and Hornet Leg live @ KDVS in Studio A
Wednesday, April 7 at 9pm, by invite only (RSVP me at rickele(AT)gmail(DOT)com)
Total strangers, get in touch...I just need everyone RSVP so I can know how much staff I need on-hand. There are rules relating to staff-to-guest ratios. Free show, donations welcome. Live recording will be aired on a future AFS. Your hooting 'n hollering will take the place of awkward dead air between songs. It'll hardly sound contrived because these bands are surely a ton of fun.

Also, on Saturday, April 10...
KDVS Presents @ The Hub
1819 23rd Street in Sacramento
(between R and S Streets)

Eat Skull, Nice Dresses II, and Pistol Pete!

This five-song 7" from Twisted Value is one of the most mysterious punk/HC records in the 7" vinyl stacks at KDVS...

It's not on the Indiana page on the Collectorscum.com "Discography of the American New Wave", but if it were, I believe it'd say...

Twisted Value Fort Wayne
- Legal Murder / I'm Sick of You // Social Outcast / H20 / You Give Me Lice 7" Weasle, 198?
Delightfully frantic yet plodding methodical slop-core driven by peculiarly rhythmic syllabic delivery, nervous vocal intonation, and skeletal HC bleat. Compare to Georgia's Vex, perhaps?-RE

Our copy has no pic sleeve. The only notes on the inner label besides song titles and times and Weasle Records are...
* Words & Music by Twisted Value
* Produced by Twisted Value
* Recorded at Omnisound Studios, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

The record was added to the KDVS library in July of 1985, but there's nothing else to indicate the date of release.

Can anyone please comment about the origin of the record or the band Twisted Value? There are a couple of comp-worthy songs on here, so it's strange that I can't find anything else about them on the internet. Please get in touch...THANKS!