Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AFS v. 314 ~ Juices Loose

This week in AFS...

* 1995 prices on 7" records!
* a 2-week build-up of new acquisitions!
* reissues of down-under rock history ratchet up!
* the battle of Euro teen punk bands is not so one-sided!
(i.e., The Pupils are contenders!)

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FUNGUS BRAINS | Car Accident | Ron Pistos Real World | Load *new (orig 1983)
HUMAN EYE | Junkyard Heart | They Came from the Sky | Sacred Bones *new
RED MASS | Suicide | Suicide 7" | Certified PR *new
HEAVY CHAINS | Stoned Stripper | A Very Real Hell | The Broadway to Boundary *new
THE PUPILS | Destroy | self-titled | Les Disques Steak *new
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Empty Trash Bag | Dissolve Me | Kill Shaman *new
JERUSALEM & THE STARBASKETS | Similar Cog | DOST | De Stijl *new
NACHO BUSINESS | Spend the Night | Spend the Night 7" | Sacramento *new
NODZZZ | (Low) ENERGY | Innings | Woodsist *new
THE AXEMEN | Creaky Back Stairs | Three Virgins 2xLP | Siltbreeze *new (orig 1985)
VACUUM | Kicks | Kicks 7" | Siltbreeze *new (orig 1978)
THE PETTICOATS | I'm Free [The Who] | untitled 7" | Bla-Bla-Bla 1980
THE PHEROMOANS | News Agent Hop | My Mind is on the Anti-Climb | OneC *new
BAD DRUMLIN GRASS | All Night Long | All Night Long 7" | Milvia Son *new
JAKI JAKIZAWA | Period Fart | Can You Feel the Juices? | Milvia Son *new
BLACK PUS | The Wicked West | Primordial Pus | Load *new
FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS | Hang the Goat | Hang the Goat 7" | Going Underground *new
RUBBLE | Tom of Midland | The Farewell Drugs | Latino Bugger Veil *new
PINK REASON | Here On In | Shit in the Garden | Siltbreeze *new
WEYES BLOOD & THE DARKER JUICES | Candyboy | The Outside Room | Not Not Fun *new
NÜ SENSAE | Tea Swamp Park/Gumbo | Tea Swamp Park 7" | Fast Weapons *new
WHITE LUNG | Aristocrat | Clown Life split tour 7" w/ Nü Sensae | Deranged/Nominal *new
ICE AGE | Total Drench | New Brigade | Dais 2011
KILLING JOKE | Complications | self-titled | E'G Records 1980
COÏTUS INT. | I Shouldn't Go | Dead Excitement EP 7" | Bunkerpop *new (orig 1980)
WASP WOMEN | Kill Me | v/a: BART: Bay Area Retrograde Vol. 1 | Dark Entries *new (orig 1980)
DISTANT THUNDER | Tin Soldiers | v/a: BART: Bay Area Retrograde Vol. 1 (orig 1988)
YOU. | Club Vogue and Her Midnight Fantasies | Demonstration | Blind Prophet 2010
VOID VISION | In 20 Years | In 20 Years 7" | Blind Prophet 2010
IN-D | Bastion In-D Stress | Bastion In-D Stress 12" EP | Subway 1988

Hello, fans of traditional punk rock. Tonight's truest 1977 timewarp moment is brought to you by a new band of French teenagers called The Pupils (pictured above). If this hadn't come with a one-sheet, I woulda figured that the emergence of this band was an explanation for the last year-plus of silence from the Anteenagers M.C. family of bands. Nobody plays like this unless they were born in the 60s, right? But incredibly, these boys were born in the 90s! So, while bands like Ice Age make the future of futurepunk look plenty promising (even if tonight's selected cut rips off The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry"), The Pupils have shown they've paid attention to the teachers--The Saints, The Kids, P.V.C.--so they are fit to preserve traditional punk rock with a shrewd less-is-more approach. If you're a fan of those teachers, get this Pupils LP stat(!) 'cos they aced the test!

In the news of the whacked & wild weirdo sounds....

Milvia Son's latest package to arrive at KDVS has everyone here talking. At first, 19-year-old college boys were gushing about the very natural boobs on the cover of the Bad Drumlin Grass 7". But to record nerds twice their age, the truly incredible thing about this record--even while it is a great fun plucky jam and crucial how-to lesson for those about to party and/or get freaky "All Night Long" (those 19-year-olds should really pay close attention to this!)--is that it's FREE(!) with any purchase of any other Milvia Son title(s), or $3ppd (i.e. "free" + $3 shipping) in the U.S.A. (Remember when 7" records used to cost $3ppd?)

If you wanna take advantage of the throw-in offer, I strongly recommend tonight's other Milvia Son selection...Can You Feel the Juices? by Jaki Jakizawa, one of the most noteworthy, unique, and über-fun Krauty jam records since the heyday of Jaki Liebezeit. Relentlessly kinetic and brilliantly paced, the A-side's analog synth acrobatics flip and flutter like a killer bop jazz solo and set moods conducive for so many situations..."baking", "frying" (at least a straight-edged "youth" such as myself might think so), headbanging, fire-dancing, something to drop unsuspectedly on the middle masses who assemble for "Dubstep Night" at college-town pizza parlors, breaking through writer's block...Hell, even sensual seduction, "cleaning the gutters", etc., etc., or yadda yadda yadda. Just have a listen at varying levels of volume and see what it inspires. Play it again and listen in headphones. Jakizawa's relevance totally fits Milvia Son's mission-oriented motto: "Dedicated to Releasing the Finest Vinyl Products for Meditation, Relaxation, and Ego Destruction".

For more details about the free 7" deal plus more info about Jaki Jakizawa, Bad Drumlin Grass, and natural boobs, go here...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AFS v. 313 ~ Tried to Write a Blog About it...But There Was Already a Blog About it!

This week in AFS...

* rawk advisory!
* no sleep 'til feedtime, live in SF!
* Swiss family industrial-strength scuzzpunk!
* the best spawn of the Godflesh generation of bands!
* get pumped for Milk Music's Cruise Your Illusion tour!

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SWIMSUIT | Heart Love [Albert Ayler] | Dolphins 7" | Lifelike *new
CITY CENTER | Modern Love | Redeemer | K Records *new
14 ICED BEARS | Train Song | self-titled | Thunderball 1988
SLAUGHTER JOE | Fall Apart | I'll Follow You Down 12" EP | Creation 1985
SWERVEDRIVER | For Seeking Heat | Mezcal Head | A&M 1993
MILK MUSIC | Fertile Ground | Beyond Living 12" EP | no label 2010
PARTY TIME | Matmos is the Weapon | self-titled | self-released? 2004
LAST OF THE JUANITAS | Smashed by Nothing | In The Dirt | Wäntage USA 2005
LECHEROUS GAZE | Get You Some | Danava/Earthless/Lecherous Gaze 12" | Kemado 2011
HANK IV | Down in the Dumps | III | Siltbreeze 2010
CRAPPY DRACULA | Free Wi-Fi | Fantastic Dracula | Eeefin'/Wrong Foot *new
WHITE LUNG | Wild Failure | It's the Evil | Deranged 2010
NÜ SENSAE | Skull Mecca | TV. Death and the Devil | Nominal 2010
STEEPLES | Enter the Contest/Takeover | singles club 7" | Lemon Session *new
BIG BLACK CLOUD | Killing Time | Dark Age | Stankhouse 2010
ZIG ZAGS | Human Mind | 2nd demo | no label *new
OUTDOORSMEN | Tell Your Folks I'm a Goner | Tell Your Folks I'm a Goner 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
ACID BABY JESUS | Hospitals | Hospitals 7" | Slovenly *new
JACK OF HEART | Eureka | Eureka 7" | Slovenly *new
THE B-LINES | Psychedelic High School | self-titled | Deranged/Nominal *new
THE SHRAPNELLES | Desert Furs | Asscalibur 7" | HoZac *new
THE SAILORS | Let's Go Chromin' | Guilty Pleasure Blues 7" | Aarght! *new
KNIFE FIGHT | Give Up | Hobbies 7" | Aarght! *new
FEEDTIME | Buffalo Bob [King Snake Roost] | split 7" w/ King Snake Roost | Aberrant 1987
HYGIENE | Done Before | Public Sector | La Vida es un Mus *new
SHATTER | Little Man | Each Moment 7" | Fuck Far Out Political 1990
MERCURY 4°F | Tinnitus/Roaring Dub | Phased | Suggestion 1997
MERCURY 4°F | Little Red Book [Bacharach]
DEEP | Anyway | Drinkdeepdreams 7" | Suggestion 1995
SPLINTERED | Exercise in Denial | Smokescreen 7 " | Suggestion 1996
HEADBUTT | Fuelled Up and Ready to Burn | split 7" w/ Headbutt Noise System | Suggestion 1996
HEADBUTT | Saint Eileen | Danger Ice 10" | Petty Bourgeois Broadcasts 1996
MATTRESS | Lost and Found | Low Blows | Malt Duck 2010

This awesome/funny video of Red Fang--the much-hyped quantity of heavy rawk riffage with ex-members of Portland's Last of the Juanitas and Party Time--has been getting passed around a lot lately. These bands never set out to reinvent rock 'n' roll, but they were tremendous and fun every time I saw 'em play live. Now that there's a fast-growing brigade of neck-tattooed bro-dawgs singing Red Fang's praises, I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta enjoy them from a comfortable distance. Or is there an antidote I can take? At least Red Fang are making the best shotgunningest beer-soaked videos. This one's been going around for a while...

...but there's another one, and you can only see it at the Monster Energy website(!?!?!)...
(You can get over the shame!)

But y'know who's the best maker of pump-up-jams today???


Rising from Seattle/Olympia and the ashes of Catatonic Youth, they are exceedingly likable, totally 90s yet timeless, and achieve a very high quotient of melodic and rockin'. You can hear obvious strains of anthemic indie-rock a'la Guided By Voices with a guitar style that's raised a few ludes to Dino Jr. level, AND it seems like the guitarist cultivated a serious Hendrix appreciation via Greg Sage of The Wipers (check the nifty chord voicings that enhance the expressiveness of these riffs!).

They played the best show that no one saw in Sacto last year. It was just me and members of the other bands, punching each other as hard as possible in their guts in time to the riffs. Yes, that's how much this band gets you pumped. It's almost as if somebody commissioned Bob Pollard to revamp his own songs to provide bumper music for sports broadcasts or X Games montages, and pulled it off in the best way possible. I wish I could listen to it at the gym.

Here are some links for Milk Music listening...

Let these guys get you pumped when they come to your city!

Milk Music - Cruise Your Illusion tour

May 23 - Olympia, WA
May 24 - Portland, OR
w/ Arctic Flowers
May 25 - Davis, CA @ Davis Bike Collective, 1221½ 4th Street
w/ Squidz & Burgers $5
May 26 - San Francisco @ The Hemlock
w/ Nodzzz and Doors US
May 27 - Oakland @ The Swamp
w/ Face the Rail $5
May 28 - Fullerton @ Burger records - early show
May 29 - Phoenix, AZ @ Inner City Youth Center
w/ Nü Sensae, White Lung, Nihilism
May 30 - Phoenix @ Revolver Records - early show
May 31 - El Paso @ Lips
w/ Nü Sensae, White Lung 18+ $5
June 1-6 - Austin TX (Chaos in Tejas)
June 7 - Houston, TX @ TBA
w/ Black Congress, Chest Pain
June 8 - New Orleans, LA @ Hey Cafe
June 9 - Gainsville, FL @ Common Grounds (on the floor)
w/ Nü Sensae, White Lung, Diet Cokeheads, Plastic Plastic
June 10 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 Flat Shoals
w/ White Lung/Nü Sensae/Wymyns Prysyn/Bukkake Boys
June 11 - Charlotte, NC
June 12 - Richmond, VA - TBA
June 13 - Baltimore, MD w/Sewn Leather
June 14 - Philly, PA - @ Kungfu Necktie, 1248 N Front Street
w/ Birds of Maya, Home Blitz $8
June 15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro's
w/The Men, Nude Beach, Marsh Hens
June 16 - NYC - Day Off
June 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Bruar Falls w/TBA
June 18 - Pittsburg, PA @ Gooski's
w/ Puffy Areolas, Slices
June 19 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave
w/ Puffy Areolas, Vile Gash, Brainkiller
June 20 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
w/ Puffy Areolas
June 21 - Michigan TBA
June 22 - Chicago, IL - Day: @ Permanent Records, Night: Waterworks w/TBA
June 23 - St. Louis, MO - TBA
June 24 - Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
w/ US Beefheart, Mouthbreaker 21+
June 25 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
w/ Cardiac Arrest
June 26 - Provo, UT @ The Compound, 166 South 100 West
w/ Big Trub
June 27 - Idaho - Help?

Check here for updates.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AFS v. 312 ~ SS! You're the New Promotion

This week in AFS...

* starring Scott Soriano as special guest
* commemorating 10 years of SS Records history
* the SS vault of demos & unreleased material is unlocked
* summer festival season begins with Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XI, Sat 5/14
* ...and continues with SS Ten in San Francisco from Fri 5/20 to Sun 5/22

Download this program within 365 days at this link...
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or STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night.

R. STEVIE MOORE | I Just Want to Feel You | Everything... | New Rose 1985
R. STEVIE MOORE | Don't Blame the Niggers | Delicate Tension | HP Music 1979
NOBUNNY | (Do the) Fuck Yourself | First Blood | Goner 2010
NOTHING PEOPLE | Twinkie Defense | live on KDVS 04/13/2006
BLUTT | Non, Pas Encore | demo
THE CIGARETTES | 1979 | unreleased
LENZ | Leaving | forthcoming 7-inch
HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE | Fog | Fog b/w Das 7" | SS Records 2007
KANIA TIEFFER | Treat Me Like a Dog | v/a: Tête De Bébé | SS Records 2006
LOW RED CENTER | Panic Roll | self-titled CDR | Instincto 2008
THE INTELLIGENCE | The Give Up | demos
THE LAMPS | An Irrational Fear of Sailors | live on KXLU, unreleased
SIGHTINGS | I Feel Like a Porsche | Michigan Haters | SS Records *new (orig 2002)
KARATE PARTY | title unknown | unreleased
DRAGIBUS | O Dragao Magico | demo
UNNATURAL HELPERS | Black Mark | demo
HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES | Obliging Macon Middle | Arriere Garde 1st test press (left off final record)
THE GEEKS | Parade | demo
PRISONERS GOGO BAND | Multinational Company | forthcoming LP
FRUSTRATION | Wait | very rough demo
A FRAMES | DDDgenerate | unreleased
THE ELECTRIC GUITARS | Le Monde Blanc | demo
CRASH NORMAL | So Sure | demo
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | Skip Simmons | unreleased
OZZIE | So Stupid | live version
FEEDTIME | Curtains | Shovel | Aberrant 1986

The summer festival season begins in a big way during these next two weeks in Northern California...

KDVS Presents reminds you that our eleventh Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom all-day festival restores freedom-rock to Plainfield Station--in the boonies between Davis and Woodland--this Saturday, May 14, with performances by the living legend R. Stevie Moore, plus the irrepressible NoBunny and the greatest lineup of local Sacto/Davis-area talent we've ever assembled (including Zach Hill, Charles Albright, Alak, Appetite, and Ellie Fortune, plus a special performance at the 2pm kickoff by the UC Davis Samba School (and much more!)). $10 advance tickets are on-sale now at the Delta of Venus in Davis, Phono Select Records in Sacramento, and HERE via PayPal. This is the most ambitious we've ever been, flying out the godfather of home-taping just for this one event.

And the following weekend in San Francisco, tonight's special guest on AFS, KDVS DJ emeritus and SS Records honcho Scott Soriano celebrates 10 years of his impeccable record label with the SS Ten showcase. To buy tickets or for more info, check out...

Friday, May 20
@ Bottom of the Hill
A Frames**
Hank IV
Charles Albright
w/ dj Mitch Cardwell

Saturday, May 21
@ Bottom of the Hill
Nothing People
Wounded Lion
w/ dj Ryan Wells

Sunday, May 22
@ Hemlock Tavern
The Mantles
3 Toed Sloth
+ record swap at 4pm
(showtime is 6pm)

** reunion of original lineup of Erin, Min, and Lars/last show ever
* flying from Australia for just one show only!

You are a very lucky Northern Californian music fan in 2011.

Tailor-made for NoBunny or The Spits to cover?

2/3 of the original A Frames lineup

feedtime live

later vintage

from the 1st album

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

AFS v. 311 ~ Hey, Man...Is That Freedom Rock?

This week in AFS...

* KDVS presents Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XI fest in 2 weeks!
* R. Stevie Moore + NoBunny + the best local lineup = slamdunk!
* And the nominees for band that sounds most like The Fall are...
* Goodbye to The Hub :(

Download this program within 365 days at this link...
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CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

or STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night.

R. STEVIE MOORE | He's Nuts | Glad Music | New Rose 1986
R. STEVIE MOORE | Jesus Rocks | (1952-19??) | Cordelia 1987 (orig 1978)
THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE | Axeman | Sons of Stone | HoZac *new
THE COSMONAUTS | Dorothy | self-titled | Permanent *new
14 ICED BEARS | Spangle | self-titled | Thunderball 1988
ENGLISH SINGLES | Daydream | Splashing Past the Action CDR | self-released *new
BITCH PREFECTS | Holiday in America | Marilyn Monroe 7" | R.I.P. Society *new
DANA JEWELL | Wants | Wants 7" | Underwater Peoples *new
THE MANTLES | Raspberry Thighs | Raspberry Thighs 7" | SDZ *new
DALAI LAMAS | I Lost You | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac *new
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | Scum Revolution | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac *new
RED MASS | Drink My Blood | Hookup Klub 7" | HoZac *new
THE ONIONS | Gimme Smut | self-titled CDR+DVD | Certified PR *new
ALUMINUM KNOT EYE | Still Cleaning That Same Grease Trap | Singles Club 7" | Lemon Session *new
PREDATOR | Archetype | self-titled | Douche Master *new
LE FACE | Nothing Cult | split 7" w/ DVA Damas | Psychic Handshake *new
USELESS EATERS | Hear See | Cheap Talk | Tic Tac Totally *new
B-LINES | In the Red | self-titled | Deranged/Nominal *new
BURNING SENSATION | Brainfucker/Bloodstains/Terminal Decay | self-titled | Vertex *new
ALPS | Calling God on the Telephone | Alps of New South Wails | Past Futures *new
COLOUR BÜK | I'm Approaching You With Romantic Intent | Licht Dinger | Wir Wollen Wulle *new
THE PHEROMOANS | Conviction Street 1 & 2 | My Mind is on the Anti-Climb | Onec *new
SHIT & SHINE | Romantic and Macho at the Same Time | split 7" w/ Expensive Shit | Monofonus Press *new
GIRLS OF PORN | Achieving Nancy Reagan | split 7" w/ Dadfag | no label *new
PLAIN | Cross Eyed Beauty Queen | Cross Face Chicken Wing CDR | no label *new
PER PURPOSE | Right to Green | Heil Progress 7" | Bedroom Suck *new
PALACE OF SWORDS | The White Goddess (Part 1) | self-titled EP | Reverb Worship *new
PUFFY AREOLAS | My Hell | split 12-inch w/ Purling Hiss | Permanent *new
ICON GALLERY | Bored/Lullaby | self-titled | Dear Skull *new
TSUNAMI | Teaser | self-titled | Enigma 1983
NEO CONS | High Anxiety | 6-song 7" | Deranged *new

The legendary R. Stevie Moore rarely plays live anywhere, and he's never played out west before. But in less than two weeks, R. Stevie's coming to play KDVS presents Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XI, and NoBunny's coming, too! Plus, a killer lineup of local Sacramento-area bands and artists that's surely the
best local lineup of any O:RMF yet, including Zach Hill and AFS fave Charles Albright.

This is happening on Saturday, May 14, in the park-like backyard of Plainfield Station, 23944 County Road 98 in Woodland, just a couple miles north of Davis city limits surrounded by millions of acres of farmland. The show starts at 2:00pm with the incredible UC Davis Samba School and ends at 10pm.

Advance tickets are only $10 and available via PayPal AT THIS LINK HERE, or at Phono Select Records at 2312 K Street in Sacramento. Tickets are $15 at the door the day of the show.

Okay, R. Stevie fans....Don't wait for him to come to your town. You gotta come to ours if you wanna see him this time. This is a special fly-in event...not a tour!

What to bring to O:RMF XI fest...

a car-load of friends
blanket to spread out on the lawn
extra cash for food and beer
extra cash for band merchandise
a major appetite for the 1.0 lb + bacon & cheese Plainfield burger!

Don't worry about sunscreen. We've got tons.

This is worth a drive from the Bay Area, especially.
Don'tcha know that May is one of the few times every year when this valley has better weather than the Bay Area? Dress for summer heat in the mid-80s, and bring one or two sensible layers for the last couple of bands after dusk falls.

Nevermind Googlemaps. Here's the directions from the Bay...

(1) Take I-80 east toward Sacto
(2) After passing Dixon, merge into rightmost lane
(3) Take Hwy 113 North cut-off toward Woodland
(4) Exit at Road 29; turn right at end of exit onto Road 29
(5) Turn right at 2nd stop sign onto Road 98....and park!
We'll be right by that corner.

From Sacto...

(1) Take I-80 west toward San Francisco
(2) As you pass downtown Davis, merge into the rightmost lane
(3) Take Hwy 113 North cut-off toward Woodland
(4) Exit at Road 29; turn right at end of exit onto Road 29
(5) Turn right at 2nd stop sign onto Road 98....and park!
We'll be right by that corner.

From the north...

(1) Take I-5 south toward Sacto
(2) In Woodland, take the Hwy 113 South cut-off toward Davis
(3) Exit at Road 29; turn right at end of exit onto Road 29
(4) Turn right at 2nd stop sign onto Road 98....and park!
We'll be right by that corner.

Full ORMF XI fest lineup and other details are here...