Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AFS v. 218 ~ Raising the Q.Q. Quotient

A couple weeks ago, I reported that The Intelligence had fired back at Eat Skull to tip off undie-rock's first significant West Coast Battle. But now that April has seen the release of two new albums by the Intelligence, is it possible that Lars Finberg's gang is aiming next for Dan Melchior in a battle to determine who can maintain the highest quality of records while ratcheting up the quantity at the same time? How do these marvels do it? Crepuscule with Pacman is out only on vinyl from France's Born Bad label, so if any USA distros nab some more copies, you better swoop fast. If you are a fan of the bedroom-recorded sound of Boredom & Terror like I am, I'm sure you'll enjoy this LP immensely as it's similar in spirit and sound. I love these whacked, yet laconically paced songs that convey so much weariness and dread for a partyhardy non-stop lifestyle. It's like, "I know I should stop!" World, please stop spinning! I need to lay down and get normal for a minute. Just like how Lindsay Lohan must feel sometimes. Then you try to have normal thoughts, but cloudy memories of afterparty dramas turn into nightmares, and focusing on the daily doldrums of ordinary life ("Meetings") is no less frightening, so you escape into fantasies about witches in outer space ("Witch in Outer Space", doi!). If not a timeless classic (which this might be, but Fake Surfers certainly is), then it's perfect for these kindsa situations. I also imagine Crepuscule with Pacman will come in handy in the summer dog days when I'm lying down on the couch with the thermostat set at 82° waiting for the A/C to blow.

Download this program within two months at this link...
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EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Sometimes | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 7 7" | Almost Ready *new
THE INTELLIGENCE | The Beetles | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8 12" | Almost Ready *new
THE INTELLIGENCE | Conference Call | v/a: Puget Power 5 7" | Regal Select *new
THE INTELLIGENCE | Witch in Outer Space | Crepuscule with Pacman | Born Bad *new
CHEVEU | Like a Deer in the Headlights | Like a Deer in the Headlights 7" | Born Bad *new
THE PINK NOISE | Gold Light | Gold Light 7" | Sacred Bones *new
PLASTIKTANZ | Ende | v/a: 2 Hemden & 2 Hosen vol 6 7" | Kernkrach *new (orig 1979)
RIGHT THANT | So Hot | He Wants to Meet Me 7" | no label *new
NOTHING PEOPLE | Stick in the Mud | Late Night | S-S Records *new
TYVEK | Summer Things | Blessed 7" | Les Disques Steak *new
THEE OH SEES | Rainbow | Help | In The Red *new
THEE OH SEES | Schwag Rifles | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8
DEAD GHOSTS | She Likes It | split 7" w/ Smith Westerns | Bachelor *new
GHOST HOSPITAL | Religious Bias in Nursery Rhymes | D+ 7" | Teen Ape *new
SONNY & THE SUNSETS | Death Cream | Love & Death 7" | Soft Abuse *new
JACUZZI BOYS | The Countess | split 7" w/ Woven Bones | Needless *new
BEWARE OF THE KNIGHT | She Spoke of Ships | Cool for the Time Bean CDR | no label *new
ART LESSING | Season | The Plastic Couch CDR | Electric Eggplant 2006
DADAMAH | Nicotine | Nicotine 7" | Majora 1992
ROY MONTGOMERY | Just Melancholy | 324 E. 13th Street #7 | Drunken Fish 1999
ALASTAIR GALBRAITH | Marcasite Lace | Morse | Siltbreeze/Xpressway 1992
SYD BARRETT | No Man's Land | The Madcap Laughs | Harvest/EMI 1970 *request
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | O! Anxiety | Thankyou Very Much 2xLP | S-S Records *new
BLANK DOGS | Blue Lights | Under and Under | In The Red *new
ABEDECARIANS | Benway Carnival | Smiling Monarchs 12" | Factory 1985
THE WAKE | Patrol | Harmony | Factory 1982
LIAISONS DANGEREUSES | Mystère dans le Brouillard | Los Niños del Parque 7" | Mute 1982
PORTION CONTROL | Sort Out | I Staggered Mentally | In Phaze 1982
SCORN | Stairway | Gyral | Scorn 1996
THE INTELLIGENCE | South Bay Surfers | Fake Surfers | In The Red *new
AMON DÜÜL II | Eye Shaking King | Yeti | Liberty 1970
ZENI GEVA | Honowoh/Sweetheart | Honowoh/Sweetheart 7" | Baby Huey 1991
TANKARD | Total Addiction | Chemical Invasion | Combat 1987
SODOM | Ausgebombt | Agent Orange | Steamhammer 1989 *request

Wish I was there...

The night will belong to microphones if you eat this breakfast for dinner...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AFS v. 217 ~ The Money Will Roll Right In (won't it?)

Thanks to my special guest co-hosts Scott Soriano and Mick Mucus surely kept things lively, plus everyone who called in or logged on to pledge support of Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA.

Download this program by Sunday, April 26 at midnight at this link...
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...otherwise it will become obsolete!

IVY GREEN | I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It
THE GORDONS | Future Shock
BUTTHOLE SURFERS | Butthole Surfer
NOBUNNY (w/ WAX MUSEUMS) | Tina Goes to Work
NOBUNNY (w/ WAX MUSEUMS) | Chuck Berry Holiday
HEAD | I'm Not Like Everybody Else
X | I Don't Wanna Go Out
FANG | The Money Will Roll Right In
CHROME | Chromosome Damage
WAX MUSEUMS | I Eat Vomit (Squeeze Inn edition!)
THE MONKS | Oh, How to Do Now
THE TWINKEYS | Aliens in Our Midst
THE CLEAN | Tally Ho!

If you are a fan of freeform radio and this blog/podcast, will you please call now or donate online? KDVS gives you dollar-for-dollar value in thank-you gifts which you can choose...PLUS, if you donate $25 or more, I will add to any thank-you-gift you choose a special handmade CDR compilation which I've carefully compiled called Cityy Managgers: the best of Live on Art for Spastics plus primo moments of pre-Mayyors bands and side projects.

You must donate before 12:00 midnight on Sunday, April 26 to get this. The easiest way to donate is to pledge online here...

Here's the tracklist w/ commentary...

(1) A.H. KRAKEN "Allen Müller"
(2) A.H. KRAKEN "Black Borny"
(3) A.H. KRAKEN "Drop Sex"
From their brutal, lathery live set @ KDVS, broadcast on 24 Nov, 2008; includes a station ID.

(4) GIFT OF GOATS "Death to the Outsider"
(5) GIFT OF GOATS "Sleeping All Day Long"
(6) GIFT OF GOATS "Live from the Pegasus"
Before the Mayyors formed, bassist Mark played with this Davis-based band that was one of the Sacto area's very best mayhem-bringing live acts. They recorded nine songs with Chris Woodhouse, and all of them made it to vinyl. Tracks 4 & 5 are from the 4-way split LP (with JonnyX & the Groadies, Corpse Fucks Corpse, and Get Get Go) on Omnibus Records. Track 6 is from the 7" on Omnibus. Other GoG members included now-SF-based visual artist Jay Howell (perhaps you've seen his animation series "Forest City Rockers Motorcycle Club" which remains central to the Mayyors' limited web presence), former KDVS GM Justin Kable, singer Mick Mucus, host of longtime KDVS fan-fave show "Hardcore Party: the Chicken Years", who's otherwise known for fronting bands such as Anal Mucus, unkuT:Hunks, Girls Soccer, and Feces Munchers, and Upside Dan, who's been in a number of bands with Mick since their teenage years growing up in Concord, CA.

(7) FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS "Teenage Guerillas"/"Exquisite Corpse"
from live @ KDVS broadcast aired on 7 July, 2008...This young Orange County band really surprised me with their heady sarcasm, early-80s time-capsule sound, and clever arty riffs and arrangements.

(8) WAX MUSEUMS "Claw You Like a Cat"/"Magnet II"/"Tunguska"
(9) WAX MUSEUMS "I Eat Vomit"
(10) WAX MUSEUMS "Mosquito"/"Pyramid"
(11) NOBUNNY "Boneyard"
(12) NOBUNNY "Tina Goes to Work"/"Chuck Berry Holiday"
recorded/broadcast live on KDVS on 18 August, 2008...The Wax Museums blazed through 11 funnypunk anthems with jawdropping precision after playing (and singing) backup for NoBunny perfectly as well. Apparently, the best-tasting vomit comes up a few hours after chowing down a cheese-skirted burger at Sacto's Squeeze Inn.

(13) STANDARD TRIBESMEN "Record Player"
recorded/broadcast live on KDVS on 24 April, 2008...This band was the main vehicle of Mayyors drummer Julian after The Sores just sorta stopped playing and before the Mayyors formed. And the Tribesmen continued until late last year, culminating in an absolutely tremendous and vinyl-ready demo recorded by Chris Woodhouse, who had joined the band on bass for the last few months. This version of the band featured three other KDVS DJs including some splendid sax-work that nobody saw coming from DJ Boomer. Get that guy a new band already! If you plotted The Sonics, the Contortions, and Feedtime on a graph, the Standard Tribesmen are somewhere in between that triangle, shading a bit toward the Sonics' corner.

(16) METH TEETH "Unemployment Forever"
(17) METH TEETH "People Will Say Anything"/"Failures Selected by God"
These are the best three from the 9-song session they laid down live @ KDVS on 5 July, 2008, which sounds like their best recordings yet (pending that Woodsist release I can't wait to hear once it's out!) as it is free of the tape-hiss evident on their 7" and tour cassette.

(18) THE WHINES "Down the 2 Tracks"
(19) THE WHINES "Cut Meat"
(20) THE WHINES "Insane OK"
recorded/broadcast live @ KDVS on 16 March, 2008...The dazzling guitarwork of this Portland band gets a lot more room to breathe here as compared to their 7".

The guitarist and sound architect of the Mayyors recorded this privately at home in 2002. When I heard that 18th Dye was gonna make a record with Steve Albini, I expected it to sound a lot more like this...a killer dreampop wallopper!

(22) SEXY PRISON "Universal Order of 2011"
(23) SEXY PRISON "Without Us Some Guys Would Starve"
Two songs from last summer's most outrageous party record, Filth Flarn Filth. I described this before as clattery dance-party weirdpunk like Cheveu, but only if Etienne traded his guitar for a lithe and lively postpunk bass guitar...plus some wonderfully wacked pop-culture-jam garnish. Many legendary live shows live on in memory. Mayyors singer John first tweaked the Memory Man knobs in this outfit. Woodhouse and Julian add extra percussion on track 22.

From their Feb 2003 demos recorded by Woodhouse, these are the best recorded moments of the band which gave John a broader palette of vocal and performance tricks. Quirky hardcore with plenty of power still intact after the art-damage....sort of a turn-of-the-millenium take on early Saccharine Trust.

* * *

You can donate online at http://fundraiser.kdvs.org/premiums/special/show/artforspastics, and you can pay by cash, check, or credit card. But if you prefer to pay via PayPal, you can indicate "check or cash" and just PayPal me your pledge amount at rickele (AT) gmail (DOT) com. I will immediately instruct your pledge be marked as "paid" so that your thank-you-gifts will be sent ASAP.

$25-40 Donors receive Cityy Managgers in addition to any premium package, such as packages of CDs or KDVS t-shirt (three designs available).

$100 donors receive Cityy Managgers plus host-your-own-show premium or four-hours-studio-time premium with our analog wizard Fenris Wulf (dude is ace!).

$200 donors ($50 less now) receive Cityy Managgers plus I book your band's West Coast tour leg and roadie you around so that you can party like no tomorrow while I keep you safe from dying on the road. Tour must be between late August and mid-December, up to one week in length, and you provide van. Also, I pick where we eat, but every band that's used my services in the past will tell you that this is one of the best parts to having me roadie your tour. (Only one band may choose this premium.)

If you need more reasons why to donate...

* Freeform KDVS in my opinion is one of the three best radio stations around, and the only in this echelon that has been student-run for 46 years.

* We need the money....Listener support accounts for two-thirds of our annual budget. Our goal by the end of Sunday night is $60,000. If 2000 pledgers pay an average of $30, we are there. This is one of 100 programs that KDVS has, but as one of the longer-running programs with an international listenership, I think there should be 50 pledges out there to support this to the tune of $1500. I am stating that as my personal goal now.

* It's tax deductible.

* Unlike any fundraiser I've heard of, we thank you with gifts that are a dollar-for-dollar value (and sometimes even more!) for every dollar you pledge. Surely, you've seen other listener or viewer-supported non-commercial media offer a travel coffee mug for $75, right?

* A successful fundraiser validates all of this effort we go through to provide outstanding programming that is streamable and downloadable for your time-killing, office-doldrum-alleviating, music-discovering pleasure. If you must know, I put about 4-6 hours of listening to deliver a two-hour AFS podcast every week.

* If it weren't for KDVS, bands would very likely not even have anywhere to play between the Bay Area and Portland....KDVS Presents books a majority of the good shows around here. We keep Sacto and Davis from becoming more like Fresno and Turlock.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AFS v. 216 ~ TermBo Turf War

Jay-Z vs. Nas...KRS One vs. MC Shan...UTFO vs. Roxanne Shanté vs. The Real Roxanne...All famous East Coast battles. But who remembers the first West Coast battle? Sir Mix-a-Lot vs. The Egyptian Lover! That's right...Before he went top 40 (when his "Square Dance Rap" was an underground dancefloor hit), Sir Mix-a-Lot picked a war with Egyptian Lover in "I'm Trippin'", wherein he touted the technology of his home studio and the supremacy of his Yamaha DMX drum machine over the Lover's Roland 808 (how did his tune change so drastically by "My Posse's on Broadway"?). Egyptian Lover fired back with "E Rap (Holding It Down)" which dispensed with his Kraftwerkian Arabesque brilliance only to reveal himself as a sorrowfully substandard as a serious battle rapper. Has there been a West Coast battle ever since? Maybe, but now we usher in the "TermBo Turf War" between Eat Skull and The Intelligence, and man am I ever caught in between! The dirt's dished down below the playlist...

Download this program within two months at this link...
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CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

DRUNKDRIVER | Knife Day | Knife Day 7" | Fan Death *new
MAYYORS | Metro | Marines Dot Com 7" | Waste of Oil 2008 *request
KARP | Absolutely Fibulous | Suplex | K Records 1995 *request
BRAINBOMBS | Ooh What a Feeling | Fucking Mess | Lystring *new
BURMESE | Kintardgarden | Colony Collapse Disorder 10" | Rock Is Hell *new
SILENTIST | Verdelet | Silentist | Celestial Gang *new
THE BETTER TO SEE YOU WITH | Dainty Bones | The Better to See You With | Celestial Gang *new
A.H. KRAKEN | Ville Électrique | Tatiana | Gaffer/Down Boy *new
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | Body of Love | dbl 7" | Sacred Bones *new
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | Squeeze the Giant
THE PINK NOISE | Prince Charlie's Revenge | Gold Light 7" | Sacred Bones *new
MAGNETIX | hidden track | Positively Negative | Born Bad *new
THE HOSPITALS | Ape Lost | Hairdryer Peace | Meds *new
THE MOLES | Europe by Car | Untune the Sky | Seaside 1991
BIPOLAR BEAR | Algiers | split 10" w/ Talbot Tagora | olFactory *new
WOUNDED LION | Silver People | upcoming LP *request
WOUNDED LION | Carol Cloud | Carol Cloud 7" | SS Records 2008
THE INTELLIGENCE | Pony People [Wounded Lion] | Fake Surfers | In The Red *new
THE BEETS | Why Should I Live If I Don't Fit | Spit in the Face of People Who Don't Want to Be Cool | Captured Tracks *new
EAT SKULL | No Intelligence | Eusta Kill CDR | no label *new
EAT SKULL | Oregon Dreaming | Wild & Inside | Siltbreeze *new *request
HOLE CLASS | True Temper | Hole Class | Meds *new
HOLE CLASS | Place Like All
PLAGAL GRIND | Blackout | Plagal Grind | Xpressway 1990
THE PHEROMOANS | Revamper | Revamper 7" | Convulsive *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | I Don't Want to Be Nice | Dim Are the Lights 7" | Convulsive *new
THEE OH SEES | Meat Step Lively | Help | In the Red *new *request
IDLE TIMES | Whatever Works for You | HoZac Hookup Club 7" | HoZac *new
WET HAIR | Radio Machines/Gold Chains | Dream | Not Not Fun *new
NAKED ON THE VAGUE | Chitty Chat | Chitty Chat 7" | Sacred Bones *new
ZOLA JESUS | Said the White Rabbit | Tsar Bomba | Troubleman Unlimited *new

The latest West Coast battle must have begun with the 2008 release of the Dead Families 7" by Eat Skull which included the song "No Intelligence", and a cover drawing depicting a jumbo jet clipping the Seattle Space Needle with its wing. Back when all us thirtysomethings weren't all on Facebook, I left a comment on The Intelligence MySpace profile suggesting that this was a possible challenge. Intelligence main man Lars Finberg replied, "Gee...I hope not! I can't stop thinking about how great that album [Eat Skull's Sick to Death] is."

Relations seemed totally peachy when Lars and Suzanne roadtripped to Portland to celebrate his birthday by catching Eat Skull live at the Twilight Lounge with The Mayyors, Psychedelic Horseshit, and Fabulous Diamonds. Much shitgaze-related heckling was volleyed back and forth, but it was all good-natured and well-timed in the wake of the Portland Mercury alt-weekly trying to appropriate the term as if it were a honest-to-goodness musical genre.

Fast forward to April 2008, and the new Intelligence album--Fake Surfers--has been newly released on In the Red. Anyone who called last year's Deuteronomy a dud for sounding "too boring" (I thought it was pretty good, but I know that I heard a few such grumbles from the jaded and overstimulated) should be very pleased with this record. It certainly is more exciting...varied, yet cohesive. Most of the riffs and rhythms are more aggressive than anything on Deuteronomy, and there's a good balance between live-band-energy (e.g., "Thank God for Fixing the Tape Machine" and a re-recorded "Debt & E.S.P."), breezy melodies (such as "Warm Transfers"), and songs with that 4-tracky bedroom sound of Boredom & Terror (like "South Bay Surfers" with its vibe-hexing warped orbits of elliptical polyrhythms). "Saint Bartolomeu" sorta reminds me of those mid-period Severed Heads songs that enfolded pure pop perfection in layers of texture, sine-wave scribble, and sampled voices. Fake Surfers certainly joins the race with Eat Skull's Wild & Inside for best record of 2009. And it deploys the most pointed attack with a song entitled "Fuck Eat Skull"! The story's even juicier when you consider how The Intelligence claimed drummer Beren off the wire after Eat Skull unceremoniously waived her in the midst of a nationwide tour after she put in two weeks notice.

I'm sure it's all just for kicks n' giggles, though...These bands are still good friends, I'm sure....No matter how I try to look for some drama in these lyrics, "Fuck Eat Skull" isn't actually about Eat Skull. And "No Intelligence" is about a literal lack of intelligence, as in know-how, mental aptitude, n'at....not the band. In fact, I seem to recall bringing the Space Needle thing and the song title up to Eat Skull, and they said it was completely coincidental. And as much as Beren's bombastic power and pocket-burrowing rhythm has helped make the most recent Intelligence live shows the most effective yet, Eat Skull's new songs are perfectly complimented by the primal style of Kyle. It all works out in the end for everybody who buys these records and enjoys the shows and savors the memories. And there should be plenty of new ones made as The Intelligence embark on their Crimping Our Coast tour...

Apr 13 in Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore
Apr 14 in Bellingham, WA @ Nightlight
Apr 15 in Olympia, WA @ the Clipper
Apr 16 in Eureka, CA @ Accident Gallery
Apr 17 in San Francisco, CA @ Annie's Social Club
Apr 18 in Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
Apr 19 in San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
Apr 20 in Isla Vista, CA @ the Biko Garage
Apr 21 in Sacramento, CA @ Luigi's Fungarden
Apr 22 in Oakland, CA @ the Stork Club
Apr 24 in Portland, OR @ East End
Apr 25 in Seattle, WA @ Wild Rose
***and then onto Europe***
Apr 30 in Nancy @ L'Autre Canal
May 1 in Bruxelle @ Bunker
May 2 in Evreux @ L'Abordage
May 4 in Toulouse @ Le Saint des Seins
May 5 in Nantes @ Live Factory
May 6 in Roubais @ Cave Aux Poetes
May 7 in Chalons sur Saone @ La Peniche
May 8 in Limoges @ Woodstock Boogie Bar
May 9 in Clermont Ferrant @ La Cooperatice de Mai
May 10 @ TBA
May 11 in Strasbourg @ Molodoi
May 13 in Paris @ Point Ephemere
May 14 in Bordeaux @ TBA
May 15 in Orleans/Bergerac @ TBA
May 16 in Poitier @ Comfort Moderne
May 18 - 23 TBA
May 24 Off/Travel
May 25 in Tolosa, ESP @ Bomberena
May 26 in Madrid @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
May 27 in Barcelona @ Side Car
May 28 in Valencia @ Magazine Club
May 29 Off/Travel
May 30 in Beauvais @ Festival Mixed Up
May 31 in Rennes @ Le Sambre
Jun 1 in Korttrijk @ Vlas Vegas Festival
Jun 2 in Anvers @ Bar Mundial
Jun 3 TBA
Jun 4 in Stockholm @ Boat Music Festival
Jun 5 in Stockholm @ Club
Jun 6 in Oslo @ Gloria Flames
Jun 7 in Copenhagen @ Loppen
Jun 8 TBA
Jun 9 TBA
Jun 10 in Koln @ Sonic Ballroom
Jun 11 in Amsterdam @ Paradiso
Jun 12 in Harlem @ Patronnat
Jun 13 in Tours @ Aucard de Tour

In other Eat Skull news, Meds has just issued an LP of the Hole Class cassette which Rob recorded with Beth from Times New Viking while he was living in Ohio between The Hospitals' Employer Destroyers tour and moving to Portland and founding Eat Skull. Yeah, that tape was my first inkling that Rob had any knack for pop songwriting. Before that, I mainly knew him as my favorite x-factor in various free-flailing improv bands and noise groups (Gang Wizard, Vholtz, Hale Zukas, Horse Dwarves, etc.), although I also remember the time I saw him play a Davis house-show leading a band called Creepy Crawly Claw, who did the best "Sex Bomb" cover I've ever heard or witnessed. He did a handstand on top of a ratty keyboard with spindly little legs and walked on the ceiling of Mick Mucus' Charred Dog House before falling on his head. I thought for sure that he was injured, but he popped right back up with the mic clenched in his teeth.

I'm so glad to see that Hole Class make it to vinyl after all this time. If you can imagine how Thee Duchess & the Duke might sound with some sweet kiwi-psych damage, then you might be in the ballpark of what this album sounds like. The whole tape is on here, plus some unheard goodies.

Also new from Meds...the first ever CD version of 2008's landmark album by The Hospitals, Hairdryer Peace. Good luck...Meds ain't gotta website. Try your favorite distros. I'm not gonna tell you, or else that's more competition for me. I gotta get these, too!


I'm gonna make volume II of the Live on Art for Spastics compilation CDR featuring bands that have played live here since last year. If you donate $25 or more, you will be thanked by KDVS with a premium package (CDs, records, t-shirt, or ???...you pick!) PLUS the Live on Art for Spastics vol. II CDR! This is very important.....Freeform KDVS is one of the handful of really great radio stations in this world for fans of a wide variety of new and old music, and we rely on listener donations for two thirds of our budget. We only ask for your support one week out of the year, so next week will be your one and only chance to make this fundraiser count for us. We need $60,000 this year. On a more personal note, I want my listeners to contribute $1000 toward this overall effort. This will validate the effort I put into the show on a volunteer basis, which usually amounts to 4-6 hours of listening to new stuff--picking and choosing from lotsa great music on all formats (but lotsa crap, too!), sequencing it effectively for your listening pleasure, and burning the early A.M. oil to post this here blog before waking up at 8:30 to go to my real job that pays the bills so I can buy all these records. Oh, I also teach the class that all the new volunteers must take before they go on the air as trainee DJs at KDVS, and I book and promote several KDVS Presents shows in the Sacto and Davis area as part of a KDVS-led effort to prevent Sacto and Davis from becoming subcultural voidspaces like Fresno and Turlock.

Watch here for an update with the Live on Art for Spastics vol II CDR tracklist once it's complete. And if you wanna donate more than $25, please consider these premium offers....

$100 - host your own hour-long show on KDVS
$100 - four hours studio time with our analog-wizard, Fenris Wulf
$250 - I will book your West Coast tour and roadie your band (up to a week, August through mid-December only, as far south as Mexicali and as far north as Vancouver, BC)

Monday, April 06, 2009

AFS v. 215 ~ feat The Homosexuals (for real this time!)

At last (!), Freeform KDVS have got the mp3 archive back online, so I've decided to replay that live set which The Homosexuals featuring the irrepressible Bruno Wizard recorded here in Studio A on Tuesday, March 23. It starts at the halfway point of this two-hour podcast if you don't have the patience to try some new music on for size. Read all about The Homosexuals' miraculous last-minute Davis house-show in AFS v. 214.

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

ONNA | Mune o Tutunde | 7" | Holy Mountain *new (orig 1983)
SUNNY & THE SUNSETS | Death Cream | Love & Death 7" | Soft Abuse *new
EAT SKULL | Dawn in the Face | Wild & Inside | Siltbreeze *new *request
U.S. GIRLS | Me + Yoko | Me + Yoko 7" | Not Not Fun *new
TUNNELS | Case of the Dreamer | v/a: Post-Alarmist Dracula Safari | Oms-B *new
TEEPEE | Big City Life | Heal 7" | Florida's Dying *new
EAT SKULL | Stick to the Formula (UK Club Banger version) | Eusta Kill CDR | no label *new *request
BLANK DOGS | Calling Over | Seconds 12" EP | Captured Tracks *new
WOODS | Sunlit | Sunlit 7" | Captured Tracks *new
THEE OH SEES | Ruby Go Home | Help | In the Red *new
WOUNDED LION | Silver People | forthcoming LP
TALBOT TAGORA | The Weather Man | split 10" w/ Bipolar Bear | olFactory *new
TYVEK | 9 Bucks | Blunt Instrumentals CS | no label *new *request
TYVEK | Robots, Dogs
HAPPY BURGER | Pizza All Around | Pizza All Around 7" | Douche Master *new
GG KING | In the Terminal | Adult Rock 7" | Douche Master *new
TEENGENERATE | Sex Cow | Smash Hits! | Estrus 1995
X_X | You're Full of Shit | v/a: Killed by Death #9 | Redrum 1979
BLUCK! | Phone Affairs | v/a: Panx Vinyl Zine 01 7" | Panx 1989
L.D.S. | Breeders | On the Cross 7" | Underworld 1985
EAT SKULL | Nuke Mecca | Wild & Inside *request
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Pentecost 2016 | Live at KDVS, recorded March 23, 2009
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Hearts in Exile
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Soft South Africans
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Technique Street
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Vociferous Slam
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Divorce Proceedings from Reality
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Snapshots of Nairobi
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Astral Glamour
THE HOMOSEXUALS | False Sentiment
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Walk Before Imitate
THE HOMOSEXUALS | You're Not Moving the Way You're Supposed to

Here's a special dedication to Jared, who spreads the freeform radio disease at KRCL in Salt Lake City, Utah, and leads a cool band called Kidneys. Some time ago, I told this Massacre Guys fan that my favorite moment of Utah punk history was this little-known band called L.D.S. who released the On the Cross 7" in 1985 and an LP around the same time. It may be fairly generic slop-thrash, but its irreverence and blasphemy sounds pretty revolutionary given the time and location that these boys toiled in. This record was lost in limbo for a while until the "L" shelves were realphabetized here. As you can see, our copy is well-worn.

The L.D.S. LP had a few deathrock flirtations if memory serves me. I could kick myself for selling it back in 2001 when I jettisoned nearly my entire vinyl collection for quick cash after I became a casualty of the dot-com bust. Can anyone help me replace it? Surely, it's a record that few people care about....You'd probably be lucky to get $5 for it. I'll give you $10 at least, even if it's just a VG copy. I'm not a stickler. I just want it to be playable. THANKS! ***UPDATE***...Nevermind! I just nabbed a BuyItNow copy on eBay for $7!