Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AFS v. 222 ~ Philosophically Stoogely

After having just met Mattin as Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra polarized Sacramento--and with KDVS presents Black Dice and Wolf Eyes (with English Singles!) looming ahead (Thursday, May 28 @ Retrofit Studios, 1815 19th Street in Sacto across the street from Safeway)--my mind's not really been on rock and roll. I useta go to so many more noise shows, y'know! Has the noise scene dwindled a bit as underground rock has blossomed again? I'd hafta ruminate on that one for a while, but at least for this week, Art for Spastics is featuring a lot more knob-twiddling and synth-bleating than string-thrashing, and a lot more mechanized beats than drums. The most outstanding exception this week, however, is guitar-god Grady Runyan leading the Liquorball charge, flanked by Steve Mackay, the man who set the bar for saxophonists playing in rock music when he blew on the greatest album of all time, Funhouse by The Stooges. This excerpt is from Evolutionary Squalor, the new album from Liquorball which features two side-long epic psych-rock jams recorded live at Grady's Record Refuge in Ventura, CA. I wish I coulda been there, but this record is a plenty satisfying substitute for the real thing. There's a couple moments of stupendous scorching, and it even flows marvelously during the times when it merely simmers. Here's to hoping that Liquorball and Mr. Mackay make up to Northern California sometime!

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TV GHOST | Prodrome | The Fiend 7" | Columbus Discount *new
THE INTELLIGENCE | I Hear Depression | Fake Surfers | In The Red *new
THE INTELLIGENCE | Intromentals | Crepuscule with Pacman | Born Bad *new
GANGLIANS | Nevermind | Ganglians | Woodsist *new
KAA ANTILOPE | The Break of Day | VPRO RadioNome - April 2 1982 | Enfant Terrible *new
DISTEL | Fand | v/a: Radio Resistencia | Enfant Terrible *new
BROTMAN & SHORT | A League to Destroy All Nations | Rubix Dudes CS | Hardscrabble Amateurs 2008
CRACK: WE ARE ROCK! | Homoerectus | split 12" w/ Wolf Eyes | F-Cute 2001
WOLF EYES | Let the Smoke Rise | Dread | American Tapes/Hanson 2001
WOLF EYES | trk 3 | Slicer | Hanson 2002
BLACK DICE | Chicken Shit | Repo | Paw Tracks *new
BERMUDA TRIANGLES | Human Electric/Sexy Mutants | Giant Squid | CNP *new
LUC VAN ACKER | Buharata | VPRO RadioNome December 18 1981 | Enfant Terrible *new
FNU RONNIES | Watchful Eye | Golem 12" | Night People *new
SWORD HEAVEN | Leave Holes | v/a: The Human Conduct Detox Program | Human Conduct *new
S.P.K. | Despair | Leichenschrei | Thermidor 1982
SIRIUS B | Build Your Children | v/a: The Elephant Table Album | Xtract 1983
CULTURAL AMNESIA | Scars for E | Enormous Savages Enlarged | Klang Galerie *new (orig 1983)
TOMBE EN COMBAT! | trk 10 | v/a: Solveigs Lied Remixes | Teen Action *new
TORSTEIN WJIIK | trk 11 | v/a: Solveigs Lied Remixes
BUG SIZED MIND | Daisy Cutter | v/a: Sarcophagus 1-4 | Radius Waste 2006
GOILS GOILS & FRIPPED | title unknown | Goils Goils & Fripped | Being Weird Isn't Enough 2006
EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE | But I Don't Believe in Evolution | v/a: Eerie Bazaar | Eerie Materials 1997
ESPECIALLY LIKELY SLOTH | Hammer Smashed Face [Cannibal Corpse] | v/a: Roots II (The Return) | Root of All Evil 1998
SLEESTAK | Kentucky Lover | split 7" w/ Lil Rudy G & the Chizmosos | Total Annihilation 1998
SLOTH | Local Hunter | split 7" w/ Noothgrush | Dom's 1997
LIQUORBALL w/ STEVE MACKAY | untitled | Evolutionary Squalor | Rocketship *new
CHROME | Nova Feedback | Alien Soundtracks | Siren 1977
CRASH WORSHIP | Procession | ¡Espontaneo! | Charnel 1991

Among small cities under 100,000 population, Davis has always been one of the top tour stops for underground bands thanks to Freeform KDVS playing alla these bands and creating a welcoming audience for even some of the most marginal. In the early to mid 90s when there was a Davis Musicians' Co-Op, that was probably the last of the days when Davis boasted a great number of bands, especially on a per capita basis. For the last 15 years, however, Davis has mostly been a place where precocious young music listeners start awesome record collections and becoming walking encyclopedias of rare record knowledge....not so much a place where you start a band. At any given time, there's only a handful or less musical projects worth getting excited about. But all that seems to be changing now that a certain group of KDVS DJs are finding their voices as daring musical improvisers. Pictured to the right here is a new band which (for now, at least) is called Random Boners. Four female KDVS DJs create a buzzy, crackly, yet lush drone with keyboards, violin, and contact mics on various junk. Just two shows in, they're already as competent as Organum, but what really makes it unique are the texts which vocalist Oki delivered deadpan. She began their second ever show opening for Eternal Tapestry and San Kazakgascar by reading marketing propaganda straight from a paper placemat from In-n-Out Burger, which got the audience nice and confused. Some simulated one-sided phonecalls dripping with Valley Girl vapidity polarized the room between the annoyed and the these-are-my-friends/OMG-I'm-so-embarrassed. Sensing a possible mutiny, Oki changed gears into morbidly raunchy divulgement of some unexpected junk in the hammock, and that is when everyone in the room (well, let's say most!) got on their side. Oki's emotional detachment never wavered as things turned daringly ribald....it was like Algebra Suicide slumtripped through a Tenderloin alley, turning Too Short's Freaky Tales tame and obsolete.

Two of these ladies also debuted in support of Mattin's DHHK project and Jean on Jean. They performed as Yours with contact mics on a metal frame and a fantastic-looking sculpture that looked like a feather boa made of rusted curls of metal. Even though they ended their first improvisation early and apologetically due to some aberrant feedback, they continued after the audience begged for more; and while they were a little bit apprehensive at first, they really did a great job of rolling with the unexpected. Yours reminded me of some of the best performances I'd seen by 16 Bitch Pile Up.

Also, Mucky the Ducky--now with a short California tour under their belt--have turned into a fantastic free-jazzy vibe-ridin' live band all of a sudden with a lineup shift including drummer Jon Bafus, who'd been active the last few years with local projects such as Afternoon Brother and Good News Bears. I always managed to miss those bands, so I was unaware until now how tremendous a drummer he is. Now the Sacto/Yolo area is home to two of my favorite improv drummers whose mindbogglingly quick virtuoso movements rival even Tony Oxley in my mind (the other being Kevin Corcoran). I saw 'em two nights in a row and thought their best moments trumped anything I've heard from the No Neck camp in recent years. Hard to believe that only a year ago, this band performed one of the most painful shows I've witnessed in recent memory!

I challenge all of these projects to keep it up and maybe even make some records! (Maybe change your band names, too? I dunno...I just think you can do better in that regard.) And if you wanna see what these bands are all about, three branches from this new family tree of project are playing in a corrugated metal shack on the UC-Davis campus on Saturday night! (see flier to the left)

Of course, Sacramento has been home to some really outstanding and courageous experimental/improv artists lately: pretty much anything involving Chad Stockdale and/or Kevin Corcoran is totally thrilling; Mom is progressing conceptually to the highest echelon of performance artists today; and ingenious stringed-instrument handcrafters Art Lessing & the Flower Vato are criminally overdue to prove via vinyl that they are a world-class psychedelic band. With these stalwarts and a steady stream of touring bands and artists coming through the area, it is clear that more young people in the Sacto/Davis area have become inspired to create. I'm looking forward to seeing this develop.

Now....I'd love to carry on about some wonderfully weird records, tapes, and CDs that I played, but there's so little time @ 3:20 a.m. Just enjoy the music of little-known Belgian proto-minimal-wavers Kaa Antilope. This song has been stuck in my mind since I heard it as a kid listening to KDVS. The band only made one 7" and made a few compilation appearances (this version of the song from the Coal Heart Forever LP comp from Sub Rosa in the late 80s), but Enfant Terrible has been wise enough to issue a full LP of their live material from a Dutch VPRO Radio broadcast. Don't all react at once...I still need to hunt this vinyl down!

Okay, okay...one last morsel! I've told the story twice in the past couple days....

A watershed live music experience in my young life happened in 1995 when I saw Crash Worship play in San Francisco at the Trocadero Transfer. By then, the band's live shows had become legendary, but as word of mouth traveled to Davis, that legend seemed to center mostly on how half the crowd would inevitably strip to the nude. I had heard something in their music that reminded me of Coil, yet also Savage Republic, so I was just curious. I had previously been very sheltered from anything that had the look and feel of evil, yet also created some sorta feeling of communal spirit, the encouragement of unbridled ecstasy...I mean...I was still a hardcore punk kid for the most part!

So, I went to the Crash Worship show with a neighbor who knew better what to expect, but the only advice he gave me was "Wear clothes that you won't mind getting ruined." Okay!

The band took positions like a phalanx of fighters on-stage with drummers arranged symmetrically and flanked by freaks holding torches. Other operatives walked through the crowd with canons shooting wine which people tried to catch in their mouths. Total strangers freak-danced on you from all sides, literally, and figuratively (as in, whichever side of the fence, in relation to gender or sexuality). There was a choice to be made....become disgusted or ashamed and run outside, or adapt quickly and roll with it? I actually did sense a significant personal growth opportunity, and I thought momentarily about how I could practically imagine now what it might be like to have seen Throbbing Gristle in their heyday. So, I stayed....and as it became too hot to bear, I made another unexpected choice and peeled off the shirt. There was no coat check area, so I just stashed the shirt in a corner somewhere.

By this time, the entire band and their flamebearers were on the floor parading through the audience. I have no idea how many people were there, but I'd guess somewhere between 300-400. At least, that's how I remember it. Now, normally, I'm pretty conscientious about my personal safety, but that night, I really felt free of those concerns because, despite the palpable sense of darkness there, I felt like everyone in that room had a collective consciousness that wouldn't allow anyone to get hurt. But all of a sudden, I felt intense heat on my back, and I turned around to discover that one of those impish torchbearers was bouncing backwards towards me without a care about what was behind him. The entire group of people surrounding me scampered outta the way, splitting like the Red Sea, and I scurried away just in time to avoid getting burned.

Now my blood was really pumping, and I was ultra-aware of everything around me. And that is when two girls with chocolate sauce approached me. One of them squirted the sauce across my torso from the lower left oblique up to my right shoulder. Her friend enthusiastically licked it all off, taking an extra few seconds on the right nipple to nearly bite it off! I was just stupefied. The rest of the show was like a blur...perhaps a cumulative contact high effect or something. Afterwards, my shirt was soaked, so I threw it in the trash and drove home shirtless. I felt like I had a few extra chest hairs to show off, so I adjusted to the awkwardness of that, too.

Since that time, I've ever so seldom experienced any sense of fear at a live music show. Thank you, Crash Worship, for inspiring me to explore music with so much more courage. The next few hardcore shows I went to seemed pretty trifling. It took a while to re-accept regular ol' punk rock on its own terms again after seeing true mayhem ensue.

Of course, nowadays, I would be afraid to take my shirt of at a show. No more Crash Worship for me....crash diet might be more like it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AFS v. 221 ~ You're Soaking in It!

If you were one of those ballyhooers who pooh-poohed the last Crash Normal album--My First Stop--for being too straightforward of a Jon Spencer-ish garagey bluespunk album and lacking in all the cool artpunk angles and junk-techno accoutrements of Heavy Listening and earlier singles, then you'll probably be happy to hear this new Finger Shower 10" a-comin' on Rijapov soon. The Spencer touch has been lifted in favor of a Wallers slant; the Country Teasers are covered on this, and echoed throughout. Have a taste of "Chrome Cramps" this week...you might envision the possible result if Wallers had borrowed "Doktor Avalanche" offa Sisters of Mercy to make a headphone soundtrack for crushing the countryside in an armored tank. As Crash Normal has been a twin guitar attack in the past, I don't know if there's a bass guitar anywhere here, but it's no matter 'cos there's some brawny low-end presence that syncs up brilliantly with the rhythmic bludgeon. It's certainly a lot more dour and mean than anything you've heard from Crash Normal before, but I think that old fans will be very pleased. Another fun thing about this 10" is how it makes you wonder....What the hell is a finger shower??? Is that something like the scene in "Election" when Matthew Broderick's character takes a genital shower before returning home to his wife after an extramarital tryst?

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THE HUNS | Busy Kids | v/a: Bloodstains Across Texas | Bloodstains 1992 (orig 1978)
SUPER WILD HORSES | How Do You Sleep | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 7 7" | Almost Ready *new
DAY CREEPER | Outerbelt | v/a: New Kids on the Block 7" | Randy *new
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT | All Together Now | Golden Oldies | no label *new
GANGLIANS | Rats Man | Ganglians | Woodsist *new
THEE OH SEES | Tidal Wave | Tidal Wave 7" | Woodsist *new
REAL ESTATE | Fake Blues | Fake Blues 7" | Woodsist *new
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES | I Love You More as Dead | split 7" w/ Vermillion Sands | Rijapov *new
NOTHING PEOPLE | When I Drink | Late Night | S-S *new
CAVE | HLD2/Hunt Like Devil/HLD3 | Hunt Like Devil/JAMZ | Permanent 2007
CAVE | trk 5 | Psychic Psummer | Important *new
TV GHOST | The Fiend | Singles Club 7" | Columbus Discount *new
OCTAGON CONTROL | Hedz R Gunna Roll | split 7" w/ Doctor Scientist | FDH *new
HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD | Black Mold | s/t 7" | Stank House *new
NICE FACE | Situation is Facing Utter Annihiliation | Mnemonic Device 7" | Sacred Bones *new
CRASH NORMAL | Chrome Cramps | Finger Shower 10" | Rijapov *forthcoming
PLASTOBETON | Hard to Kill | a 31 7" | SDZ *new
DOLINA | Once Again | v/a: Radio Resistencia | Enfant Terrible *new
THE PINK NOISE | Buzzsaw | Alpha | Almost Ready *new
TECHNO PRISONERS | Huge Slit Splitting Love Log | split CS w/ Sewn Leather | Hardscrabble Amateurs *new
METALUX | Oblivion Bibulah | split LP w/ KK Rampage | Rampage *new
ZOLA JESUS | Sea Talk | Tsar Bomba | Troubleman Unlimited *new
THE SHORT WAVE MYSTERY | Ecaterina Szabo | Pilots 12" EP | Good 1985
HELENE RICKHARD | title unknown | v/a: Solveigs Lied Remixes | Teen Action *new
MODEL Z | Military March | v/a Radio Resistencia
CULTURAL AMNESIA | Repetition for This World | Enormous Savages Enlarged | Klang Galerie *new (orig 1981)
BLUE SABBATH BLACK FIJI | trks 9-10 | Lazer Saber | JK Tapes 2007
BILLY BAO | Putrified Egos/Broken Mirror | Dialectics of Shit | Parts Unknown 2008
KNELT ROTE | Assimilation Estrangement | From Without | Celestial Gang *new
KNELT ROTE | Masked Descending

Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VII was a gas, huh? That was certainly the best and most successful ORMF fest ever. We didn't keep counta the head, but we woulda lost count anyway, I figure. Probably 450, even in the sweltering heat...WOW! The highlights for me were the slow-burning sax-assisted jamrockers by Eternal Tapestry, the mayhem of the Mayyors (resulting in ORMF's first ever stagedive attempt), and the sublimity of Thee Oh Sees. Now, this might make you really jealous if you missed it, but something happened that was unprecedented in live performance, I think. You know that Oh Sees song "Two Drummers Disappear"? Well, two drummers appeared during this show, and one of them was named Chris Woodhouse, and he added some extra wallop during a couple extended jams which were just superb in every way. Maybe we'll get #8 going for October....who knows?

And on that triumphant note, if you're in the Sacto/Davis area, be ready for more rulingness from Freeform KDVS Presents...

Wednesday, May 20 @ The Hub
1819 23rd Street in Sacramento
(between R & S Streets) $5 9pm

Cave (Chicago)
Nothing People
Art Lessing & the Flower Vato

Saturday, May 23 @ DAM House
503 E Street in Davis
donate $5; 7-10 pm only

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji (Scotland)
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk (Lawrence, KS)
Mucky the Ducky

Sunday, May 24 @ The Hub
$5, 9pm

Deflage Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra (Basque Country/feat. Mattin)
Jean on Jean (Molly of Out Hud)
Mucky the Ducky

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AFS v. 220 ~ feat. Eternal Tapestry live in Studio A

Our special in-studio guests tonight--Eternal Tapestry--dropped an outstanding performance in Studio A tonight! This begins about 20 minutes into the file and absolutely scorches for nearly 40 minutes. The band joins me in the second hour to spin a few fave old records and have a listen to some new ones from recent paypal'ing sprees. Hear those FNU Ronnies again for the first time on vinyl. I know that I've been playing "Golem Smoke" since it was a demo last year, but it still flattens me everytime! Hey...If you dig this E-Tap set, you gotta come check 'em out at Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VII fest on Saturday, May 16, where they play with such heavy hitters as Wooden Shjips, Thee Oh Sees, Mayyors, Lucky Dragons, Meth Teeth, and more....all day long in the boonies between Davis and Sacto. Read all about it below the playlist....

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HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES | Cry | Cry 7" | Static Wagon *new
HELLO SUNSHINE | Flying Chariots | 4-song 7" | Les Disques Steak *new
TYVEK | Blessed | Blessed 7" | Les Disques Steak *new
TYVEK | Hey Una | Tyvek | Siltbreeze *new
ERIC & THE HAPPY THOUGHTS | Bad Days | v/a: New Kids on the Block 7" | Randy *new

********Live in Studio A*********
| Don't Know
ETERNAL TAPESTRY | Cathedral of Radiance

THE FRESH & ONLYS | Love & Kindness | The Fresh & Onlys | Castle Face *new
DEAD CLODETTES | Je Cherche un Garçon | 2nd 7" | Lipstick Pickup *new
X | Suck Suck | Aspirations | X Music 1979
VENOM P. STINGER | Venom P. Stinger | Meet My Friend Venom | No Master's Voice 1986
RED TRANSISTOR | Not Bite | Not Bite 7" | Forced Exposure 1990 (orig 1977)
MAYYORS | Fatigre | Marines Dot Com 7" | Waste of Oil 2008
MAYYORS | Airplanes | Megan's LOLZ 7" | Gomerdome 2008
FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS | Glitter Girls | Who Said These Were Happy Times? | Square Wave/Going Underground *new
BLOODBIKER | Dead | demo CDR | no label 2008
BUTTHOLE SURFERS | Negro Observer | Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac | Touch & Go 1984
CAVE | trk 2 | Psychic Psummer | Important *new
THEE OH SEES | Meat Step Lively | Help | In The Red *new
HAWKWIND | Dying Seas | Warrior on the Edge of Time | Atco 1975
CHROME | Zero Time | Half Machine Lip Moves | Siren 1979
FNU RONNIES | Golem Smoke | Golem 12" | Night People *new

Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis presents...


Saturday, May 16
@ Plainfield Station
23944 County Road 98, Woodland, CA


This is in the boonies between Davis and Woodland at a rustic roadhouse (just like the one in the movie with Patrick Swayze, except not the least bit contrived) dating back to the 1920s which is the local haunt preferred by bikers (mostly real ones) and area agriculturalists. Best burgers and tacos in this part of Yolo County! Beer much cheaper than usual! This place is as much the star of the show as any of our outstanding bands.

Low price
$8 advance
$10 door

Best value in day-long festivals ever....How do we do it???

For more info or to PayPal for advance tix...

(Googlemaps can't seem to find this, but it's easy!)

From Sacto (30 mins)...
(1) Take I-80 west to Davis
(2) Take Hwy 113 North toward Woodland
(3) Exit at County Road 29, turn right at end of exit
(4) Turn right at 2nd stop-sign at Road 98....it's 200 feet away.

From SF Bay Area (1-1.5 hours)...
(1) Take I-80 East toward Davis
(2) After passing town of Dixon, get over to right lane
(3) Take Hwy 113 North cutoff toward Woodland
(4) Exit at County Road 29, turn right at end of exit
(5) Turn right at 2nd stop-sign at Road 98....it's 200 feet away.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

AFS v. 219 ~ I've Bled Everywhere, Man

Attention, synthpunk fans! I'm finally digging out from the deluge of promo packages even while the aftermath of the KDVS Fundraiser's still being sorted, and I'm happy to have finally discovered a blippy 8-bit barrage from St. Louis by the Medical Tourists. The guitar attack on the 7-song demo CDR makes it plenty punk; the blippiness and robotic rhythms make it totally fun, yet it smartly avoids being dorky. The songs hang together well, varying in pace and ranging through stylistic touchstones as Devo, the A Frames, and Metal Urbain, but also sounding just like themselves with an upfront female presence and a penchant for riding that synth-highhat-bell sound not often heard since the electro/hip-hop of my breakdance obsession daze. This might be the first band in the rock realm to appropriate that sound. I've never heard another band do it! Crash Course in Science might be the closest comparison, but imagine that band minus the nerdiness. The CDR is available for $6ppd to USA addresses at their MySpace profile linked below. I dedicate this band to Todd, the touringest medical tourist I know. Incline Village, Yelm, Klamath Falls...we've been there together! Get well soon, buddy...

Download this program within two months at this link...
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CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

THE DICTATORS | Two Tub Man | Go Girl Crazy | Epic/CBS 1975
BARRERACUDAS | Don't Get Me Wrong | New York Honeys 7" | Douche Master *new
BUNDLE OF FAGS | Art School Asshole | Art School Asshole 7" | Weird Hug *new
RUDI | No. 1 | Big Time 7" | Sing Sing *new (orig 1978)
SATAN'S RATS | In My Love for You | In My Love for You 7" | DJM 1977
HUNX & HIS PUNX | Movin' On | Hey Rocky 7" | Bubbledumb *new *request
JEFFREY NOVAK | Three Sisters | Home Sweet Home 7" | Shattered *new
SPARKS | I Like Girls | Big Beat | Island 1976
METAL URBAIN | Colt 45 | Anarchy in Paris | Acute/Seventeen 2004 (orig 1978)
MEDICAL TOURISTS | Permanent Press | Medical Tourists CDR | no label *new
MEDICAL TOURISTS | Eject Reject Object
DEMENTIA PRECOX | Mines | Mines 7" | Hospital Productions 1981
POCKET PUSSY | Sausage Party | v/a: Runt Vol. 2 CDR | Tardigrade *new
I AM THE LIQUOR | Bariwax | v/a: Runt Vol. 2
DADFAG | title unknown | Congratulations CDR | no label *new
POMPOIR | The Fist | Flexibility CDR | Isolated Now Waves *new
POMPOIR | (Into) Asylum | Eye 2 Eye CDR | Isolated Now Waves *new
BLACK PUS | River That Ran Too Far | Black Pus 0: the Ultimate Beatoff CDR | no label *new
PETER WRIGHT | The Terrifying Realization We Might Be Wrong | new 7" | Dirty Knobby *new
SIC ALPS | Strepix | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8 | Almost Ready *new
DEAD C | Children | Eusa Kills | Flying Nun 1989
SWELL MAPS | Midget Submarines | A Trip to Marineville | Rough Trade 1979
SWELL MAPS | Bridge Head (Pt. 9)
THE PHEROMOANS | Penis Envy 96 | Revamper 7" | Convulsive *new
MIKA MIKO | Keep on Calling | We Be Xuxa | Post Present Medium *new
BRILLIANT COLORS | Takes So Little | Highly Evolved 7" | Captured Tracks *new
THE FRESH & ONLYS | 500 Snakes | I'll Tell You Everything 7" | Dirty Knobby *new
THEE OH SEES | Hey, Conflicted Men | Zork's Tape Bruise | Kill Shaman *new
THEE OH SEES | Noise for :30
THEE OH SEES | Grave Blockers | Zork's bonus CD
MIKE REP | Donovan's Brain pt 2 | Singles Club 7" | Columbus Discount *new
MIKE REP | The Ballad of Jim Croce
GREEN GREEN | Swimsuit Drugs | Swimsuit Drugs 7" | Out of Order/Orange Regret *new
PINK REASON | Going Home | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8
WOODEN SHJIPS | Motorbike | Dos | Holy Mountain *new
HENRY FLYNT & THE INSURRECTIONS | Jumping | I Don't Wanna | Locust Music 2004 (orig 1966)
ULFHEDNAR | #2 | Live at Stork Club, 06/01/2006 CDR | no label | 2006

Here's some video evidence of The Pheromoans' rulingness from a show in Paris just a few days ago...

Also new this week is the first ever vinyl by a Sacto-area artist that we've featured on cassette and CDR since I met him personally last year (and even briefly joined the live band version, which unfortunately fell apart due to the hopelessness of practice scheduling). This young Green Green fella from Folsom has a very intensely personal style of doing everything...playing guitar, singing, humor! He's a daring noisy weirdfolker with the courage to sing, and he's a precocious lyricist to boot! It's a bit rhythmically unstable, but that's something I enjoy trying to follow while listening. There's more than a little smack of Jandek in there. The 7" can be ordered now for $6ppd from...

If at first you don't dig it, don't take him off your radar...The guy has recorded in different styles...some on the noisier/rockier edge of the spectrum, sometimes a bit more electronic, and other times solo/acoustic/folky.