Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AFS v. 186 ~ At Last, My Grail!

It took about 12 years of looking, but by the grace of the internet, I finally have my very own copy of the one and only LP by the Philadelphia band known as Blue (not these weaksucks pictured here! (sorry, there's damn near nothing on the internet about this band!)). I quickly collected all of their 7"es--highlighted by the incredible Moe Ho Speed EP on ERL Records--but years and years of searching "B" sections at every used record store I visited was unlucky everytime. Well, there were the two times I tried to order it offa GEMM.com; one time, the vendor took my money, but a record never materialized. Another time, I thought I found a copy, but the vendor said that the title was no longer in stock. I've never even looked at that site in the eight years since! But thanks to Justin--honcho at the excellent Collectorscum.com site--I finally have it...All because of a little boohooin' about how I never found a copy of the thing!

Was it worth the wait? Well, the LP definitely sounds like a "grunge"-era artifact. Very much a product of the time. It's not nearly as original as their mindbending B-side of Moe Ho Speed or as consistently impactful as their Bovine or Datapanik sides, but it definitely has a few very awesome moments, and I'm very happy to have it. This "Hair Grow Long" song's pretty loosey-goosey before the guitars gnarl up to near-Liquorball proportions.

Shall I test my luck now? Any of you got the Mercury 4°F LP? Been kickin' myself since I passed up my chance to buy it about 10 years ago. Also, how about that full-length CD by Designer?

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DAN GREEN | I Pledge Allegiance | The Dan Green Collection 1968 2x45 | Double Agent 2008 (orig 1968)
DAN GREEN | Moonflower
THE WIGGINS | In the Night | Feed the Ghost 7" | Dull Knife *new
PUMICE | Sick Bay Duvet | Quo | Soft Abuse *new
LOVER! | Foxhole Madness | Man in the Woods 7" | Rob's House *new
VERMILLION SANDS | Wake Me When I Die | Mary 7" | Rijapov *new
SMITH WESTERNS | Spiritus Sanctus | Irukandji 7" | HoZac *new
TY SEGALL | Can't Talk | Horn the Unicorn CS | Wizard Mountain *new
JACK OF HEART | San Francisco | San Francisco 7" | Rob's House *new
BLUE | Hair Grow Long | Solid State | Flipped Out 1992?
AS*US | Tom Don't Give a Fuck About RnR | Executive Suites | Autistic Theater *new
BLACK & WHITE | ???/??? | Suicide CS | no label *new
TALBOT TAGORA | Mouth Rainboy | v/a: I Ate Your Legs | Thankless *new
ABE VIGODA | Cranes | Skeleton | PPM *new
LOVE TAN | Backwoods | self-titled 7" | Sweet Rot *new
JAY REATARD | Fluorescent Grey | split 7" w/ Deerhunter | Matador *new
THE PIZZAS | Bad Ass Youth | Bad-Ass Youth 7" | Daggerman 2008
CHEAP TIME | Wildlife | Handy Man 7" | Douche Master 2008
APACHE | Crystal Clear | Boys Life 7" | Douche Master 2008
ANTEENAGERS M.C. | Let's Get Back Together [The Kick] | (Illusions of the) Teens 7" | Plastic Idol *new
THE PETS | Misdirection | Misdirection | Static Impulse *new
THE NYMPHETS | Feels Like Motherfuckers | Feels Like Motherfuckers 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
BLACK ORPHAN | Singularity | 4-song 7" | UFO Dictator *new
OCTAGON CONTROL | Knowledge Is Par | Fuck You, Ellen! CS | Ick Ick *new
LEADERS | East End Girls | 2nd Demo CDR | no label *new
NICE FACE | Hidden Automatic | Thing in My Head 7" | Sacred Bones *new
NOTHING PEOPLE | Boccioni's Mother | Anonymous | S-S Records *new
THE PINK NOISE | Aircar | Dream Code | Sacred Bones *new
THE SHINING PATH | Chocolate Gasoline | Chocolate Gasoline | Holy Mountain *new
BARN OWL | Voice of the Other | From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light | Not Not Fun *new
MENACE RUINE | Sky as a Reversed Abyss | Cult of Ruins | Alien8 *new
DUCHESSES | The Fox Hunt [Hunted & Licked Mix by Weasel Walter] | Estupet | Apop *new
LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS | Grotesque Fleet of Garbage | Dilapidated Head & Torso Aggregations | self-released *new
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE | Navigating the Obstacle Course of 'Usic | Mechanically Repetitive/ReRecorded Records | Dear Skull *new
THE ANALS | Commando of Love | Commando of Love 7" | Sweet Rot *new

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AFS v. 185 ~ Magic Flowers Wilt the Weakhearted!

"Bob Dylan's 42nd Annual Report"--a sprawling sidelong jam on the back of Psychedelic Horseshit's Magic Flowers Dubbed cassette--drew more angry and confused phonecalls than any song I've ever played on the radio (or at least since The Most Unicorn a few weeks back). So, I guess this is a warning. You don't hafta like everything on these podcasts. Use the FFWD button if you need to!

There is some semblance of a song in between the long keyboard intro and the outro that codas the queasiest guitar riff into eternity. Me, myself...I do have the patience for this kinda stuff, and maybe I enjoy listening to it because I feel like I know a little bit about the humor of the Horseshit boys from a few hang-out seshes and catching them live several times, sometimes at their glorious best and their self-admitted worst (which was still a hoot!). But no matter how this B-side grabs you, the A-side will most likely send your hearts aflutter if you loved Magic Flowers Droned. This thing was limited to 50, so good luck!

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TRADITIONAL FOOLS | Valley (of the Jams) | Traditional Fools | Make a Mess/Wizard Mountain *new
SUPERSTITIONS | Chainsaw Hands | cassette #3 | Telephone Explosion *new
MATT K. SHRUGG | Tunnel Vision | The Weird Shit... CDR | no label 2007
THE PETS | Can't Keep Myself Straight | Misdirection | Static Impulse *new
LOVER | All Alone | No More Reason 7" | HoZac *new
FLIP TOPS | Looks So Scary | Dangerous Game 7" | Plastic Idol *new
STATUES | Soft Lives | Broken Hands 7" | Plastic Idol *new
LEPER PRINT | Coma | Coma 7" | Die Stasi *new
SHIT EAGLE | Girls in School | Girls in School 7" | Florida's Dying *new
HARPOON GUNS | Nanonii | III 7" | Going Underground *new
MATT K. SHRUGG | Valleys of Hate | The Weird Shit... CDR
WARM STREAMS | Critical Boys | Camo Babies 7" | Borox *new
EAT SKULL | If I'm Insane [Psycho Sin] | Dead Families 7" | Skulltones 2007
EAT SKULL | No Intelligence
SIC ALPS | United [Throbbing Gristle] | United 7" | Important *new
VIVIAN GIRLS | Damaged | Tell the World 7" | Woodsist *new
SIC ALPS | Mater | U.S. EZ | Siltbreeze *new
LOVE TAN | Brush Your Teeth | 6-song 7" | Sweet Rot *new
HOME BLITZ | Little League | Weird Wings 12" | Parts Unknown *new
FACTUMS | Fear of Terminology | A Primitive Future: Original Soundtrack | Assophon *new
SPIDER TRIO | B2 | Live at the Rendezvous | Assophon *new
PIGEONS | Malaise | Virgin Spectacle | Black Dirt *new
ROSEMARY KRUST | Ringtone Kitty | v/a: Ladyz in Noyz 3xCD | Spleencoffin *new
U.S. GIRLS | Buzz Chant | v/a: Ladyz in Noyz
STONE PILLOW | Earth's Crust | v/a: Ladyz in Noyz
SECRET ABUSE | I Stole a Gun That Sings With Joy | Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7" w/ Inca Ore | Not Not Fun *new
SECRET ABUSE | Rib of His God
WET HAIR | Magnetic Youth | Irifi CS | Night People *new
WET HAIR | Forever Young Ever One | one-sided LP | Night People *new
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT | Bob Dylan's 42nd Annual Report | Magic Flowers Dubbed CS | Bumtapes *new
MUDBOY | Come Home | Mudmux vol 1 7" | DNT *new
JEX THOTH | When the Raven Calls [Bobb Trimble] | Jex Thoth | I Hate 2007 *request
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES | Pointing Bone | Hyaena | Geffen 1984
PIERRE NORMAL | Orage | v/a: Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP+7" | Enfant Terrible *new
SPRUNG AUS DEN VOLKEN | Begehre Dich | Faux Pas 1 | Klang Galerie *new (orig 1982)
ZOLA JESUS | The Way | Poor Sons 7" | Die Stasi *new
CRISPY AMBULANCE | United [Throbbing Gristle] | Fin | LTM Publishing 1985 *request

Tonight's featured background music was from a demo CDR that Sacto's rennaissance man Matt K. Shrugg was passing around a little bit last year. His name as a solo act is just now getting known outside of Sacramento (mostly to the TermBros) thanks to Tic Tac Totally's announcement of pre-order availability of his upcoming 7". But some of us locals have known about him for a long time. And it's not like we were keeping him a secret. HE was keeping himself a secret!

I was surprised to hear how far out his solo stuff gets. My impression of him had remained unchanged since the first time I saw him. He was maybe 15-16 years old, shakin' maraccas like a crazy man during a Troublemakers show at Old Ironsides. I was surprised someone so young got let into the bar, but I had no idea that his folks owned the place. This was my first 21+ show, I think. My first taste of garagepunk in its regular habitat...I was transfixed! Then I heard later he was in a bad called The Shruggs, and they were all nerdy about vintage Vox equipment, dressing up for shows, and cultivating shaggy hair. I thought it was maybe still a little ridiculous to base your entire set of musical ideals on the Back from the Grave series, but live, these bands ripped so hard, I could never hate on it.

Then, when Matt began the Zodiac Killers band practice commute, I thought...well, for a redundant band, they sure got a punkass monster of a drummer. I thought that was a big stylistic stretch for him. Then came Th'Losin' Streaks (a fantastic live band that gets taken for granted by far too many undie-pukers around here), and it made sense as the next logical progression for him. I figured he might be listening to some jazz drummers because of the impression I was getting from some of his more unexpected rolls and fills in the Streaks.

He stepped up front to sing and play guitar for The Black Dahlias who issued a solid single for Plastic Idol Records before breaking up over some kinda drama. A little too tentative the coupla times I saw 'em. Around this time, he also lent his bashin' drumskills to Sunshine Smile, who where something like Black Flag meets Blue Cheer, but with sweet fem vox by a woman who must've learned how to sing by warbling along to Misfits tapes as a girl.

Then came The Pizzas, and I was like, cool...really dig the songs! Some of them had begun as Black Dahlias songs, but as heard on the superb 7" from Daggerman early this year, they oozed a lot more snot and drove a lot harder than before. Just after the first Pizzas show, Matt slipped me that CDR which he wrote "Weird Shit" on...first 6-7 songs sounded like the Pizzas, but the next dozen or so were kinda all over the map. Some good psychedelic songs that still retained some catchiness and his signature drumming style, yet some of the songs were pretty free and wild and noisy, yet still very good. By then, he had been showing up unexpectedly to some weird shows, asking me what I'd been listening to, and Scott Soriano had also reported he'd been snooping around Time Tested Books asking for cues about what jazz to try next, and it finally started making sense.

And ever since Matt K. published his Swingin' Creeper zine as a youth, he has been a talented graphic artist, too. His cover for this upcoming 7" exemplifies that for sure. Bottom line...dude's awesome at whatever he tries.

Now you wanna order this, right? Hurry and go here...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

AFS v. 184 ~ Punk Trippin' Triple Threat in Studio!

Tonight's special in-studio guests include Le Face (pictured (featuring Michelle from Mika Miko on bass)) and the Friendly Neighbors, two young ragers from Los Angeles. And between their ferocious live sets, we get treated to a tape-delayed broadcast of Meth Teeth, who recorded in the KDVS studios on Saturday after their DAM House set. Le Face and Friendly Neighbors picked most of the music in the last hour of the set and joined me on air for some chattin'. Keep an eye on a mystery band called Hamburger Pony...That's the word!

If all of this gets you in the mood to see some live music, be warned...Eat Skull is coming down the West Coast this week! I saw 'em twice in Portland a couple weeks ago, and they were brilliant both times. It's an emotional roller coaster to go from the sweetness of the record to the bristling anger Rob delivers on the same songs live. But no matter how hard the vibe and the spontaneity swerve off the tracks, the rhythm section keeps it charging ahead. It was really amazing to see what kinda alliance of fans this band is building in Portland, perhaps the city with the most segregated genre ghettos. I saw 4-5 rows of fist-pumping wasters in an amoebic mosh ahead of another 3-4 rows of girls of the indie-pop fashion circa 1993. Nerdy glasses, barettes matching cardigans....And they were singing along to the anthemic parts(!!!) of the better-known songs like "Punk Trips" (and really, has there been a sweeter break than Rod's guitar part in that song?).

They're taking Sacto's surfadelic swirlers of janglepop sweetness, The Ganglians, along for the ride up and down California. It might seem like an odd pairing at first, but these bands fell in love at first sight when Eat Skull played at the Ganglians' homebase, the Funcastle, 2309 L Street in Sacramento. A split 7" of these two is getting close. Both bands will blow up the Funcastle again on Wednesday, July 9th with MOM and My Whole Hand Was Wet. Figure on 8:00 for starters. Highest recommendation! The rest of you will get your chance...

Thu, 7/10 in San Francisco @ The Hemlock w/ Fun Blood
Fri, 7/11 in East Bay Area @ somewhere (Fort Gallery cancelled)
Sat, 7/12 in San Diego @ The Kensington Club w/ Christmas Island
Sun, 7/13 in Los Angeles @ The Echo, Part Time Punks night w/ Witch Hats
Tue, 7/15 in Davis @ Delta of Venus, 122 B Street
Fri, 7/18 in Portland @ Slabtown w/ Witch Hats (no Ganglians)

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

EAT SKULL | Punk Trips | Sick To Death | Siltbreeze *new
TITMACHINE | I Wanna Be Your Dog [Stooges] | 7" | Meeuw Muzak *new
CATATONIC YOUTH | Out of Control | Piss Scene 7" | HoZac *new
SEXY PRISON | Without Us Some Guys Would Starve | Filth Flarn Filth picdisc LP | Occult *new
THE ANALS | Wake Up You're Dead | Commando of Love 7" | Sweet Rot *new
ROBOT ASSASSINS | Robot Assassins | Beneath the Planet of the Apes 7" | Total Sound 1997
FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS | Copyright | actually live in Studio A
FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS | Teenage Guerillas
METH TEETH | Bus Rides | recorded live in Studio A, 7/5/08
METH TEETH | Unemployment Forever
METH TEETH | To My Good Friend
METH TEETH | I Got Problems
METH TEETH | I Was Wrong
METH TEETH | My Heart's Heart (false start)
METH TEETH | My Heart's Heart
METH TEETH | Boring Artifacts
METH TEETH | People Will Say Anything
METH TEETH | Failures Selected by God
METH TEETH | A Thousand Regrets | tour cassette | self-released *new
LE FACE | Isolation | actually live in Studio A
LE FACE | Lolita
LE FACE | No Scene
LE FACE | Bright White Faces
LE FACE | Salvador Dali
LE FACE | Untitled
LE FACE | Boys and Girls
REPTILIAN CIVILIAN | Dog Factory | Dog Factory 7" | Felony Fidelity *new
GUILTY RAZORS | I Don't Wanna Be a Rich | 7" | Polydor 1978
CRAMP | Suzy Lie Down | She Doesn't Love Me 7" | Rip Off | 1979
THE MAD | I Hate Music | Eyeball 7" | Disgusting 1979
NEON BOYS | Don't Die | Richard Hell & the Voidoids/Neon Boys split 7" | Shake 1980 (orig 1973)
THE TURNBUCKLES | Rearranged | Super Destroyer Mark II 7" | Break'er | 1979
BUTTHOLE SURFERS | Negro Observers | Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac | Touch & Go 1984
STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS | Hate in the 80's (Learn to) | Some People Deserve to Suffer | Emperor Jones 2002 (orig 198?)
WHITE FLAG | Shattered Badge | v/a: COPulation: The Sound of Hollywood | Mystic 1984
HUMAN HANDS | Dilemmas | Hereafter | Nate Starkman & Son 1988
THE SPECIALS | Gangsters | Gangsters 7" | Chrysalis 1979
HAUNTED HOUSE | Does She Have to Have HIV to Shine Like a Shining Star? | Chandaliers 7" | Eat 2007

Catch these other bands on tour, too!

Le Face & Friendly Neighbors
Tue, 7/8 in Oakland @ Campbell House w/ Ham & the Chokers, DDB
Thu, 7/10 in Portland @ Ego Svm Papa w/ Magic Johnson & Holy Smokes
Fri, 7/11 in Seattle @ Fusion Cafe
Sun, 7/13 in Portland @ The COOP w/ Plan R & the Crawlers
Mon, 7/14 in Santa Cruz @ TBA

Meth Teeth
Tue, 7/8 in Irvine @ UC-Irvine w/ Christmas Island, Rough Kids & Sprawl Out
Wed, 7/9 in San Diego @ Tower Bar w/ Christmas Island
Thu, 7/10 in Phoenix, AZ @ Bike Saviors Co-Op w/ Soft Shoulder & Melted Cassettes
Fri, 7/11 in Austin, TX @ Quack's w/ The Wax Museums & Harlem
Sat, 7/12 in New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar w/ The Fault Lines
Sun, 7/13 in Atlanta, GA @ TBA (Help them!)
Mon, 7/14 in Athens, GA @ Secret Squirrel w/ Sic Alps
Tue, 7/15 in Huntsville, AL @ Vertical House w/ The Fault Lines
Wed, 7/16 in Memphis, TN @ Murphy's
Thu, 7/17 in St. Louis @ Apop Records w/ Realicide
Fri, 7/18 in Chicago @ Victim of Time "Snoozefest" @ Beat Kitchen w/ Disappears, Box Elders, & Radar Eyes
Sat, 7/19 in Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Sic Alps, Religious Knives, & Cause Co-Motion
Sun, 7/20 in Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro's w/ Pink Reason & Home Blitz
Mon, 7/21 in Philadelphia, PA @ Marvelous Music w/ Wet Hair & FNU Ronnies
Tue, 7/22 in Columbus, OH @ Carabar w/ Night of Pleasure & Wet Hair
Wed, 7/23 in Detroit, MI @ TBA
Thu, 7/24 in Minneapolis, MN @ The Organ House w/ Wet Hair
Sat, 7/26 in Missoula, MT @ The Palace
Sun, 7/27 in Portland @ PDX POP NOW!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

AFS v. 183 ~ Sexy Prison bring 2011 in 2008!


The band that brought you 2007 in 2004 had you pumped like Italians Who Just Saw Rocky on their debut LP. Now Sexy Prison is still three years ahead of the curve, portending the party to end all parties in “2011”, the opus-like finalé on their new LP due out July 4th at their Ivy League summer vacation reunion engagement at the DAM House in Davis, CA (est. 1989), with Meth Teeth and Mutators. No sophomore slump here. I still stand by the comparison of “kinda like a more sample-rich Cheveu if Etienne traded blues-punk guitar strut for Peter Hook-like bass guitar.” Touches of early Severed Heads and Timbaland swirl into a storm surge of electro/weirdpunk. These new songs are stronger than the first batch, and still hilarity-inducing but not as gimmick-reliant overall, and best yet, the sound is more crystalline and forceful. This record was made to be an end-times party-ripper or dancefloor oppressor, or a perfect demo piece for a boss car stereo. Far be it from me to keep the beans from spillin’....You hafta see this picture-disc to believe it. Too ridic to quit! Or maybe they just wanna show Adam Stonehouse the punkest way to surf envisioned yet. (Okay, I guess I shoulda said “spoiler alert” after all.) Either way, you may just need to chase Filthflarnfilth with a vedge-out-sesh to The HospitalsHairdryer Peace to get your pulse back to regular.

Robert's out here from Providence for some actual factual geophysics booyar at UC-Davis, and "Dawson" is taking a brief break from flood management modeling and Mayyors vokills to play some Sexy Prison shows. Their new record will be available to first comers at these Sexy Prison shows...
July 4 @ DAM House, Davis w/ Meth Teeth, Mutators, & Sucks
July 11 @ Ace’s House, Concord w/ Uncut Hunks & Uzi Rash
July 14 @ Witchdom, Sacto w/ Mom & TBA(s)
July 19 @ Kristen’s House, Oakland w/ Warm Streams & TBA(s)

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

SOCRATES DRANK THE CRONIUM | Death Is Gonna Die | On the Wings | Anazitisi 2007 (orig 1973)
SOGGY | Waiting for the War | Soggy | Memoire Neuve/Reims Punk'n'Roll *new (orig 1981)
ICON GALLERY | Declination | Declination 7" | Dear Skull *new
MUTATORS | What Cuts Want | split 7" w/ Night Wounds | Badmaster *forthcoming
DEFEKTORS | Kick First One | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1 | Grotesque Modern/Nominal *new
NU SENSAE | Peter Tripp | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1
SICK BUILDINGS | The Commuter | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1
ARGUMENTIX | Destroy Lost Homes | Boss of Goth | Below PDX *new
MATTRESS | It's Coming Down | Heavy Duty | Reluctant *new
SEWN LEATHER | Shadowsss | I Live Like This Cuz I Like It | (Y)ours *new
N.213 | Revenger 2008 | Vexation CS | Digitalis *new
TWIN CRYSTALS | Safety | Two Girls 7" | Summer Lovers Unlimited *new
OBSOLETE | It's Your Funeral | split 7" w/ Secret Society of the Sonic Six | Touch of Evil *new
SECRET SOCIETY OF THE SONIC SIX | Por Fin | Isolated Incidents 1.2 12" EP | Touch of Evil *new
FACTUMS | Psi | The Sistrum LP+7" | Sacred Bones *new
KRASH UN LURNE | Two Days | III - The End Is Nein | Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
ALTERED STATES OF THE UNITED SNAKES | The Sunshine Space Explorer | Executive Suites CDR | Autistic Theater *new
METH TEETH | Boring Artifacts | Bus Rides 7" | Sweet Rot 2008
SIC ALPS | Massive Place | U.S. EZ | Siltbreeze *new
STRAPPING FIELDHANDS | Abandoned by Demeter | Wattle & Daub | Shangri-La 1996
NAKED ON THE VAGUE | Empty Tongues | Poltergeist Palm 7" | Skulltones *new
RAINBRO | Little One/Reindeer Dance Feeder | Vectors CS | self-released *new
DIVE | Blood Money | Images | Minus Habens 1993
DOLINA | Corridors | v/a: Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP+7" | Enfant Terrible *new
KASETTENFACHENTSTAUBER | Der Schwartze Roboter | Der Schwartze Roboter 7"+CS | Kernkrach *new
KASETTENFACHENTSTAUBER | Die Seltsamen Unheimlichen | bonus CS
DEADLY NIGHTSHADES | Too Late | split 7" w/ Guerre Éclair | Kernkrach *new
SEXY PRISON | 2011 | Filthflarnfilth picdisc LP | Occult *new
CHEVEU | Hot | Cheveu | S-S Records 2008
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Hand Clap Girl | Petite tu es un Hit | Yakisakana *new
ALUMINUM KNOT EYE | Even Dwarfs Started Small | Silo Monster 7" | Big Black Hole 2007
SUPERSTITIONS | This Town | split CS w/ Ty Segall | Wizard Mountain *new
THE WIGGINS | Dog | Feed the Ghost 7” | Dull Knife *new
ARCHIPELAGO BREWING CO. | Criswell | Criswell 7" | Nuf Sed 1991
SIC ALPS | Put the Puss to Bed | U.S. EZ
CIRCUIT DES YEUX | Carny | Symphone | De Stijl *new

Hey, Meghan...remember this reverse freakin' action you got? Wasn't that some 2007 in 2004? Seriously, though...It really is amazing that a band of a civil engineer and Ivy League geophysicist must set the bar for partyhardiness in Davis. Is this not a real college town, kids? Well, at the last Mayyors show, Woodhouse's headstock wrecked some window glass due to wasted thrashers in the front row. So, maybe the kids are catching up to 2008 just in time to board the P'Zone express to 2011. Come all ye TermBo Trippers and Beardo Flippers!