Tuesday, October 30, 2007

AFS v. 154 feat. the Coconut Coolouts

The Coconut Coolouts are probably the best partyband on the planet today, and I'm happy to present them this week as my special guests on this week's AFS. To DOWNLOAD this program, CLICK HERE (archived for 10 weeks).

Music starts about 7:00 into this 2-hour file. The Coolouts set starts about 24:00 in.

HAMMER DAMAGE // Laugh // v/a: Killed by Death #9 1978
GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS // Don't Talk to Me // Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be // Black & Blue 1980
MR. CURT // I'm Going Blind // Write Down Your Number 7" // Euphoria 1978
CAPTAIN 9's & THE KNICKERBOCKER TRIO // I Ain't Takin' No Bath // Sophie's Tiki Lounge 7" // Heartpunch/Burnt Toast 1991
COCONUT COOLOUTS // Headfull of Stones // Party Time Machine // Haunted Horse/Xeroid *new

COCONUT COOLOUTS // Spinaround ~ live in Studio A
COCONUT COOLOUTS // Chocolate Money
COCONUT COOLOUTS // Spell It Out, Dummy
COCONUT COOLOUTS // I Want to Come Back from the World of LSD
MYSTERY GIRLS // Under My Tongue (LSD Is Fun) // Under My Tongue 7" // Kryptonite 2005
TYVEK // This One or That One // Still Sleep 7" // What's Your Rupture? *new
SUN CITY GIRLS // Esta Susan en Casa? // Horse Cock Phepner // Placebo 1987
BUTTHOLE SURFERS // Rocket to the Moon // Hairway to Steven // Touch & Go 1988 *request
UNNATURAL HELPERS // My Brother's Been Kissing My Girlfriend // v/a: Babyhead // S-S Records 2004 *request
TYVEK // Flashing Lights // Fast Metabolism // self-released 2007 *request
SOCKEYE // Pave the Earth // Barf on a Globe // Mortville 1999
RESINEATORS // Underage Girl (Get Out!) // Don't _____ With the Fantasy // Siltbreeze 2001
LIL BUNNIES // Carrot Belly Bunny Rock // 1st 7" // Moo-La-La 1995 *request
SEA PIGS // Christian TV // Freaktard 7" // Very Small 1993
SCRATCH BONGOWAX // Because I Hate You // Sock It to Me Baby 7" // Scratchtone 1995
PEECOCKS // Pussy Minstrel Show // Pussy Minstrel Show 7" // Arf Arf 1989
BROWNSVILLE STATION // Rockers and Rollers // self-titled // Private Stock 1977 *request
DONNY DENIM // Rock 'n' Roll Love Affair // Hey You! 7" // Radio X 1999 *request
TIGHT FITS // Bulldozer // Full Frontal Attack 7" // Pure Filth 1995
FE FI FO FUMS // Electrofize Me // Electrofize Me 7" // Boom Boom 2004
THE STATICS // Burgers & Fries // Rat City // Rip Off 1994
DER SUBMARINE RACERS // Space Burrito // Space Burrito 7" // Spin the Bottle *new
TRADITIONAL FOOLS // Milk Man // Live at Wizard Mountain cassette // Wizard Mountain Tapes 2007 *request
HEAD // Tireshreddin' // Street Level Assault // Evil Clown 1994 *request
EVAPORATORS // Stop! Look! Listen! // v/a: Teenage Zit Rock Angst // Nardwuar 1995
THE MANTS // Bow to Your Masters // The Mant from UNCLE 2x7" // Lance Rock 1997
ARMITAGE SHANKS // Punk Tune // I Know What You Need 7" // Hangman's Daughter 1996
ASBESTOS ROCKPYLE // Skinhead Glory // Industrial Religion 7" // Warpt 1984

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 153

To DOWNLOAD this program, CLICK HERE (archived for 10 weeks).

Music starts about 6:45 into this 2-hour file.

TYVEK // Frustration Rock // Summer Burns 2X7" // What's Your Rapture? *request *new
J CHURCH // Chemicals (live) // v/a: No Idea fanzine #11 // No Idea 1994
BE BAD // (I've Got No) Positive Vibrations // Vision Correction // Divorce *new
MAGIK MARKERS // Circle // Boss // Ecstatic Peace *new
ALASEHIR // Separate from History // The Philosophy of Living Fire // Siltbreeze *new
AINOTAMENISHIS // Theme // Live'418 // Holy Mountain *new
SHEARING PINX // 7992-XNIP // Night Calls CDR // Isolated Now Waves 2007
TERRESTRIAL // side B // self-titled cassette // self-released *new
JUNIOR MAKHNO // 60.2 Emasculator // The Theatre of the Macabre 7" // Bruit Direct 2007

JUNIOR MAKHNO // Vector Z (feat. the Subzero & DJ Kaissa)
ROTER STERN // trk 5 // L'Afrique Revisited 12" ep // Was Soll Das (recorded 1980-2003)
MYDOLLS // In Technicolor // In Technicolor 7" // CIA 1981
VISIBLE TARGETS // Mechanical Man // self-titled 12" EP // Park Avenue 1982
OLD TIME RELIJUN // Daemon Meeting // Catharsis In Crisis // K Records *new
J.P. HERRMANN // Catch the Mouse // demo CDR // no label *new
J.P. HERRMANN // Dead Water Dead Light
J.P. HERRMANN // Labyrinthitis
TALBOT TAGORA // side B // Sleepy Heads cassette // self-released *new
EAT SKULL // Leave the Universe // Tour Tape // Palto Flats *new
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT // Rather Dull // Magic Flowers Droned // Siltbreeze *new

FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS // Mirror of Fear // demo CDR // no label *new
BASSHOLES // Hey OJ // Hey OJ b/w Rout 7" // In the Red 1995
HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES // Obliging Macon Midle // Arriere Garde // S-S Records *new
THE STOOGES // Dirt // Fun House // Elektra 1970
JOY DIVISION // New Dawn Fades // Unknown Pleasures // Factory 1979
ECHO WEST // title unknown // v/a: The Perils of Paradise 12" EP // Elitepop *new

WERMUT // Nicole // v/a: Hoera! Een Hex Voor Thuis! // Hex Grammofoonplaten *new
THE ACTOR // Covergirl // Covergirl 10" // Enfant Terrible 2005 (orig 1982)
SNAKEFINGER // The Model [Kraftwerk] // Chewing Hides the Sound // Ralph 1979

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Three shows happened in Sacto this year where I took a look behind me and saw every single face smiling or laughing simultaneously. One was Tyvek at the DAM House with Cheveu, and the others featured the Coconut Coolouts at Fools Foundation in Sacto and at a superfun wedding in Seattle. Seriously, not a single person was left looking bummed or even expressionless. I’m not sure I’ve seen that happen since a Nar show at the Loft about 11 years ago.

It made me wonder what would happen if both Tyvek and Coconut Coolouts played at the same show? Now we can find out because this week, the bands are touring the West Coast together with the very awesome living legend garagepunk duo, Nice Smile.

Catch them near you...

Tue 10/23 in Vancouver, BC @ Pub 340 w/ Defektors and Master Apes 21+
Wed 10/24 in Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse 21+
Thu 10/25 in Portland, OR @ Dunes 21+
Fri 10/26 in Davis, CA @ Delta of Venus w/ the Bananas all ages
Sat 10/27 in Oakland @ Stork Club (Budget Rock VI fest) w/ the Real Kids, the Pets, the Dutchess and the Duke, Harold Ray, Hex Dispensers, Haunted George, and South Bay Surfers (starts at 2:00 p.m.) 21+
Sun 10/28 in San Francisco @ The Hemlock Tavern 21+

Tyvek have made the best 7" (actually double-7") of 2007 so far with "Summer Burns"...you need to get it! Great, catchy and clever songs in the indomitable "messthetic" (British DIY 1977-1980) spirit...think Desperate Bicycles, Swell Maps, and hundreds of awesome unknowns of scruffy/scrappy melodics. People fall in love with this band.

Coconut Coolouts are a phalanx of stand-up drummers, guitar, bass, keys, and partyhardy singsongy songs with ex-Charming Snake folks. Banana suits, maybe? Superfun personalities, cheery dispositions, but rocks out like crazy, too. Seriously, this is one of the premier partybands of recent memory. New CD just out!

Nice Smile is a guitar/drum duo featuring Seattle legend Rob Vasquez, formerly of awesome bands like the Night Kings, Chintz Devils, Man-Tee-Mans, Gorls, Nights and Days, etc. Adam Stonehouse of the Hospitals told me that Rob Vasquez was his #1 musical influence. Rob really is a masterful dude with clever, yet primal riffing. Some of the best two-man garage since the "budget-rock" heyday.

And, of course, you all know and love the Bananas, right??!!!

Do you need to see visual proof that this show will rule? Okay...

:TYVEK "Mary Ellen Claims" live @ Passout Records, NYC

TYVEK "Buildings Burning" live @ Passout

TYVEK/CHEVEU tour DVD trailer (see DAM House footage in there!)

COCONUT COOLOUTS "Pizza Taxi" live @ Funhouse in Seattle

COCONUT COOLOUTS "Chocolate Money"

COCONUT COOLOUTS "The Spinaround" live @ JEMA

TYVEK split squad live @ American Apparel

Monday, October 15, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 152

To DOWNLOAD this program, CLICK HERE (archived for 10 weeks).

Show starts at minute 4 of this 2-hour file.

Psychedelic Horseshit's Magic Flowers Droned is the album of 2007. Truly the most wild and wonderful lo-fi recording in recent memory...astounding! Wait for it to drop on October 23 or buy it from the band on their November tour. Trust me on this!

THOMAS FUNCTION // Blasphemer's Union // Relentless Machines 7" // Dusty Medical *new
BLANK DOGS // Stay Alone // demo recording/mp3 // no label *new
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT // New Wave Hippies // Magic Flowers Droned // Siltbreeze *forthcoming

EAT SKULL // Waiting for the Hesitation // Oct 2007 Tour Tape // Palto Flats *new
SHAYNE CARTER & PETER JEFFERIES // Spark Off a Wire // Knocked Out or Thereabouts 7" // Flying Nun 1992
PETER JEFFERIES // Come Down Easy [Spacemen 3] // Live to Air 7" // Imperial/What Was Music/Blackbean & Placenta 1997
PETER JEFFERIES/ROBBIE MUIR // Catapult // The Fate of the Human Carbine 7" // Xpressway 1989
THE CURBFEELIERS // Bald Electrician // Viking Praire Schooner 7" // Lather 1995
HEY BUDDY & THE PALS // I Want My Hat // Summer Vacation 2k7 CDR // self-released *new
HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES // The Ballad of Soloth Sar // Arriere Garde // S-S Records *new
THE WIPERS // Our Past Life // 3 CD Box Set // Zeno 2005 (orig 1982) *request
MICHAEL YONKERS w/THE BLIND SHAKE // Here's What I'm // Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons // Nero's Neptune *new
LUDLOW // Rohypnol // Gold Paint 7" // self-released *new
FESTERING RINYANYONS // I Don't Wanna Know // Flatlander Recluse // Bovine 1995
NIGHT OF PLEASURE // Bitch Pitch // Godard vs. Trufault 7" // Columbus Discount 2007
EL JESUS DE MAGICO // X-mas At Wounded Knee // Funeral Home Sessions 7" // Columbus Discount 2007

LITTLE CLAW // Polar Bear // self-titled // Ecstatic Peace *new
DOGBOWL // (Here Comes) The Man With the Plucked Out Eyes // Blue Fur Bosom Girl 7" // Vital Music 1992
NOTHING PEOPLE // In the City // In the City 7" // S-S Records *new
WOODEN SHJIPS // Losin' Time // self-titled // Holy Mountain *new
YELLOW SWANS // Mass Mirage // At All Ends // Load *new
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN // Armenia // Strategies Against Architecture // Mute 1991 (orig 1986)
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN // Armenia II (orig 1989)
SWORD HEAVEN // Town Hag // Entrance // Load *new
SWORD HEAVEN // Tomb Ark // v/a: Pisspounder 3xLP // Deathbomb Arc 2007
16 BITCH PILEUP // trk 1 // Make Like a Fetus and Abort/Make Like an Abortion and Feed Us // self-released 2005
KEVIN SHIELDS // Motor Hands // v/a: Thrash Sabbatical LP+2x7" // Deathbomb Arc *new

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Eat Skull is on Tour!

AFS v. 152 didn't happen this week because I went on an impromptu vacation to Portland and Seattle on the long weekend. On Saturday night, Fuzzbox Flynn and I saw Coconut Coolouts play at the wedding of a couple crazy (and crazy-in-love) friends, Kimberly and Brian, and it was truly the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. On Sunday night, we made it to a PDX house-show just in time to catch Leslie Keffer administer a self-massage via waves of drone (I saw a little drool beginning to break over her lip), and a nice set by Unicorn Hard-on. Thanks to Calamity Janie for subbing AFS this week. My bones were too tired after the ten-hour drive.

EAT SKULL has been a favorite here on AFS since I received their first demo back in May, but I haven't ingrained his into your brain already, they are the ex-Hospitals/Gang Wizard/etc. band with a jangle-pop heart soaked in scuzz. There's a similarity in spirit to Times New Viking, I think (that could also be because Rob from Eat Skull was in Hole Class with Beth from TNV). Fistpumping singalongs, like an amped-up, gnarly version of The Clean or something. You should've already got the first 7"...Too late? Not if you see this band on tour. And not if Davis and Sacto don't wipe the merch table clean first. I think we might do it. That record's pretty good, but wait 'til you hear the 2nd one on Skulltones. "Dead Families" is a song of the year candidate.


Tues 10/9 in Davis on Freeform KDVS, live in Studio A
stream it live: http://www.kdvs.org/ btw 8-10 p.m.
Wed 10/10 in Sacto @ 2309 L Street
house party w/ MAYYORS (ex-FM Knives/Karate Party/Sexy Prison/Sores/etc.)
Thurs 10/11 in SF @ Hemlock Tavern
w/ Scout Niblett
Fri 10/12 in Oakland @ 21 GRAND
w/ Greg Ashley & the Impediments
Sat 10/13 in L.A. @ The Scene
w/ the Lamps and Sic Alps

Eat Skull has special merch for the tour, including a cassette tape and t-shirt. I've heard the tape which has four exclusive songs which are definitely sweet and very vinyl-worthy. As a bonus, the October 1981 demo cassette of Reno's all-girl HC band The Wrecks is included on the B-side with a xerox of the cover photo, songlist, and liner info. You may have heard The Wrecks screech out "I Like to Shoplift" on the legendary Not So Quiet on the Western Front 2xLP. One other song ("Punk Is an Attitude") was comped by Grand Theft Audio onto the High Road to Obscurity CD about ten years ago. Now you can hear these and all the other songs by this amazing proto-riot grrl band...10 years before Bikini Kill, and arguably as good or better. 95% of riot grrl records don't seem to stand up well a decade later, but had this record been released in that era, it would have become iconic, and we would remember it as a shining example of the movement's music. Do not pass this tape up!

The Eat Skull tape cover is also the same as the t-shirt...an outstanding blend of styles between metalhead math-class dropout doodle and prison tattoo art.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 151

To DOWNLOAD this program, CLICK HERE (archived for 10 weeks).

To STREAM this show before October 8, GO HERE.

TAD // Glue Machine // Salt Lick // Sub Pop 1990 *request
CHURCH POLICE // Robots // 7" // Dolor del Estamago 1996 (orig 1982) *request
CHURCH POLICE // Gourmet Cooking // Gilligan's Wings 7" // Skulltones (orig 1982) *new
SNAKE APARTMENT // No Raises This Quarter // Paint the Walls // Parts Unknown *new
CLOCKCLEANER // New in Town // Babylon Rules // Load *new
SIGHTINGS // Through the Panama // Through the Panama // Load *new
MOUTHUS // Century of Divides // Saw a Halo // Load *new

YELLOW SWANS // Endlessly Making an End of Things // At All Ends // Load *new
SWORD HEAVEN // Sights not Long Gone // Entrance // Load *new
KITES // Army Corpse/Superman 2 // Hallucination Guillotine/Final Worship // Load *new
ICK // title unknown // v/a: The Perils of Paradise 12" EP // Elitepop *new
SOLITAIREN EFFEKTEN // Wir Lieben den Tag // self-titled 10" // Enfant Terrible *new
TWIST NOIR // Loneliness // self-titled 10" // Kernkrach *new (orig 1985)
AFTER THE SNOW // Rich in Thought // Fracture // Enfant Terrible 2006
QEK JUNIOR // 1/0 // Wohnanhänger 7" // Kernkrach 2007
FACTUMS // See Inside // See Inside 7" // Polly Maggoo *new

FACTUMS // Inside Out
BLANK DOGS // Housefly // Yellow Mice Sleep 7" // HoZac 2007
BLANK DOGS // Leaving the Light On // Diana (The Herald) 12" // Sacred Bones *new
SPIDER // Spiderlili // Charlie 7" // HoZac 2006 *request
MATTRESS // In Your Pocket // In Your Pocket 7"+CDR // Malt Duck *new
TICKLEY FEATHER // Sex Face // split 7" w/ Bermuda Triangles // CNP *new *request
TALBOT TAGORA // Sleepy Heads // Sleepy Heads cassette // self-released *new
YIKES // Carol Ann // Whoa Comas/Blood Bombs // Kill Shaman *new

MICHAEL YONKERS w/ THE BLIND SHAKE // Don't I Get // Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons // Go Johnny Go *new
EAT SKULL // Dead Families // Dead Families 7" // Skulltones *forthcoming
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE // Dog Love // Back in the Village 7" // Disordered/Lo-Fi *new
METH TEETH // Bus Rides // To My Good Friend CDR // self-released *new