Tuesday, October 05, 2010

AFS v. 283 ~ feat. Wounded Lion, Whines, & Uzi Rash live on KDVS

This week in AFS, Fuzzbox Flynn pinch-hit for me, picking the first 45 minutes of music, and then airing the pre-ORMF X fest party recorded live at KDVS, featuring Uzi Rash, The Whines (next-to-last public performance ever), and Wounded Lion. I couldn't possibly host AFS myself this week because I had the honor and privilege to play with Wounded Lion (the FCC has a rule forbidding "plugola", which includes playing your own music). It was like fantasy bandcamp with one of my very favorite bands of the last couple years! While I played the drum parts that Monty Buckles usually plays in Wounded Lion, Monty was in Kansas on Lamps duty. The guitar parts that Monty plays in other songs of the Lion were played by Andrew of G. Green.

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NERVOUS EATERS | Loretta | Eaterville vol. 1 | Penniman 2004 (orig. 1976)
DEAD MOON | Parchment Farm | Parchment Farm 7" | Tombstone 1988
THE OBLIVIANS | Jim Cole | Soul Food | Crypt 1995
MC MONKEY & APE W/ ATTITUDE | Human Zoo | Human Zoo 7" | Kryptonite 2004
THE SORES | Learn to Like Eatin' Dirt | 6 Songs of Despair and Frustration | Borox 2005
NECESSARY EVILS | Get It Out of My Brain | The Sicko Inside Me | In The Red 1999
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Turn Your Page | self-titled | Goner 2006
ROYAL HEADACHE | Eloise | Eloise 7" | R.I.P. Society 2010
PROCEDURE CLUB | Awfully Managed Pigeons | Doomed Forever | Slumberland 2010
SO COW | Shut Eye | Meaningless Friendly | Tic Tac Totally 2010
========================== Live in Studio A @ KDVS, 10/2/10 ==========================
THE WHINES | Straybird
THE WHINES | Vacation
THE WHINES | this one's not on the album or the 7"
THE WHINES | and neither is this one!
THE WHINES | yet another new one!
THE WHINES | and another!!
========================== Live in Studio A @ KDVS, 10/2/10 ==========================
WOUNDED LION | Friendly?
WOUNDED LION | Relaxation
WOUNDED LION | Sacajawea
WOUNDED LION | Pointed Sticks
WOUNDED LION | Pony People
WOUNDED LION | Degobah System
WOUNDED LION | Carol Cloud
========================== Live in Studio A @ KDVS, 10/2/10 ==========================
UZI RASH | I Know That You Read My Diary...
UZI RASH | ...Succubus Staring at Me...
UZI RASH | title unknown
UZI RASH | Living in a Swamp
UZI RASH | I'm a Trashbag
UZI RASH | Totally Fired
UZI RASH | ...Come Into My Barn...

After the show, the bands and I slayed this epic burger sesh like it was nothing! R.I.P., Whines....You were a very special band for the time you were around. Folks, if you haven't heard their Hell to Play LP on Meds yet, you're missing one of the greatest future-classics of the year. Like a female-fronted Hunches, but more Velvetsy.


Fuzzbox Flynn said...

That pic is making me ache for animal fries...

pj said...

"Degobah System" guitars sounded wonky, but everything else about the Wounded Lion session sounds just as I would expect it to. As you and Andrew like to say: "Sacto, Great Job!" Won't they let you play in a band yet?