Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AFS v. 318 ~ I've Got the Spirit!

This week in AFS...

* "spirit punk" from Stockton!
* extreme area code pride!
* primo guitar riff burglary!
* Aussie invasion '11 begins this week!

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NOD | I Got a Home | Disguise 7" | Baby Music 1992
ANGST | Pig | self-titled | Happy Squid 1983
CHILLY DOGS | Hot Dog | Funeral Party | Too Faced 1987
PURLING HISS | Walking Down the Street | split 12" w/ Puffy Areolas | Permanent *new
CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP | The P.L.C. Anthem | The Polyamorous Love Cult | Drunken Fish 1997
THE AXEMEN | The Yeasty Mayor | Three Virgins | Siltbreeze *new (orig 1986)
HAWKWIND | Silver Machine | Silver Machine 7" | United Artists 1972
CHARLES ALBRIGHT | I Am the Counter Culture (Drop Out) | Weight 7" | Permanent *new
DIVORCED | I Wanna Die | Separation Anxiety | Untapped Resources *new
DEFNICS | Suicide Trip | v/a: Cleveland Confidential | Terminal 1982
PYGMY SHREWS | No Supplies | You People Can All Go Straight to Hell | Jack Shack *new
SUPER SONIC PISS | Go Home Dad You're Drunk pt. 1 | self-titled | Rotted Tooth *new
GODSPEED 209 | Government is Pretty Cool | Glob of Spit | ??? forthcoming?
GODSPEED 209 | Grandma Wheelchair Horse Ride
SOCKEYE | We Are Circumcised | Barf on a Globe | Mortville/Happy Puppy 1999 (orig 1994)
PREHENSILE MONKEYTAILED SKINK | Anarchy is Stupid | I Am a Gorilla 7" | Blackjack 1994
LIL BUNNIES | Bunnie Hole | Bunnie Hole 7" | Wrench 1998
THE REATARDS | Carrot Belly Bunny Blues [Lil Bunnies] | Teenage Hate | Goner *new (orig 1998?)
THE HUSSY | Sexi Ladi | Cement Tomb Mind Control | Slow Fizz *new
HATEFUCK | When Time Takes Over | I Only Do Survivors 7" | Negative Guest List *new
V-3 | Inside Outpost | Psychic Dance Hall | Ropeburn 1991
SCRATCH ACID | Greatest Gift | self-titled | Rabid Cat 1984 *request
THE BLACK CLOUDS | Bigger Than Life | Pathetic 7" | Ride the Snake *new
CUFFS | Archer | Privilege b/w Archer 7" | Ride the Snake *new
ANITA FIX & BAM BAM | Run for Joy | Run for Joy 7" | Ride the Snake *new
ANIMALS & MEN | We Are Machines | Terraplane Fixation | Hyped2Death 2003 (orig 1979)
MOOD OF DEFIANCE | Empty Me | v/a: Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself? | New Underground 1982
MOOD OF DEFIANCE | Sticky Lips | Now | New Underground 1982
TUXEDOMOON | Nervous Guy | Scream with a View 12" EP | PRE 1979
KAA ANTILOPE | Break of Day | v/a: Coal Heart For Ever | Sub Rosa 1988 (orig 1981)
ALPS | Life is Taking | Alps of New South Wails | Past Futures *new
BE-BOP DELUXE | Blazing Apostles | Sunburst Finish | EMI/Harvest 1976
BE-BOP DELUXE | Between the Worlds | Futurama | EMI/Harvest 1975

You must not be paying attention if you have any doubt that Australia is having a musical halcyon age lately. Last year's heavies came and conquered fans by the venue-full in the form of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race, Total Control, Fabulous Diamonds, Blank Realm, etc.

Although I missed Circle Pit's tour-stop in Stockton due to their car troubles, the 2011 Aussie tide's just about to come in, with Alps reaching our shores first. Their...er, his style is melodramatic and minimal, transcending the trappings of singer/songwriter much like the way his touring mate Michael Beach (of Electric Jellyfish) does, and bears hints of influence of NZ 80's/90's 4-track bedroom-self-recordists and early Tuxedomoon and affiliated bands (such as Kaa Antilope which provided a killer segueway if I do say so myself). If "Keyboard Cat" can become a meme to millions, why not this magical musical ferret playing the Alps' hit song, "Life is Taking"?

For every organ based song, Alps delivers on guitar, too!

Catch more Alps info here...

Coming later this summer and early fall from Australia...
Kitchen's Floor
Deaf Wish
Royal Headache
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
& hopefully more!

And finally...just in time for the 4th of July, "spirit punk" erupts from its Stockton, CA, epicenter in the supremely fuckophonic braincell devastation of Godspeed 209.
You can keep up with their song-a-day-so-far pace here...

Fans of the Wheelchair Full of Old Men label should be majorly stoked!


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