Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AFS v. 319 ~ Screature Feature

This week in AFS...

* meet Sacto's best new band, Screature!
* Screature plays live in Studio A
* ...then picks music and chats in Studio B

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PSYCHIC FELINE | Vampires | debut 7" | High Fives & Handshakes *new
THE WHINES | Straybird | Shootinhead 7" | Mt. St. Mtn *new
TROPHY WIFE | In the Water | self-titled 7" | Private Leisure Industries 2011
U.S. GIRLS | If These Walls Could Talk | split 12" w/ Slim Twig | Palmist *new
-----------------------------live in Studio A-----------------------------
SCREATURE | It's Obvious [Asolute Body Control]
SCREATURE | Black Light
SCREATURE | All and All
MONOGAMY | Champion of the Rights of Monogamists | Posture Smiles Upon You CDR | no label *new
LAKES | Secret Rites | Winters Blade | Inverted Crux *new
PAIN TEENS | Desu Evol Yaw | Born in Blood | Trance Syndicate 1990
SOCRATES THAT PRACTIÇES MUSIC | Ruthless Rake | Further Conclusions Against an Italian Version (BAT) | Junior Aspirin *new
FAD GADGET | Lady Shave | Make Room 7" | Mute 1981
CHROME | In a Dream | Inworlds 12" EP | Don't Fall Off the Mountain 1981
MAGAZINE | Shot by Both Sides | Real Life | Virgin 1978
WIRE | Reuters | Pink Flag | EMI/Harvest 1977
OPÉRATION S | (Demain Viendra) le Futur | Anteenagers MC/Happy Family split LP | Action 2004
BEAST OF BEAST | Destructive Heroes | Sex, Drugs...and Noise 12" EP | My Ass 1983?
COÏTUS INT. | Dry Up Soon | Dead Excitement EP 7" | Bunkerpop *new (orig 1980)
LILLETTES | Air Conditioning | v/a: Messthetics # 108 South Coast D.I.Y. '77-81 | Hyped2Death *new
TOYS WENT BERSERK | Skull | Pieces | Aberrant 1987
THE MEN | Bataille | Leave Home | Sacred Bones *new
CHEVEU | Impossible is not French | 1000 | Kill Shaman 2011
SUICIDE | Girl | self-titled | Red Star 1977
SPECTOR PROTECTOR | Sugar | demo CDR | no label 2004

Screature have been a band jamming and rehearsing right under my nose in Sacramento for the last two years, but they finally played their debut live show last month at a packed house-show in Davis in support of Death Grips. To my surprise, my friend Liz Donner, who I've known since the days when her art gallery
known as Fools Foundation was scene-HQ and the main Sacto venue partner for KDVS Presents, sings for the band. And sings very effectively and has a full repertoire of killer mic stand moves.

There are many bands--even many excellent bands--celebrating the dark art and heyday of the original postpunk, and Screature enter that field with a unique slant that creates their own space there with deep-pocketed kinetic drum-&-organ-bass rhythms, dramatic vocals, and a distinctive psych-punk guitar style that smacks of Chrome's Helios Creed now and then.

Now that they are outta-the-practice-space and further into the public eye, I expect a lotta you are gonna dig them immensely. You can follow them on Facebook here...

For such a rad-looking band, they seem kinda camera-shy so far.
Has anyone got any pictures to send me to post here? (THANKS!)

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