Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AFS v. 317 ~ feat. Babs Johnson Gang live on KDVS!

This week in AFS...

* World, meet Babs Johnson Gang!
* Babs Johnson Gang, World!
* These guys bring Sacto's most thrilling dance party

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or STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night.

PRISONERS GO GO BAND | Multinational Co. | Live! at the Butchery with Special Guests On Fire! | SS Records *new (orig 1981)
LA LIGNE CLAIRE | Cheri | Cheri | Bruit Direct Disques *new
ATELIER MÉDITERRANÉE | Artena | Méditerranée 7" | Bruit Direct Disques *new
FEELING OF LOVE | 666 Blank Girls | Dissolve Me | Kill Shaman *new
JACK OF HEART | Oscar Wilde | Eureka 7" | Slovenly *new
BABS JOHNSON GANG ... live in Studio A

Battle Plan/Smart Girl

China Pig/Sandy Nelson

Baby Blue/Mimi/Boogie

Blowin Up Your Head/Johnny/Drunk

Don't Shake Your Baby, Baby!

Block of Ice [Oh Sees]

Hipster/Driller Killer

Don't Wanna Be With You

Rich Kid Blues/Hipster/Yikes!

Know Right From Wrong!

Gimme Back My Wig

Outlaw Blues

The Waddle

KARATE PARTY | Pressure | Black Helicopter | SS Records 2005
NEGATIVE TREND | How Ya Feelin'? | We Don't Play We Riot 12-inch EP | Subterranean 1983 (orig 1978)
SPLATCATS | Sin 73 | Sin 73 | Celluloid 1986
CHEATER SLICKS | Why | On Your Knees | Gadawful 1989
THE REATARDS | I Can Live Without You | Teenage Hate | Goner *new (orig 1998)
SICK THINGS | Committed to Suicide | The Sounds of Silence | Shock 1989 (orig 1980-81)
SUPER SONIC PISS | Less of Me [Teenage Jesus & the Jerks] | self-titled | Rotted Tooth *new
OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM | Immigrant Radio | What is True, What is False | Load 1999
UNHOLY SWILL | White Trash Shouldn't Rap (Colors) [Ice-T] | v/a: From Twisted Minds Come (Twisted Products) | Noiseville 1990
THE HUSSY | Brown Eyes | Cement Tomb Mind Control | Slow Fizz *new
STRIP KINGS | Slow Panic | Lightning Breed 7-inch | In the Red 1996
TIGHT FITS | Bulldozer | Full Frontal Attack 7-inch | Pure Filth 1995
B-LINES | World War Four | self-titled | Deranged/Nominal *new
CREAMERS | Modern Day | Modern Day 7" | Jolly Dream *new
GENBAKU ONANIES | Nanni No Mai | Forward Command Post 7-inch | Public Bath 1991
BABS JOHNSON GANG | I Made a Bomb [Coachwhips] | Alive at the Press Club | no label *new
SPLOTCH | Turn on the Appliances/Anal/Bill Jordan | Have Another Tantrum | Menlo Park 1994

Babs Johnson Gang are hands-down one of the best--and quite possibly thee most rockin'--bands in Sacto today. They're a totally ragerriffic two-man destruction unit with burning soul and rump-shakeability which compares in live performance really quite well with The Coachwhips (even when they're not totally nailing their cover of "I Made a Bomb"), or like the most raw, wylde rockin' moments of Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall. But they also have their own personality and sound which makes them unlike the dozens of bands that draw those comparisons. That uniqueness is most evident in the ultra-melodic, frenetic
locomotive-style drumming and the occasional Ginn-like damage on guitar, as well as the confidence they have when they dare to raise the blues lude to a down-home, traditional level. If you saw them play on the KDVS float at this year's Picnic Day parade or a few weeks ago at DAM Haus, then you know this is true.

I've had them open for several bands at KDVS Presents shows, and the bands they play with have told me more than once, "Don't make us play after those guys again!" And we're talking about bands that should never hafta worry about who they must follow. I said it before to the last crowd, and now I'll say it to you....People who like garagepunk fun and frenzied with real soul and palpable mayhem need to catch onto this Babs Johnson Gang so touring bands don't hafta play after them. This will only happen if they become local headliners, and they've surely got the right stuff for it. And now they even have a debut LP recorded live at the Press Club in Sacramento.

As yet, they only have 55 followers on Facebook(!?!?!).
You can get with 'em here...
...and if you name the date and place, tell 'em you want 'em to bring the party spirit.
You should bring a change of shirt if you see them play. I sweat down to my belly button last time.


alan said...

Yesos putos que.

alan said...

y esos pútos

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