Tuesday, June 07, 2011

AFS v. 315 ~ Inconceivable Discharge

This week in AFS...

* Sacto's latest game-changer and runaway internet sensation, Death Grips!
* Is this the greatest thing to come outta Gulf War Syndrome?
* And the nominees for most pretentious band name are...

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HORRID RED | Banquet in Blue | Pink Flowers 7" | Soft Abuse 2011
BRUTE HEART | Hunter | Lonely Hunter | Soft Abuse *new
HUMAN EYE | They Came from the Sky | They Came from the Sky | Sacred Bones *new
TIMMY'S ORGANISM | When the Bottles Break | Scum Revolution 7" | HoZac *new
THE BRAINZ | Terra | Elementary Monster 7" | no label 1979
PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD | Politico | Politico 7" | Criminal 1979
BOMBER JACKETS | Routemaster | split 7" w/ The Rebel | Kill Shaman/Savoury Days *new
INVISIBLE POLYTECHNIC | side A | Perform In C by Terry Riley | Junior Aspirin *new
ALPS | Life is Talking | Alps of New South Wails | Past Futures *new
INDIFFERENT DANCE CENTRE | Flight & Pursuit | v/a: Messthetics #108 | Hyped2Death *new (orig 1981)
PINK REASON | Holding On | Shit in the Garden | Siltbreeze *new
DEATH GRIPS | Guillotine (It Goes Yah) | Exmilitary | Third Worlds *new
CLICK CLICK | Awake and Watching | Rorschach Testing | Play It Again Sam 1988
À;GRUMH... | Drama in the Subway | Underground 12" EP | Play It Again Sam 1986
DOXA SINISTRA | Alien | Via Del Latte | Enfant Terrible *new (orig 1982)
FIT & LIMO | Coming Home | Retrospective 1983-1988 | Bouncing Corp. 1988
SOCRATES THAT PRACTIÇES MUSIC | Mrs. Hammersmith | Further Conclusions Against an Italian Version (BAT) | Junior Aspirin *new
THE MEDIATERS | Time's Your Own? | v/a: Waiting Room | Object Music 1980
PER PURPOSE | Corner o' the Gage | Heil Progress 7" | Bedroom Suck *new
UV RACE | Low | Homo | In The Red *new
THE WHINES | Shootinhead | Shootinhead 7" | Mt. St. Mtn *new
THE LOFTONS | Untitled | demo CDR | no label *new
COLA FREAKS | Sten/Sniper | self-titled | Douchemaster *new
USELESS EATERS | State of Mind | Daily Commute | Tic Tac Totally *new
INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND | We're Gonna Make It | Radio Caroline 7" | Last Laugh *new
THE NORMALS | Same Old '76 | Vacation to Nowhere | Last Laugh *new
XTERMINATORS | Occasional Lay | Microwave Radiation 7" | Radio Active 1979
GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS | Cheri Love Affair | Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be | Black & Blue 1980
FLIPPER | Ever | Album Generic Flipper | Subterranean 1981
MILK MUSIC | No Life | Beyond Living | no label *new
EGO SUMMIT | Beyond the Laws | The Room Isn't Big Enough | Old Age/No Age 1997

Perhaps the most instantly riveting moment of Zach Hill's recording career so far is his most dedicated foray into hip hop...Death Grips. Seriously, this is a game-changer. Wish they played this stuff at the gym. I'd be ripped last week. When I spun this track, I got curious phonecallers flooding the request line so furiously...unlike any three minute span in all of my 17 years here at KDVS. Have a look-see...

When is the vinyl coming? I dunno...but stay tuned to this for more info...

They played a quickly planned live show just this recent Sunday night in Sacto. I couldn't go. But their Davis house-show debut is this Saturday. I don't wanna be an exclusionary elitist preventing people from sharing this headtrip of an experience, but it's gonna be such a mob scene based on the Facebook event invitation statistics, I'm not sure that me myself and my closest music-geek friends will fit in that living room, so that's all I'm gonna say...sorry.

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