Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AFS v. 345 ~ feat. the "Wool(l)en Bros"

This week in AFS...

* Woolen Men of Portland, live on KDVS!
* Woollen Kits of Australia, live on KDVS!
* "Wool(l)en Bros" interview
* Portland history artifacts

CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

or STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night.

LOOSE GRIP | Maccy D's | Cereal 7" | Bedroom Suck *new
BED WETTIN' BAD BOYS | Don't Wanna Know | Best/Worst Band in Sydney 7" | R.I.P. Society 2010 *request
SOPORS | No Solution | self-titled 7" | Margin Mouth *new
WOOLLEN KITS | University Narcolepsy | self-titled | R.I.P. Society *new
WOOLEN MEN | Drunkard's Dream | live in Studio A
WOOLEN MEN | Mayonnaise
WOOLEN MEN | Love Song
WOOLEN MEN | Walking Out
WOOLEN MEN | In Disguise [Neo Boys]
WOOLEN MEN | Chinese Rug
WOOLEN MEN | Land of Laughs
WOOLEN MEN | Feet in the Clouds
THE REACTIONS | Rebel Rousers | Saturday's Gone Wild | Cheap Rewards *new (orig 1981)
THE OUTCASTS | Just Another Teenage Rebel | Just Another Teenage Rebel 7" | Good Vibrations 1978
JOHNNY ILL BAND | Matt Larson | In the Wintertime 7" | X! Records *new
WOUNDED LION | Black Ops | IVXLCDM | In The Red 2011
LOST SOUNDS | What'd I Say? | Plastic Skin 7" | Goner *new (orig 1999)
ICHI NI SAN SHI | Insurmountable | Here Sometime Today 7" | Super Secret *new
JUNGLE NAUSEA | Eat | untitled 12" EP | Inner Mystique 1982
NEO BOYS | Time Keeps Time | Crumbling Myths | Joe 1982
WOOLLEN KITS | I Love You | self-titled
WOOLLEN KITS | Sloan | live in Studio A
WOOLLEN KITS | Out of Whack
WOOLLEN KITS | Back to You
DEAD MOON | Up in the Altitudes | Over the Edge 7" | Tombstone 1991
DRIVETRAIN | Time is of the Essence | Time is of the Essence 7" | Tombstone 1988
WICKED ONES | Friends Like You | Friends Like You 7" | Moxie 1991
interview w/ Wool(l)en Bros!
WICKED ONES | The Devil's in My Pants | The Devil's in My Pants 7" | Get Hip 1989

See? They were really here!

The Woollen Kits

& Woolen Men


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nice pics :)

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