Monday, January 09, 2012

AFS v. 342 ~ Best of 2011

This week in AFS...

* My top 25 LPs of 2011

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TUMOR WARLORD | End of Time | Bio-Machine 7" | Jeth-Row *new
SPRAY PAINT | Psychic Doug | Pro Knife 7" | SS Records *new
MORDECAI | Horse | self-titled | Killertree 2011
UV RACE | Homo | Homo | In The Red 2011
ROYAL HEADACHE | Psychotic Episode | self-titled | R.I.P. Society 2011
DEAF WISH | Make It Hurt | self-titled | Radio Records Melbourne 2011
PER PURPOSE | Pregnant Again | Implicating More Than One | Bedroom Suck 2011 (orig 2007)
BURNING SENSATION | Terminal Decay | self-titled | Vertex 2011
TOTAL CONTROL | Carpet Rash | Henge Beat | Iron Lung 2011
WOUNDED LION | Raincheck Vibrations | IVXLCDM | In The Red 2011
DAN MELCHIOR | Atomizer | Assemblage Blues | Siltbreeze 2011
LOS LLAMARADA | Death Will Die | Gone Gone Cold | SS Records 2011
BBJr | Radio Detective (Detective) | Tearjerker | Captcha 2011
SEX CHURCH | Colour Out of Space/Treading Water | Growing Over | Load 2011
HUMAN EYE | Impregnate the Martian Queen Pt. 2 | They Came from the Sky | Sacred Bones 2011
NOTHING PEOPLE | Cathode Ray Tube/Gut Wind | Smells Like Metal | Captcha 2011
PSANDWICH | Like a Metaphor | Northren Psych | Columbus Discount 2011
PYGMY SHREWS | No Supplies | You People Can All Go Straight to Hell | Jack Shack 2011
VIDEO | Any Worse? | Leather Leather | Play Pinball 2011
B-LINES | Psychedelic High School | self-titled | Deranged/Nominal 2011
JOHNNY ILL BAND | Good Posture | Ask All the Doctors | Urinal Cake 2011
CHEVEU | Charlie Sheen | 1000 | Kill Shaman 2011
SOFT KILL | Surrender | An Open Door | Fast Weapons 2011
MILLIGRAM RETREAT | Wife/Petticoat Affair | Falun Gong | Enfant Terrible 2011
COLOUR BÜK | I'm Approaching You With Romantic Intent | Licht Dinger | Wir Wollen Wulle 2011
WEYES BLOOD & THE DARK JUICES | His Song | The Outside Room | Not Not Fun 2011
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Gnomes on the Runway | Catbirds & Cardinals | Northern Spy 2011

Sorry...It took awhile to get around to making my "best of" list of 2011 albums. Even on the downside of the last few halcyon years of music, some excellent albums missed the cut, so it was hard to whittle down. Also, I was still waiting to hearing those albums by Condominium and True Sounds of Thunder. Those came out when I was in a bit of a cash bind, so I missed my chance to get 'em while they were fresh. Then again, the last several years, I make my list in mid-December, and then January rolls around and there's 2-3 December releases that I wanna add to the list.

Please have a listen to my top 25 playlist above, and if you feel like it, tell me what you liked in 2011. It's in no particular order except to make for sensible radio segueways...and, well...I did segregate the Aussies from the rest. Oz's roll keeps going, as it remains the center of the rock & roll world.

But here they are in order of awesomeness, in my opinion...

1. TOTAL CONTROL Henge Beat (Iron Lung)
3. UV RACE Homo (In The Red)
4. DAN MELCHIOR Assemblage Blues (Siltbreeze)
5. LOS LLAMARADA Gone Gone Cold (SS Records)
6. HUMAN EYE They Came from the Sky (Sacred Bones)
7. DEAF WISH self-titled (Radio Records Melbourne)
8. PSANDWICH Northren Psych (Columbus Discount)
9. SEX CHURCH Growing Over (Load)
10. CHEVEU 1000 (Kill Shaman)
11. SOFT KILL An Open Door (Fast Weapons)
12. BBJr Tearjerker (Captcha)
13. VIDEO Leather Leather (Play Pinball)
14. ROYAL HEADACHE self-titled (R.I.P. Society)
15. MILLIGRAM RETREAT Falun Gong (Enfant Terrible)
16. JOHNNY ILL BAND Ask All the Doctors (Urinal Cake)
17. PYGMY SHREWS You People Can All Go Straight to Hell (Jack Shack)
18. BURNING SENSATION self-titled (Vertex)
19. NOTHING PEOPLE Smells Like Metal (Captcha)
20. DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE Catbirds & Cardinals (Northern Spy)
21. B-LINES self-titled (Deranged/Nominal)
22. PER PURPOSE Implicating More Than One (Bedroom Suck)
23. WEYES BLOOD & THE DARK JUICES The Outside Room (Not Not Fun)
24. MORDECAI self-titled (Killertree)
25. COLOUR BÜK Licht Dinger (Wir Wollen Wulle)


xanax no prescription said...

It's really the best of the best! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Re: Per Purpose. Glen Schenau fronts the band. Joe plays drums in Per Purpose, Kitchen's Floor, Slug Guts and more.

Richard Vertex said...


Swell to see one of our records make your fine looking list - lets hope 2012 is as rockin.


martin said...

i just wanna say that this particular afs provided some excellent tunes while i was studying. if i do any good on this math test it's 'cause of total control, wounded lion, johnny ill band, and video! thanks dj rick. : )