Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AFS v. 320 ~ feat. Woolen Men live on KDVS!

This week in AFS...

* The Woolen Men from Portland play live in Studio A!
* The Woolen Men pick the last 45 minutes of music in Studio B!
* A killer year for reissues & retrospectives keeps rolling!
* We sample each song on the BBJr a/k/a Bob Bunko, Jr. LP!

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CHEATER SLICKS | Please Give Me Something | Our Food is Chaos LP+7" | Almost Ready *new (orig 1989)
CHEATER SLICKS | Night of the Sadist | Our Food is Chaos
LA SECT ROUGE | Rivers Edge | Frank | Trans Urban 1990
BLOODLOSS | My Friend the Moon | Lost My Head for a Drink | Dirty Knobby *new (orig 1997)
LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE | That Suit is Dope | On Welfare | Captcha *new
BBJR | Neon is the New Black | Tearjerker | Captcha *new
========================== live in Studio A ==========================
WOOLEN MEN | Spoiled
WOOLEN MEN | Love Song
WOOLEN MEN | Royal Wedding
WOOLEN MEN | My Sunglasses [Pylon]
WOOLEN MEN | Magick Trycks
WOOLEN MEN | Ambivalence [Pin Group]
WOOLEN MEN | Hold it Up
WOOLEN MEN | In the Corner
WOOLEN MEN | Ode to an Hour
BBJR | Terminal Sac | Tearjerker
THE REBEL | Prove It | The Five Year Plan E.P. 12" | Monofonus Press *new
MONOGAMY | Sandstorm 2 | Posture Smiles Upon You CDR | self-released *new
WOOLEN MEN | West Coast | Live at the Banana Stand | Banana Stand Media *forthcoming
THE MOLES | Bury Me Happy | Untune the Sky | Kill Shaman 2010 (orig 1990)
GUIDED BY VOICES | Dodging Invisible Rays | Tigerbomb 7" | Matador 1995
ALISTAIR GALBRAITH | As in a Blender | Gaudylight 7" | Siltbreeze/Xpressway 1991
THE CHILLS | Pink Frost | Kaleidoscope World | Homestead 1990
WIRE | Blessed State | 154 | EMI/Harvest 1979
THE STOOGES | T.V. Eye | Funhouse | Elektra 1970
R.E.M. | Catapult | Murmur | I.R.S. 1982
THEE HEADCOATS | Every Bit of Me | Conundrum | Hangman's Daughter 1994
INDEX | Fire Eyes | self-titled | D.C. Records 1967

From the antipodean slant of their musical selections at the end of tonights program, you can probably predict that our live-in-studio guests this week--The Woolen Men--would reveal strains of the shambolic minimalist pop that we've heard reverberating from down under. While some elements are more Australian, such as the throttling relentless rhythm, and other traits such as the starry-eyed yet dark romance, are more associated with New Zealand. But I suppose we seppos love all your music for how it's different from the all-too-familiar U.S. and U.K., and thus it might be natural for us yanks to meld together those traits to some extent. And that's what I think these Woolen Men are doing, and quite well!

Due to recent equipment failure on their first tour, tonight's live-in-Studio-A set from Woolen Men lacks any of their keyboard-driven songs, but I've included their rousing and prideful "West Coast" song which should make a lot of friends come together harmoniously to honor our heroes with lyrics as irrepressible as "This is Greg Sage/This is Greg Ginn/From Californ-eye-ay to Washington/Alright!"

Find out more about the Woolen Men here...
Woolen Men on Facebook

Another Portland lesser-known comes to light this week with Captcha's release of the enigmatic experimentalist--Bob Bucko, Jr. better known by the official shorthand BBJr.--who's all over the free-music map from jazz to drone to noise, and ruling in each area and every adjacent territory he crosses. More than any full LP that has successfully thwarted recognizable songform in its entirety, Tearjerker has captivated me from start to finish more than anything since Olde English Spelling Bee issued Zephyrus by Squim four years ago, if not since 2009 when Weird Forest dropped Maurizio Bianchi's Das Platinzeitalter. This has got more of an old-school ESP-Disk vibe to it that's totally timeless. You can pick it up here...

All the YouTube searches for Bob Bucko reveals him approaching some sorta songform with collaborators, but it's got some killer moments, too. Start here...

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Mr. B said...

Yeah man! Bob Bucko makes some awesome tunes! If you'd like to hear some more, here's a few of many from that particular time to listen / download which were collaborations between Slopington Heights - Bald Eagles and Bob Bucko!! :-)





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