Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AFS v. 236 ~ Antennas (Very Nearly) Erupt!

Please take another rain-check on the slobberingly stupid no-brow cave-rock show, and in the meantime, enjoy a sublime live on-air session of some of Sacto's best jazz improvisers, an unnamed (as of yet) quartet comprising four-fifths of the members of Antennas Erupt, a band which was one of this area's leading lights early this decade. Weird Forest label-honcho Chad Stockdale plays baritone and tenor saxophones, Davy Bui plays alto sax, Kevin Corcoran plays drums and percussion, and visiting from Santa Barbara, Nick Julian plays cello. Whereas Antennas Erupt was mostly a free-jazz inspired band that played triumphant and uplifting composed jazz, this quartet has been strictly improvising in the free jazz idiom, and indeed doing it very well. Their set begins at approximately 30 minutes into this 2-hour podcast and sprawls out brilliantly over the course of almost 50 minutes. It's enthralling....

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DETENTION | Dead Rock & Rollers | Dead Rock & Rollers 7" | Rigor Mortis 1983
JIM CARROLL BAND | People Who Died | Catholic Boy | Atco 1980
THE NERVES | Hanging on the Telephone | The Nerves 7" | The Nerves Record Co. 1976
PAUL COLLINS' BEAT | Crying Won't Help | The Kids Are the Same | Columbia 1981
WICKED AWESOMES | Space | Punk Holograms | Psychic Handshake *new
WICKED AWESOMES | Streaming Intelligence
BROTMAN & SHORT | A League to Destroy All Nations | Rubix Dudes CS | Hardscrabble Amateurs 2008
THE CULTURAL DECAY | End of the Corridor | Eight Ways to Start a Day | Sacred Bones *new
ETOILE FILANTE | Poupé Mecanique | Emanuelle Sous Acide CDR | no label 2009
GRAUZONE | In der Nacht | Grauzone | Off Course 1981
THE SLAVES | Who Is the Master of Them All? | Aliens EP | Slave 2009
EXPLODE INTO COLORS | Sharpen the Knife | Coffins 7" | M'Lady's *new
BAD THOUGHTS | Oh Jena! | Oh Jena! 7" | M'Lady's *new
SEX CHURCH | Dead End | Dead End 7" | Sweet Rot *new
MENTAL POWERS | Appear/Juniour | split 7" w/ Free Choice | Fifth Column *new
THE PINK NOISE | Black Cadillac | Gilded Flowers CS | Campaign for Infinity *new

For fans of Antennas Erupt keeping score, Chad and Kevin have been together in duo, trio, and quartet forms with various friends and conspirators in the Sacramento area, as well as reaching into the Bay Area, where they have a trio called DMPH with guitarist Derek Monypeny of Oaxacan. DMPH have a 7" called Parties Hard on Chad's Weird Forest label which barely scratches the surface of their furious scrabbling sounds of gnarly noise and free jazz. DMPH appear live in Sacramento on Wednesday, September 16 at Funcastle (2309 L Street) with Pete Swanson, formerly of Yellow Swans and Scott Goodwin Trio.

Nick Julian has visited Sacramento during times off from (physics, I presume) study in Santa Barbara, so summer's been a great time to witness him in trios with Chad and Kevin. He's also lent his cello services to San Kazakgascar on a couple cuts from their latest CD album, Idle Ships. He previously collaborated with local math-whiz heroes Hella on There's No 666 in Outer Space.

I've always tried to snoop around Davy Bui to see what he's been up to musically. Since Antennas Erupt disbanded four years ago, it hasn't been much. But the horizon looks promising with the impending debut of his new band with Robert, formerly of The Sores and the man behind Boron & the Grebes. The new band is called Repressive Proteins, and they'll be debuting at The Hub in Sacramento on October 13 in support of The Intelligence and Sonic Chicken 4 from France. Davy was ostensibly the leader in Antennas Erupt, and previously to that, there were some shows by a band he had (also with Kevin) called the Wyoming Band. He said I was their only fan, but I know that not to be true!

The only ex-A.E. member not present tonight was Troy Mighty, an outstanding artist who drew many of my favorite flyers, posters, and record sleeves of the last decade, and the troubadour known as Dead Western, who has toured extensively as a solo act, made some superb weird-folk 7" records and a beautiful LP for KDVS Recordings, and has lately expanded to an enthralling trio line-up with Kevin on drums/percussion and Jesse Phillips on bass guitar.

If you never heard Antennas Erupt, but you liked what you heard tonight, then track these titles down...
Magical Energy LP on SS Records
self-titled 7" on Weird Forest
*** These have been long outta-print, but maybe you'll be lucky!

HEY! Fans of Kraftwerk and all their descendants (including the recent "minimal wave" zeitgeist), please catch the Brotman & Short tour if it comes your way...

They're on tour with San Francisco's partyhardy ladypower punk band, Dadfag...

Tue, Sep 15 in Riverside, CA @ Worthington's Tavern w/ Resin Hits
Wed, Sep 16 in San Diego @ The Ruby Room
Thu, Sep 17 in Bakersfield @ 20th and D house show
Fri, Sep 18 in Davis @ Brohemian Grove/802 Villanova w/ Cloaks & Slaves
Sat, Sep 19 in Sacramento @ Funcastle with 2up/Woman Year/Pregnant
Sun, Sep 20 in Arcata @ the house sometimes known as the Brown House(?)
Mon, Sep 21 in Portland, OR @ Ducketts Public House
Tue, Sep 22 in Eugene, OR @ The Basement
Wed, Sep 23 in Portland, OR @ Dekum Manor
Thu, Sep 24 in Olympia, WA @ HPP’s house
Fri, Sep 25 in Seattle, WA @ Shebang House
Sat, Sep 26 in Portland, OR @ The Bad Boy Club

If you enjoy mining the territory at the intersection of experimental, electronic, and psychedelic, then check out the Cloaks and Slaves on tour from Portland this week and upcoming. You can hear the Slaves tonight sounding like the barbiturate-adjusted cyber-goth of a Dome/Dead Can Dance marriage sprinkled with the minimalist lush touch of Badalamenti. Cloaks features a longtime friend of AFS, supreme psych-rock saxophonist Ryan Carlile, who you've heard playing with Night Wounds in the past, and more recently on-tour with Eternal Tapestry.

Tue, Sep 15 in Portland, OR @ Ella Vista Social Club
Wed, Sep 16 in Arcata, CA @ Steve’s House w/ Starving Wierdos
Thu, Sep 17 in San Francisco @ Amnesia w/ Group Ronda, Alice Choen, Sean MCann
Fri, Sep 18 in Davis @ Brohemian Grove/802 Villanova w/ Dadfag and Brotman & Short
Sat, Sep 19 in Bay Area @ TBA
Sun, Sep 20 in San Luis Obispo @ 3069 Broad St. house
Mon, Sep 21 in Phoenix or Tempe, AZ @ TBA
Tue, Sep 22 in San Francisco @ TBA
Wed, Sep 23 in Eugene, OR @ TBA w/ Prince Rama of Ayodhya
Thu, Sep 24 in Olympia, WA @ State & Quince House w/ Bad Boys
Fri, Sep 25 in Vancouver, BC @ Soder and Suns
Sat, Sep 26 in Seattle @ Escalator Fest @ Vera Project
w/ Wooden Shjips and Eternal Tapestry

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