Tuesday, September 08, 2009

AFS v. 235 ~ Let's Get Smart Again!

Let's get smart again for another week, huh? I.O.U. a snot-soaked slobberin' neanderthal rock show next week, okay?

Tonight's features include the CD bonus track from the new Little Claw album which is further entrenching itself in my utmost echelon of top albums of 2009, a triple-traipse through the wild and wonderful discography of France's Galerie Pache (mark me down for one of every title from now on!), an introduction to Trawler Bycatch (more on them down below!), the heavier and more aggro side of Eternal Tapestry (now fully PSF-strength on vinyl!), and finally...it's gonna get all gothy in here!

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LITTLE CLAW | Golden Boy | Human Taste | Ecstatic Peace *new
CHICHI Y LOS PUTOS DEL ORTO | On va Crever (Tous) | Vaca Blanca | Galerie Pache 2004
LE TON MITE | Trees Taller than Tales | Tickets to Real Imaginary Places | Galerie Pache 2006
DUDU GEVA | Tomba Zombi | Retrovulva 2003 | Galerie Pache *new
TRAWLER BYCATCH | TASKs | advance tracks CDR | no label *new
XYX | Neptunia | Momento Acido Contemporaneo 7" | Skulltones *new
WET HAIR | Stepping Razor (to Heaven's Door) | Glass Fountain | Not Not Fun *new
BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP | John Peel's voice | v/a: John Peel Presents Top Gear | BBC 1969
SWEET MARRIAGE | Mort | v/a: John Peel Presents Top Gear | BBC 1969
ETERNAL TAPESTRY | Temporal Starshine Voyage | The Invisible Landscape | Not Not Fun *new
PLANKTON WAT | Sphere Within the Lotus | Dawn of the Golden Eternity | DNT *new
CIRCUIT DES YEUX | The First Day | Sirenum | Destijl *new
SOOTTYB | They Sent Me Into Space Today | split 7" w/ Arob | Greatdividing *new
MATTRESS | Remember | Low Blows | Malt Duck *forthcoming *request
PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA | Haunted Aquarius | Zetland | no label *new
PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA | Atlantis | split LP w/ The Great Valley | Spookytown *new
MT. EERIE | Wind's Dark Poem Through the Trees | Wind's Poem 2xLP | P.W. Elvrum & Sun *new
CORRUPTED | Estar en Visperas de Ultimo | v/a: Painkiller vol. I 7" | Devastating Soundworks 1996
DEFLAG HAEMORRHAGE/HAIEN KONTRA | Lacguage = Noumenal Sarcoshyce [sic] | Luxury | Tochnit Aleph 2009
LESSON LESSON LESSEN RELEARN | Ultra Cultural Bummer | split 7" w/ Russian Tsarlag | West Palm Beotch *new
ZOLA JESUS | Sinfonia and the Shrew | The Spoils | Sacred Bones *new
PSYCHE | Eraserhead | Tales from the Darkside | Animalized 1990
STRAIGHTJACKET BAZOOKA | Printing Press Preacher | Longpig | White 1988
MARCH VIOLETS | Religious as Hell | Natural History | Vinyl Rebirth 1984
13TH CHIME | Hide and Seek | 13th Chime | Sacred Bones *new (orig 1982)
THE CULTURAL DECAY | Song of Joy | 8 Ways to Start a Day | Sacred Bones *new (orig 1982)

Friends of Freeform KDVS and AFS in Sacto and Davis will surely be pleased to know that Zac Nelson, the solo artist known alternately as Hexlove and/or Faulouah--and the chief creative force behind Who's Your Favorite Son, God?--will be back in the area with his new band project, Trawler Bycatch, which also features Zach with an "h" from Danava. Zac and Zach last teamed up in Princess Sweepstakes, which was really how everyone at KDVS became aware of these guys when we flipped for their one and only LP--I Love You in Case I Die this Christmas, Man--in 2005. It was a fateful night...that first time I unwittingly saw Danava at Ptomaine Temple in Oakland opening for Glass Candy and the Chromatics....they blew us all away, so I wiped their merch table clean, and they told me the story about Princess Sweepstakes: "This band is a lot different...more like Residents and Pere Ubu and stuff like that...but it's basically all of us, but with this other guy, Zac, who moved down here somewhere." Down here turned out to be Sacto, so we met, and I got about a dozen of his other projects, and much of that was also pretty thrilling to hear. Soon, he was conspiring with some of the most theoretical envelope-pushers in the Sacto next-level math-rock community which had been revolving around Hella, but Zac's broader influence funnel (which thankfully included things as visceral and direct as early Butthole Surfers) made his local band projects different, and at many a Who's Your Favorite Son, God? show, the barrier between "punks" and "hippies" was eroded. It wasn't just G.I.S.M.'s slogan anymore! Judging by the three tracks on this sneak preview CD (and the fourth new song on their MySpace), Portland's Trawler Bycatch still mutates advanced math with gnarlier noisepunk touchstones such as the Buttholes, and it still soars and flutters along with Zac's vocals. West Coast fans of next-level noiserock, be warned....They are coming our way in late October and early November, all the way down to San Diego and back.

If you've been listening for the last couple years, then you know that I've repped the live show of Eternal Tapestry as one of the best for wah-stomping, face-melting psych-out guitar-slaying over mighty motorik chugs. But some of you are still waiting for them to deliver on that description on vinyl. With their newest LP on Not Not Fun--The Invisible Landscape--it's finally happened! This is surely P.S.F.-strength white-hot psych-jam-rock dedicated to thee infinite riff. If you suspect that I'm desecrating the name of Munehiro Narita with these comparisons, then I challenge you to track this LP down (NNF's stash for direct mail-order's already sold out, but check their distributors for remaining stock) as soon as possible. For fans of the more nebulous, meandering, and subtle style of previous E-Tap releases, I recommend you to search out the new Plankton Wat LP on DNT. That's the solo project of E-Tap's Dewey Mahood which is psych/folk. Tonight's selection is the brightest-burning number from the album which also features guest flute-squalling from his precocious and adorable 7-year-old daughter, Harper. Elsewhere on the Dawn of the Golden Eternity, the mood is beautiful ur-drone for late-night beard-stroking, meditation, and deep contemplative headphone-listening. Bias disclosed...the E-Tap family have become great friends with Miss Malt Duck and I, and we crash on each other's couches whenever we're in each other's towns, but regardless...I was a fan of this band before the friendships really blossomed, and I can definitely say objectively that this band and its family tree of projects have been on an outstanding trajectory trending toward their very best stuff. And watching Nick and Dewey playing guitars that last couple of summer tours has been every bit as thrilling as all the times I'd ever seen High Rise or Mainliner.