Thursday, July 19, 2007

AFS v 141 (no archive)

NOTE: KDVS streams and archives were down due to a malfunction before this program. Because it is rare for this show to have special guests, this program will be repeated live with minor playlist modifications, and the entire studio A performance by Snake Apartment will be re-broadcast on Wednesday, July 25 from 10 p.m. to 12 midnight.

(This program was largely rebroadcast, and several of the selections were even replayed on vol. 142 because of reader demand (thanks!).--DJ Rick)

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY // Brainbomb // Secrets 7" // United Artists 1979
ANAL BABES // Sam´s Disciple (.44) // Cocaine Swastika 10" // Incognito 1998
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY // Braces // Braces 7" // Kill Sounds/Unscene Sounds *new
RANCID VAT // Destroy Nature // Justice: This Is What We Do to Traitors // Horton/Reflex 1989
HOMOSTUPIDS // Mister Payback // The Intern LP // Parts Unknown *new
ONE TRAP // title in Japanese // v/a: East Style // Pestilential Mental Activity 1994
EAT SKULL // Dead Families // demo CDR // no label *new
SNAKE APARTMENT live in Studio A
EX OBLIVIONE // Squid // v/a: World War Zero 2xCDR // Deathbomb Arc *new
PINK REASON // New Violence // 1st 7" // Savage Quality 2006
MATTRESS // Mirror // In Your Pocket 7"+CDR // Malt Duck *new
BLACK HUMOR // Burn the Welcome Mat // self-titled // Fowl 1982
BLACK HUMOR // Neo Hippies
CHURCH POLICE // Gilligan's Wings // Gilligan's Wings 7" // Skulltones *new
BILLY BAO // Bilbo's Incinerator // Bilbo's Incinerator 7" // W.Mo 2005
GOD'S GIFT // People // These Days 7" // Newmarket 1979
BRAINBOMBS // Jack the Ripper Lover // Jack the Ripper Lover 7" // self-released 1989
SWORD HEAVEN // Town Hag // Entrance // Load *forthcoming
"interview" w/ Snake Apartment
DER TEENAGE PANZER KORPS // Destroy the Future // Harmful Emotions // Siltbreeze 2007


Anonymous said...

no sound on the 141 show.

DJ Rick said...

Yeah, apparently our server was down for maintenance on Wednesday. It was only supposed to take down the news at noon, but the problem persisted for the entire day. I'm really bummed that people didn't get to hear Snake Apartment live on the air. So, what I think I'm gonna do week, I'm gonna redo this playlist with a few minor changes, and replay Snake Apartment's studio session.

Greg said...

yeah, Snake Apartment kicks balls in.