Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AFS v. 309 ~ Ecce homo quī conferit musicam

This week in AFS...

* mysterious homo contextualization
* a gang o' giddy-fun garagepunkers
* a severe sequence of serious squelchin'
* priming the pump for next week's KDVS Fundraiser
* sneak-peeks of the 2011 edition of Live on Art for Spastics

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THEE OOPS | Drive Carefully | Taste of Zimbabwe | Slovenly *new
THE VICTIMS | High School Girls | No Thanks to the Human Turd | 1977 Records 2010 (orig 1978)
THE MANTS | Bow to Your Masters | The Mant from U.N.C.L.E. 2x7" | Lance Rock 1997
TOPLESS MONGOS | Hey My My/Theme from Human Centipede | Hey My My 7" | Mammoth Cave *new
THE SHAVEN | Poison Wax | Poison Wax 7" | Empty 1994
APACHE DROPOUT | White Out Man | self-titled | Family Vineyard *new
ULTRATHIN | Glass City | Glass City 7" | Badmaster *new
HOMOSTUPIDS | Noseman | Strawberry Orange Peach Banana | Fashionable Idiots *new
PREDATOR | Choke/March of the Confederate | self-titled | Douche Master *new
GUN OUTFIT | White Light | High Places 12" EP | Make a Mess *new
BRILLIANT COLORS | English Cities | Introducing | Slumberland 2009
WALDO ASTORIA | Come on, Now Slowly | mp3 *new
CRYSTAL SWELLS | Swamp People | Goethe Head Soup CS | no label *new
UV RACE | Homo | Homo | In The Red *new
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | Shake/Taste | self-titled | SS Records *new (orig 2002)
HYGIENE | O-Level Girl | Public Sector | La Vida es un Mus *new
SILVER SHAMPOO | Glitter Glut/Shark Week | Higher and Higher | What's Yr Rupture? *new
JEFFREY NOVAK | Looking Down at You | Back at the Bottom 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
THE PUDDLE | English Speaking World | Playboys in the Bush | Fishrider *new
PETER HAMMILL | Nobody's Business | Nadir's Big Chance | Charisma 1975
THE WEEPING GOLDSMITH | Shep & Me | v/a: Different Paths CS | Greentape *new
BUTCHER COVER | Hate Rock/Domesticated Punk | split CS w/ Slicing Grandpa | Military Radio *new
SIGHTINGS | The Easy Answer | Michigan Haters | SS Records *new (orig 2002)
WHITE SUNS | Harvest | Walking in the Reservoir | ugExplode *new
BURMESE | title in Cantonese | Lun Yurn | ugExplode *new
THE NEW FLESH | Scapegoat | Parasite | Maelstrom 2005
PUFFY AREOLAS | title unknown | live on KDVS, 08/12/2010
SHATTER | Little Man | Each Moment 7" | Fuck Far Out Political 1990
HOODED | 2 Hunters | live on KDVS, 09/06/2010
HARI KARI | Pesterizer | live on KDVS, 09/06/2010
FESTERING RINYANYONS | Hopeless | split 7" w/ Mercury Players | Big Yucky 1992

The 2011 Fundraiser for Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, California--the terrestrial home-base of this here radio program--begins at the stroke of 12 midnight this Sunday. This is the one week per year we ask our listeners to support us with their donations. Any pledge of $15 or more gets my Live on Art for Spastics (2010-2011) compilation CD, plus other KDVS-related merchandise. An extra $5 gets you more musical gifts, $40 gets you all of the above plus a KDVS t-shirt, and $100 gets you each and every DJ-created compilation CD of this outstanding radio station, or you can host your own show or handpick one of our DJs to take your party to the next level. This is how KDVS raises over 2/3 of our annual budget.

And it's validation for all the hours of sifting through boxes of music, combing through shelves of music, staying on top of limited-edition releases, and picking the corn kernels among demos...all to provide you two hours per week of the best stuff that I was really stoked about and wanted you to hear. PLUS...begging and pleading with bands from all across the globe to NOT skip Sacramento or Davis on their west coast tour, and encouraging more and better music from our musical youth of Sacramento, and making friends outta strangers for the sake of having fun and rocking the fuck out in one of the rarest of D-I-Y music spaces which Sacto is lucky to have. KDVS does a lot to help make this area a place worth living in. I swear....I woulda moved about 10 years ago or more if KDVS folded in the early 90s when the chips were falling fast. Or if they closed the doors to the community/non-student volunteers. I'm sure I would probably be in Portland if that were the case.

Watch for a new AFS post in the next couple days when I announce the track-list of Live on Art for Spastics (2010-2011), plus more specific info about how to make your pledge.

DJ Rick


Anonymous said...

fyi: Burmese's "Lun Yurn" title is in Cantonese.

DJ Rick said...

I feel like a stupid white person now.

zach said...


Quick correction on the Greentape compilation. The Artist is Shep & Me, the track is titled The Weeping Goldsmith.