Tuesday, April 05, 2011

AFS v. 308 ~ Sound Out the Din!

This week in AFS...

* Shearing Pinx re-expands to trio/embark upon West Coast!
* Is 2011 on its way to becoming the "Year of the Reissue"?
* Handglops at their pop/rock-accessible best!
* Lotsa kitchen-sink percussion in hour two

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HANDGLOPS | Throwing a Party | Ronk ng Rool Pt 2 (demo) | no label *new
WRONG WORDS | Tonight, Tomorrow | self-titled | Trouble in Mind *new
MATT K. SHRUGG | She's Lost Control [Joy Division] | Art Comp CDR | no label *new
THE SEX KILLERS | Die Like a Junkie | self-titled CS | no label *new
H.P.P. | Youth Gone Astray | 6-song 7-inch | Perennial *new
THE FAMILY STONED | A1 | self-titled CS | Wild Animal Kingdom *new
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND | Evil | Wasa Wasa | EMI/Harvest 1969 *request
APACHE DROPOUT | God Bless You, Johan Kugelberg | self-titled | Family Vineyard *new
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS | Can't Stand the Midwest | 7" reissue | Family Vineyard * new (orig 1981)
SUBVERTS | State of the Union | v/a: Busted at Oz | Permanent *new (orig 1981)
ALUMINUM KNOT EYE | Even Dwarfs Started Small | Silo Monster 7" | Big Black Hole 2007
HYGIENE | Office Job | Public Sector | La Vida es un Mus *new
THE CORPSICLES | Police State | v/a: Killed By Death #9 | Redrum 1995 (orig 1982)
TYVEK | Inner City Walks | Euro Tour 7-inch | Les Disques Steak *new
X RAY EYEBALLS | Kamsing Nights | Crystal 7" | HoZac *new
UV RACE | Inner North/Nazicistic | Homo | In The Red *new
QUINTRON | All Night Right of Way | Sucre Du Sauvage | Goner *new
MILLIGRAM RETREAT | Orbaug | Falun Gong | Enfant Terrible *new
SIGHTINGS | Chili Dog | Michigan Haters | SS Records *new (orig 2002)
DAN MELCHIOR | Jan 1996 | Assemblage Blues | Siltbreeze *new
ROLLIN HUNT | Castle of Nothing | Criminal 7" | Moniker *new
KILLING JOKE | We Have Joy | Revelations | E'G Records 1982
COP SHOOT COP | Low. Com. Denom. | Consumer Revolt | Circuit 1990
LOZENGE | Saw a Man: Beaten | Plenum | Farrago 1995
BABYLAND | Cop Out | A Total Let-Down | Flipside 1994
COUGHS | Dark Powers | Secret Passage | Load 2006
SPERM WAILS | Lady Chatterley | Lady Chatterley 7" | SS Records *new (orig 1986)
SHEARING PINX | Golden Spruce | v/a: Bloodstains Across British Columbia 7" | Mammoth Cave *new
SHEARING PINX | Scanner | Ultra Snake | Isolated Now Waves 2007
MERCURY 4°F | Crawl | Crawl 7" | Saftlos 1994
MERCURY 4°F | The Slow Process of Self Decay | Tinnitus 7-inch | Death By Blowjob 1995
SHATTER | Each Moment | Each Moment 7" | Fuck Far Out Political 1990

If you're not within short driving distance of Sacramento or Davis, nevermind, but if you are...ACHTUNG!!!

Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM presents:
The return of the startling spastic
neo-no-wave wizards from Vancouver, B.C., Canada...


plus, three rulin' bands of Davis...



Friday, April 8
1819 23rd Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

all ages
8:30 doors
9:00 showtime
$5 for Hub members
+$1 if it's your 1st Hub show

SHEARING PINX are embarking on their first tour since re-expanding to a three-piece band after last year's loss of Erin to Eastern Canada, and subsequent stripped-down, less improvisational duo exchanges of founding members Nic and Jeremy. They've drafted Jesse from Twin Crystals (formerly Nic's bandmate in Channels 3 + 4) to bolster Nic's guitar and vocal efforts. This band has never failed to blow the roof off the joint anytime and anyplace they've played between Sacramento and Davis (which has averaged almost twice per year over the last half decade), and with Jesse involved, surely this will be a major rager that should not be missed by fans of early Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, and the music of the original heyday of "no wave" in New York in the late 70s.

GAARTH invoke a reign of vegetarian terror with their black metal onslaught, and because they're super-sweet dudes that you know well from Produce Produce, you can have fun raging to their fury.

WRECK & REFERENCE bring the intersection of math and hardcore forward from the Touch & Go sound of the late 80s/early 90s forward to today to include all the last two decades of metallic impressions. If you're a fan of "Spiderland" by Slint and recent offerings from Hydra Head or Ipecac, imagine all of that coming together in the best way.

WORLD-LOSERS are back after a long hiatus and much urging on my part to play their first duo exchange between drummer Lien and guitarist Victor. They're specialty is shredding psych-punk a'la early work of Japanese psych-rock legends High Rise with killer, face-melting guitar snarl-outs and powerfully grooving drumwork with some nifty jazzy moments, too.

New Hub rules shall be enforced to make sure everyone's having fun and not complaining about rules. Save your gas money and bridge-tolls, people! The best bands in the world are coming to play this room behind this mysterious door on 23rd Street. Please tell your friends about The Hub if they wanna enjoy a different kinda nightlife where the music rules, and there's no ESPN on every flat screen TV or douchebags galore or $5 beers. Help us get the word out to fans of this music, too, please!

Bands are telling me after shows that The Hub is exactly the kinda place they need in their hometowns. And these bands are talking about cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle. So it strikes me as odd that many of you are still looking primarily to the Bay Area to find your weekend fun. Catch on, people!

DJ Rick

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