Tuesday, July 27, 2010

AFS v. 277 ~ Death to the Softest of Soft Cops!

This week in AFS...

* featured artist: Ceramic Hobs!
* much listening for lonely late nights!

This week in AFS Can-Con...

* Eastern Provinces scene report

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MOONHEARTS | I Can Go On | self-titled | Tic Tac Totally *new
TY SEGALL | Imaginary Person | Melted | Goner *new
BRILLIANT COLORS | Never Mine | Never Mine 7" | Slumberland *new
THE OUTCASTS | Love is for Sops | Self Conscious Over You | Bagsnatcher 2005 (orig 1979)
FM KNIVES | Down the Street | Useless and Modern | Moo-La-La 2002
GANGLIANS | Jungle | July 2010 demo *super new
FUNGI GIRLS | Doldrums | Turquoise Hotel | HoZac *new
THE DEADBEATS | Your Cottage is Nice | I Can See it from the Rocks 7" | Vacant Lot 1989
HEATER | Black and Gold | God and Hair | Permanent *new
HOT GUTS | Da'rat Hessla | split 7" w/ Pop. 1280 | Badmaster *new
THE CYSTS | Quality Control/What's Wrong | The Cyst 7" | Seizure Palace *new
INDUCED LABOUR | Reality Breakdown [No Trend] | self-titled CS | no label *new
CERAMIC HOBS | Irreversible Liver Damage | Psychiatric Underground | PUMF/Mental Guru 1998
CERAMIC HOBS | Used Goods/Damaged Goods
COLOR RABBIT | Sanza | split CS w/ Tretetam | Ikuisuus *new
THE ETHER | I Need You | Folly CDR | Patente *new
RED MASS | You've Heard These Chords Before [Nervous Eaters] | split 10" w/ Strange Attractor | P. Trash *new
MESS FOLK | Two Timer | Modern Man 7" | Plastic Spoon *new
MEAT CURTAINS | Dream Pig/Starfish Fuck | split CS w/ Pompoir | Isolated Now Waves *new
MEAT CURTAINS | Get Rebel | v/a: East Infection 7" | Foul & Fair *new
DEAD WIFE | Gentleman Rapist | D.W.S.Y.H.F. 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
TONSSTARTSBANDHT | I'm a Welsh Souper | Midnite Cobras 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
SPECTRAL FORUM | title unknown | split CS w/ Doom Tickler | no label *new
CERAMIC HOBS | Islam Uber Alles/untitled #2 | Straight Outta Rampton | PUMF 2001
SAMUEL LOCKE WARD + DARREN BROWN | Fail Away | From the Privilege of the Grave | Grotto *new
BO KNOWS | I've Never Heard of You | split 12" w/ The Rebel | no label *new
LESLIE Q | Shake Your Left Leg | Into Handicapped | Menlo Park 1998
SHADOW RING | Disrupt the Band's Breathing/Oyster Shell | Lighthouse | Swill Radio 1999
CERAMIC HOBS | Blackpool Transport | Shaolin Master 7" | Idwal Fisher/Harbinger Sound 2001
A FRAMES | Weissensee [Neu]/Ice Cave | 3 3 3 | SS Records *new
CERAMIC HOBS | This Sore and Broken Blackpool Legacy | Psychiatric Underground
CERAMIC HOBS | These Dead Things
WINGTIP SLOAT | Blessed Nimbus, Churning | M31 7" | Sweet Portable Junket 1991
FIREWOOD | Rococo | It Must Be a 12" to Be Named 7" | Robber Baron 1997

If you are within earshot of Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM, get yourselves to these fantastic rock & roll shows. (The date for this one on the right is Wednesday, July 28.) No Stimulus on Sunday....Brandon can't get outta work. So, I'll be invoking Outer Zoning Committee, a krauty party band with dual basses surrounding me with G. Greeners and a Ganglian and a Stimulus dude. OZC big band!

So, I'm late to the Ceramic Hobs, but thanks to SS Records head honcho Scott Soriano, I was tipped off to a supply of unplayed Hobs material including their first two full-length CDs, two 7"es, a flexi, and a cassette. You can tap the source, too, by eBay-searching the band name. For fans of early Fall, Melchior and Wallers at their most experimental, Gods Gift, The Pheromoans, and whacked tape collage, the Ceramic Hobs are a must! Especially if you enjoy giant blocks of small-point text like I do!

I'd heard of this band before, but never heard 'em until Scott spun me the B-side of the Shaolin Master 7" a few weeks ago. I knew I must have anything available, and you livelong fans and noobs will hafta fight me for the rest of their sizable discography.

Here's a couple interviews with the band...

New best one-note bassline (sorry, Chosen Few!)...


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