Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AFS v. 276 ~ No Time to Waste

This week in AFS...

* Big Black Cloud's Dark Ages LP is finally officially out...get it!
* One of the top two preeminent pop geniuses of this earth--King Tuff--is on the West Coast now!
* White Boss and Sonskull new on Perennial...yet more utmost recommendables!
* The most criminally under-the-radar great record of 2010 so far...Samuel Locke Ward + Darren Brown!
* Uncovering a 19-year-old NZ time capsule!

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
, if you have a slower/20th century connection
STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)

KING TUFF | Ruthie Ruthie | Was Dead | Colonel 2008
HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Cracked/Zit | self-titled | Sub Pop 2010
MOONHEARTS | Deathstar Pt. II | self-titled | Tic Tac Totally *new
BIG BLACK CLOUD | Time to Waste | Dark Age | Stank House *new
LUBRICATED GOAT | Promised Land | Paddock of Love | Red Eye/AmRep 1989
WHITE BOSS | Time Streams | self-titled | Perennial *new
SONSKULL | Perennial Death/Housing | Birth Scene/Rewind EP 12" | Perennial *new
WHITE LUNG | Shoot | It's the Evil | Deranged *new
STAR VEHICLE | Next Best Thing | High Roller 7" | no label 1996
CAROLEE | Exit Replacer | Exit Replacer CDR | no label *new
POP. 1280 | Neon Lights | split 7" w/ Hot Guts | Badmaster *new
SAMUEL LOCKE WARD + DARREN BROWN | The Blood Barrel Polka | From the Privilege of the Grave | Grotto *new
THE SPECTROMETERS | Dawn Lunch | 1/2 Mechanism 1/2 Organism 10" | The Cosmic Dept. *new
DAVID MITCHELL | Dead Dog in Port Chalmers | Dead Dog in Port Chalmers 7" | Xpressway 1991
CYCLOPS | Simpleton | Eh Simpleton 7" | Feel Good All Over 1991
DEAD C | Hell is Now Love | Hell is Now Love 7" | Siltbreeze 1991
CAR COMMERCIALS | S's Pawn | Prisoner of Type 7" | Soft Abuse *new
DEEP BRAIN THROMBOSIS | Glam Fail | v/a: A Range of Greatdividing | Unwucht *new (orig 2008)
SHOPTOPROCKERS | Cash in Fly Out | v/a: A Range of Greatdividing (orig 1991)
PRADADA | Wasted Indians | Phantasy Visions CDR | Hobo Cult *new
THE ETHER | Hustling Myself | Folly CDR | Patente *new
MONGST | The Glass Factory | Decolonisation | Isolated Now Waves *new
GOD | Meathead | Breach Birth 12" EP | Beggars Banquet 1990
TREES | Ashes | Freed of This Flesh | Crucial Blast *new
BLEAK | The Weather Vane | Vane | Projekt 1995
NEITHER/NEITHER WORLD | Seven Kinds of Sin | Maddening Montagery and Other Fantastic Stories | Dark Vinyl 1995

The other preeminent genius is Daniel DiMaggio of Home Blitz. If Daniel reads this, come out to the West Coast, please. I'll set the whole thing up, man! 'Til then, I'll be stoked to see King Tuff here even if he only plays Happy Birthday songs.

I know I've already said all I can say about the new Big Black Cloud LP except...It's arrived! Now buy it for $10 + postage here...
...and never miss 'em if you have the chance to see 'em live!

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