Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AFS v. 256 ~ Garage Turkeys, Be Warned...

....I ain't got nuttin' for ya, man!

This week in AFS...

* The Guinea Worms double-LP completely satisfies!
* Beginning to decipher the mystery of this John Bellows cat...CDR? Where's the vinyl??? (a little birdie says it's coming March 9th!)
* Beru really raises the bar for haunting beauty and power at the intersection of exp. psych/folk!
* Preview of a busy week of live music in Sacto and Davis...

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STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)

HOME BLITZ | Nighttime Feel | Out of Phase | Richie/Testostertunes *new
JOHN BELLOWS | Travel On | Clean Your Clock | Moniker *new
LOS BUDDIES | Buster Keaton's Cow | self-titled 7" | Buddy Brand *new
GUINEA WORMS | Maggot Therapy | Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) | Columbus Discount *new
MORDECAI | Asphalt | Two Rooms CDR | no label *new
COLOUR BÜK | Nice Nice Speaker | Nice Nice Speaker 7" | Wir Wollen Wulle *new
MYELIN SHEATHS | Laboratory Disaster | Stackticon 7" | Bachelor *new
THE REBEL | Riding in the Sun | The Incredible Hulk | Junior Aspirin *new
NAZIS FROM MARS | I Don't Like Your Favorite Bands & DJs | self-titled | Astral Anarchy 2001 *request
SOHO JETS | High-Heel Tarzan | v/a: Killed by Glam | Moon Boot *new (orig 1974)
DRUID PERFUME | Don't Eat 'em They're Poison | Don't Eat 'em They're Poison 7" | X! Records *new
HARANGUE | Whitewashed Wall | self-titled | Wilder Pryor/Enamel *new
JOHN CALE | Bring It on Up | Vintage Violence | Columbia 1970
HARRY TOLEDO & THE ROCKETS | Who is That Saving Me? | Busted Chevrolet 7" | Spy 1977
NOTHING PEOPLE | Exploded View | Soft Crash | SS Records *new
CHROME | SS Cygni | Alien Soundtracks | Siren 1977
REFLEKTIONSS | Move Careful | split 12" w/ N. 213 | Needs More RAM *forthcoming
TWIN CRYSTALS | Attraction | split 12" w/ Modern Creatures | Slanted Square 2009
OLD YELLER & THE PIGBITES | (Your Life is) Fucked | Songs for Nadine | Milvia Son *new
BAD DRUMLIN GRASS | Moon Trek | The Invigorating Scent of Bad Drumlin Grass | Milvia Son *new
CAROLINER | Coal Mound/Horse Flat | Strike Them Hard Drag Them to Church | Nuf Sed 1992
LOACHFILLET | Somnambulant Synchonisms, Part 1 | Electric Pond: Solar Solution | Resipiscent *new
BERU | Prophecies of Love & Gravities Power | What Would I Do Without You? CS | Thor's Rubber Hammer *new
THE TRUTH ABOUT FRANK | When the Lights Wear Out | Neon Fractured Night CDR | Weird and Wired *new
GRANDMOTHER HAM | Skamawati | Ichthyotl CDR | no label 2009

* NEXT WEEK! ... live in Studio A, Electric Jellyfish all the way from Australia!

Check back here later for hyperlinks to bands and labels, and more analysis of these most excellent new discoveries I found this week. Like, tonight?!?!

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