Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AFS v. 255 ~ Killin' It for the Spirit of Killiniq!

This week in AFS...

* Live in-studio performances by Vancouver, Canada's Dead Ghosts and Indian Wars!
* Another Charles Albright history tour w/ the (K)Nightmares and Sunshine Smile
* A different flavor from the forthcoming debut LP of The Whines
* the first taste of the forthcoming LP by Ireland's So Cow
* A traipse through extreme fuckophonic absurdity

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MOON DUO | Escape | Escape EP | Woodsist *new
NOTHING PEOPLE | It's Been a Bad Day | Soft Crash | SS Records *new
~~~~~~ live in Studio A ~~~~~~~
INDIAN WARS | Took a Trip
INDIAN WARS | If You Want Me
INDIAN WARS | Sitting on the Steps
INDIAN WARS | Comanche Killer
INDIAN WARS | Carol Anne
INDIAN WARS | Just Can't Get Along With You
THE WIPERS | What Is | Over the Edge | Braineater 1983 *request
THE NIGHTMARES | Inward Laughing | Love Is | 25% More Sacramento 2003
THE KNIGHTMARES | Superunknown II | Worst Impressions CDR | no label 2004
SUNSHINE SMILE | The World is on the Move | ...For Your Consideration CDR | no label 2003
THE MEGACOOLS | At the Beach III | Introducing the Fun Police | Sacramento *new
WOUNDED LION | Silver People | summer 2009 demo
MAYYORS | Clicks | Deads 12" EP | Hurling Man 2009 *request
MC MONKEY & APE WITH ATTITUDE | Human Zoo Pt. 1 | Human Zoo 7" | Kryptonite 2004
~~~~~~ live in Studio A ~~~~~~~
DEAD GHOSTS | I Want U 2 Know
DEAD GHOSTS | Off the Hook
DEAD GHOSTS | James Brown
DEAD GHOSTS | How the West Was Fun
DEAD GHOSTS | Girl Across the Street
DEAD GHOSTS | Haunted House
DEAD GHOSTS | Detroit Jerry
DEAD GHOSTS | Camanche
UZI RASH GROUP BAND | When the Veil is Lifted | When the Veil is Lifted CDR | The Church & the Commune *new
HUMAN SKAB | Throwin' Rocks at Windows | Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags | Family Vineyard *new (orig 1986)
SWORDKILLER | Evil Has No Fear | v/a: Roots III (A Trilogy) | Root of All Evil 1999
BARFING GRANDMAS FROM UTAH | Moped Mania | v/a: Crispy Chronicles vol 1 | Speed 1998
FDR | Reality's Fake | v/a: Bands on the Block | Matako Mazuri 1985
THE HATES | What Am I Living For? | Panacea | Faceless 1982
THE LIZARDS | Chongo | Uh Oh Chongo! 7" | Too Many 1996
HOBOCOP | Ponzi Scheme | self-titled CDR | no label *new
CAFETERIA DANCE FEVER | Sardinian Idol | Man The Lifeboats! 7" | Hovercraft *new
SO COW | The Tony Keady Affair | Meaningless Friendly | Tic Tac Totally *forthcoming
THE WHINES | It's Raining | Hell to Play | Meds *forthcoming
THREE STONED MEN | Before I Go to Sleep | Smells Like the Big Time | Know Knew 1996

To keep AFS brimming with plenty of Can Con this week, we have live in-studio sets from two foot-tap'n twang-wranglers of the Black Lips Generation's best from Vancouver, BC. With the plucky joy of basking in our early springtime sunshine while avoiding an Olympic clusterfuck, the Dead Ghosts and Indian Wars stoked a party in the basement of Freeborn Hall before meeting the Bare Wires for a short California tour. Indian Wars' set begins at approximately the 13th minute, and Dead Ghosts begin just after the halfway mark. If you're in these cities and wanna have fun, catch this tour...

Tues 2/16 in Oakland @ Fuzzplex
Wed 2/17 in San Francisco @ Pissed Off Pete's
Thu 2/18 in Los Angeles @ The Rosewood
Fri 2/19 in San Diego @ Soda Bar

Thanks to Fenris Wulf for nailing the sound, Dyl-Dawg for holding it down, and our live studio audience!

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