Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AFS v. 248 ~ GGreen Across California!

My special live guest tonight was GGreen, who take the show on the road all over the Golden State next week. Full details below. If you gotta party in L.A. or San Diego on 12/30 or 12/31, get in touch, please! (Email, not MySpace!) California, please meet the best new band to form in Sacramento in 2009! Also, enjoy some more new records and tapes I've gathered from my mailbox. I guess the best-of-2009 retrospective will hafta happen next week...

Download this program within two months at this link...
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STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me if there are any downloading problems, please!)

MAGNETIX | Brain Out/Rib Out | Brain Out/Rib Out 7-inch | Slovenly *new
GG KING | Drug Zoo | Last of the Night Wiggers CS | no label 2009
TORTURED TONGUES | Can't See the Point | Tung Tied CDR | no label *new
VICHY WATER | Crap Culture [GGreen] | self-titled CS | Space Universe *new
VICHY WATER | Affirmation Action | live in Studio A, 10/26/2009
VNC | Harm Guitar | split 7-inch w/ Moore Brothers | Brick Factory *new
GGREEN | Swimsuit Drugs | Live in the KDVS Engineering Room
GGREEN | Society of Shit
GGREEN | I Will Not Withdraw This Statement
VICHY WATER | Sacto, Great Job! | Live in Studio A, 10/26/2009
VICHY WATER | Drunk Jesus
GGREEN | Looks | Live in the KDVS Engineering Room
GGREEN | Crap Culture
GGREEN | Mouth on the Floor
GGREEN | The Gay 90s
GGREEN | Pool of Blood
GGREEN | Backseat
GGREEN | The Garden
CRAPPY DRACULA | Young Person's Song | The Lockhorns EP CS | Scotch Tapes *new
EL JESUS DE MAGICO | Rapey Guys II | Klip Aught 7" | Columbus Discount *new
REPRESSIVE PROTEINS | Chad at the Danube | Centurion 2xCS Box Set | no label *new
CUDEVASO | Trash Old | Tryin' to Fuck You! CDR | Fater Disks *new
MAYYORS | Clicks | Deads 12" EP | Hurling Man 2009 *request
PYGMY SHREWS | Kill Yourself [Pussy Galore] | Lord Got Busted 7-inch | Fan Death 2009
DAN MELCHIOR | 1000 Times | v/a: Skulls Without Borders 10" | Siltbreeze *new
ELECTRIC BUNNIES | Catfish | Through the Magical Door | Florida's Dying *new
HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES | Smuggler's Choice | Smuggler's Choice 7-inch | Columbus Discount *new
HARD-ONS | Get Away | Dickcheese | Taang! 1988
THE MEANIES | Smack Bottom | 10% Weird | Au Go Go 1994
LES THUGS | Groucho's Theme | Still Hungry, Still Angry | Decoy 1989
LES THUGS | Birthday (Why Didn't You Come for My...)
RANK/XEROX | In a Hole | self-titled 7" | Mongo Bongo *new
VAPID | Take a Walk, Baby | Practically Dead | Nominal *new
13th CHIME | Sarah's Got a Chainsaw | The Lost Album | Sacred Bones *new (orig 1983)
AGENT SIDE GRINDER | Eyes of the Old | Irish Recording Tape | Enfant Terrible *new
BRONZE | One Night in Mexico | One Night in Mexico 7-inch | Hex Grammofoonplaten *new
LE SANG SONG | Hot Reggae | self-titled | Dragnet *new

GGreen CA Tour.....

Sun 12/27 in Oakland @ Fuzzplex
w/ NoBunny, Uzi Rash Group Band, Bare Wires & Hobocop
Mon 12/28 in Oakland @ TBA
w/ Uzi Rash Group Band Oakland, California
Tue 12/29 in San Francisco @ Pissed Off Pete's
w/ NoBunny & Uzi Rash Group Band
Wed, 12/30 in Ventura @ Mai's Cafe
w/ Sea Lions & Catwalk
Thu, 12/31 in Los Angeles??? SoCal???
Fri, Jan 1 in San Diego??? SoCal??? Anywhere?
Sat, Jan 2 in San Luis Obispo @ 3069 Broad Street
w/ TBA
Sun, Jan 3 in Stockton @ Plea 4 Peace
w/ Satan Wriders, Craft Spells & TBA
Tue, Jan 5 in Sacramento @ The Hub
w/ Brilliant Colors, English Singles, & Uzi Rash Group Band

GGreen's cousin band a recent in-studio guest Vichy Water also saw the release of their new cassette, so look out for more new sounds of young Sacramento! Fans of Teenage Panzerkorps' more dance-accessible moments should enjoy it, I think! Follow the label link above or Paypal $7ppd to dylancraver at gmail dot com....

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