Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AFS v. 247 ~ Now Certainty Unclaimed

HTML links coming soon, maybe...too busy this week to add more right now...so just enjoy two hours of office-doldrum-relief! Year-end top lists next week!!

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
, if you have a slower/20th century connection
STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me if there are any downloading problems, please!)

VAPID | Do the Earthquake | Practically Dead | Nominal *new
CHARLIE & THE MOONHEARTS | Real Hot Breakers | Real Hot Breakers 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
TY SEGALL | Fuzzy Cat | My Sunshine 7" | Trouble in Mind *new
AUDACITY | Run Kitty Run [Thee Makeout Party] | 2009 Winter Tour EP CS | Burger *new
AUDACITY | Airplane Driver
COCONUT COOLOUTS | Punk House pt 1 | Yeah, Right! 7" | Kenrock *new
JACUZZI BOYS | Planet of the Dreamers | No Seasons | Florida's Dying *new
ELECTRIC BUNNIES | Psychic Lemonade | Through the Magical Door | Florida's Dying *new
SCANTILY CLAD | Mud Dreams | Two CDR | no label *new
MEERCAZ | Troubled Hand | self-titled | Tic Tac Totally *new
RED MASS | I'm on Fire | self-titled EP | Semprini *new
PURLING HISS | Almost Washed My Hair | self-titled | Permanent/Archive *new
MAGIK MARKERS | The Lighter Side of...Hippies | Balf Quarry | Drag City 2009
SIC ALPS | Strepix | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8 | Almost Ready 2009
SIC ALPS | Who Has Time to Protest? | A Long Way Around to a Shortcut | Drag City 2009
ART LESSING | Stupid | The Plastic Couch | Electric Eggplant 2006
SHE | Like a Snake | Outta Reach | Causeway | *new (orig 196_)
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT | Future Possibility Reclaimed | Too Many Hits 2x7" | Columbus Discount *new
OCCULT CHEMISTRY | Occult Chemistry | v/a: Messthetics #107 | Hyped2Death *new
PATTERNS | The Bishop | v/a: Messthetics #107
CARL SIMMONS | The Child Delivers the Stone | Honeysuckle Tendrals | Sacred Bones *new
EXCAVATIONS | side A (excerpt) | self-titled c56 | Stunned *new
EUREKA | Lost in the Funhouse | Big Breath CDR | Stunned *new
WARM CLIMATE | Devine Souffle & the Southern Approach | Edible Homes CS | Stunned 2009
XENO & OAKLANDER | Saracen | Sentinelle | Wierd *new
LED ER EST | Poll Gorm | Poll Gorm 7" | Captured Tracks *new
IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT | Beyond Gourmet | Facilidad? | Turned Word *new
THE WONDER BOYS | I Detta Satan's Rum [Brainbombs] | Den Flygande Varmlanningen 7" | GYLF 2008
TOM KARLSSON | Insektsbokstaverna | Pojknacke | Lystring *new
CIRCUIT RIDER | Chinese | self-titled | no label *new (orig 197_?)
TALK NORMAL | Warrior | Sugarland | Rare Book Room *new


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