Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AFS v. 229 ~ Coyote Hungry!

I skipped dinner to blog (verb, transitive) you these important announcements....

(1) Freeform KDVS and Art for Spastics "Coyote" Services presents...

XYX, from Monterrey, Mexico, throughout the state of Califas, Áztlan--California, dig?--from Monday, July 20 through Tuesday, July 28. XYX are a tremendous two-piece noisepunk unit of awesome fury and femininity who combine aggressive, relentless pummelling action with partyhardy pulse and creative effects sorcery that adds a psychedelic edge. Sorta kindred to The Mayyors in that sense! Check below this playlist for the full tour schedule (don't trust the playlist on the flier; there's been a lotta last-minute shuffling, sorry...)

(2) Speaking of relentless pummelling action....My special in-studio guests this week are Pigeon Religion, from Phoenix, Arizona. These guys writhe and seethe to weave a maelstrom of muscular rhythm and creepy crawly sinews of scrawly guitars. Rather agonizing! They're touring now, heading north to Oregon and Washington before returning via the inter-mountain West. They pack incredible power, perspire by the bucketload, and put on a riveting show to watch.....surely, you'd never expect a band this heavy to have a stand-up drummer. Their full live set can be heard beginning around minute 20 in this podcast. It's highly recommended for fans of AFS faves such as The New Flesh, Hammerhead, Gob (Reno), Mercury 4°F, etc.

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

(email me if there are any downloading problems, please!)

RED MASS | Refrigerator | 10" | Red Lounge *new
BLACK TIME | Radio in the Dark | split LP w/ Ty Segall | Telephone Explosion *new
BLACK TIME | You Don't Love Me
FAG COP | Attack of the Killer Bong Rips | random CDR promo | no label *new
FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS | Why Are You So Afraid? | Who Said These Were Happy Times? | Going Underground/Square Wave *new
~~~~live in Studio A~~~~~
PIGEON RELIGION | Crystallized Meth
FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS | Retreat | Mirror of Fear 7" | HoZac *new
BILLY BAO | A1 | May 08 | Parts Unknown *new
THE MAYYORS | The Crawl | Deads 12" EP | Hurling Man *request *new
XYX | Anel and Her Problem | Sistema de Terminacion Sexual 7" | SS Records 2008
XYX | Momento Ácido Contemporáneo | Momento Ácido Contemporáneo 7" | Skulltones *new
DMPH | Sacramento | Parties Hard 7" | Weird Forest *new
BLACK PUS | Bark of the Tree | Down Down the Drain 7" | Skulltones *new
KK RAMPAGE | No Sign of the Sun Returning | v/a: Tarantismo Summit Vol. 1 | Rampage *new
TV GHOST | Prodrome | The Fiend 7" | Columbus Discount *new
KOUNT FISTULA | Jaws V | Magick Sex World 2xCD | Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
KOUNT FISTULA | Rawdy Randy Plant
L.D.S. | Graveyard | Nightmare | Underworld 1986
SAND IN THE FACE | I Wanna Be Dead | v/a: Master Tape vol 2 | Affirmation 1983
ANTI-BODIES | After Life | v/a: Master Tape vol. 2 | Affirmation 1983
THE LEWD | Beyond Moderation | American Wino | I.C.I. 1982
THE BREAKOUTS | No More | No More 12" EP | Accelerator 1983
BAD POSTURE | Time for Smack | Bad Posture 12" EP | Irresponsible 1983
CHRONIC SICK | Public Suicide | The Cutest Band in Hardcore 7" | Mutha 1982
RATAS DEL VATICANO | Obsesionado | Mocosos Pateticos | Siltbreeze 2009
HIGH CASTLE | Are Fixed Gear Tricksters the New Rollerbladers? | You're on Your Own Way | Zum *new

"Art for Spastics" will not continue as normal for the next couple of Monday nights because I will be personally roadie-ing XYX all over the state for their first West Coast tour in support of their second 7" vinyl release...Momento Ácido Contemporáneo on Skulltones. Limited to 400 copies, this tour will be your best chance to pick up this fantastic follow-up to last year's debut on SS Records, which topped several year-end favorites lists.

Mon July 20 in Sacramento @ The Hub
1819 23rd Street
w/ Vol. 4, Nice Dresses*

Tue July 21 in Oakland @ Mama Buzz
2318 Telegraph Ave. (7-10pm only)
w/ Rank/Xerox, Hot Summer

Wed July 22 in San Francisco @ Balazo/Sub-Mission
2183 Mission Street
w/ Brain Killer, Acephlalix, Steeples

Thu July 23 in Los Angeles @ Mr. T's Bowl
5621½ N Figueroa St
w/ Wounded Lion, Woah Hunx, co-DJ'd by DJ Eric on Anomalous L.A. and me(!)

Fri July 24 in San Diego @ Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
w/ Spirit Photography, Blue Jungle, BRAAIINS!

Sat July 25 in Calexico @ La Hamaca
221 Campillo
w/ Ronni No Good, Juan Zirerol, DJ Slumpy Lover

Sun July 26 in Los Angeles @ L'Keg Gallery
311 Glendale Blvd. (early 2pm show/"post-hangover party")
w/ Blue Jungle, Gestapo Khazi, DeHombres, Gossip Tree, Mikki and The Mauses, Cobalt Cranes, Peg Leg Love
(open bar w/ Mimosa and Sangria- all you can drink deal for $8)

Mon July 27 San Francisco @ El Rincon
2700 16th St
w/ Hank IV, the Drums, High Castle

Tue July 28 live on KDVS 90.3 FM
during "The Chicken Years" w/ Mick Mucus, 9-11 pm

* yeah, that's my new band with Julian from Mayyors, Kyle from Ganglians, Andrew GGreen, and Dylan from high school. We surprised ourselves at our last show...We are surely ready to be seen now!

Check out a taste of XYX live...

Also, when I resume "Art for Spastics" on Monday, August 3, KDVS "Coyote" Services will be bringing another incredible band from Monterrey, Mexico...Siltbreeze recording artists and punk psychopaths Ratas del Vaticano!


Jay said...

Rick, can you confirm the XYX show next Monday @ El Rincon in SF? It's not on their website, and the Hank IV website says they're playing there on 7/22 instead. I gotta see this band - oh, and meet you, of course - but I'm out of town all of this week. Thanks!- JAY H

Brad said...

NODZZZ also on the bill for Los Angeles, july 23rd...

DJ Rick said...

Hi, Jay...It's definitely still happening at El Rincon on the 27th! There was some confusion for a while because only last week, we discovered that there was a date conflict. Apparently, "22nd" and "27th" sounded too similar, and it didn't help that the guy wrote it down on a torn-off piece of a page he ripped out of a phone book to write down the band and the date. But we've got it sorted out now.

Gene Quagmire said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure that's ditransitive.


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