Tuesday, July 07, 2009

AFS v. 228 ~ Sac-Wide Four Loko Shortage!

Four of the world's partyhardiest bands converge on the DAM House in Davis (503 E Street) on Saturday night, July 11, at 7:00 ('til the strike of 10pm), including the preeminent partyband of planet Earth, the Coconut Coolouts! Personal & the Pizzas and The Pizzas are a match made in partyheaven, and The Four Eyes are masters of the world's most charming brainworm of a song..."Hat Nerd"! A whole new generation of Aggies've gotta pass the rite of memorizing the lyrics and singing along. This is only day five of a seven-day-in-a-row feat of strength wherein at least one rad show is happening in the Sacto/Davis area. See below playlist for more info, plus features on some records to trip out to after you're partysore...

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

(email me if there are any downloading problems, please!)

COCONUT COOLOUTS | Coconut Weekend | Party Time Machine | Xeroid/Haunted Horse 2007
LE FACE | Salvador Dali | Isolation | Dead Beat *new
FAG COP | Dope Womb | random CD-R promo | no label *new
MILK MUSIC | Nervous Wreck | Milk Music CS | no label *new
HANK IV | Dirty Poncho | Dirty Poncho 7" | Plastic Idol 2007
SEX CHURCH | Ghost | advance tracks & demos CDR | no label *new
LEGENDARY WINGS | 20,000,000 Miles to Earth | v/a: I'd Buy That for a Dollar vol. 1 7" | UFO Dictator *new
ELECTRIC BUNNIES | Rest Your Head... | split 7" w/ Pink Reason | Die Stasi *new
DEAD AT 24 | When Delirium Comes (It's Probably Just as Well) | Blast Off Motherfucker! | Ride the Snake *new
HIGH CASTLE | Solomon | You're on Your Own Way | Zum *new
MANIKIN | Mirrors | Stop the Sirens | Super Secret *new
TRIPOD JIMMIE | Nu Spartans | Long Walk Off a Short Pier | Do Speak 1982
ANIMALS & MEN | Dreaming of Babylon | Animals & Men 12" EP | Convulsive *new
THE REBEL | Riding in the Sun | Aiming Low 7" | Lexidisques *new
39 CLOCKS | Dom (Electricity Elects the Rain) | Zoned | De Stijl *new (orig 1982)
MOON DUO | Love on the Sea | Moon Duo 12" EP | Sick Thirst *new
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Demon's Demands | Demon's Demands 7" | Iron Lung *new
SUPER WILD HORSES | What Started the Noise | 6-song 7" | Aarght! *new
SILVER SHAMPOO | Dogs | Jethro Skull 7" | What's Your Rupture? *new
THE FOUR EYES | Hat Nerd | Hat Nerd 7" | Sacramento 2000
CHEAP TIME | Woodland Drive | Penny and Jenny 7" | In the Red *new
FLIGHT | Flowers | Flowers 7" | Sweet Rot *new
WOVEN BONES | Your Sorcery | Your Sorcery 7" | Sweet Rot *new
TY SEGALL & MIKAL CRONIN | Pop Song | Pop Song 7" | Goodbye Boozy 2009
TY SEGALL | No No | Cents 7" | Goner *new
TY SEGALL | 86'd | Universal Momma 7" | True Panther Sounds *new
CAPPUTINI I'LIGNU | Digging U a Hole | 4-song 7" | Shit Music for Shit People *new
CHEATER SLICKS | II | Bats in the Dead Trees | Lost Treasures of the Underworld 2008
HAMMER OF HATHOR | Lady Hermit | Tooth Eeth or Teeth Ooth | Shimmering on a Dim Tide *new
MUDBOY | Thaw | Music for Any Speed 7" | Lexidisques *new
AFCGT | Mensbatsu Tu/Penniless | AFCGT 10" | Dirty Knobby 2009

If you're in the Sacto/Yolo vicinity, this week and next are gonna be another ridiculous Feats of Strength made possibly largely because Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis plays all these bands and makes things happen (in fact, most of these were booked by KDVS personnel)....

KDVS Presents
Tuesday, July 7 @ Haussler House
7pm, 1818 Haussler Drive in Davis
Le Face (L.A.)
B-Lines (Vancouver, BC)
Gestapo Khazi (LBC)

Tuesday, July 7 @ Blue Lamp
9pm, Alhambra at N Street in Sacto
Reverend Beat Man (Switzerland)

Sacto Funmaker Bosses present
Wednesday, July 8 @ Funcastle
8pm, 2309 L Street in Sacto
High Castle (ex-Child Pornography/Duchesses/Hips/etc.)
Nice Dresses (a Mayyor, GGreen, Dylan from high school, & me drumming)

Record Club presents
Thursday, July 9 @ Blue Lamp, 9pm
Th'Losin' Streaks (unrivalled explosive power in the trad garagepunk game!)
In the Dust
Van Pham

KDVS & Cool As Folk presents
Thursday, July 9 @ Luigi's Fungarden
8pm, 1050 20th Street in Sacto
Nick Jaina (PDX)
Garrett Pierce (He's back!!!)
Sea of Bees (Joolzzz!!!)

KDVS Presents
Friday, July 10 @ The Hub
8pm, 1819 23rd Street in Sacto (btw R & S)
AFCGT (A Frames + Climax Golden Twins)
The Hank IV (definition of "nailing it")
DMPH (7" release!/Stockdale/Corcoran + Derek of Oaxacan)
Art Lessing & Flower Vato Quartet (world-class psych)

KDVS Presents
Saturday, July 11 @ DAM House
7-10pm, 503 E Street in Davis
Coconut Coolouts (Seattle)
Personal & the Pizzas (NJ)
The Pizzas (Sacto)
The Four Eyes (hat nerds!)

KDVS Presents
Sunday, July 12 @ Cypress House
5pm, BBQ!, 1114 Cypress Lane in Davis
Pumice (New Zealand)
San Francisco Water Cooler
Joe Finkel
(last show at this house)

KDVS Presents
Monday, July 13 @ _____?
I think it's at a house in Davis...
Meth Teeth (PDX)
+ ???

BOLD denotes extremely highly recommended by my damn self!!!

When you're completely partyspent after this cavalcade is through, recharge with a couple of cool, trippy new records that are recommended for deep listening...

I've heard several murmurs among fans of Wooden Shjips that folks are digging the last few EPs much more than the LPs. I've gotta agree...especially in the case of Dos. But I'm really enjoying this new Moon Duo 12" EP which combines two sidelong songs at 45 rpm for maximum crispness, clarity, and volume. Scantly packaged in a blank white sleeve stickered with a moon photo and the number "2", this EP conjures up the shady mystique which the band had built on the strength of their first two releases...the ultra-minimalist debut 10" and the cover-less Dance, California 7". Hearing the world after the brisk and bright "Love on the Sea", it's like looking at life after staring at the sun through the blades of a fan...except it's more like an enhancement rather than a debilitating impairment. Guitars and keys enmesh so perfectly and relentlessly that the steady locomotive riff is emblazoned in your mind, heightening the perception of moments when either instrument goes even slightly out of phase with the other. One little teeny thing can be made to seem so large....kinda like what I've read about how L.S.D. works. For a "straight-edge ""youth"" such as myself, this is a pretty cool trip (maaannnn!!!). As for how you get your grubby little mitts on this, your guess is as good as mine. The band website makes no mention of this record in the discography, and the label website is no longer informational in the least. GOOD LUCK!!! UPDATE: Thanks to anonymous commenter for setting this straight....This is not a Wooden Shjips records....This is a band featuring guitarist Ripley of the Shjips called Moon Duo. I was completely thrown off because the package arrived at KDVS addressed from "W. Shjips". Still, this is most highly recommendable to fans of the Shjips' EPs!

From Portland comes the first vinyl full-length by a duo of experimental musicians called Hammer of Hathor. I have seen Heather Vergotis skronk supremely on a baritone sax that's over half as long as she is tall in bands like Evolutionary Jass Band and Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly! (she's also done stints in Jackie O. Motherfucker). Mark Kaylor has performed in AU, Ghost to Falco, Portland Bike Ensemble, the Oregon Artificial Limb Co., and the rather creative sorta-HC band Cells. I first took a keener interest in Mark when I saw him perform in a duo called Haiku Ambulance which conjured ghosts in feedback so awesomely when they performed in the echoey Fools Foundation (r.i.p.) in Sacramento a few years ago. I first saw Mark and Heather perform together in Cex Fucx, rather the psych jamrock dance-party vibe-charmer band which also featured Gabriel Mindel of Yellow Swans. I feared that it would be way too cheesy, but there was a cumulative effect of awesomeness that broke like a wave over a crowd of sweaty kids at Funcastle last year. So, I've seen these two do it all in so many different bands, I never know what to expect next when they appear in new formations. To be sure, I did actually buy the first Hammer of Hathor tape at that Cex Fucx show, and due to the lossy type-I cassette format, it was probably the one thing that I've heard from either of them which failed to leave much of an impression on me. But the sound of Tooth Eeth or Teeth Ooth--produced by Mike Lastra at Smegma Studios--is very detailed, separated yet synergistic, timbrally rich (and thereby vibrant), and increasingly rewarding upon repeat listens. As an improvisational record, the album's neatly composed and interestingly paced, too...two songs per side; one more demanding and confrontational workout (A-side begins with hints of lurching doom; militaristic rigor on B) followed by a soothing meditative piece of audio-Calgon to sweep you into a dreamstate. Look for it wherever you buy Mississippi Records releases....this is distro'd through them.

Now, finally......back to that Sacto-est of Sacto party anthems..."Hat Nerd" by The Four Eyes...It really is a must that every partygoer prepare for its power. This song is never gonna leave your mind once you let it in. Let Mrs. Hart's fifth-graders show you how uncool it is to have the heart of a Grinch!


stephen said...

Thanks for playing Dead At 24!

Anonymous said...

Moon Duo is a band with Ripley from the Shjips on guitar. That 12" is a Moon Duo release.

DJ Rick said...


Thanks...that explains a lot!

DMMR said...

Woah. That's my house in that shot from last 4th of July's party. Sweet. Rick, you gonna make it to smmr bmmr this year? Come on. Do it.




DJ Rick said...

I will be there!

DMMR said...

Killer man, ask someone when you get there to find me and I'll get you all set up buddy-




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