Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AFS v. 213 ~ feat. The Whines live in Studio A

I'm really pleased and lucky this week to present The Whines live at Freeform KDVS. The Whines piggy-backed Eat Skull's tour down to L.A., and they stopped tonight here for a live set in Studio A, which begins just past the 20-minute mark of this week's podcast. The style of this young Portland band is kinda like the more ruminative moments of The Hunches, thanks to the shimmering sprawls of psych-punk guitar that spiral toward the edges of the incredibly stalwart rhythm section. Interestingly, in the interview which airs just past the 40-minute mark, the guitarist said his style was inspired partly by seeing someone playing a hammer dulcimer. When you hear it, that kinda makes sense! I am quite liking their debut 7", but their live show is a bigger, more satisfying beast, and portends even better things to come, so keep an eye on The Whines. Thanks to Fenris Wulf for engineering the sound and Michael Mastrangelo and Zach Barnes for loaning equipment to make this performance possible!

Download this program within three weeks at this link...
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RTFO BANDWAGON | Public Relations Rag | Dums Will Survive | Dull Knife *new
WINGTIP SLOAT | Blessed Nimbus, Churning | Add This to Rhetoric | VHF 2007 (orig 1991)
DAY CREEPER | Day Creeper II | I Fuck the Body Electric CDR | no label 2008
PIZZA SLAYER | Stage Coach | Pizza Slayer CS | no label *new
GUINEA WORMS | C.H.U.D. | I Know Where Will Foster Lives 7" | Columbus Discount *new
* * *
THE WHINES | Down the 2 Tracks | Live in Studio A
THE WHINES | Vacation
THE WHINES | Don't Wreck My High
THE WHINES | Shoot em in the Head
THE WHINES | Indian Homewrecker
* * *
THE MAGNETIX | Mort Clinique | Positively Negative | Born Bad *new
WALKINGSEEDS | Iron Man | Skullfuck | Probe Plus 1987
HONEYMOON KILLERS | Mad Dog | Hung Far Low | Fistpuppet 1991
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS | In the Air Tonight | In the Air Tonight | Radium 226.05 1987
BLOODBIKER | Dead | demo CDR | no label *new
LONG LEGGED WOMAN | Something Is Pressing... | Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere | Pollen Season *new
THE HUNCHES | Street Sweeper | Exit Dreams | In The Red *new
SNAPPER | Dark Sensation | Shotgun Blossom | Avalanche 1990
EL JESUS DE MAGICO | Ancestor Worship | Scalping the Guru | Columbus Discount *new
TEEPEE | Mbiso | Awake 7" | Weird Hug *new
SCRIBBLER | Ocean Floor | My Old Lady 7" | Stumparumper *new
BEYOND THE IMPLODE | Mid Ad Version | This Atmosphere 7" | Siltbreeze *new
EAT SKULL | Oregon Dreaming | Wild & Inside | Siltbreeze *forthcoming
ALASTAIR GALBRAITH/GRAEME JEFFERIES | Bravely Bravely | v/a: Making Losers Happy | Drag City/Xpressway 1992
SANDRA BELL | Subway Nihilism | Dreams of Falling | Xpressway/Turbulence | 1992
NOTHING PEOPLE | Late Night [Syd Barrett] | Late Night | S-S Records *new
PEAKING LIGHTS | Owls Barking | Imaginary Falcons | Night People *new


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