Tuesday, December 23, 2008

AFS v. 204 ~ Halcyon Year Review Pt. 1

So, I guess that the new Hunches LP is officially a 2009 release, so that frees up one space in my best-albums-of-2008 list, which I've included further down below this playlist. The first six selections this week's playlist aren't necessarily among my official year-end faves; they're just the newest records to arrive in the mail this week, so I threw 'em on for you (these new Sneaky Pinks and Hunx mighta slipped in there). Nor does this playlist represent all of my favorites of 2008. I figure I gotta say that because in the past, I've had people cry to me ("I thought you liked our record!" (I DO, I DO.)) AFS won't be on the air next week because The Intelligence are gonna be in town, and a power-hang and mega-dangle will be in order! I'll be back in two weeks with the second half of my year-end review, plus lists of the best 7"es, EPs, cassettes, and demo CDR releases of 2008.

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THOMAS FUNCTION | Nomad | Nomad 7" | Alive *new
SPREAD EAGLES | Don't Talk to the Narc | Don't Talk to the Narc 7" | Boom Chick *new
MOSQUITO BANDITO | Art School | Woo Woo Woo 7" | Boom Chick *new
LIVE FAST DIE | I Need You (Leroy) | v/a: Wild for Jenkem 7" | Killer Diller *new
SNEAKY PINKS | Loner w/a Boner | Loner w/a Boner 7" | Bachelor *new
HUNX | Cruisin' | Good Kisser 7" | Bachelor *new
* * * * now for the faves part! * * * *
HUNX & HIS PUNX | You Don't Like Rock n Roll | You Don't Like Rock n Roll 7" | Rob's House
DAVILA 666 | Quizas | Davila 666 | In the Red
NOBUNNY | I Am a Girlfriend | Love Visions | Bubble Dumb
THE YOLKS | I Do What I Do | Introducing the Yolks 7" | Criminal IQ
SUSPICIONS | Baby Talk | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 3 7" | Almost Ready
TOUCHED | Jelly Beans | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol. 4 7" | Almost Ready
THE WAX MUSEUMS | War Documentaries | The Wax Museums | Douche Master
DAILY VOID | title unknown | Man/Machine 7" | Florida's Dying
HARPOON GUNS | Nanonii/15 | III 7" | Going Underground
MAYYORS | Metro | Marines Dot Com 7" | Waste of Oil
MAYYORS | Airplanes | Megan's LOLZ 7" | Gomerdome
BILLY BAO | Factory of Repression | Dialectics of Shit | Parts Unknown
CAVE | Sean's Inner Ear | Hunt Like Devil/JAMZ | Permanent
CAVE | 4.24.06
DANAVA | Where Beauty & Terror Dance | UnonoU | Kemado
DEAD LUKE | trk 8 | Dead Luke Box bonus CDR | Sacred Bones
DOLINA | Corridors | v/a: Festival der Genialen Dissidenten | Enfant Terrible
AGENT SIDE GRINDER | String Strikes | Agent Side Grinder | Enfant Terrible
MATTRESS | That Way | Heavy Duty | Reluctant
LILI Z | Dark Toilet | The Two of Us | In The Red
U.S. GIRLS | Bits & Pieces [Dave Clark Five] | Bits & Pieces CDR | no label
RUSSIAN TSARLAG | Blind Spot Fragment | split LP w/ Blue Shift | Rare Youth
RUSSIAN TSARLAG | Let Ponvinon Care
HARD GOSPEL WITH CHILD | Robot Jox | Hard Gospel With Child CDR | Layaway Butch
GOSLINGS | Brohm Bramin | Occasion | Not Not Fun
SILENTIST | Seizures | Silentist | Celestial Gang
SQUIM | Trial by Cobra Part II | Zephyrus | Olde English Spelling Bee
DAN MELCHIOR | In a Daze | Christmas for the Crows | Daggerman
HOSPITALS | Animals Act Natural | Hairdryer Peace | no label
LOS LLAMARADA | I've Got Your Face | Take the Sky | S-S
NOTHING PEOPLE | Outsiders Are | Anonymous | S-S
THE INTELLIGENCE | Bulbs | split 12" w/ Thee Ohsees | Mt. St. Mtn
THEE OH SEES | Ghost in the Trees | The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In | Tomlab
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | I Don't Wanna Play No More | Primary Colours | Goner
EAT SKULL | Punk Trips | Sick To Death | Siltbreeze
LIFE PARTNERS | Teenager in Trouble | AIDS of Spades 7" | Ride the Snake


Absolute tip-top will-be-classics:

(1) Hospitals Hairdryer Peace
(2) Los Llamarada Take the Sky
(3) Thee Oh Sees The Master's Bedroom...
(4) Eat Skull Sick to Death
(5) Nothing People Anonymous
(6) Billy Bao The Dialectics of Shit
(7) Thomas Function Celebration
(8) Dan Melchior und Das Menace Christmas for the Crows
(9) Hank IV Refuge in Genre
(10-tie) Wax Museums self-titled
(10-tie) Sexy Prison Filth Flarn Filth
(10-tie) Druid Perfume self-titled

Others receiving votes:

Agent Side Grinder self-titled
Blank Dogs On Two Sides
Cave Hunt Like Devil/JAMZ
Cheveu self-titled
Danava UnonoU
Davila 666 self-titled
Dead Science Villainaire
Dead Western Soften Your Screams into Sings
Evangelista Hello, Voyager
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Primary Colours
Goodnight Loving The Goodnight Loving
Goslings Occasion
Hill, Zach Astrological Straits
Lili Z. The Two of Us
Mattress Heavy Duty
NoBunny Love Visions
Pumice Quo
Pyha The Haunted House
Russian Tsarlag / Blue Shift split LP
Sic Alps U.S. EZ
Silentist self-titled
Squim Zephyrus
v/a: Emergency Room vol 1
v/a: Festival der Genialen Dissidenten


Mark E. Rich said...

Amazing list. Amazing blog. Amazing radio show. I've spent much too much money and time tracking half of these things down. Thanks for being so on top of it!

By the way, I don't mean to nitpick, but the Pocahaunted/Christina Carter split came out in 2007. In fact, it was the #1 album on the Bull Tongue list last year. Anyways, keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick!

Will you be doing a 'Best Reissues Of '08' list?

-The Man You Will Never Meet

DJ Rick said...

Sure, why not? There's been some good ones...Doxa Sinistra, O.W.L., Orange, The Rats, The Wipers, Tommy Jay's Tall Tales of Trauma, Twist Noir, compilations such as I.V.G., the last couple of Messthetics. I've gotta ruminate on it some more, but those spring to mind at this moment.

Chris G. said...


Shaun said...

Kudos on including U.S. Girls "Bits and Pieces" on your best of the year show. U.S. Girls for me was the best new musical discovery of 08, and that song was definitely one of the best songs released anywhere this year.

Anonymous said...

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