Tuesday, December 09, 2008

AFS v. 202 ~ Futurepunk!

Sorry, I missed last week because I was sick, but I bounced back to health thanks to a spicy South Sac bun bo hue, and it was just in time to catch futurepunk's most finely fucked, The Hospitals, on Friday at a free show in the spartan bowels of the Li-Po Lounge in Chinatown S.F. It was part of a marathon of bands, and the Hospitals got closer still to live perfection with the new live lineup of Chris Gunn of The Hunches and Anthony Petrovic of Ezee Tiger. The highlight was the acapella part of "Animals Act Natural" and the stampede of beats and riffs that follows. But perhaps the best band of the night was Long Legged Woman, another bright light glimmering in the crystal ball of futurepunk.

The subtleties and pop hooks of this here summertime 7" (still available from the band or from Thor's Rubber Hammer) are hardly evident when they play live, when they come off more like a rather relentless, surly, and unsympathetic buncha bad apples. With scrapy/slanty guitar angularisms, throttling bass, and drums that just won't quit, most LLW songs were a minute or two, yet nearly as strenuous as a full serving of Brainbombs. When they play fast, I was reminded of what the Butthole Surfers might've been like back in 1981, if only they were a bit more bitter. Slower songs recalled an old Midwest scuzz-pummel fave from the 90s, the Festering Rinyanyons. Yet, much of their recordings really do bear out the comparisons that Siltblog lavished: Eat Skull on the A-side, Plagal Grind on the flip. I've just played you some of the more raucous 'n ranty shoutalongs.

Both of these CDRs are very nearly vinyl-ready with a little bit o' volume-regulation and track sequencing. Surely, this is one of the most exciting new bands I've met in 2008.

Download this program within two months at either link...
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(168mb file)
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(280mb file)

OWL | Midnight Carnival | Of Wondrous Legends | Locust *new (orig 1971)
SIC ALPS | Everywhere, There | U.S. EZ | Siltbreeze 2008 *request
THEE OH SEES | Quadrospazzed | Peanut Butter Oven 12" EP | Awesome Vistas *new
WAVVES | Here's to the Sun | Wavves | Woodsist *new
LONG LEGGED WOMAN | Tolerance | Drugs Don't Last Forever CDR | no label *new
LONG LEGGED WOMAN | Bathhouse | Nobody Knows This is Nowhere CDR | no label *new
BLOODBIKER | No One | demo CDR | no label *new
FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS | Pick Me Up | Punk Music 7" | no label *new
RUSTED SHUT | Feelin Bad | 1992-1995 | no label *new
HORUS HAWK | A2 | Psych Nite CS | White Tapes *new
TEENAGE PANZERKORPS | Occult Logic | Games for Slaves | Siltbreeze *new
CALIFORNIA RAISINS | Ride the Rainbow | split 10" w/ Cave | Permanent *new
WOODEN SHJIPS | Vampire Blues [Neil Young] | Vampire Blues 7" | Sick Thirst *new
BUCKETS OF BILE | Caught It Still | v/a: XXperiments | Die Stasi *new
HARMONY GROUND ZERO | ??? | Wild Gunmen CS | Half/Witt Prod. *new
STORM BUGS | Car Situations (Nasal Passage) | v/a: Messthetics Greatest Hiss | Hyped2Death *new
COLIN POTTER | Power | v/a: Messthetics Greatest Hiss
BLANK DOGS | Before the Hours | The Fields | Woodsist *new
BOBB BRUNO | Snail's Pace | Clown's Castle CS | DNT *new
TALIBAM! | The Geometric Mophometrics of P.P.P.P.P. McNasticals | Ecstatic Jazz Duos split LP w/ Wasteland Jazz Unit | Thor's Rubber Hammer *new
EMBARKER | Diamond Shoals | Embarker | Malleable *new
THE LOVE IS SO FAST | Time | The Love Is So Fast | Siltbreeze *new
LOS LLAMARADA | The Future Scream | Take the Sky | S-S *new
AFCGT | New Punk | AFCGT 10" | Dirty Knobby *new
BORON & THE GREBES | The Prophet Hooligan | You're a Horrible Person 7" | Boron *new
THE GENERAL | I Did It | v/a: The Harrisburg Players 7" | Columbus Discount *new

Next on my agenda is unraveling the mystery behind this cassette, which I can only presume is by a band called Harmony Ground Zero....Anybody got the deets on this hilariously mean lady who chides so brilliantly over seasick low-rent electro psych ramblings? Someone needs to get courageous and cut this on vinyl. It's kinda like if Lisa Carver masturbated to the Shadow Ring.