Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Time Is Not On Your Side / Bad Car Karma

Sorry, folks!

There was no "Art for Spastics" radio this week because my Volkswagen picked Monday night to become a mechanical menace, overheating in the midst of a dire traffic jam.

But in case you missed either of the last couple shows, be warned...

AFS v. 189 featuring live sets and guest-DJing by NoBunny & the Wax Museums must be downloaded here...

(expires in five days!)

AFS v. 190 featuring a live set and guest DJing by Dead Western must be downloaded here...

(expires in 12 days!)

By next week, I will have saved up so much new vinyl and advance-CDRs to play, it's gonna be a true extravaganza (as opposed to the typical cavalcade).


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