Tuesday, September 23, 2008

AFS v. 193 ~ You Gotta Church! (Mattress hits the road!)

My girlfriend put out his first record last year to rave reviews. I've seen him nail it in live performance at the Cypress House and Delta of Venus in Davis. Now, with an awesome new album in tow, Mattress is coming to California for the first time in a long while. Mattress is one man, Rex from Portland, who grew up in the casino/lounge capital of Las Vegas, and his style of crooning does indeed reflect that. If you were to plot his style of voice and charismatic showmanship on a graph, it would be equidistant from three points being Nick Cave, Alan Vega of Suicide, and Dean Martin. His musical accompaniment is rather like minimal wave gone tussin-drunk. This guy's songs are captivating, he's really unafraid to sing, and he puts on a great show!


Check this video evidence...

Tour schedule is down below the playlist!!!

To download this program, click one of these links...
(archived a couple months or so)

192 kbps (not too big a file; sounds pretty good!)

320kbps (really big file; sounds pretty flawless)

THE WAX MUSEUMS | Cowboys & Indians | The Wax Museums | Douche Master *new
LIVE FAST DIE | Sick as Shit of Shit | split 7" w/ Lover! | Douche Master *new *request
SEWN LEATHER | Punish or Be Damned [Screamers] | I Live Like This Cuz I Like It | (Y)ours 2008
MATTRESS | Forbidden Fruit | Who Do You Lust? CDR | Tiny Wolf 2007
MATTRESS | Church that Shit | In Your Pocket 7"+CDR | Malt Duck 2007
MATTRESS | Don't Forget | Heavy Duty | Reluctant *new
U.S. GIRLS | Bradley (in 2 parts) | Bits & Pieces CDR | no label *new
DEAD LUKE | trk 8 | Dead Luke Box bonus CDR | Sacred Bones *new
DEAD LUKE | Jumping Jack Flash Drive | Record Two 7" | Sacred Bones *new
ZOLA JESUS | Odessa | Soeur Sewer 7" | Sacred Bones *new
| Soulfood | v/a: Wierd Compilation Volume II 4xLP | Wierd *new
MARTIAL CANTEREL | Pathway Splits Apart | v/a: Wierd Compilation Volume II 4xLP
MARTIN DUPONT | Just Because | Des Jeunes Gens Modernes 2xCD | Naïve *new (orig 1984)
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS | Frosty | 5LP Boxed Set | Vinyl-on-Demand 2007 (orig 1982)
LOVE IS ALL | I Ran [A Flock of Seagulls] | Play 5 Covers 12" | What's Your Rupture? *new
TYVEK | Sidewalk | Sidewalk 7" | M'Lady's *new
TITMACHINE | We Build a New City [Palais Schaumburg] | We Build a New City 7" | Siltbreeze *new *request
THE INTELLIGENCE | Sunny Backyard [Vulvettes] | split 12" w/ Thee Ohsees | Mt. St. Mtn *new
HUMAN EYE | Gorilla Garden | Fragments of the Universe Nurse | Hook or Crook *new
BUSINESS LADY | Royal Dancing | Torture Footage | Load *new
NIGHT WOUNDS | Black Humor | split LP w/ AIDS Wolf | Nail in the Coffin *new
FNU RONNIES | Golem Smoke | Limited Edition Poop CDR | no label *new
AIDS WOLF | General _ _ | Cities of Glass | Skin Graft *new
SABRETEETH | Susp. Cut Death | v/a: (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds | Ratskin *new
REALICIDE | Roadside Bomb | v/a: (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds
THE WHITE MICE | Balls of Jolly | v/a: (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds
SILENTIST | Repulsive Resurrection | Silentist | Celestial Gang *new
ZACH HILL | Stoic Logic | Astrological Straits | Ipecac *new
THE Y.L.'s | Gangster Sympathy | Gangster Sympathy | Modern Meaningless *new
ETERNAL TAPESTRY | Astral Skater | v/a: Nillacat 64 2xCDR | Nillacat *new

If you're in CA, get ready to see Mattress perform this week!!!

Davis, CA
Thursday, Sept 25 @ 11:00 PM
live on KDVS http://www.kdvs.org/

Sacramento, CA
Friday, Sept 26 @ 9:00
@ Luigi's Fungarden, 1050 20th Street #160 (btw J & K)
w/ Dead Western, Sister Crayon, Green Green

San Francisco, CA
Saturday, Sept 27 @ 9:00
@ The Mansion (where the hell is that?)

Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, Sept 28 @ 8:00
@ L'Keg Gallery, 1170 Glendale Blvd.

Oakland, CA
Monday, Sept 29 @ 8:00
@ 962 41st Street (house show)
w/ Xocotl

Another favorite of mine is touring up and down the West Coast right now!!!

On two previous CDs, Portland's Silentist has been the solo project of Mark Evan Burden, who's probably best known for his stint in Get Hustle. For the third Silentist CD, the band has expanded to a duo. Now the band's dropping their first vinyl LP, and it is TREMENDOUS!!!

From the giddy-up, Silentist has made drastic brutal prog of epic proportions...occasionally with some soaring, scintillating psych beauty, but more often with the kinda strident severity that fans of Billy Bao and Brainbombs perversely enjoy, but with deep touches of blackened doom and compositional focus, this is in its own musical territory.

Mark's piano work on the two latest releases reveal his fascination with the pummeling minimal cascades of player piano scrollwright Conlon Nancarrow.

Have a look...

(I mean...this video gives you the basic idea, but on this tour, the three-piece version of the band is fuller-sounding and much more slaying (and thankfully strobe-free))

Now, go see 'em...(TRUST ME ON THIS, ALRIGHT??!?!)

Thu Sep 25 in Sacramento, 7pm
@ Vox Gallery, 19th & X Streets
w/ Thrones, Trees, Warm Streams

Fri Sep 26 in Reno, NV
@ Red Rock Bar w/ Thrones, Manacle

Sun Sep 28 in San Diego
@ Smog Shop
w/ Thrones, Riververb, Zsa Zsa Gabor

Tue Sep 30 in Los Angeles
@ The Smell
w/ Thrones, Geronimo, Deathday Party

Wed Oct 1 in Los Angeles
@ Mountain Bar
w/ Thrones

Thu Oct 2 in San Francisco
@ The Eagle
w/ Thrones, Fvtvreskullz

Fri Oct 3 in Oakland
@ Huffin House
w/ Thrones, Burmese, Ettrick

Sat Oct 4 in NoCal / So. Oregon
tba w/ Thrones (help 'em out?)

Sun Oct 5 in Eugene, OR
@ Speakeasy w/ Thrones, Tecumseh, Rye Wolves

Wed Oct 8 in Olympia, WA
@ tba

Thu Oct 9 2008 in Seattle, WA
@ Squid & Ink Cafe

Fri Oct 10 in Portland, OR
@ Berbati's Pan
w/ Wolves in the Throneroom, Ludicra, Nachtmystium


Anonymous said...

Holycrap! That FNU Ronnies.........
I'm just.......speechless!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, when is that coming out?

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