Saturday, October 20, 2007


Three shows happened in Sacto this year where I took a look behind me and saw every single face smiling or laughing simultaneously. One was Tyvek at the DAM House with Cheveu, and the others featured the Coconut Coolouts at Fools Foundation in Sacto and at a superfun wedding in Seattle. Seriously, not a single person was left looking bummed or even expressionless. I’m not sure I’ve seen that happen since a Nar show at the Loft about 11 years ago.

It made me wonder what would happen if both Tyvek and Coconut Coolouts played at the same show? Now we can find out because this week, the bands are touring the West Coast together with the very awesome living legend garagepunk duo, Nice Smile.

Catch them near you...

Tue 10/23 in Vancouver, BC @ Pub 340 w/ Defektors and Master Apes 21+
Wed 10/24 in Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse 21+
Thu 10/25 in Portland, OR @ Dunes 21+
Fri 10/26 in Davis, CA @ Delta of Venus w/ the Bananas all ages
Sat 10/27 in Oakland @ Stork Club (Budget Rock VI fest) w/ the Real Kids, the Pets, the Dutchess and the Duke, Harold Ray, Hex Dispensers, Haunted George, and South Bay Surfers (starts at 2:00 p.m.) 21+
Sun 10/28 in San Francisco @ The Hemlock Tavern 21+

Tyvek have made the best 7" (actually double-7") of 2007 so far with "Summer Burns" need to get it! Great, catchy and clever songs in the indomitable "messthetic" (British DIY 1977-1980) spirit...think Desperate Bicycles, Swell Maps, and hundreds of awesome unknowns of scruffy/scrappy melodics. People fall in love with this band.

Coconut Coolouts are a phalanx of stand-up drummers, guitar, bass, keys, and partyhardy singsongy songs with ex-Charming Snake folks. Banana suits, maybe? Superfun personalities, cheery dispositions, but rocks out like crazy, too. Seriously, this is one of the premier partybands of recent memory. New CD just out!

Nice Smile is a guitar/drum duo featuring Seattle legend Rob Vasquez, formerly of awesome bands like the Night Kings, Chintz Devils, Man-Tee-Mans, Gorls, Nights and Days, etc. Adam Stonehouse of the Hospitals told me that Rob Vasquez was his #1 musical influence. Rob really is a masterful dude with clever, yet primal riffing. Some of the best two-man garage since the "budget-rock" heyday.

And, of course, you all know and love the Bananas, right??!!!

Do you need to see visual proof that this show will rule? Okay...

:TYVEK "Mary Ellen Claims" live @ Passout Records, NYC

TYVEK "Buildings Burning" live @ Passout

TYVEK/CHEVEU tour DVD trailer (see DAM House footage in there!)

COCONUT COOLOUTS "Pizza Taxi" live @ Funhouse in Seattle

COCONUT COOLOUTS "Chocolate Money"

COCONUT COOLOUTS "The Spinaround" live @ JEMA

TYVEK split squad live @ American Apparel

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