Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Times New Viking / Little Claw west coast tour

I love these bands so much, I set up this tour for them, and I hope you will go enjoy them!

Times New Viking (Columbus, OH; Siltbreeze/Matador)

This band gets a lot of pub all over the internet, but it's well-deserved on account of their unusual combination of punk rawness, crucial anthemics, and sweet melodies and coed harmonies. That pre-homogenization era of indie rock circa 1991...Yeah, it's like this band came out of a time capsule of that era, too, only this one's about to turn your party loose into a full-bore fist-pumpin' singalong. I have also heard people say that TNV is "like a raw garage version of Mates of State" or something (I think there's some truth to that).

Little Claw (Detroit dudes (incl. one from Tyvek), Portland lady)

This band slipped past my radar long enough to sneak their first LP past me, but fortunately I got a hold of the songs due to appear on their second LP, which will be out soon on Ecstatic Peace, and now I just want everyone to be ready for their onslaught of caveman pounding, scrawling psychpunk guitars, and the stunning performance of a ├╝ber-charismatic female singer with delicate yin and ferocious yang in her voice and her guitar playing. And sometimes it's all yang and no yin, and that's when Little Claw has the power to crush you.

For those who care about this kinda thing...Yes, there are pretty ladies in these bands, too.

8/1 Whidbey Island, WA house party w/ Little Claw, Eat Skull, & the Intelligence (no TNV)
8/2 Vancouver, BC @ Pub 340 w/ Shearing Pinx
8/3 Seattle @ SS Marie Antoinette w/ The Intelligence & Eat Skull
8/4 Portland @ Eagles Lodge w/ Hunches & Eat Skull
8/5 Davis, CA @ Delta of Venus, 122 B Street w/ the Bayonettes & Standard Tribesmen
8/6 Chico @ Off Limits, 1414 Park Ave. w/ West By Swan
8/7 San Francisco @ the Hemlock w/ Family Underground & Fursaxa
8/8 Oakland @ 21 Grand w/ Sic Alps
8/9 on "The Bus" in San Jose (location to be released just before show) w/ Sexy Prison
8/10 L.A . @ Pehrspace, 325 Glendale Blvd., w/ Sexy Prison
8/11 L.A. @ The Smell w/ Sexy Prison

Davis/Sacto details just dialed in! Fools Foundation had to cancel on account of a temporary shutdown through August.


pesya said...

yes, if i may ask, why in the heck did they have to close?

DJ Rick said...

Fire code compliance issues that have been known about. It was just bad timing. It might be 3-5 months to rectify.