Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 136

T.V. Coahran and Charles Leo Gebhardt IV joined me in the studio this week to talk about their music and their tour so far, and to plead for any last minute bookings (6/12? 6/13? Anywhere in Northern California...get in touch!). They each played a fantastic set "Live in Studio A" hosted and engineered by DJ Andy of "The Lewd Dance" show. Check out the link below this playlist to hear them play for you.

Download AFS v. 136 (w/in next 10 weeks)

...or stream it (by June 19, 2007).

MINDFLAYER // Frizzle Fry 2 // Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7" w/ Deep Jew // Not Not Fun // *new
SHEARING PINX // Golden Sleeper // split 7" w/ Silver Daggers // Arbor *new
WHITE SAVAGE // Orphans [Teenage Jesus & the Jerks] // Destroy Your Style 7" // HoZac *new
HEAVY WINGED // Dark Spring // Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7" w/ Blues Control // Not Not Fun *new
HIVE MIND // Collapsed Shroud // Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7" w/ Hototogisu // Not Not Fun *new

EL JESUS DE MAGICO // Indian Giver // Funeral Home Sessions 7" // Columbus Discount *new
NIGHT OF PLEASURE // Bitch Pitch // Godard vs. Trufault 7" // Columbus Discount *new
THE TOUCHED // Baby´s Not a Whore // Funeral Dress 7" // Black Velvet Fuckere *new
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY // Coup de Tat [Circle Jerks] // Braces 7" // Kill Sounds/Unscene Sounds *new
NECROPOLIS // Van v. Art // Stumpf 7" // Columbus Discount *new
DAVID COPPERFUCK // Oak & Pine // Chalet Chalet 7" // Party Turtle *new
SICK-E's // End of Time, End of My Mind // Mankind 7" // Square Wave *new
T.V. COAHRAN // Township of Cecil // 1: Township of Cecil // Self-Released *new

T.V. COAHRAN // My Other Voice [Sparks]
LE TON MITÉ // Les Sardines // Les Petits Contes pour les Petits Canards 7" // Le Vilain Chien *new
JAY REATARD // Feeling Blank Again // Night of Broken Glass 12" EP // In the Red *new
BLANK DOGS // Ambulance // The First Two Weeks 12" // Freedom School *new
BLANK DOGS // Smashed Up People // Yellow Mice Sleep 7" // HoZac *new
ICK // Société d´Ombres // La Parade des Sans Illusions 7" // Enfant Terrible *new
IMIAFAN // Légy a Falon (Alien Skull Pain Remix) // Légy a Falon 12" EP // 4mg 2005
IMIAFAN // Toothpaste // split 7" w/ Machinepop // 4mg *new
VOLT // Where Did Body Go? // self-titled LP // In The Red *new
S.I.D.S. // +/- // +/- 7" // Rob´s House *new
AIR CONDITIONING // Where To Litter/Trash Burning // Dead Rails // Load *new
PISSED JEANS // People Person // Hope For Men // Sub Pop *new
EX-COCAINE // The Tempest // Esta Guerra // Siltbreeze *new
RACCOO-OO-OON // Invisible Sun // Behold Secret Kingdom // Release the Bats *new
PLANTS // Birdflowers // Photosynthesis // Strange Attractors Audio House *new

PLANTS // Seedling Three
PUMICE // The Only Doosh Worth Giving // Pebbles. // Soft Abuse *new
TIMES NEW VIKING // Devo & Wine // Present The Paisley Reich // Siltbreeze 2007
TOUCH-ME-NOTS // Burden on Society // self-titled 10" // Yakisakana *new
GRAVE BLANKETS // Foreward // split 7" w/ Touch-Me-Nots // Self-Released *new
NO DOCTORS // AAO // Origin & Tectonics // Self-Released *new

Now hear Charles Leo Gebhardt IV and T.V. Coahran live in Studio A on DJ Andy's "The Lewd Dance"...
Download this mp3 within the next seven weeks.
Stream it at link on this page before June 19th.

Leo starts into his set within minutes of the beginning of the show. T.V. Coahran goes on at about 40 minutes into the show. Fans of Jonathan Richman and Sparks, now collapse in contentment!

I'll share reviews and anecdotes about all the bands on this playlist soon, so check back later!


Yannick Desranleau said...

Is it me or there is like half an hour missing?

DJ Rick said...

Hmmmm...I can't check today until very late, but the file looks correct, as it's 115mb and it was created at 2:06 a.m. immediately following the program.

Are any other downloaders experiencing this problem?