Saturday, May 26, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 134

Sorry for the delay in informing readers of this blog, but I did not post AFS v. 134 because the KDVS archive was down for the week. It was good timing actually, because I was not up to par this week due to a concussion I suffered the night before the radio show. I was exhausted despite playing mostly longish freakouts and drones, and a caller to the request line suggested that I sounded as if I'd had a stroke. Jeez! But I'm alright now.

Also, AFS v. 135 is not happening this week either because I will be in charge of the show happening Monday, May 28 at Fools Foundation featuring The Intelligence, the English Singles, and the Standard Tribesman. DJ Wülf Collapse will be filling in very capably with two hours of loudness and intensity that you might really enjoy. AFS v. 135 will happen the following week instead. I will have saved up a ton of new records, tapes, and other primo crud that I just bought, so it'll be all new!


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