Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You Can Still Get "Newbie Friendly"

"Newbie Friendly" took about nine hours to build, and I'd sure love to give them away to music freaks out there. So, if you are a regular listener of "Art for Spastics" on the archive, then I don't blame you for going to bed early tonight. You were planning to catch the archive, right? Okay, well...the "Newbie Friendly" compilation CDR of 24 ultra-rare and outstanding tracks is still available, but you must ask for it by name. The KDVS Fundraiser ends on Sunday night at midnight, but I can only guarantee that the comp will be available by itself as a special add-on bonus premium gift for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Otherwise, you can also donate $100 to KDVS and pick up handmade CDR compilation prizes from all 13 KDVS DJ's who have made their own for the 2007 Fundraiser. That includes Todd Urick of the "Hometown Atrocities" show, Tim Matranga of "Kicksville 29 B.C.," and Megan of "Beyond Chicks & Cars." Those three are always raved about by so many record geeks. My girlfriend Fuzzbox Flynn has a special comp this year, too, which has some really rare Cassette Underground ephemera which has been preserved in all its glory by Robert Bolman. Who the hell is that? Trust me, if you are a fan of Subterranean Records stuff from the early 80's, you will be pleased to find out the answer.

I am inspired by so many DIY bands and artists of rock 'n' roll and noise and all shades in between to do this radio show, go extreme-blogging about them, set up shows in Sacto and Davis, and travel to an average of two live shows per week. It's really all about the bands and the people who like to find out about new bands and hear long lost or never-knew-about bands. And, yes, even the sometimes pathetic people who are just singularly obsessed with records as collectibles. You all inspire me through your courage to deliver the goods, raw and real and as awesome as you can make it. That's why, 13 years since starting here at KDVS, I have resisted burnout, and that's why I work to make all those HTML links so that people will know that even though some of these records and CDs and tapes are limited to 20 spray-painted and glitter-spackled copies, this music is available someway, somehow. And there's over 100 other DJs at KDVS--nearly all experts in some field or another--who are similarly afflicted with this disease, and volunteer their time to spread rarely heard music on the airwaves and over the internet. The time and effort and loving care is worth a lot, we think. So, please donate to keep KDVS alive and well.


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Anonymous said...

DJ RICK! i'm sorry, i tried to donate, but the website didn't work. but i was just able to donate right now, and i only did it because your show is the best radio show on the planet. you get 8 dogtits up, dude!