Sunday, April 23, 2006

KDVS: We're Coming for Your Money!

The annual KDVS On-Air Fundraiser runs Monday, April 24 through Sunday, April 30, and our goal is $65,000.

We are Davis and the Sacramento area's only freeform community radio station, and we only ask for your support one week every year. Approximately two thirds of our annual budget depends on the support of the community, so if KDVS is important to you, please be generous to us so that we may continue to maintain unparalleled programming variety and continue improving the various services we provide, such as presenting six nights per week of entertainment in Davis.

Appealing specifically to our listeners' self-interest, KDVS is the only community organization I know of which gives its supporters dollar-for-dollar value thank-you gifts in return for their donation. Unlike the tote-bags and commuter mugs other publicly supported media outlets give for $65 to $100, KDVS has often given premiums that exceed the value of the donation.

If you donate at or above the $25 student pledge level during "Art for Spastics" this week, you will receive a regular premium package (such as a t-shirt or CDs or records by artists such as No Doctors, Deerhoof, or the Fall, to name a few), PLUS you will get a special double-CDR compilation of outstanding obscurities of synthpunk, primal scuzz-rock, great punk 7-inches that "Killed by Death" and "Bloodstains" somehow missed, and industrial music of the pre-EBM-homogenization era. All songs have been hand-selected by myself and Fuzzbox Flynn, and extensive liner notes are included.

This 2xCDR will be available exclusively during "Art for Spastics" or Fuzzbox Flynn's "Coexistance of Disparate Elements" program. Art for Spastics is Monday night at midnight 'til 2:00 a.m., and Flynn is on at Tuesday night from midnight to 2:00.

Well, there is one other way to get it...

For donors of $100, you can select to receive our 2xCDR collection plus all other special CDR compilations custom-made by our DJ's...which totals well over 20 CDRs made by such top-drawer DJ's as Todd "Hometown Atrocities" Urick, Janie Venom, Tim Matranga and DJ Megan, Brendan of "The Raw Mess-Around," DJ Klinger, Scott Soriano, and many more. This is like having a portable capsule of KDVS' outstanding variety in music. I highly recommend this package and guarantee that it will increase your vocabulary of rarely heard bands or artists by 100 or more.

Here's where to "shop" for premium packages and pledge online...

Credit card pledges are possible, but due to new laws prohibiting storage of credit card info in computer databases, this will be a lot easier by phone.

These are the phone numbers...

(530) 754-KDVS
or TOLL-FREE (866) 399-KDVS


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